Synonym of sobbing

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sobs, sobbed, sobbing

Synonym: bawl, blubber, cry, howl, snivel, wail, weep,


The act of shedding tears, typically from being emotional
blubbing cry crying snivelling sniveling wailing weeping bawl bawling bewailing blubber blubbering howl howling keening lament lamentation mourning snivel sob sorrowing tear tears weep whimpering yowl shedding tears sobs the blues plaint groan moan wail waterworks moaning ululation keen complaint grieving dirge bellowing fit of crying jeremiad hollering sorrow grief greeting outcry greet crying fit blues tearing up sadness misery desolation distress despair woe melancholy unhappiness despondency anguish regret heartache dejection torment gloom agony heartbreak disappointment pain whine grievance depression lamenting disquiet whimper discomfort rue worry malaise suffering bereavement affliction dissatisfaction vexation mournfulness wretchedness dolor disconsolateness gloominess bemoaning grunt angst dismay irritation dole anxiety infelicity sorriness torture dispiritedness trouble tribulation uneasiness mental suffering letdown sigh heaviness of heart shriek holler bellow yelp screech bleat murmur scream whinge roar discontent trauma disconsolation frustration desperation displeasure bitterness pining disgruntlement mortification repining upset discontentment resentment chagrin sorrowfulness shock hardship exasperation glumness annoyance disaffection trial downheartedness heartsickness disapproval cheerlessness funk listlessness moodiness dolefulness anger disfavour discontentedness heavy heart emotional suffering broken heart hurt disgust disfavor dolour disapprobation distaste mopes fretfulness dislike disrelish discouragement deploring care travail straits malcontentment malcontent weariness low spirits mewl discord caterwaul agitation cry of pain cry of grief unrest disquietude stress worriment turmoil strife embarrassment strain tumult misfortune qualm scruple misgiving disaster adversity burden problem excruciation rack curse beef grumble disregard restlessness restiveness drag cataclysm rain headache grouch grouse kvetch gripe Weltschmerz miserere squawk protest carp yammer fuss boredom aversion disinclination oppression querulousness heartburn envy disliking hopelessness indisposition jealousy ennui disillusionment disenchantment martyrdom indignation disillusion aggravation unfulfilment discomposure heavy-heartedness ill-humor shiva woefulness growl remorse aching darkness languishing blackness shout squeal yell clamor broken-heartedness bark hoot clamour whoop purgatory yip squeak


Crying or inclined to cry
crying tearful weepy weeping teary blubbering lachrymose sniveling wailing snivelling howling in tears sad whimpering mournful unhappy sorrowful miserable bawling blubbing upset larmoyant lamenting disconsolate melancholy on the verge of tears emotional lamentable distressed woeful close to tears rueful blubbery greeting teary-eyed maudlin moist pitiable watery wet pitiful dolorous plaintive elegiac wistful nostalgic sorrowing mourning regretting sensitive mawkish unfortunate heartbreaking dismal pathetic drear heartrending sorry depressing dreary saddening with tears in one's eyes tear-filled poignant depressed gloomy glum morose despondent doleful lugubrious low low-spirited downcast joyless down grief-stricken forlorn blue easily moved down in the mouth in floods of tears with tears in your eyes sombre somber cheerless melancholic desolate dejected wretched woebegone crestfallen bleak funereal sullen cast down grim heartbroken comfortless downhearted in the dumps black heartsick heavy-hearted heartsore morbid dark afflicted saddened dispiriting down in the dumps inconsolable dispirited heavyhearted despairing cloudy brokenhearted dire distressing droopy gray grey saturnine anguished solemn troubled disheartening uninviting depressive misty hangdog cold godforsaken spiritless dejecting upsetting broken-hearted oppressive chill murky tenebrific sepulchral darkening plutonian tenebrous lonesome dreich sunless lonely elegiacal piteous Cimmerian disheartened heart-rending painful dull grieving harrowing drab disappointed dewy-eyed discouraged hurt bereaved demoralized drearisome grieved tristful rheumy austere unwelcoming down-hearted demoralised regretful dour dim dingy bare inhospitable stark abject bland in doldrums in grief clinical draggy mopey uncomfortable impersonal wintery institutional down-and-out wintry jarring moving touching grave tear-jerking discouraging hopeless aggrieved afflictive bitter dolent out of sorts fed up heartsickening displeased pained affecting worried distraught perturbed bothered bad disturbed tormented concerned dirgeful unfocused blurry blurred shook antsy discombobulated burned uptight bugged sore contused daunting pessimistic down in dumps moody sick at heart pensive down in mouth hapless cut up all torn up shook up crabby languished broken dysphoric bowed down negative languorous triste listless languid sulky ghastly inauspicious horrid disagreeable troublesome gruesome overemotional demoralizing disenchanting unfavorable unfavourable sentimental distressful demoralising unpleasant disappointing oversentimental downbeat grumpy dragged mirthless destroyed hurting bleeding in a blue funk down and out in pain bummed out let-down not happy long-faced grievous funeral plangent aching deploring agonized bewailing bemoaning dolesome over-sentimental self-pitying calamitous ruthful deplorable regrettable dolorific agonised


Present participle for to feel intense sorrow or anguish
grieving mourning lamenting agonising agonizing bemoaning suffering sorrowing hurting anguishing regretting aching wailing weeping bewailing bleeding crying ruing rueing keening bearing shedding tears feeling sad carrying on singing the blues weeping and wailing crying a river eating one's heart out taking it hard moaning deploring repining pining groaning grieving over despairing eating heart out eating your heart out blubbering languishing yearning sighing complaining missing fretting wearing black longing for wringing hands grieving for howling weeping for ululating singing shedding tears for raining bawling wailing for complaining about weeping over pining for wailing about kicking self crying for beating one's breast repenting crying over sighing over being sorry feeling remorse being remorseful apologizing being repentant sorrowing for apologising feeling remorse about feeling contrite about feeling sorry about expressing regret about grumbling fretting about feeling remorse for sorrowing over plaining over shedding tears over reproaching oneself for disapproving wailing over deprecating brooding hating apologizing for mooning moping expressing sorrow about pining away repenting of showing penitence feeling remorseful about feeling apologetic about having qualms reproaching oneself asking forgiveness feeling sorrow kicking oneself for kicking oneself feeling sorry expressing grief moaning over reproaching yourself for keening over expressing sorrow crying over spilled milk crying over spilt milk feeling guilty feeling bad keening for criticising criticizing taking on objecting to feeling wretched hesitating wearing black for going through the mill disliking loathing feeling uneasy over having qualms about having compunctions about kicking oneself over feeling grief at feeling sorrow at feeling sad about blaming oneself for having a conscience about feeling repentant about having compunctions disapproving of hurting over pining over anguishing over lamenting for aching over bleeding over feeling unwilling about feeling reluctant about languishing for regretting the loss of sulking pouting expressing sorrow for moaning about expressing woe for relenting idling grumping atoning reforming atoning for having a long face stewing over losing heart desponding sweating over chafing going about like a half-shut knife wearing a long face sinking wasting time hanging around wearing sackcloth and ashes seeing error of ways wishing that one had not done something seeing the error of your ways

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