Synonym of sick as a parrot


Very ill


Sad and dispirited
dejected down downhearted blue depressed gloomy miserable sad despondent downcast glum low melancholy wretched crestfallen disconsolate dismal doleful woebegone disheartened low-spirited cast down morose broken-hearted crushed demoralised demoralized desolate heavy-hearted unhappy forlorn hangdog heartbroken long-faced bad brokenhearted choked disappointed discouraged dispirited down in the dumps droopy heartsick heartsore heavyhearted inconsolable joyless melancholic mournful saddened shamefaced sorrowful sorry woeful abject atrabilious black bleak broody chap-fallen cheerless clouded dampened dashed dolorous dragged drooping fed up hurting in the doldrums moody mopey mopish sagging spiritless brassed off cheesed off down in the mouth bummed out shot down all torn up in the pits dismayed in low spirits despairing hopeless pessimistic distressed daunted chapfallen oppressed shattered sapped defeatist in despair singing the blues as sick as a parrot deterred deflated upset grieving shaken thrown cowed downbeat dull cast-down weighed down bummed-out in a funk down and out grieved enervated anguished devastated grief-stricken flat weary suffering abashed subdued unmanned defeated sheepish disillusioned taken aback Eeyorish unnerved listless brooding down-in-the-mouth sunk troubled gutted desperate sorry for yourself distraught cut up mourning griefstricken damp in pain taken down pensive lugubrious in a blue funk funereal shot-down wistful sombre somber bleeding crummy destroyed sunk in gloom dysphoric put off unenthused let down unenthusiastic intimidated unconfident caved-in down-in-mouth beat beat-down come-apart having lost heart lacking in confidence lacking in enthusiasm lost momentum with cold feet gone to pieces in blue funk in the dumps sullen solemn dreary tearful saturnine comfortless depressing dark grim morbid depressive elegiac sepulchral dour gray elegiacal grey dire godforsaken drear lonesome lonely rueful cold dreich afflicted murky darkening tenebrous chill plutonian tenebrific sunless cloudy Cimmerian negative mirthless teary piteous sorrowing out of sorts sulky weeping pathetic regretful hurt broken pained bereaved tristful dispiriting agonized down-hearted oppressive austere tragic heartrending agonised moping pitiful cynical painful grumpy distressing disheartening grave lachrymose emotional unwelcoming bitter weepy crabbed humorless tormented heartbreaking humourless sick at heart with a long face drab sour overwhelmed ripped plaintive aggrieved grievous helpless lamentable dim surly calamitous resigned stark sober bereft dolent uncomfortable on a downer saddening draggy torn up displeased unhopeful down-and-out pitiable perturbed bothered discontented low in spirits drearisome uninviting fatalistic uptight gloom-ridden heavy dolesome foreboding plangent bewailing bemoaning wailing aching inhospitable dingy bare ruthful unfortunate bearish wounded bland harrowing suspicious distrustful heart-rending clinical frowning in grief in doldrums deplorable dejecting impersonal doubting low-down hapless overcome alarmist in tears bowed down doubtful wintry jarring wintery institutional in the toilet languid ugly undermined languorous humbled given to looking on the black side worried drained concerned beaten disgruntled earnest angry devitalized discombobulated overpowered browbeaten anxious adust apathetic cross forbidding lamenting bugged shook tortured disturbed ticked off teed off browned off peed off lovesick vanquished disenchanted antsy suicidal funeral deploring traumatized disconcerted pining huffy serious forsaken languishing angst-ridden shook up unamused sobersided dirge-like unconsolable discouraging ill-humoured powerless irked unsatisfied ill-humored regrettable unsmiling heavy with grief overcome with sorrow traumatised defenceless in sorrow in mourning uncommunicative frustrated mopy fierce defenseless down in dumps taciturn full of sorrow crabby harsh long-suffering without hope po-faced bad-tempered triste ill-tempered uncertain blue funk stony-faced sorry for oneself very sad sore burned contused without energy empty at sinister unoptimistic prostrated mortified remorseful emo torn-up discontent horrible ominous depressant reflective dirgelike lowered bowed dirgeful annoyed heart-sick misanthropic dolorific afflictive cringing guilty off sluggish afflicting churlish atrocious lost threnodic troubling tear-jerking affecting doomed down in mouth weakened sob story guilty-looking furtive forgotten homeless abandoned unfavorable unfavourable unmitigable fraught poor worthless dissatisfied luckless glowering friendless destitute uncared-for lorn frantic