Synonym of slighting

Alternative for slighting

slights, slighted, slighting, slighter, slightest

Synonym: dainty, delicate, disregard, flimsy, frail, ignore, neglect, overlook, petite, puny, slender, small, svelte, thin, tiny,

Antonym: respect,


In the manner of a slight
belittling derogatory disparaging scornful disdainful uncomplimentary denigratory insulting offensive pejorative contemptuous disrespectful abusive decrying defamatory degrading demeaning denigrative deprecatory depreciative depreciatory derisory derogative detractive libellous libelous scurrilous slanderous contumelious derisive maligning opprobrious supercilious sneering rude disapproving critical deprecating mocking snide scathing negative dismissive detracting insolent jeering deprecative vituperative scoffing humiliating hurtful discrediting sarcastic unflattering vilifying withering affronting condescending ridiculing jibing impertinent damaging abhorrent sniffy taunting full of contempt catty obnoxious spiteful depreciating debasing mortifying censorious personal vulgar detractory discourteous wounding haughty arrogant patronizing uncivil sardonic patronising snotty cheeky snooty unfavourable contemptible unmannerly teasing pillorying diminishing deflating calumniatory lampooning caustic satirical nasty fault-finding unfavorable shameful undignified minimizing objectionable sarky snidey judgmental superior injurious minimising denigrating lowering unsympathetic unpleasant invective blasphemous reproachful irreverent malicious traducing cynical proud disgraceful calumnious displeasing shaming ignominious abject unworthy downgrading exceptionable provocative impudent overbearing egotistic cheapening inglorious provoking infra dig dishonourable menial malevolent unacceptable reprehensible vexing cavalier censurable impolite snobbish scandalous upsetting dishonorable bringing shame detestable uppity cool repugnant high and mighty on your high horse uncharitable familiar intrusive dishonouring damning epithetical mean discreditable mud-slinging biting repulsive scolding disadvantageous sniping harsh dyslogistic dishonoring despiteful aspersing vain imperious defiant castigating reviling snippy hard-nosed bold hard audacious temperamental upstage cold-shoulder hypercritical pathetic silly ridiculous cockamamy absurd ludicrous laughable risible cockamamie comical farcical preposterous scurril vitriolic upbraiding vituperatory truculent scurrile envious green-eyed jealous distasteful despicable high hat dog it on high horse calumniating reproving castigatory gally out-of-line flip cocky fresh smart-alecky smart sassy nervy crusty disgusting deplorable insufferable unwelcome disagreeable undesirable jaundiced resentful covetous sharp-tongued obloquious violent berating rough foul intolerable insupportable inappropriate irritating annoying out of line beyond the pale out of order corrupting wretched unbecoming lordly aloof for the birds hoity-toity exasperating indifferent embarrassing galling hifalutin prideful lofty highfalutin uppish shocking outrageous crude coarse horrible abominable envying odious invidious impossible hateful tricky rejecting antipathetic contemning averse high-and-mighty scouting despising repudiating toplofty improper indecent turning up your nose at looking down your nose at obscene filthy dirty smutty lewd venomous gross profane ribald bitter vicious vile raunchy salacious malign unfriendly unkind bawdy cruel X-rated sharp bad indelicate cutting blue suggestive malignant hostile sordid vindictive unprintable virulent uncouth acerbic inconsiderate foul-mouthed off colour aggressive impure surly low Rabelaisian scatological scatologic rancorous pornographic churlish lascivious trashy stag gutter wanton porny locker-room earthy racy bad-tempered ill-tempered colourful acrimonious aspersive mordant saucy brusque curt severe ungracious bad-mannered cantankerous antagonistic poisonous acerb crass angry tasteless naughty colorful base ill-humored indecorous defaming mean-spirited ill-natured ill-humoured evil-minded offending depraved brash lying backbiting denunciatory gruff blunt acid trenchant barbed Fescennine stinging incisive ill-mannered belligerent tart combative inhospitable bellicose confrontational pugnacious shameless savage wrathful blistering astringent uncongenial licentious searing acidulous unsociable sour scrappy debased acrid corrosive snarky smart-mouthed acidic smart-aleck scalding pungent satiric joyless militant furious unwholesome ornery mordacious sleazy fractious risqué porn porno splenetic devastating boorish spicy fruity steamy viperous abrasive gamy adult tactless cheap off-color sickening near the knuckle close to the bone inelegant ironical forward pert pushy brazen malapert ranting abrupt short false misrepresentative untrue disappointed maledictory muckraking scandalmongering Cyprian graceless slurring maledictive profanatory choice aspersory atrocious sharp-worded peppery double-edged thoughtless admonitory condemnatory offhand strong sacrilegious wicked envenomed maleficent malefic infamous scabrous groundless accusatory explicit stabbing fierce rotten tough tacky grody ignorant awkward unsophisticated rank vituperous irritable accusing faultfinding evil-intentioned unsavoury uncultured lowbrow grating stern foulmouthed grouchy sulky uncivilised immodest unclean tawdry uncivilized unsavory unfeeling brutal snappish grumpy snappy sullen cross tetchy irascible callous insensitive unchaste unrefined unsettling loutish colloquial unpolished unutterable concupiscent cranky testy narky querulous stroppy ratty shirty peevish petulant affrontive full of reproof pitiless comfortless raw hard-core slippery villainous outlandish sneaking soft-core peckish liverish crotchety chippy soreheaded huffy miffy grumbling curmudgeonly waxy spiky argumentative libeling excoriating libelling disgracing injuring hurting abasing reproaching rubbing the wrong way hard to take short-tempered hot-tempered quick-tempered on a short fuse short-fused dreadful awful revolting terrible execrable ignoble currish paltry repellent appalling horrendous ruthless loathsome ghastly low-down low-minded hellish rancid repellant grotty hideous nauseating God-awful evil bogging noisome frightful fulsome noxious hellacious lousy beastly ugly nauseous rebarbative yucky yucko disgustful loathly horrid


