Synonym of sniveling

Alternative for sniveling



whining in a tearful manner



whining in a tearful mannerthe act of breathing heavily through the nose (as when the nose is congested)


talk in a tearful mannersnuff up mucus through the nosecry or whine with snuffling


Present participle for to complain in a whining or tearful way
complaining groaning grumbling moaning muttering whining bleating carping griping grouching grousing growling gurning objecting beefing bellyaching chuntering creating whingeing chirping cribbing kvetching mithering nattering going on making a fuss sounding off whimpering crying wailing grizzling yowling repining nagging yammering sobbing screaming murmuring squealing inveighing maundering keening yawping croaking caterwauling squawking hollering yauping fussing grumping weeping blubbering puling crabbing kicking mewling grieving lamenting bemoaning bewailing howling mourning sniffling squalling deploring screeching blubbing protesting finding fault kicking up a fuss bawling ululating greeting yelping wauling yelling shrieking roaring sorrowing cavilling caviling remonstrating fretting putting the boot in objecting to carrying on picking holes in finding fault with speaking out against plaining over whispering baying crying softly scolding jowling pleading kicking up a rumpus crying loudly crying the blues kicking up a storm raising a ruckus languishing reproaching denouncing nitpicking charging dissenting criticizing opposing demurring contravening disagreeing ascribing indicting defying accusing laying knocking differing deprecating twining imputing gainsaying disapproving expostulating refuting attacking criticising taking exception to looking askance kicking up a stink going on about inveighing against railing at making a complaint nit-picking lodging a complaint running down snivelling rumbling quibbling condemning mumbling niggling taking exception snarling decrying censuring raising objections expressing disapproval lumbering yapping grunting sorrowing for sighing over grieving over complaining about sighing bothering pestering rolling disturbing disparaging wittering splitting hairs hypercriticizing going on at mouthing raging excepting upbraiding making a stand taking a stand trashing arguing berating quibbling about droning picking on putting up a fight sulking slurring gabbling swallowing taking on kvetching about ruing rueing raising Cain regretting picking at moaning about repenting beefing about wailing for expressing regret about keening over weeping over expressing sorrow kicking up a fuss about kicking up a stink about wailing over grieving for singing the blues crying over bellowing anathematizing execrating cursing niggling about pettifogging blowing off dwelling on repeating keeping on ragging sorrowing about sputtering muddling burbling booming miaowing objurgating panning pecking barking bickering quarreling quarrelling rubbishing slandering maligning sniping picking holes crying out badmouthing talking under your breath making screeching harping upon dwelling upon bad-mouthing pulling to pieces taking apart slagging off speaking ill of snorting squeaking cutting up declaiming crying over spilled milk weeping for expressing sorrow about shedding tears over crying over spilt milk beating one's breast moaning over moaning and groaning casting aspersions on impugning lashing admonishing castigating railing reviling ranting lambasting vituperating harassing badgering harrying harping on fulminating recriminating roasting vilifying blasting doing a hatchet job on storming abusing denigrating blaming scorching hounding showing teeth chivvying hassling henpecking rampaging making a song and dance making a scene worrying persecuting bullying laying into laying out tongue-lashing grouching about ripping into pecking at dogging vexing needling plaguing keeping on at riding sounding off about working over having at cracking down on letting have it going after carping at keeping after jumping down one's throat complaining vehemently about bellyaching about urging eating grumbling at teasing harping on at prodding provoking hectoring baiting heckling moaning at importuning nudging goading distressing egging protesting against expressing objections moaning on at keeping complaining to minding expressing objections to expressing disagreement lodging a protest breathing down someone's neck bending someone's ear working on taking it out on giving a hard time arguing against taking issue expressing disagreement with lodging a protest against expressing disapproval of raising objections to remonstrating against spurning having a problem quarreling with disapproving of taking issue with grousing about having a problem with grumbling about cavilling at drawing the line taking a stand against disavowing discommending drawing the line at crossing making a fuss about challenging baulking discountenancing balking disesteeming ranting about disputing griping about expressing sorrow for wailing about sorrowing over expressing woe for frowning on begging to differ railing against raising objection mixing it up with making an objection going-one-on-one making a stink tangling with maffling voicing vocalising talking talking to oneself rambling speaking sotto voce stuttering speaking indistinctly garbling babbling intoning verbalising speaking stammering uttering vocalizing saying to oneself verbalizing feeling sorry for yourself moping pouting


