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Synonym: slug,


Lazy person
idler loafer layabout lazybones slugabed drone slug slouch deadbeat laggard dawdler snail fainéant faineant do-nothing lotus-eater couch potato good-for-nothing lounger slacker shirker skiver wastrel waster bludger piker ne'er-do-well malingerer bum slob goof-off sponger slowcoach no-good parasite loser sloth vagrant plodder lazy person cadger scrounger leech loiterer beachcomber freeloader cyberslacker no-goodnik derelict no-account wanderer slowpoke lead-swinger scrimshanker lingerer gold brick straggler time-waster passenger dodger lagger scoundrel rascal rogue dallier timewaster dragger clock-watcher moocher goldbricker lollygagger crawler profligate saddo scalawag vagabond black sheep villain sponge welcher debtor dropout work-dodger goldbrick daydreamer dreamer hedonist useless article hanger-on slubberdegullion scapegrace rapscallion avoider quitter squanderer prodigal fritterer spender spendthrift tramp scamp procrastinator quandong bloodsucker lotus eater clock watcher slogger delayer bad lot toiler high roller dilly-dallyer saunterer foot-dragger scally slow starter shiftless incompetent worthless observer viewer bystander televiewer lotuseater spectator spud Wearie Willie lazy bum video-gazer TV-viewer lazy-bones TV viewer sofa spud inactive person television viewer mooch free rider user truant barnacle scrub ligger shilly-shallier evader sloucher irresponsible person shirk absentee failure duck-shover wag beggar junketeer habitual absentee schnorrer ne' er-do-well bad boy dependent sycophant stooge taker bootlicker groupie sucker flunky


Lacking energy or alertness
fainéant lazy idle inactive indolent slothful sluggish otiose shiftless lethargic listless inert dull torpid lifeless slow unresponsive apathetic unenergetic languid sleepy phlegmatic weary passive dopey fatigued drowsy tired heavy-eyed enervated somnolent neurasthenic dozy yawny heavy asthenic quiescent sluggardly slow-moving lacking in energy bovine half asleep logy lymphatic hebetudinous slumberous down leaden mooney laid-back draggy sleepyheaded blah drippy stiff languorous sullen lumpish off comatose lackadaisical snoozy indifferent spiritless limp slack quiet impassive stagnant stupid supine weak static flat uninterested languishing stolid sleepyhead yawning moony unconcerned out of it slumbersome unenthusiastic dormant lax dumb thick unintelligent dense witless motionless mindless dim thickheaded doltish nodding obtuse vacuous boneheaded lamebrained dim-witted dunderheaded chuckleheaded exhausted birdbrained energyless slumbrous still simple unhurried half-witted brainless senseless unsmart cold dopy nebbish asleep dreamy oafish fatuous slow-witted narcotic pinheaded lamebrain bonehead opaque weakened sleeping empty-headed gormless dorky softheaded knuckleheaded airheaded lunkheaded leisurely brain-dead soft bubbleheaded wimpy loafing stupefied numb weak-minded thick-witted feeble flagging dead debilitated lacklustre foolish do-nothing sedentary passionless half-hearted disinterested spent idiotic wooden-headed lackluster blockheaded dotish relaxed insensible vapid laggard soporific easy blahs pining negligent placid out wooden dead from the neck up work-shy half-baked dilatory ignorant faineant dull-witted stuporous blockish pococurante Laodicean lukewarm without energy groggy glaikit divvy unemotional emotionless oscitant droopy unfeeling dry muttonheaded bone idle imbecilic pig-ignorant simple-minded pea-brained moronic insensitive immobile dof latent slow on the uptake somnific benumbed stationary resting faint sickly infirm imperceptive unmoving peaceful hypnotic sedative remiss drained opiate workshy insipid careless uncaring drugged good-for-nothing plodding tedious wearied knackered inattentive tranquil stoical depressed dreary boring sapped easygoing pooped shot shattered beat daft laid back monotonous effete uninspiring vigorless vigourless uninspired hebete lumbering bland tired out worn out silly undemonstrative slow-going somniferous slumbery chowderheaded prosaic crass bloodless somnifacient uninvolved dead tired naive dog-tired characterless cretinous impassible dead beat dispassionate detached uninteresting affectless lacking vitality inane cold-blooded not the full shilling dippy gullible out to lunch lacking energy burned out as thick as two short planks asleep on one's feet subdued dallying lagging procrastinating slow as molasses snail-paced foot-dragging tardy devitalized impaired in the doldrums vegetating stretchy spineless yielding goofy acquiescent submissive servile pliant docile having spring fever bleary-eyed nonmoving imbecile asinine heedless paralyzed sodden paralysed soporous soporose seated desk-bound sitting desk unanimated braindead slumberish plain commonplace unoccupied stale brackish hibernating unproductive slow-paced simpleminded numskulled boorish fatheaded thick-skulled dunce-like fat-headed soft in the head half awake half-awake nodding off unflappable inconscious abstracted anencephalic anencephalous thoughtless tiresome unimaginative wishy-washy unthinking dummy offhand insouciant uncompassionate frigid desensitized deadpan unexcitable shortsighted insensate thick-headed puerile laughable deficient standing aimless vegged out out cold unmoved along for the ride desensitised silent serene smooth unkind coldhearted anaesthetic anesthetic slap-happy casual drony kaput cool uncomprehending dead to the world deactivated slumbering fallow undisturbed calm in abeyance inoperative sentimental romantic slapdash daydreaming incurious laissez-faire halfhearted stoic bear dozing dazed deskbound settled run-of-the-mill easy going restful non-committal bored unagitated gentle unruffled weakening slumping declining unambitious unmotivated thick-skinned spring fever ready for bed half-asleep done in all in at rest log-headed hardly able to keep one's eyes open callous untouched dispirited worn woodenheaded falling failing aweary wasted drab unexciting tuckered could care less don't give a damn what the hell couldn't care less thick as mince rundown ponderous colourless hollow wearisome slow on uptake depleted dead-beat dog-weary ready to drop burned-out worn to a frazzle out on one's feet on your last legs dead-tired bone-weary tuckered out burnt-out out of gas worn-out run-down hulking mechanical expressionless inexpressive pointless cumbersome two-dimensional overgrown lubberly inanimate pabulum nothing colorless lusterless zero prosy elephantine shambling chowderhead lead-footed heavy-footed thick as two short planks

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