Characterized by the use of wit, especially to offend
wounding hurtful cutting scathing stinging barbed distressing insulting offensive bitter cruel destructive grievous harmful malicious savage spiteful unkind vitriolic caustic pernicious acerbic acid damaging injurious maleficent mordacious pointed sharp trenchant nasty vicious catty biting venomous harsh sarcastic mean poisonous acrimonious hateful virulent mordant severe snarky sardonic acidulous hostile rancorous acerb corrosive malignant tart vindictive acrid unfriendly malevolent acidic astringent scalding critical satirical malign pungent searing satiric snide ill-natured smart-aleck smart-mouthed smart-alecky rude bad unpleasant incisive malefic piercing sarky waspish abrasive devastating evil-intentioned inconsiderate abusive razor-edged baleful brutal withering painful hard evil despiteful penetrating stern keen brusque churlish ornery upsetting vengeful awful splenetic disagreeable uncharitable antagonistic defamatory shrewish insensitive wicked unsympathetic callous angry dirty cussed aggressive squint-eyed mean-spirited bad-tempered ill-tempered agonizing harrowing evil-minded mischievous excruciating rough bilious galling unfeeling blistering belittling resentful heartless agonising inhospitable pitiless surly derisive ill-disposed ruthless obnoxious vile cantankerous curt scornful thoughtless annoying beastly wretched burning dry low viperous ill-humored accidentally on purpose ill-humoured prejudicial backbiting slanderous derogatory derisory austere tactless inappropriate strict exacting tough menacing grudging hate-filled vitriolous snappish snippy testy acetose short snappy disapproving rigid grim rigorous mocking bad-natured sharp-worded peppery double-edged ungracious shocking disparaging unsparing fierce grating envenomed belligerent noxious irascible stringent disturbing crabbed deleterious gross detrimental rotten confrontational combative pugnacious wrathful bellicose irritating slashing cynical contemptuous ferocious scorching spleenful horrid vituperative viperish toxicant uncool envious petty acetic tonic rapier-like unsociable joyless militant uncongenial dripping with malice taunting comfortless alarming scarring scrappy furious sour filthy snarling coruscating dripping venom full of spleen full of gall spiky argumentative gruff disquieting foul rubbing the wrong way hard to take jeering sulphurous sulfurous chilling terrifying afflicting grave mind-blowing horrifying despicable serious dreadful extremely critical execrable currish dishonorable contemptible base detestable ignominious sordid paltry ignoble traumatic dishonourable uncaring low-minded low-down heartrending heavy tormenting torturous terrible inhuman peracute calamitous acute hard-hearted compassionless shabby merciless cold-hearted significant mortal uncivil unkindly unamiable ungenerous unchristian hardhearted inhumane coldhearted sadistic ill cold-blooded barbarous not nice crisp cold sneering scoffing ironical disrespectful disdainful arrogant ironic salty contumelious polemic violent carping ridiculing scurrilous poignant wry truculent backhanded chaffing denigratory jibing uncomplimentary dismissive contentious telling saucy needling detracting twitting captious disillusioned weisenheiming strong polemical degrading pejorative teasing pillorying blunt forceful lampooning insolent pithy wise discourteous witty ridiculous smart defiant irreverent snidey emphatic cross choleric disputatious crushing terse laconic drilling clear-cut vehement controversial unblunted corroding sound impertinent unrelenting piquant edged wanton overwhelming overpowering demeaning derogative depreciative detractive decrying depreciatory deprecatory denigrative vigorous provocative salt exciting stimulating racy stabbing ireful driving forthright clear obloquious powerful effective explicit distinct humiliating censorious edgy potent unequivocal highly effective tongue-in-cheek berating reproachful reviling unmannerly supercilious superior mortifying blasting cranky indignant irate crabby peevish vituperatory calumniating vulgar impolite snubbing blighting abrupt razor-sharp full of contempt contradictory alert burlesque atypical spicy clever implausible exaggerated twisted curious quick-witted bad-mannered ill-mannered absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic silly cockamamy laughable risible comical farcical preposterous offhand accurate venomed out-of-line flip cocky fresh cheeky crusty gally sassy nervy pertinent meaty meaningful right-on insinuating short-and-sweet legit pregnant insightful pessimistic quarrelsome sceptical sullen obstreperous laid on the line right to it in a nutshell on the nose boiled down calling a spade a spade on the button feisty for the birds unbelieving distrustful uncooperative brawly assaultive warlike chippy gladiatorial stroppy agonistic discordant itching arsey aggers bolshie suspicious doubtful disbelieving spoiling for a fight ready for a fight deadly vituperous intimidating cowing terrorising frightening browbeating terrorizing bullying fractious misanthropic doubting negative incredulous disenchanted hardened jaundiced world-weary hard-bitten hard-boiled black misanthropical bleak mistrustful skeptical nonbelieving