Present participle for to have a runny nose


Present participle for to act in an obsequious way in order to gain favor or mercy
grovelling groveling fawning toadying crawling truckling bootlicking blandishing cringing flattering creeping cowering wooing courting kowtowing pandering quailing wheedling humouring humoring imploring pampering revering genuflecting brown-nosing buttering up soft-soaping curry favoring with curry favouring with dancing attendance on playing up to ingratiating oneself with sucking up apple-polishing falling all over sucking up to making up to behaving obsequiously catering to humbling oneself bowing to deferring to licking someone's boots abasing oneself rubbing up the right way making much of showing respect for kissing one's feet abasing yourself eating dirt humbling yourself eating crow demeaning yourself respecting snivelling brownnosing bowing and scraping fussing stooping pandering to paying court to kneeling prostrating oneself crouching fawning on cajoling stroking massaging oiling sweet-talking currying favour curry favoring licking boots honeying up paying court laying it on falling on one's knees bending submitting yielding deferring giving in bowing smoodging to knuckling under kissing-up kowtowing to crawling to creeping to truckling to abasing oneself before getting round scratching one's back keeping sweet getting in with conceding folding prostrating giving way bending the knee smoodging making up saying uncle caving in kisses up to going along with toing the mark eulogizing praising toadying to lying down and rolling over cringing before grovelling before smarming around snowing bowing and scrape before inviting laying it on with a trowel scraping jollying singing the praises of falling over oneself for laying it on thick praising to the skies cottoning debasing slavering praising to excess eulogising buddying up abasing caving in to ingratiating yourself cozying up abasing oneself to kissing the feet of keeping someone sweet demeaning oneself to bowing and scrape to prostrating oneself to grovelling to patronizing cherishing seeking out seeking the favour of mixing with cultivating patronising consorting with getting on the good side of shining up to seeking the friendship of seeking someone's company keeping company with dancing attendance upon buttering up to running after associating with making advances to trying to win over


In a submissive or servile posture or position
prostrate submissive servile sycophantic obsequious deferential ingratiating reverential subservient grovelling fawning slavish snivelling subordinate toadyish abject bootlicking groveling sycophantish cringing brownnosing kowtowing toadying truckling brown-nosing ass-kissing arse-licking flattering unctuous oleaginous smarmy oily soapy slimy sucky parasitic spineless mealy-mouthed compliant Uriah Heepish crawling creeping arse-kissing suckholing sycophant scraping humble saponaceous bowing cowering adulatory bowing and scraping greasy menial subject complacent parasitical stipendiary crouching sneaking beggarly compliable obeisant respectful enslaved smooth slick gushing craven fulsome self-abasing silver-tongued suave honey-tongued gushy glib cajoling smooth-tongued apple-polishing mean obedient complimentary praising docile saccharine insincere cloying base honeyed nauseating hagiographical hagiographic low creepy forelock-tugging smooth-talking ignoble sugary sweet-talking effusive sickening laudatory plausible timid excessively deferential buttery wheedling hypocritical lowly encomiastic dutiful unresisting acquiescent yielding self-effacing biddable passive pliant appreciative applauding commending reptilian enthusiastic glowing slippery acclamatory eulogistic insinuating timeserving smug encomiastical soft-soaping cringey smooth-spoken persuasive tractable manageable despicable accommodating soft unassertive duteous meek inferior ductile mild subdued spiritless resigned lamblike resistless longanimous under one's thumb humiliating admiring favourable flannelling blarneying gratifying overly flattering conniving winsome winning endearing disarming worshipping supple bland coaxing serving insinuative charming silken favorable commendatory blandishing worshipful rhapsodic lionizing highly favourable all over someone credible rave silky eloquent fast-talking extravagant lionising worshiping eating crow inordinate excessive overdone convincing eating humble pie malleable immoderate lavish amenable profuse extensive liberal ample generous non-resisting over-appreciative unskilled rapturous sugarcoated boring degrading low-status patient OTT gross forbearing hard to resist routine dull sweet pleasing magniloquent bombastic grandiloquent canting coarse overgenerous sanctimonious downtrodden polite civil regardful courteous humdrum considerate sorry supine urbane dancing at one's mercy at one's beck and call in one's pocket in one's power in one's clutches a slave to over the top sweet-sounding under someone's thumb thoughtful complaisant attentive demeaning vile agreeable domesticated pliable conformable obeying trainable bowing down uncomplaining tame nonresisting nonresistant law-abiding disciplinable comformable governable controllable surrendering obliging teachable amiable giving-in placable complying handleable awed low-grade ignominious reverent deferent phoney blue-collar unworthy creamy pinguid phony ingratiatory mannerly tedious common baseborn basic


