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soars, soared, soaring

Synonym: ascend, aspire, fly, glide, hover, tower,


Extremely tall, especially in comparison with the surroundings


Unbearably or excruciatingly painful or torturous
harrowing excruciating tormenting agonising agonizing racking torturing torturous alarming distressing disturbing frightening painful raging wrenching chilling heartbreaking terrifying traumatic gut-wrenching heart-rending nerve-racking dangerous dreadful stressful tearing vexing worrying trying severe harsh grievous difficult troublesome hard unpleasant onerous upsetting tough taxing grim brutal cruel burdensome oppressive disquieting bothersome troubling crushing heavy rough worrisome exacting distressful arduous wearisome exhausting unsettling vexatious strenuous punishing demanding daunting rugged hairy hellish laborious perturbing bitter galling murderous hurtful irksome nasty challenging rigorous toilsome discomforting tortuous stiff gruelling sapping grueling testing harassing back-breaking savage intolerable thorny heartrending unbearable agitating tiring dismaying grave searing formidable afflicting fraught wearing killing wearying grinding fatiguing backbreaking irritating tedious annoying sticky weighty fierce devastating draining forbidding nagging shocking discomposing uncomfortable unnerving awful troublous dire uphill ferocious nerve-wracking harrying unendurable tiresome unsparing herculean inhuman tense disagreeable effortful killer bad tricky anxious wretched problematic awkward prickly concerning scary disconcerting ponderous stringent bruising unforgiving anxious-making ambitious nail-biting intense debilitating merciless hellacious niggling exigent afflictive bloodthirsty intimidating vigorous operose solemn tall moiling sweaty knackering Herculean homicidal hostile bloody tragic insufferable painstaking hardhanded sanguinary terrible unrelenting creepy sad mighty displeasing throbbing enervating fell extreme colossal sanguineous relentless provoking gloomy depressing crippling sharp perplexing exasperating toilful sore shattering ominous anguished sorrowful titanic cumbersome bloody-minded upstream unyielding destructive deadly lethal gargantuan energy-consuming cutthroat destroying ruinous criminal slaughterous austere bleak scarring inhospitable comfortless overwhelming Spartan spartan restless nervous uneasy horrifying sanguine murdering immoderate ruthless woeful unfortunate dismal regrettable aching smarting miserable rotten distasteful unpalatable discouraging hurting lamentable unsavory steep startling discommoding sombre somber mortifying unwelcome inconvenient tender impossible hefty aggravating offensive frustrating pressured icky burning yukky unhappy sour yucky sensitive hurt irritated deplorable uncongenial unlovely unpleasing sinister foreboding pressing raw stinging inflamed imperious tragical chafed reddened unsavoury persnickety hectic sober prohibitive delicate achy bruised immense unremitting staggering gigantic injured red calamitous pained really hard very hard wounded backbreaker jarring labored in pain gnawing afflicted Augean depleting laboured abscessed ulcerated off-putting pick-and-shovel scabrous biting no picnic anxiety-ridden unreasonable pain-filled exorbitant excessive unfair confronting tormentous plaguing anguishing pitiless apprehensive injurious damaging intrusive impeding disruptive threatening consequential disappointing stark maddening panicky menacing thoroughgoing demoralizing demoralising murder major wounding harmful acute butcherous discomfiting embittering mind-blowing straitened stern disastrous inexorable very painful pessimistic dicey hazardous easier said than done high-impact slavish torturesome drudgy serious vicious high-pressure tough going worksome uphill battle hard-won marathon difficile problem not easy like getting blood out of a stone almighty extremely upsetting bare-bones barren desolate very bad unfriendly horrible horrendous horrific objectionable horrid revolting loathsome appalling humourless poor execrable crummy repellent ghastly atrocious foul humorless repulsive frightful abominable odious doleful lousy detestable vile gruesome repugnant unsatisfactory stinking hideous lurid disgusting nauseating unacceptable sedate abysmal obnoxious grisly undesirable diabolical macabre nightmarish sickening gross monstrous repellant uncool grotty godawful abhorrent saddening grody pathetic unappealing uninviting ugly affecting nauseous mean beastly time-consuming poignant tingly distressed heart-breaking extremely bad twingeing broken gammy damaged grazed lacerated scratched black-and-blue gashed bleeding impaired struck ruptured discoloured mangled discolored stricken achy breaky piercing agonised pounding tingling marred disfigured beaten mutilated cut disabled battered suffering mauled incapacitated weakened caustic crushed scraped nicked agonized smartful tired busted up hit harmed scarred wicked remorseless great intemperate inclement unkind hard-hearted