Complaining excessively
carping critical complaining grouchy grousing grumbling hypercritical moaning overcritical captious cavilling censorious criticising criticizing fault-finding grouching nagging niggling quibbling whining bleating deprecatory disparaging picky scathing bellyaching condemnatory griping nitpicking nit-picking pedantic reproachful caviling faultfinding hair-splitting judgmental kvetching pass-remarkable rejective whingeing chuntering hard to please mithering nit-picky difficult to please disapproving discontented dissatisfied impossible to please finicky pernickety fussy pettifogging hairsplitting overnice punctilious overscrupulous over-exacting censuring demanding cavillous condemning fastidious perfectionist negative over-particular cynical nice judgemental meticulous exacting unfavourable severe persnickety finical particular over-censorious sarcastic belittling cutting sophistical unfavorable derogatory over-rigorous over-strict harsh demeaning castigatory denunciatory unsympathetic reproving precise precisionist exact scrupulous fine contemptuous stern nitpicky exceptive querulous biting satirical scolding literalist dogmatic literalistic calumniatory formalist judgy purist overprecise scholastic casuistical tricky casuistic sophistic overexacting difficult sharp-tongued on someone's back subtle overrefined overexact shrewish ambiguous equivocal evasive pharisaic self-righteous brusque cruel hurtful unforgiving jesuitical culpatory reprehending vituperative accusatory denouncing reproaching chiding severely critical overparticular pejorative berating damning humbling diagnostic discerning discriminating analytical lowering critic trenchant sharp penetrating choleric withering nasty cursing mean deprecating dainty choosy over-fastidious faddish painstaking careful full of reproof old-maidish faddy fussbudgety delicate finicking choosey irritable crabby trivial testy perverse thorny unfair contrary unjust touchy cantankerous peevish petty acrimonious petulant cross reprobatory detailed fiddly reprobative ultra-critical very critical trying uncompromising importunate strict intractable clamorous tiresome tough obstinate rigorous dictatorial overbearing unaccommodating inflexible insistent unmanageable hard imperious troublesome stringent unbending exigent unamenable fractious hardheaded firm sticklerish stiff obdurate needy possessive unsparing stubborn unflinching unreasonable hard-line serious hard to satisfy high-maintenance tyrannical uncomplimentary denigratory abusive depreciative scornful insulting derogative depreciatory detractive disdainful accusing offensive derisory degrading denigrative defamatory hostile contumelious damaging scurrilous decrying slanderous libellous opprobrious libelous unflattering derisive injurious discouraging antagonistic vilifying unfriendly adverse rude deprecative poor maligning bad invective vitriolic spiteful upbraiding inimical calumnious catty low detracting admonitory sneering scurril vituperatory truculent scurrile traducing incriminatory malicious accusatorial damnatory denigrating disrespectful accusive adversarial sardonic slating knocking adversary personal disavowing opposing minimizing vicious dismissive detractory discrediting minimising antipathetic jaundiced inhospitable prejudicial dishonouring scandalous mud-slinging naysaying counter defaming dishonoring despiteful malevolent humiliating ill-disposed malign insolent debasing reviling blameful disappointed proscriptive admonishing familiar intrusive impertinent cheeky frowning accusative scoffing boot-faced disapprobatory reprehensive unpleasant displeased maledictory scandalmongering muckraking backbiting contemptible arrogant mocking condescending imputative recriminatory diminishing deflating maledictive slurring virulent discreditable venomous hateful irreverent disadvantageous sniping dyslogistic downgrading ironical obloquious castigating calumniating ranting aspersive blunt aspersing untoward libeling injuring excoriating despicable hurting offending abasing libelling vile shaming malignant disgracing vulgar unhelpful honest candid attacking undermining disobliging invalidating obstructive stark straightforward realistic outspoken vexatious unappealing corrosive caustic abrasive destructive straight from the shoulder uncharitable warts and all snide epithetical


