Synonym of shipshape

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Synonym: trim, well-kept,


Meticulously neat and tidy
orderly trim neat tidy kempt prim uncluttered clean organised organized spruce crisp groomed immaculate ordered spotless straight tidied trig antiseptic bandbox chipper smug snug businesslike tricksy in good order in order spick-and-span in good shape neat and tidy well-kept well-ordered well-organized in tip-top condition spick and span well-groomed well kept well ordered picked up well-regulated Bristol fashion as fresh as paint as neat as a new pin in apple-pie order shipshape and Bristol fashion smart systematic arranged regular natty methodical dapper apple-pie order neat as a pin systematized nice proper exact correct slick well organized systematised to rights elegant chic fastidious structured efficient dainty sleek finical finicky methodic well-turned-out precise taut well-dressed clean-cut well groomed all together presentable together sorted out straightened out well turned out well regulated arranged well well turned-out snappy spiffy sharp tight impeccable well-presented compact cleanly well arranged sorted well-pressed symmetrical soigné well looked-after well maintained in place in position personable strict well-arranged rigid consistent regimented controlled steady self-controlled well disciplined fit to be seen put to rights besuited in good condition disciplined well thought-out logical careful coherent punctilious meticulous law-abiding well-behaved peaceable regulated framed uniform thorough formal rangé fixed scientific set-up alike conventional well-turned out well planned in shape neat as button neat as pin well-designed planned coordinated methodized standardized standardised effective supervised scrupulous systematical governed measured painstaking well thought out deliberate routine unified delimited practical classified restricted formulated severe closely controlled on a tight rein skillful directed skilful managed settled strictly controlled standard analytical thoroughgoing by the book by the numbers complete out-and-out joined-up well-maintained restrained reduced nonrandom harsh monitored superintended integrated adapted set adjusted cohesive piloted administered sensible in sync no-nonsense guided exacting rigorous reasonable consolidated collective professional ruled cooperative assimilated combined united harmonious correlated cataloged tabulated conscientious well run regimental negotiated contrived enforced grouped formed catalogued prearranged prepared workaday matter-of-fact organic unchanging even unvarying unvaried competent monotonous strictly regulated unbroken dull heedful conscionable punctual fussy demanding practised pragmatic sedulous diligent expeditious earnest practiced accomplished serious enterprising direct industrious concentrated purposeful intent hardworking


Not marred
unmarred unblemished acceptable ace admirable agreeable bad boss bully capital choice commendable congenial crack deluxe entire excellent exceptional favourable favorable first-class first-rate flawless gnarly gratifying great honorable honourable intact marvellous marvelous neat nice perfect pleasing positive precious prime rad recherche reputable satisfactory satisfying select sound spanking splendid sterling stupendous super superb super-eminent super-excellent superior tip-top unbroken undamaged unharmed unhurt unimpaired uninjured up to snuff valuable welcome whole wonderful worthy fine sublime good A1 premium quality luxury exclusive topflight up to par blue-ribbon five-star high-grade top-drawer high-quality top-notch cordon bleu finest up to standard best up to scratch enjoyable pleasant likable delightful appealing comforting fair stunning beautiful ravishing enchanting mild comfortable glamorous photogenic elegant enviable fascinating seductive presentable tasteful lovesome sunny amiable flashy affable gorgeous exhilarating joyous engaging hunky lovely pretty clear pleasurable euphoric tempting aesthetic cunning delicate resplendent cheery drop-dead slick pulchritudinous dollish amusing statuesque glamourous glossy dainty cute intoxicating splashy snazzy heavenly well-favored eye-catching good-looking fun flamboyant hospitable showy beauteous sightly arresting attractive in order exquisite dishy comely zingy foxy soothing fetching hunky-dory radiant prettyish showstopping relief OK knockout rapturous blessed unspoilt not bad glad taking ecstatic elating telegenic dulcet charming alluring splendorous paradisiacal copacetic paradisal relishable grateful copasetic blest genial paradisaical passable delightsome calming esthetic savory recreative supercalifragilisticexpialidocious darling paradisiac paradisaic savoury irie likeable cheering felicitous delectable luscious sweet jolly delicious dreamy beneficial opportune pleasureful timely fulfilling constructive rewarding tasty gladdening flattering palatable refreshing appreciated consoling heartwarming desirable encouraging heartening propitious solacing restful renewing rejuvenating restorative sapid restoring productive worthwhile heaven-sent honouring nourishing substantial satiating adequate sufficient sustaining happiness-inducing easy to take hitting the spot honoring benefic friendly helpful advantageous kindly beneficent salutary benignant profitable wholesome happy handy fit providential healthful reassuring toward appropriate benign fortunate prosperous convenient useful lucky well-timed seasonable suitable full of promise