A dramatic or sudden increase in the level, amount or degree of something
leap increase rise elevation escalation surge climb hike increment spike upsurge upswing upturn revival rapid increase sudden rise boost ascent ascension jump improvement growth advancement expansion rising ascendance soar towering step up ramp up upward movement ascending recovery acceleration recuperation turnaround upgrade augmentation advance upgrading appreciation amplification buildup inflation gain burgeoning exacerbation enhancement uptrend intensification bump heightening spiralling raising accumulation lift cumulation uptick boom intensifying multiplication stimulation proliferation aggrandizement spread explosion accrual raise development magnification creep swelling extension swell snowballing creation mushrooming spiraling aggrandisement promotion stacking up upward turn run-up piling up move up jump up accretion enlargement addition addendum accession plus progress supplement spurt breakthrough furtherance amelioration progression distension more upping distention crescendo accumulating build-up rush prosperity increasement push betterment melioration enrichment exponential growth collection gathering growth spurt assemblage quadrupling doubling lengthening tripling waxing elaboration buildout avalanche embellishment up evolvement pickup augment aggrandization worsening mounting bounce high wax headway rocketing geometric growth jack up small increase explosive growth success regeneration thriving upgrowth stockpile expanse flourishing rampant growth rapid growth dramatic increase sudden increase blooming increasing aggregation amassment expanding annexation pooling pileup assembly enlarging augmenting stockpiling diversification unfolding evolution diffusion refinement correction shooting up collecting amassing assembling hoarding reserve annex unfurling ballooning growing maturation rectification momentum traction store amendment reinforcement flowering annexe economic growth rally forwarding rectifying face-lift increase in size spreading out opening out blow up scaling up blowing up building up reformation upbeat cultivation civilisation meliorism renovation revision stocking up preferment change civilization change for the better kaizen reclamation economic recovery maximization optimization merger appendix access incorporation continuation exaggeration complement dilation broadening top-up maximisation optimisation large increase


Present participle for to rise high in the air
rising climbing mounting ascending winging arising aspiring flying lifting thrusting upping uprearing uprising upthrusting upturning rocketing towering circling sailing shooting spiraling spiralling taking flight taking off topping flying up going up shooting up winging its way going sky-high taking to the air levitating rising up floating lifting off moving up scaling moving upward moving upwards making its way up flying off drifting going upwards coming up floating up blasting off drifting up soaring up arcking arcing gliding taking wing launching skyrocketing escalating climbing up sprouting flying upwards getting up leaving the ground getting off the ground rising into the air heightening flying away emerging standing up wafting catapulting upspringing gaining altitude vaulting up jutting extending reaching conquering coming upwards looming reaching up shifting up bobbing up pushing up making one's way up sweeping upward stretching scrambling up shinning up clambering up stabbing darting sloping upwards standing stretching out reaching out defying gravity reappearing jumping piling out straightening up leaping up springing up turning out becoming erect popping up jumping up becoming airborne starting stirring getting to your feet getting to one's feet starting up rising to one's feet sitting up picking oneself up picking yourself up finding your feet broaching breaking surfacing coming to the surface coming to the top coming out breaking the surface hopping bounding springing bobbing saltating skipping lungeing lunging bouncing leaping