Involving or creating unfavourable circumstances that reduce the chances of success or effectiveness
disadvantageous adverse prejudicial damaging harmful deleterious detrimental hurtful unfavourable ill-timed inexpedient injurious inopportune inauspicious inconvenient unfortunate unpropitious bad counter destructive hostile inimical negative unfavorable unfriendly unlucky unsympathetic untoward contrary debit-side depreciative depreciatory derogatory detracting disparaging downside dyslogistic objectionable pejorative troublesome uncomplimentary unhelpful unprofitable untimely on the debit side dangerous ruinous calamitous pernicious baneful baleful ill disastrous noxious undesirable nocuous deadly ominous unsuitable unseasonable dire evil inappropriate infelicitous threatening maleficent unpromising nocent unhealthy fatal malefic prejudicious wicked lethal crippling malignant unwholesome cancerous improper cataclysmic catastrophic awkward devastating mischievous counterproductive menacing sinister ill-fated toxic gloomy poisonous discommodious malapropos regrettable unseemly corrupting wounding venomous opposed bothersome undermining bleak inapt unhappy ill-omened disturbing unfit difficult virulent pestiferous malign malicious distressing annihilative eradicative hazardous unsuited doomed foreboding ill-advised jinxed inadvisable perilous cursed environmentally unfriendly wrong wretched subversive corroding corrosive discouraging extirpative suicidal hard incendiary harsh black ill-starred inhospitable disheartening terrible antagonistic tough mistimed hopeless parlous critical cataclysmal disagreeable painful poor discommoding dreadful dicey incommodious direful damning fierce ill-chosen fateful ill-suited pestilential unsafe mortal noisome abusive unbecoming inconducive unconducive unwelcome portentous ill-judged lamentable unadvantageous forbidding annoying tiresome unpleasant grim premature deplorable unhandy problematic disruptive frightful miserable vexatious unmanageable unwieldy luckless risky early cumbersome very bad unwelcoming hapless malevolent violent unbefitting bodeful annihilatory ravaging devastative brutal savage badly timed lethiferous internecine wreckful wrackful slaughterous sinistrous afflicted ill-boding insidious ruining destroying death-dealing corruptive uncongenial alien remote embarrassing unkind minatory doomy unsatisfactory tardy late low unchancy impending pestilent inept hasty foul vile mortifying antipathetic bringing bad luck annihilating desolating challenging precocious undue unfitting misplaced incongruous ill-fitted misjudged intrusive miasmatic offensive miasmic nefarious spiteful iniquitous reprobate cantankerous precarious uninviting prohibitive imperilling imperiling afflictive nullifying invalidating annulling counteractive neutralizing killing ill-disposed obstructive erosive cutthroat consumptive trying testing murderous inimicable inimic not conducive disaffected repugnant at odds oppugnant creepy doubtful fell blighted worrying nasty forsaken destitute unprosperous insalubrious harassing sinful troubled impeding hindering snakebitten misfortunate snakebit dubious off-putting unhopeful rough anti out of luck in a bad way horrible horrendous severe austere horrifying hard luck star-crossed neutralising dour dismal uncomfortable fearsome daunting ghastly intimidating rugged frightening stark terrifying disquieting jarring ferocious tragic grievous dark depressing unwise tragical woeful heartrending heartbreaking distressful injudicious imprudent awful catastrophal impolitic unadvisable hair-raising shattering incommoding indiscreet ill-considered vexing aggravating irritating silly incautious thoughtless irresponsible foolish undiplomatic wrong-headed impractical foolhardy misguided careless worrisome short-sighted tactless futile sad appalling pitiful upsetting harrowing pathetic mournful sorry shocking sorrowful disappointing pitiable lousy melancholy atrocious heart-rending shameful cheerless doleful saddening agonizing rotten agonising unacceptable desolate piteous bitter grave traumatic sombre somber execrable disgraceful intolerable joyless dispiriting poignant egregious gut-wrenching comfortless