Synonym of sobering

Alternative for sobering

sobers, sobered, sobering, soberer, soberest

Synonym: calm, mild, moderate, reasonable, sensible, sound, temperate, drunken,


Significantly worrying in nature
serious grave grievous severe dire tragic alarming awful bad brutal dangerous dreadful extreme ghastly grim menacing parlous perilous precarious terrible threatening unpleasant unsettling upsetting worrying horrible life-threatening nasty painful sickening ugly critical intense harsh significant disastrous acute considerable distressing major heavy consequential fierce hazardous tough strenuous bitter bleak taxing toilsome arduous big punishing difficult grinding exacting weighty hard peracute intensive excessive rough rugged excruciating austere harrowing inhospitable oppressive disagreeable trying onerous burdensome injurious hostile inhuman cruel searing forbidding wretched ominous damaging unfavorable unfavourable frightful stark sinister adverse dour dismal horrendous horrifying torturous galling harmful stiff backbreaking murderous hardhanded hellacious uncomfortable drastic afflicting tortuous wounding hurtful agonizing comfortless heartrending tormenting concerning intolerable spartan stringent challenging testing calamitous sharp Spartan bare-bones overwhelming insufferable barren crushing desolate agonising mortal demanding disadvantageous grueling gruelling unendurable unfriendly wearing unbearable fearsome daunting intimidating formidable uphill moiling sweaty laborious herculean frightening negative disturbing terrifying foreboding unwelcoming disquieting jarring ferocious killer effortful rigorous untoward dark depressing unjust hair-raising urgent pressing imperative exigent crucial burning compelling desperate vital clamant crying emergent importunate imperious necessitous important instant profound essential egregious sudden decisive afflictive life-and-death all-important inauspicious troublesome direful stressful cheerless miserable morbid objectionable nightmarish treacherous troubling hefty woeful poor execrable rotten unpalatable fraught abominable horrific appalling disconcerting atrocious foul horrid rough going


Present participle for to make or become sober after drinking alcohol


Present participle for to make or become more settled or subdued

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