Present participle for to increase in value or price
appreciating increasing growing rising inflating escalating rocketing improving enhancing amplifying building incrementing magnifying pumping pumping up skyrocketing upping enlarging developing boosting accruing accelerating accumulating ballooning bourgeoning burgeoning gaining climbing expanding multiplying proliferating mounting going up going up in price building up getting bigger getting larger increasing in value mushrooming swelling snowballing shooting up spiralling spiraling surging waxing intensifying rolling up advancing spreading augmenting booming extending heightening aggrandizing leaping up lifting doubling arising redoubling elevating rising up going through the ceiling piling up mounting up stepping up going through the roof strengthening hiking up progressing towering raising amassing compounding tripling aggravating getting higher jacking up increasing rapidly blowing up flourishing deepening broadening upsurging lengthening annexing ascending looming reinforcing peaking furthering prospering thriving protracting jumping becoming greater growing rapidly intensating picking up scaling up rearing coming on rising rapidly ratcheting up appearing springing up going sky-high exacerbating leaping surging up inclining topping upscaling hiking aping up blooming succeeding flowering cranking up bumping up beefing up supersizing spurting adding to piling ramping up cumulating rousing gathering billowing stacking up speeding up being successful doing well putting up collecting escalading vaulting rising in value increasing suddenly increasing dramatically exploding waking up pushing up going uphill moving up uprising stretching puffing up bulking cresting ameliorating bulking up continuing averaging up filling out prolongating upgrading getting better uplifting consolidating becoming larger looking up gaining ground shaping up turning the corner making strides coming around widening dilating thickening distending exaggerating padding rearing up supplementing prolonging sharpening teeming swarming pullulating standing high marking up running up slapping on tacking on reaching high growing quickly blossoming unfolding efflorescing maturing blowing stoking hyping faring well sprouting budding becoming more numerous increasing in size running riot bearing fruit propagating making larger opening shining bloating bursting bursting forth emerging battening moving forward moving ahead spreading one's wings opening out making inroads flying high coming along getting places getting ahead going forward going places diffusing springing making bigger pervading adding making greater topping up pyramiding fattening increasing in scope becoming bigger flowing bulging increasing exponentially arriving making progress making headway puffing out germinating covering ground getting somewhere going well coming into bud coming into bloom taking steps forward coming into blossom getting stronger working up developing well scoring coming of age getting on outblooming growing well moving forward in leaps and bounds producing going great guns making it coming into flower going to town getting on well turning out well becoming better hitting it big diversifying metastasizing manifolding aggregating reaching luxuriating fortifying branching out developing rapidly parlaying becoming large getting to growing full evolving starting to be overrunning pouring raining detonating coming to fruition going going up in the world growing in stocking up extending one's operations broadening one's horizons tasselling out fructifying becoming more powerful developing quickly spreading quickly spreading out going off becoming distended bulging out filling becoming bloated bolstering tumefying intumescing starring growing greater standing out souping up growing larger figuring triumphing sprawling prevailing leading performing featuring outspreading glowing standing out in a crowd stealing the show wearing the crown having a gift for excelling making the big time having a gift reigning supreme sweeping circulating spreading across spreading like wildfire spreading through rolling out spreading like lightning shooting leafing abounding growing up maturating taking root profiting becoming rich pressing on forging ahead pressing forward moving onward doing wonders growing rich making good speed having legs making a go catching on pushing forward making good yielding going ahead pushing ahead growing vigorously getting there cracking on


Present participle for to go or move quickly and lightly over or on a surface or through the air
skimming gliding drifting sailing sliding coasting flowing slipping sweeping rolling cruising streaming breezing whisking bowling brushing floating skating flying skidding tripping planing scudding shooting aquaplaning skirring darting skittering smoothing along moving lightly skimming through slithering running flitting spiraling skipping spiralling glissading descending declining freewheeling sashaying moving smoothly sliding along slinking winging wafting moving passing coursing cascading flooding pouring gushing rushing trickling going spilling crawling undulating surging snaking seeping wriggling dribbling proceeding sneaking travelling traveling driving strolling slewing shifting sallying swirling fluttering veering springing leaking oozing issuing tobogganing elapsing discharging spurting jetting flittering progressing spouting spreading going by bleeding riding flying by gliding by going past flying past gliding past sliding past sliding by pouring out running out journeying stealing by stealing past wearing on sinuating taxying taxiing propelling launching dancing sauntering hurrying purling sailing along moving briskly speeding waltzing scooching tearing sailing by sailing past slipping past getting by whirling continuing moving along walking casually riding on current moving past marching on slipping by strutting striding roller-skating blading skateboarding circulating moving over sheering slueing sluing skewing prancing swaggering flouncing swerving going along keeping steady pace keeping a steady pace travelling at a constant speed worming creeping bobbing meandering blazing flashing racing washing flapping gravitating twinkling running lightly moseying grovelling bellying squirming groveling spinning out relaxing your efforts rolling along slooshing dripping overflowing swelling resting on your oars rustling waving going into skid tumbling dropping rippling shedding deluging moving slowly hovering bustling heaving ruffling moving gently teeming exuding sluicing squirting sputtering bursting gurgling brimming spewing going with the tide going with the flow going with the current spinning blowing emerging regurgitating emitting emanating welling up brimming over rising automobiling crossing stroking disemboguing welling forth springing up welling going by car departing riding by car moving onwards going through dragging hieing hying pushing on travelling on wheels tooling running by running through blowing past passing by motoring wending passing through travelling by car ticking by rolling past ticking past rolling by

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