Not affected, changed, or damaged in any way
untouched intact unaffected undamaged unharmed unscathed unspoilt pristine unblemished virgin immaculate natural perfect unmarked unmarred unpolluted unsullied untarnished flawless fresh pure spotless undefiled clean indifferent unchanged unmoved dry-eyed unaltered unconcerned unhurt unimpressed uninfluenced uninjured unstirred clear entire good incorrupt sanitary secure sound unbroken unstained untried virginal in perfect condition in good condition out of danger safe and sound without a scratch mint unused brand-new firsthand brand new spanking-new spanking in tiptop condition spick-and-span untrodden untainted unsoiled as new unseasoned unspoiled new original excellent mint condition brand-spanking new spic-and-span spanking new uncontaminated in mint condition brand spanking new unimpaired whole safe faultless stainless uncorrupted in one piece preserved unadulterated unflawed unmutilated undisturbed unscratched solid unscarred wholesome impeccable plain chaste inviolate fine unmodified unspotted complete undebased all right squeaky-clean stable unsevered unimpeachable unprocessed as good as new uninterrupted white firm innocent steady scatheless alive and well together sterile sterilized empty crisp regular bare fair undiluted unalloyed blank like new unremitting total lily-white sterilised snowy irreproachable absolute sinless guiltless unruffled unfilled sturdy straight refined purified constant continuous undented untroubled well antiseptic unmixed sparkling refreshing recent unagitated ship-shape in good order just out taintless blameless thorough perpetual eternal raw okay shining vacant full OK exemplary void salubrious whiter than white stark above reproach squeaky clean pure as the driven snow span-new basic ongoing ceaseless secured unwounded unblackened unprofaned sacred unshaken undivided unceasing artless endless native glowing well-preserved undiminished impregnant disinfected uncultivated unviolated gleaming unassuming as good as before unopened impervious immune bright burnished polished latest young unstudied integral plenary compleat grand comprehensive unworn imperforate indiscrete uncut neat not liable to not influenced not subject to shiny protected indigenous uninfected healthful frozen static fixed unvarying as pure as the driven snow pasteurised aseptic intemerate healthy pasteurized crude wilding agrestal free from danger out of harm's way not hurt all in one piece earthy current good for you germ-free health-giving organic wild ideal late newfound unbothered continuing consistent permanent unvaried resolute sweet invigorating primal restorative luscious envigorating hot off the fire very new newborn hot off the press seamless picture-book without fault picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible without blemish unfermented not rotten not sour safeguarded O.K. unthreatened model alright uninvolved licit angelic honest guilt-free righteous cleanhanded inculpable legal impeccant upright uncensurable unoffending virtuous legitimate lawful crimeless angelical uncorrupt modest beyond reproach decent out of the woods out of the wood vacuous free of in the clear not guilty above suspicion free devoid barren toom uncompleted unwritten on out-and-out consummate rank everlasting downright flat-out categoric unconditional dyed-in-the-wool habitual undying unrestricted definite all-out profound double-dyed clear-cut straight-out in every respect confirmed thoroughgoing categorical utter simple unqualified real outright veritable sheer genuine unmitigated arrant extraordinary authentic


Immaculately clean or pure
spick-and-span antiseptic chaste clean fair immaculate pristine spotless squeaky-clean stainless unsoiled unstained unsullied cleaned fresh gleaming hygienic mint neat perfect polished pure sanitary shining spic-and-span spruce tidy untarnished as new brand-spanking new cleaned up very clean clean and tidy in mint condition in perfect condition in tiptop condition neat and tidy like new cleansed scrubbed washed speckless sparkling unblemished squeaky unsmudged dirtless sanitized laundered taintless unspotted neat as a button flawless spic and span sponged laved spick and span apple-pie order squeaky clean neat as a pin well-kept dirt-free orderly showered as clean as a whistle sanitised clean as a new pin untainted faultless unmarked virgin intact snowy untouched impeccable undamaged undefiled unspoilt unpolluted ultra-clean unimpaired excellent snowy-white shiny brand-new unbroken unmarred uncorrupted unaffected trim span-new virginal wholesome exquisite whiter than white unused exemplary rustproof clear snow-white sterilized sterile sterilised perfectly clean modest freshly laundered decent delicate elegant cleanly simple graceful white vanilla new very new spanking new brand spanking new first-class unharmed unmutilated unflawed lily-white optimal whole A1 unspoiled prime seamless defectless irreproachable optimum sound finished indefectible as sound as a bell as good as new tip-top peak unblackened spanking errorless unexceptionable bright brand new spanking-new original neat as a new pin

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