Synonym of sheltering

Alternative for sheltering

shelters, sheltered, sheltering

Synonym: cover, defend, guard, harbor, hide, protect, screen, shield,


Present participle for to protect or shield from harm or bad weather
protecting shielding covering guarding safeguarding defending saving screening preserving securing shading harboring harbouring insulating hedging inoculating warding concealing conserving cushioning enclosing havening hiding surrounding wrapping keeping safe covering up affording protection to giving refuge keeping from harm providing protection for providing safety covering for taking care of watching over bulwarking forfending looking after keeping fending fencing fortifying caring for supporting minding housing upholding watching maintaining fostering preventing averting giving sanctuary garrisoning policing cocooning assuring warding off standing guard over holding riding shotgun tending barricading patrolling sustaining escorting relieving stonewalling insuring giving sanctuary to chaperoning giving shelter to providing refuge cherishing sticking up for providing a refuge for ensuring covering all bases taking under one's wing going to bat for giving asylum to making invulnerable keeping from isolating cloistering occupying manning picketing championing strengthening halting salvaging salvageing overseeing reclaiming stopping retaining arresting retrieving chambering shotgunning roofing giving cover giving shelter rescuing overlooking nannying keeping an eye on mothering keeping guard on making safe thwarting intercepting foiling resting guiding ruling sentineling sentinelling keeping a lookout over making immune immunizing standing guard on immunising covering up for mounting guard on being responsible for presiding over attending to having charge of fighting for standing up for standing guard ministering to persevering with making sound making impregnable bolstering pillowing saving from harm taking someone under your wing tucking enfolding cupping swathing crowning dressing investing capping feeding cradling propping up reinforcing canopying hooding overcasting clothing papering over financing superposing superimposing nurturing boarding funding providing for subsidizing resisting opposing putting something on top of nourishing withstanding placing something over placing under cover subsidising keeping alive staving off providing food for providing board for providing sustenance for fending off beating off guarding against taking in repelling danger providing sanctuary holding at bay supervising nursing babysitting childminding sitting with seeing to taking charge of raising superintending rearing tending to shielding from safeguarding from protecting from prohibiting justifying overwatching shepherding herding administering to keeping in good condition taking out insurance supplying with troops keeping intact keeping in repair guarding in transit taking out insurance cover managing administrating handling running guaranteeing operating controlling governing indemnifying stewarding regulating directing succouring succoring underwriting warranting conducting tilling fending for mentoring bringing up making a living for attending cinching icing guarantying keeping tabs on checking blocking repulsing repelling forestalling curbing registering deflecting dodging diverting discouraging baulking parrying escaping evading balking ducking holding off heading off putting a stop to keeping at arm's length skirting round safeguarding against keeping off pre-empting turning aside holding back protecting against shielding against keeping at bay defending oneself against fighting off


Present participle for to provide housing or accommodation for
accommodating bestowing billeting billetting bivouacing bivouacking boarding bunking camping chambering domiciling encamping harboring harbouring housing lodging putting up quartering roofing rooming taking in installing settling entertaining providing shelter for stationing making room for providing with accommodation giving accommodation to providing accommodation for receiving giving a bed to renting living taking residing staying dwelling sojourning sleeping inhabiting nesting crashing keeping catering for giving someone a roof over their head having rooms containing feeding placing posting abiding cantoning refuging stopping squatting parking providing lodging for berthing hanging out roosting providing a roof over someone's head providing refuge taking up residence staying over holing up taking a room having lodgings taking lodgings basing positioning camping out admitting garrisoning locating welcoming taking care of holding provisioning fitting letting in stowing providing making space for affording holidaying bedding perching giving shelter to visiting biding establishing domiciliating providing with a place to work vacationing kenneling kennelling giving lodging providing with a place to sleep setting up camp pitching a tent bearing having one's home having one's residence having your home in nestling tarrying providing beds for accommodating guest giving accommodation letting crash having space for having beds for having room for giving a roof to making welcome providing accommodation finding a bed for having capacity for spending some time stopping off stopping over occupying hosteling dwelling in living in lodging in staying in biding in sojourning in having digs remaining resting lingering sticking around hanging around waiting staying put tenanting enduring continuing hanging hovering residing in waiting around hanging on hanging about hanging round holding on sitting tight holding the fort staying on persisting establishing oneself making one's home taking up residence in being sitting lasting populating standing pausing prevailing lying existing sticking peopling possessing delaying having as your home keeping on putting down roots staying behind keeping house setting up home in making one's home in abiding in establishing yourself settling in bunking out holding over making camp clinging inhering hanging one's hat tenting loitering having taken up residence in hanging out in having established oneself in awaiting dallying bedwelling indwelling pitching tent halting lagging outstaying breaking remaining behind sweating it out staying out owning going to live in setting up home going to live putting down roots in setting up house becoming domiciled in hanging up one's hat setting up housekeeping in moving to taking root emigrating to establishing yourself in using permeating moving into ensconcing oneself in ensconcing yourself in establishing oneself in pervading maintaining ensconcing having a break relaxing taking a break putting your feet up taking it easy