In tears
crying tearful lachrymose teary weeping sobbing wailing weepy whimpering bawling snivelling blubbering blubbery blubbing howling lamenting larmoyant mourning sorrowing in tears on the verge of tears unhappy upset rueful miserable disconsolate mournful sorrowful sad distressed woeful moist lamentable pitiable watery wet pitiful emotional greeting close to tears heartbreaking melancholy dismal pathetic drear heartrending sorry depressing dreary saddening dolorous tear-filled poignant gloomy doleful sombre somber forlorn glum cheerless blue melancholic depressed despondent desolate joyless dejected wretched morose woebegone crestfallen bleak lugubrious downcast down funereal sullen cast down grim heartbroken comfortless downhearted down in the mouth in the dumps low grief-stricken black heartsick heavy-hearted low-spirited heartsore morbid dark afflicted saddened dispiriting down in the dumps inconsolable dispirited heavyhearted despairing cloudy brokenhearted dire distressing droopy gray grey saturnine anguished solemn troubled disheartening uninviting depressive misty hangdog cold godforsaken spiritless dejecting upsetting broken-hearted oppressive chill murky tenebrific sepulchral darkening plutonian tenebrous lonesome dreich sunless elegiac lonely elegiacal piteous Cimmerian disheartened heart-rending painful dull grieving harrowing drab disappointed dewy-eyed discouraged maudlin hurt bereaved demoralized drearisome grieved tristful rheumy wistful austere unwelcoming down-hearted demoralised regretful dour dim dingy bare inhospitable stark abject bland in doldrums in grief clinical draggy mopey uncomfortable impersonal wintery institutional down-and-out wintry jarring moving touching grave tear-jerking teary-eyed discouraging hopeless aggrieved afflictive bitter dolent out of sorts fed up heartsickening displeased pained affecting worried distraught perturbed bothered bad disturbed tormented concerned dirgeful mawkish sensitive unfocused blurry blurred shook antsy discombobulated burned uptight bugged sore contused daunting pessimistic with tears in one's eyes down in dumps moody sick at heart pensive down in mouth hapless cut up all torn up shook up crabby languished broken dysphoric bowed down negative languorous triste listless languid sulky ghastly inauspicious horrid disagreeable troublesome gruesome unfortunate overemotional demoralizing disenchanting unfavorable unfavourable sentimental distressful demoralising unpleasant disappointing oversentimental downbeat grumpy dragged mirthless destroyed hurting bleeding in a blue funk down and out in pain bummed out let-down not happy long-faced grievous funeral plangent aching deploring agonized plaintive bewailing bemoaning dolesome over-sentimental self-pitying calamitous ruthful deplorable regrettable dolorific agonised easily moved in floods of tears with tears in your eyes