prostrate with grief sick ashamed embarrassed sneaking strained have the blahs companionless racked ailing phlegmatic unresponsive let-down not happy dragging solitary fruitless alone discomfited acheronian unable to be comforted unable to be consoled languished cowering humiliated conscience-stricken chagrined miffed no-win strabilious uneasy feeling down full of gloom beside oneself with grief having the blahs having blue devils aghast up the creek at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end crippled nostalgic worsted baulked objecting balked can't win bummed downtrodden unfriendly stern not a prayer in the soup feeling low looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny vexed agitated discomposed ruffled disquieted severe harassed wrecked discountenanced flustered aflutter plagued tamed at end of one's rope at the end of your tether gruff haunted spooked harrowed worrying dishonoured ruined jumpy persecuted unglued horrid disastrous dreadful poker-faced strung out awful catastrophic fatal appalling licked dishonored chilly deadly ruinous flinty intimidating ungentle louring steely rough lowering mean-looking rugged shocking terrible cataclysmic mentally defeated in a stew racked with suffering in a tizzy racked with pain disapproving stony unsympathetic moving agonizing galling devastating stirring disturbing unlucky distressful horrendous vexatious gruesome hard-faced hard stringent lethal adverse mortal crushing mooning spurned yearning deathly agonising fateful destructive temperamental irritable touchy jilted ill-fated ill-starred offended cantankerous crusty curt irascible petulant slighted neglected rejected testy sensitive tetchy lacklustre passive excitable splenetic mardy chippy agitable piqued impatient waspish insipid weak lifeless limp unrequited impotent paralysed fiery huffish mumpish crotchety tooshie neurotic kittle skittish meek characterless colourless irresolute feeble disarmed speechless dazed stunned submissive torpid unmoved spineless unimpassioned wooden dry vapid uninspired uninspiring passionless lackadaisical bloodless desiccated anaemic lovelorn crossed in love loveless unrequited in love slothful cowardly tame gutless dopey inanimate blah indecisive unconcerned boring lackluster indifferent drippy reduced colorless anemic short-tempered easily frightened easily upset hot-tempered easily agitated quick-tempered hot-headed high-strung drowned hit for six knocked for six brought to your knees prostrate immobilized knocked over paralyzed at a low ebb laid low open incapacitated fallen immobilised wishy-washy flat tire lacking in vitality


browned-off discontented discouraged disgruntled weary annoyed disheartened irritated miffed fed up cheesed off vexed displeased browned off angry peeved riled irked exasperated aggrieved resentful teed off piqued sore cross aggravated put out ticked off nettled hacked off furious enraged irate narked upset infuriated incensed angered mad peed off indignant huffy in a huff in high dudgeon bothered galled not best pleased brassed off hot under the collar offended wrathful choleric eggy ireful ruffled provoked bent out of shape shirty affronted outraged tooshie foaming at the mouth dissatisfied livid in a temper fuming snuffy miffy steamed up frustrated maddened apoplectic rankled ballistic ticked vex rabid roiled steaming hurt unhappy inflamed troubled enflamed wroth perturbed crook testy steamed hopping mad fit to be tied scunnered disturbed boiling foaming hot infuriate riley hopping snaky horn-mad up in arms pained agitated irritable ropeable in a bad mood stung wrath beside oneself distressed in a lather on the warpath disaffected malcontent harassed grumpy impatient discontent seething ratty malcontented soreheaded crabby hoha in a frenzy worked up in a pet blue in the face as cross as two sticks in a fume going crook insulted bitter raging disappointed complaining frenzied antagonized sullen sulky flustered chagrined choked grumbling ungratified disgusted frantic ill-humoured chafed griping kvetching aerated hacked out of joint ill-humored bummed out wound up antagonised injured wounded needled worried rattled restive incandescent grieved unsatisfied heated fretful disquieted very angry surly harried raving acrimonious envious wild restless ranting querulous hot-tempered touchy slighted bellyaching grouchy snappy critical picky bugged seeing red afflicted dirty unglued filthy waxy short-tempered desperate insane corybantic demented crazed maniac irrational bent unreasonable smoking off the air bad-tempered in a paddy beside yourself out of humour at daggers drawn ill-tempered burned up gnashing one's teeth in a bate anguished goaded rancorous reproachful