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Synonym: sib,


A person who shares a parent
brother kin kinfolk relation relative sib sister brother or sister brothers and sisters brothers or sisters family member kinsperson kinsman kinswoman kinsfolk cousin folk blood connection family next of kin kindred folks blood relative kith and kin people blood relation clan cognate agnate tribe uncle clansperson rellie kinship affinity consanguinity relations relatives niece aunt lineage nephew father-in-law sister-in-law mother mother-in-law stepsister grandparents father stepparent in-laws brother-in-law stepbrother great-grandparents house line race stock kinsmen extraction kith relationship member nearest and dearest member of the family connections kinfolks rellies ainga kinswomen closest relative family members flesh and blood connexions parent near relative spouse close relative close ones heir loved one partner closest relation nearest blood relation closest family member nearest blood relative sis fellow tribesman fellow clansman female sibling blood sister skin and blister folkman blood relatives blood relations flesh loved ones household fam colleague friend one's flesh and blood one's own flesh and blood affiliation brood parents associate ancestors extended family parentage companion tie propinquity blood ties blood relationship ties of blood horde friends and family rellie3 fambo fam-bam filiation sisterhood brotherhood strain friends and relatives acquaintances homefolk brethren ties peoples kids humanity world species humankind public family relationship family tie blood-relationship kindredship same-bloodedness member of one's family uterine kin relatedness contact common ancestry being related family connections herd genus forebears generations progenitors breed pedigree type kind ally acquaintance family ties common lineage dynasty progeny issue nuclear family scion blended family descendent offspring descendant clansman circle clique faction bunch sponsor togetherness solidarity comrade counterpart nobleman coz 'rents mentor intermediary agent go-between messenger reciprocity network close relationship close kinship family connection pal mate chum comrade-in-arms compeer co-worker fellow bro bruvver bruv confrère fellow member twin blood brother


Organization that is associated with another
affiliate affil associate colleague member offshoot partner collaborator confederate business partner ally comrade mate companion compeer copartner co-worker coworker crony cohort fellow confrere consociate oppo offsider fellow worker confidant co-partner participant business associate team-mate teammate bedfellow friend compatriot workmate accomplice acquaintance confrère accessory chum contact connection abetter colluder henchman peer buddy wingman sidekick supporter helper consort pal aid assistant conniver cooperator hobnobber playmate pard cobber main man running mate partner in crime fellow conspirator one of the folks kissing cousin intimate confidante compadre amigo familiar homeboy brother abettor alter ego bro musketeer aide coconspirator spar cully mucker coadjutor marrow marrer marra gabba sister butty backer paisan homie homegirl china bosom buddy classmate schoolmate fidus Achates workfellow co-conspirator bruvver bruv stall team player conspirator bezzie fellow traveler second self sponsor bosom pal close friend best friend accessary relation relative sympathizer comate kin team member plant insider sympathiser member of the team bosom friend soul mate boon companion cuz gossip sis running dog co-mate liaison aider auxiliary coalitionist gang member fellow gang member academic protagonist follower help myrmidon fellow-worker promoter bud neighbor relations neighbour ringer subordinate shill hand satellite adherent partisan disciple leaguer amiga connate interested party patron shareholder co-founder investor double cousin roomie comrade-in-arms lover deputy family good buddy fellow traveller plus-one good friend close associate contributor twin kinsperson fellow woman gang mate constant companion fellow member cater-cousin blood brother second in command number two right-hand person right-hand woman right-hand man shadow kindred stakeholder playfellow kinsman kinswoman mentor intermediary kith agent go-between messenger reciprocity network cuzzie roommate


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