Feeling or displaying disappointment or a lack of contentment
dissatisfied discontented disgruntled displeased disappointed frustrated unhappy unfulfilled unsatisfied disquieted fed up malcontent aggrieved angered angry exasperated irritated ungratified annoyed disaffected disapproving discontent regretful resentful restive restless vexed begrudging bothered complaining crabby critical ennuied envious faultfinding fed-up fretful fretting griping grudging grumbling grumpy insatiable irked jaundiced jealous kvetching malcontented not satisfied offended picky plaintive put-out querulous snivelling sulky sullen unappeased unassuaged unsated browned off cheesed off brassed off out of joint not best pleased peeved piqued upset put out miffed narked indignant sore aggravated riled hacked off teed off cross irate nettled hurt disturbed peed off ticked off furious in a huff in high dudgeon enraged distressed disillusioned mad incensed embittered huffy tooshie steamed affronted eggy discouraged acrimonious troubled disheartened provoked fuming chagrined depressed perturbed wrathful infuriated inflamed in a temper saddened afflicted disenchanted galled sick testy rancorous cynical bitter ruffled let down miserable choked pained snuffy hoha choleric wounded wroth blasé ireful hot under the collar rebellious acrid ill-disposed sick and tired indifferent disgusted bellyaching bored petulant weary peevish churlish vex unpleased livid tired sour scunnered agitated crestfallen jaded spiteful worried harassed blue harried flustered maddened rankled rabid hot outraged roiled infuriate hopping steaming riley ticked ballistic shirty enflamed foaming apoplectic horn-mad wearied miffy glum tormented up in arms fretted down steamed up hard hot-tempered ill-humoured hateful crabbed grieving ill-humored hard done by thwarted factious stung dissentious troublemaking impatient grieved fault-finding carping nitpicking weighty annoying distressing defeated belly-aching anguished wronged sick to death gloomy surfeited satiated dismal sated injured harmed fed up to the teeth hung up carrying a chip on your shoulder up the wall ill-used woeful disapproving of morose heated splenetic with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the back teeth oppressed victimised persecuted victimized up to here vehement caustic sardonic irreconcilable soured unforgiving seeing red undeceived revengeful with a chip on one's shoulder with chip on shoulder grudge-bearing scornful boiling p.o.'d bugged surly confused going crook hopping mad huffish insulted perplexed grousing cranky irritable out of temper grouchy crabbing kicking uncontent vitriolic in a pet burned up in a fume disabused in a bad mood wrath off the air bent out of shape fit to be tied blue in the face sophisticated worldly mondaine sophisticate disenthralled knowing worldly-wise disentranced bad tempered foaming at the mouth out of countenance alienated set straight estranged disloyal antagonistic hostile seditious mutinous out of love sick of bored by unfriendly dissident insurgent insurrectionary uncompliant insubordinate renegade unsubmissive surfeited by weary of distressed by glutted by surfeited with jaded with jaded by satiated by glutted with apathetic downcast despondent downhearted have had enough disconcerted disconsolate have had a basinful of have had it up to here with have had something up to here dismayed dispirited discomfited melancholy forlorn dejected sad beaten hopeless aghast gutted cheerless worsted vanquished cast down baulked chapfallen objecting dolorous balked cut up low-spirited taken down shot down down in the dumps as sick as a parrot ratty crook snaky bad-tempered ill-tempered wound up ropeable seething in a lather worked up in a frenzy soreheaded tetchy snappy irascible touchy on the warpath beside oneself stroppy out of humour aerated waspish as cross as two sticks unimpressed fractious moody narky dark wild prickly short-tempered chippy chafed antagonized waxy raging incandescent raving frenzied out of sorts spare ranting needled antagonised gnashing one's teeth rattled crotchety snappish cantankerous crusty perverse glowering short mardy pettish slighted moping quick-tempered very angry in a paddy dirty unglued filthy in a bate storming with all guns blazing hot and bothered at daggers drawn blown a gasket beside yourself with rage goaded hassled reproachful wry snitty snubbed crazy concerned tense nervous anxious salty unamused crackers dishonored humiliated insane umbrageous dishonoured edgy curmudgeonly hacked rousted roused curt thin-skinned ticklish peckish whingy dogged uptight scandalized buffaloed frantic passionate shocked scandalised stewed sensitive like a bear with a sore head in a rage all steamed up overcome with anger bummed out at end of one's rope boiling mad pushed too far beside yourself at boiling point raging mad rubbed the wrong way in a filthy temper menacing threatening mopey belligerent aggressive malignant pouting malevolent evil wicked malicious vindictive maleficent baleful mopish scowling malign louring poisonous malefic mumpish pouty aloof fierce black venomous frowning withdrawn dour uncooperative brooding ornery obstinate sourpussed sulking unsociable gruff mean evil-intentioned hate-filled down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks in a funk in a mood in the sulks in a strop disagreeable captious dyspeptic fiery snippy snarky snippety liverish raspy stuffy jumpy caviling cavilling out of humor

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