hassled embittered miserable prickly snitty tetchy crabbed rebellious out of sorts quick-tempered chippy violent vehement fierce vicious frenetic rage hateful in a towering rage blue acrid weighty grieving hard annoying distressing snubbed factious with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the teeth sick and tired fed up to the back teeth sick to death raving mad dissentious troublemaking confused fretted salty tormented fault-finding carping nitpicking perplexed dishonored humiliated sour full-on all-out up the wall uncompromising breakneck energetic concerted extremely angry manic ill-disposed petulant irascible belly-aching out of countenance umbrageous dishonoured peevish rousted splenetic roused stroppy churlish dogged antagonistic hostile uptight buffaloed scandalized unfulfilled storming pushed too far in a rage spare at boiling point raging mad all steamed up overcome with anger rubbed the wrong way blown a gasket with all guns blazing scandalised dark at end of one's rope boiling mad in a filthy temper passionate beside yourself with rage hot and bothered shocked grousing cranky out of temper crabbing kicking uncontent bad tempered disapproving regretful fed-up faultfinding ennuied grudging unappeased jaundiced fretting not satisfied sniveling plaintive put-out unassuaged unsated begrudging insatiable jealous scornful p.o.'d snivelling tense narky cantankerous waspish crotchety edgy fractious snappish crusty pettish anxious depressed moody disagreeable dyspeptic liverish peckish thin-skinned disconcerted fiery like a bear with a sore head curt volatile nervous discomposed snippy peppery ornery scratchy bored sick ill-natured on a short fuse tired captious saddened unsettled uneasy shaken spiteful curmudgeonly apprehensive antsy hung up ill at ease in a tizzy glum sad dismayed short black perverse huffish snarky temperamental distraught snippety stuffy jumpy het up gutted raspy thrown quarrelsome discountenanced gruff aflutter shrewish bilious out of humor atwitter discombobulated mean sharp inconvenienced frightened alarmed overwrought nasty bearish acid shook up in a mood cross-grained short-fused jaded down malevolent wearied concerned blasé excited gloomy vitriolic malignant low malicious vindictive whingy mardy caviling cavilling morose unpleased ticklish unnerved sensitive brusque discomfited fazed snarling venomous muddled insecure dithery queasy queazy nervy hotheaded oversensitive jittery unquiet awkward hinky goosey unzipped mortified cut up having got out of bed on the wrong side bloody-minded broken up having got out of bed the wrong side unimpressed stressed out stressed defiant burning with excitement good and mad mad as hell wry ready to be tied unforgiving crazy abrupt revengeful disrespected blazing berserk defeated crackers wronged smouldering flaming moping terse harmed snarly atrabilious zowerswopped overemotional as black as thunder ill-used woeful perversely irritable disapproving of embarrassed stewed impetuous unindulgent emotional carrying a chip on your shoulder falling apart hysterical histrionic blazing mad flaming mad persecuted oppressed victimised victimized despondent asea very upset in a wax out of control menacing having short fuse hot under collar exacerbated beset puzzled tortured pestered afraid harrowed worried stiff scared terrified fearful plagued disconsolate dejected disillusioned downcast smoldering hard done by twitchy threatening melancholic forlorn joyless cheerless strained stressy belligerent aggressive unfriendly out of place self-conscious uncomfortable like a fish out of water feisty bristly unsociable argumentative disenchanted crestfallen doleful downhearted inconsolable evil wicked misanthropic cynical pouty obstinate difficult contentious truculent harsh pertinacious full of hate full of dislike maleficent baleful uncooperative contrary whiny hypercritical whining crybaby ungracious sorrowful iracund tough brooding iracundulous pouting fussy disputatious malign glowering louring poisonous malefic bored by waspy trying dour mumpish growling tart sorehead saturnine blunt cussed on edge vinegary whingeing childish hasty obstreperous chuffy surfeited by weary of distressed by glutted by surfeited with jaded with jaded by satiated by nasty-tempered foul-tempered out-of-sorts hot-blooded ugly easily offended surfeited sated satiated dismal glutted with evil-intentioned hate-filled bewildered distracted revolted sickened low-spirited have had it up to here with repulsed have had enough nauseated have had a basinful of have had something up to here nonplussed flurried repelled flummoxed fuddled abashed floored appalled nauseous up to here at sea verklempt caught off balance shook-up messed-up in botheration psyched-out mixed-up taken aback thrown off balance aghast in disorder amazed come apart psyched out at sixes and sevens all torn up grossed out turned off