Present participle for to shut off from view
screening covering shielding concealing hiding masking disguising veiling cloaking shading camouflaging shrouding blanketing curtaining enshrouding obscuring occulting shuttering suppressing adumbrating belying blinding burying caching enveloping secluding shadowing stashing closing ensconcing girding hemming obstructing separating sheathing umbraging blocking out blotting out covering up papering over shutting off walling off shutting out shutting in eclipsing overshadowing clouding inumbrating blocking off the light to casting a shadow over secreting planting harbouring dissembling withholding harboring squirreling smuggling stifling ditching protecting hushing up keeping secret holing up putting out of the way casting a shadow darkening shutting out the light from dimming shutting out the light beclouding overcasting dislimning befogging overclouding bedimming blearing blackening fogging blurring graying hazing overhanging greying misting casting a shadow on enveloping in shadow fuzzing up mantling wrapping surrounding overlaying swathing enfolding stonewalling guarding blocking enwrapping cocooning enclosing muffling blanking out draping overspreading obfuscating dressing up keeping hidden keeping out of sight encompassing canopying embracing clothing encasing whitewashing coating obliterating investing bowering lapping involving embosoming inclosing enswathing bosoming embowering circumfusing bearding blocking off obnubilating engulfing stowing submerging putting up a front holding back putting out of sight stashing away stowing away isolating censoring repressing forgetting denying erasing fronting encircling dissimulating swaddling extinguishing carpeting palling throwing on makeup wiping out smothering overlying topping capping crowning wrapping up immersing sinking embedding tucking away wrapping around paving containing rolling girdling superimposing fencing cooping putting in a hole sequestering tucking cupping extending over laundering finessing securing boarding up bushing up stopping something being overheard doing on the sly hiding out keeping under wraps hiding away squirreling away murking pettifogging hindering bemisting benighting barricading blockading barring storing closing off putting away collecting reserving parking saving maintaining ducking putting in the hole accumulating




An available room in an establishment providing accommodation
vacancy room accommodation place rooms space homes houses lodgings places residence chambers lodgement lodgment quarters shelter abode board dwelling dwellings digs lodging pad quartering living quarters accommodation available available accommodation unoccupied room place to stay housing habitation house roof buildings domiciles billet habitations abodes harbouring places of residence quarterage accommodations construction dwelling places home stopping place quarter motel crash pad place of residence room and board boardinghouse rooming house dwelling place hotel harboring crib apartment pads roofs hearths hearthstones firesides apartments flats billets shelters habitat dens roosts cribs lodges castles addresses condos mansions residencies huts commorancy crash pads manors seats joints haunts palaces lodgments co-ops dumps lodgements headquarters villas locality holes sites harbors resorts establishment homesteads harbours hangouts havens boarding houses rooming houses shacks households camps condominiums settlements turfs retreats shelterings sanctuaries stamping grounds caves nests hideouts tenements stomping grounds cabins territory motels barracks cantonments dorms halls hotels estates property shanties domains locations bar ranches suites quarterings ranges refuge cottages home ground tents racks stately homes rendezvous chateaux patches purlieus dwelling-places haciendas lairs palazzos country houses locals streets layouts premises manor houses manses coops bedsits whereabouts realms edifices setups trailers home plates piles cubbyholes nooks cantons caserns rods guest houses sororities stations fraternity posts port covers bachelor apartments bed and board boardings protection hostels inns bed and breakfasts boardinghouses home sweet home alcazars seraglios inglenooks chimney corners fireplaces nature bases casas flops hermitages sanctums pens safe havens foxholes querencias coverts arks fastness safe houses hiding places asylums bolt-holes preserve sheds hideaways harborages whares boxes flophouses burrows pigpens kennels lean-tos pigsties bullpens dormitories farms extended families hospitals orphanages sections neighborhood blocks beats necks of the woods walks neighbourhoods hives hunting lodges baches chalets shooting boxes clubhouses wonings hidey-holes meeting places watering holes niches abiding-places igloos superstructures ziggurats frameworks fabric architecture erection structure realty titles gaffs real estate tepees wickiups yurts wigwams manoirs towers granges great houses spread country seats situations numbers box numbers venues loci spots ZIP codes locales points positions places of business direction sources cradles fountainheads founts biospheres

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