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smellier, smelliest

Synonym: fetid, foetid, foul, foul-smelling, funky, ill-scented, noisome, stinking,


Having a bad or unpleasant odor
stinking foetid fetid malodorous reeking noisome putrid rank reeky stinky noxious acrid mephitic niffy pongy pungent olid stenchy foul frowsty frowsy frowzy funky fusty miasmal miasmic musty niffing rancid strong whiffy festy gamy high humming off ripe foul-smelling strong-smelling evil-smelling stinking to high heaven stale rotten offensive moldy mouldy sour nauseating nasty ill-smelling decayed stuffy revolting dirty disgusting bad tainted spoiled repulsive mildewed vile spoilt rotting dank obnoxious sickening loathsome unpleasant poisonous nauseous unsavoury lousy pestilential yucko airless unsavory mildewy turned old decaying repellent disagreeable repugnant abhorrent abominable distasteful horrible odoriferous squalid odious detestable horrid objectionable dreadful gross odiferous awful horrendous hideous appalling uninviting yucky unpalatable off-putting baneful stenchful ghastly ugly filthy skanky feculent repellant God-awful fulsome shocking obscene skunky beastly disgustful scandalous decomposed polluted loathly unhealthy putrescent sick-making decomposing on the nose gamey stagnant odorous sprouting shabby fungal dingy festering seedy neglected growing crumbling graveolent miasmatic evil- baleful damp unventilated displeasing mucid strong-tasting going off going bad strong-flavored strong-flavoured execrable hateful harmful infested hurtful injurious deleterious mischievous pernicious evil bogging pestiferous unwholesome flat immoral deadly insalutary dangerous rotted acid bitter spoiling harsh acidic contaminated putrefied tasteless insipid nidorous curdled soured carious impure putrefactive zestless faded dried watery weak parched atrocious terrible frightful grotty icky vomitous grimy grubby gruesome diabolical unappetizing yecchy pigpen gut-churning stomach-churning stomach-turning vomit-inducing


Dirty or unclean, especially disgustingly so
filthy dirty unclean soiled grimy foul mucky grubby smudged stained sullied begrimed cruddy muddy dusty grungy smutty polluted draggled befouled grotty besmirched contaminated dingy nasty sordid bemired blackened sooty bedraggled uncleanly black unhygienic squalid festy unsanitary messy putrid slimy scuzzy smeared unwashed foetid fetid scummy skanky defiled feculent yucky shabby rotten sleazy bogging putrefied decaying smoky unkempt miry smeary sloppy slovenly murky crummy disheveled dishevelled faecal fecal loathsome repulsive horry revolting slipshod soily verminous yecchy dirt-encrusted mud-encrusted stinking rancid rank disgusting bad noisome icky malodorous noxious gross whiffy olid mephitic nauseating offensive beastly horrible vile sickening funky odious repellent repugnant awful abominable dreadful obnoxious decomposed nauseous horrid frightful objectionable horrendous hideous terrible appalling ghastly spoiled rotting acrid gruesome diabolical lousy pongy stinky foul-smelling evil-smelling niffy decomposing sour miasmal loathly disgustful putrescent off unpleasant mouldy spoilt sick-making God-awful disagreeable moldy on the nose decayed distasteful addled mouldering worm-eaten wormy maggoty flyblown unappetizing unpalatable moldering unsavoury atrocious uninviting ugly unsportsmanlike repellant fulsome wretched yukky sneaking shocking despicable bitter contemptible sorry unfair pitiful scandalous deplorable displeasing obscene ratty uncongenial unlovely unwelcome unpleasing unsavory harsh abhorrent scabby cheap scurvy illegal evil wicked paltry mean lame pitiable yucko hellish poison bum ungodly unholy festering perished off-putting tainted corrupted corrupt putrefacient carious moldered rotted gangrenous mouldered very unpleasant reeking stale mildewy hellacious from hell nidorous putrefactive putrefying unfit for human consumption overripe insalubrious seedy manky muddied gungy strong high disintegrating crumbling wasted corroded unsound stagnant wasting away spoiling carrion graveolent curdled inedible stenchy strong-smelling stenchful fermented soured dank unfresh pungent turned degenerated impure grody musty reeky withered ruined riddled putrified diseased corroding caried dirtied poisonous purulent pustular bad-smelling smelling infected


Overly formal, pompous or conventional
stuffy staid conventional old-fashioned formal pompous prim priggish strait-laced impersonal reserved sedate sober stiff conformist conservative deadly fogeyish musty stilted fuddy-duddy fusty humourless square starchy straight niminy-piminy old-fogeyish stick-in-the-mud uptight arrogant bloated foetid fetid genteel hot humorless important magisterial narrow narrow-minded prissy prudish puffy puritanical self-important smoky smug straitlaced strict supercilious Victorian warm of the old school as dry as dust prim and proper proper goody-goody old-maidish Grundyish schoolmarmish schoolmistressy moralistic governessy rigid bluenosed straightlaced mimsy traditional nice-nelly decorous severe austere demure tight-laced censorious bigoted Pecksniffian overnice correct bourgeois puritan respectable ceremonious self-righteous sententious orthodox holier-than-thou pietistic hypocritical sanctimonious stern old-maid dignified Pharisaic precise fastidious self-satisfied overmodest artificial precious conforming buttoned-down traditionalist po-faced nice unadventurous square-toed ceremonial goody-two-shoes Pooterish button-down shockable overscrupulous ascetic forbidding disapproving fanatical pedantic spartan hair-shirt complacent vain mainstream moral abstemious abstinent squeamish distinguished overexact simpering mincing scrupulous offish affected rigorous finicky pretentious illiberal socially acceptable fussy particular august stately imposing suburban parochial stodgy dogmatic doctrinal Biedermeier punctilious blue-nose spic-and-span polite snobbish spruce meticulous wooden cleanly good dapper upright stickling nit-picking choosy forced small-town comme il faut straight-laced bien pensant portly unnatural mannered laboured strained solemn frigid unrelaxed icy pi labored unctuous pious epicene moralizing Tartuffian churchy diehard boring stiff-necked pharisaical mealy-mouthed canting insincere superior dated namby-pamby deceiving preachy religiose Pharisaical false moralising out of date out of the ark out-of-date behind the times too good to be true to keep up appearances

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