abysmal blameworthy reprehensible morose displeasing diabolical crushing horrific mean dreary crummy moving gruesome monstrous alarming forlorn abominable affecting abhorrent glum abject tear-jerking ignominious horrid inferior distasteful unpalatable plaintive too bad heinous unbearable desperate hideous depressive sickening godawful excruciating rueful irksome drear anguished melancholic disconsolate funereal solemn nightmarish galling unwanted cruel scandalous distressed dishonourable inadequate drab dishonorable dolorous scurvy opprobrious despondent paltry contemptible outrageous shoddy dismaying tormenting stressful disconcerting troubling detestable chronic dejected grisly oppressive afflicting unspeakable discomposing loathsome depressed lugubrious costly odious despairing sullen shabby unpopular heart-wrenching unnerving unpleasing repellent base obnoxious macabre touching undesired dirty lurid scary tearful substandard unappealing unwished-for cheap despicable cruddy inexcusable lame elegiac unsettling disreputable pessimistic stinking mediocre God-awful indefensible fearful unsought ignoble downbeat concerning unjustifiable dejecting unsavory icky disgusting godforsaken stirring rubbish revolting discreditable gross discomforting yukky sour yucky meagre ridiculous meager exceptionable unlovely perturbing blue cold lachrymose god-awful nerve-racking heart-breaking defeatist minacious torturous serious sucky exacting laughable derisible demoralized dread insufferable taxing unsavoury sepulchral frustrating exigent pressing punk morbid extreme worthless repellant ugly redoubtable messy gray grey tortured spine-chilling formidable beastly terrific demoralised suffering second-rate apocalyptic unenviable regretful a pity squalid sordid unsuccessful glaring abortive disillusioning loss-making crying crucial indigent scungy impoverished blighting earth-shattering urgent teary flagrant grieving cynical disenchanting drastic maddening sacrificial irritable bewildering agonized flagitious deathly irretrievable humourless humorless repulsive sober agitating racked agonised feeble withering beggarly ruthful unforgivable sorrowing incriminating infuriating exasperating weighty villainous nauseating sedate hairy troublous unendurable fraught dissatisfying gloom-ridden eerie senseless inglorious preposterous heavy oppressing scowling uncool grotty grody hellacious nauseous mephitical hellish perplexing revulsive unamusing fatalistic evil-looking spooky eldritch unpardonable unconscionable damnatory condemnatory pesky sobbing wistful nostalgic demoralizing demoralising compassionate commiserative arousing to be pitied small immoderate impoverishing extravagant depleting draining exhausting wasteful hateful absurd ludicrous derisory insupportable immoral minatorial anticlimactic infamous unworthy third-rate foolish-looking mirthless dispirited dolesome nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking dreaded dim suggestive of evil doomful dishonest perverse blackhearted lowering culpable vicious criminal unforgiving regretting petrifying excessive degrading shady shy unrespectable louche notorious humiliating implicating condemning hard-pressed shadowy chilling suspicious alarmist distrustful doubting unenthusiastic chilly dingy plangent pensive dreich Eeyorish saturnine elegiacal straitened full of hardship strained treacherous jeopardous rocky rejected remiss unprincipled grubby scummy sneaking ratty scabby implicatory strong accusatorial conclusive implicative dooming excluded uninvited useless junky rubbishy beyond contempt downhearted ill-favoured inadmissible trashy duff schlocky gimcrack unsound poxy cheesy common schlock dissatisfactory coarse trumpery woebegone helpless oppressed downer overwhelming bummer faulty sleazy pants cheapjack bum unwished for hurting upset pained bearish heartbroken disheartened downcast resigned weary brokenhearted impaired amiss defective incompetent not wanted lamenting unmitigable in pain in despair broken-hearted up the creek long-suffering grief-stricken without hope sunk inconsolable a load of pants low-grade haunting ill-favored nagging confronting cut-rate low-rent el cheapo bargain-basement