Somewhat ill or not fully physically healthy
down sick ill indisposed sickened unhealthy unwell ailing unsound peaked peaky bad poorly punk run-down sickly infirm below par weak under the weather crook debilitated feeble in poor health out of sorts off colour lousy frail diseased bedridden queasy not oneself funny off-color not well invalid seedy under par run down sick as a dog nauseous liverish not up to par rotten crummy rough peculiar off ropy grotty wabbit not very well delicate queer not in good shape laid-up not up to snuff laid low nauseated suffering infected impaired anaemic rocky in a bad way valetudinarian anemic off-colour laid up out of action green about the gills on the sick list pallid pale drained hospitalized mean confined feverish incurable drawn under medication broken down washed out unfit hospitalised enfeebled low like death warmed up pasty ashen disordered rickety bloodless declining colourless qualmish tottering imperfect defective wobbly pasty-faced grey not so hot incapacitated whey-faced sickly-looking emaciated sallow ashy cadaverous thin gray decrepit ill-looking wan bilious awful terrible weakly sapped shaky etiolated faint grim woozy colorless bummed dragging sickish out of commission on sick list a wreck haggard feeling awful in poor shape feeling rotten out of shape down with in poor condition at death's door rundown off one's feed failing green disabled strange wretched valetudinary handicapped not healthy the worse for wear not feeling well in bed in bad shape hors de combat confined to bed got a bug dying languishing in ill health out of condition in a decline puny wasting in bad health lacklustre cranky chronically ill always ill lackluster pining often ill laid-low fatigued exhausted tired enervated white weakened spent weary bleached waxen languorous sluggish depleted beat pooped afflicted chalky faded jaundiced ghastly milky wasted low-energy unsteady burned out worn out down-and-out asthenic worn-out languid prostrated prostrate broken-down paled tired-looking ghostly lurid deathly doughy blanched mealy whitish discoloured livid invalided iffy deathlike wheyfaced groggy squeamish queerish queazy tuckered out out of gas out-of-action tired out forceless listless depressed worn white as a sheet discolored ineffectual washed-out ineffective running temperature got the bug feeling terrible off one's feet ashen-faced corpse-like pinched deathly pale dreadful peelie-wally peakish peely-wally as white as a ghost as white as a sheet dizzy giddy carsick lightheaded seasick light-headed slight effete airsick tender unstable doddering wimpish wimpy unsubstantial lame soft softened sick as dog barfy doddery fragile insecure flimsy wavering injured travel-sick knackered pukish poor crippled weedy tottery gaunt spindly raddled vacillating doubtful tenuous vitiated trembly meagre pathetic strengthless sapless meager green at the gills hollow-eyed not yourself about to throw up not a hundred percent not up to the mark horrible slightly unwell ugly travelsick unsightly qualmy reeling ropey paltry disgusted housebound immobilized uneasy unwholesome off form ill in bed miserable slender stricken in pain chunderous contaminated tainted septic blighted sinking reduced sensitive nesh susceptible immobilised achy hypochondriacal peccant abnormal green around the gills nauseatic powerless without energy infectious dainty fishy shatterable brittle fracturable shattery wispy trainsick bockety upset uncomfortable helpless impotent irresolute stressed shilpit restless dubious unsettling odd concerned uncertain troubling suffering from motion sickness unsettled fidgety faltering not feeling up to snuff experiencing nausea feeling queasy ticklish quaking feeling nauseous feeling nauseated feeling woozy inconstant staggering tricky trembling suffering from altitude sickness indecisive unsafe unbalanced uneven tense strained half-hearted dopey emasculated flabby gentle insufficient flat aged halting anile sensile out of humor down in the mouth green around gills in declining health careworn wonky precarious withered fraught hollow-cheeked teetering dead loggy aweary bushed jaded logy wearied beaten bleary done limp teetery fluctuant rattletrap wavy wiggling unsure dilapidated tattered unkempt dishevelled disheveled coarsened debauched feeling sick wiped out played out stressed out burned-out all in tapped out on one's last legs with sunken cheeks worse for wear

Antonym of sick as a parrot

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