Disregard for something that should be considered
contempt disrespect contumacy disregard neglect heedlessness indifference oversight ignoring overlooking inattention slight disdain scorn inadvertence negligence nonchalance insouciance unmindfulness casualness carelessness unconcern complacence disinterestedness torpor apathy disinterest oblivion incuriousness incuriosity forgetting omitting disfavor neglecting disfavour omission lassitude disesteem lack of heed lack of notice lack of attention non-observance brush-off cold shoulder disdaining disregardance rebuff default inconsideration spurning scorning thoughtlessness desertion indifference to lack of care failure to pay attention to coolness inattention to impassivity dispassion detachment phlegm aloofness listlessness dullness insensibility emotionlessness coldness lethargy passivity stoicism unresponsiveness passiveness stolidity stolidness insensitivity halfheartedness uninterest insensibleness inertia inactivity dispassionateness inaction idleness sluggishness indolence impassiveness sloth inertness languor drowsiness lack of interest lack of concern hebetude torpidity laziness languidness slowness stupor calmness equanimity torpidness coma inanition supineness leadenness composure calm lack of enthusiasm sleepiness numbness affectlessness cool ennui sleep slumber non-intervention unfeelingness snub rejection uncaring attitude airiness uninterestedness sangfroid ease self-possession imperturbability neutrality stagnation boredom acedia impassibility absence of feeling lack of involvement neglectfulness lack of commitment half-heartedness laissez-faire self-control remoteness carefreeness spurn passiven level-headedness self-assurance relaxedness shiftlessness feebleness reserve unflappability lack of curiosity tiredness fatigue weariness somnolence enervation lifelessness light-heartedness unconsciousness accidie narcosis exhaustion serenity placidity self-confidence tranquillity tranquility placidness forgetfulness frivolousness happiness jauntiness breeziness mopery dispiritedness droopiness frostiness nirvana easy-going attitude cold-shouldering put down brushoff sang-froid Lethe callousness dormancy amnesia quiescence slothfulness nonaction lack of emotion abeyance equity obliviousness to uninvolvement with nonchalance about heedlessness of unconcern about passionlessness distance uninvolvement in objectivity apathy towards disregard for apathy about immobility obliviousness boredom with poco-curantism carelessness of dismissiveness of unresponsiveness to mindlessness of impartiality weariness of lack of concern about slap in the face iciness dismissal suspension stasis deliquescence doldrums fecklessness quietude otiosity deferral depression alienation lack noninterference immunity isolationism lack of interest in cold-bloodedness lack of enthusiasm about lack of feeling lack of sympathy


Present participle for to disregard as unimportant or insignificant

Antonym of slighting

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