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Synonym: mixer, sociable, societal,


Being extroverted or sociable
extroverted outgoing sociable extraverted gregarious friendly personable unreserved congenial cordial talkative companionable clubable clubbable clubby convivial genial affable amiable hospitable neighborly pleasant neighbourly warm amicable chummy hail-fellow-well-met comradely conversable jovial boon matey hearty lively welcoming extrovert good-natured gracious buddy-buddy approachable agreeable sympathetic entertaining civil open kind communicative warmhearted helpful intimate familiar happy cooperative collegial bonhomous palsy mellow easy-going vivacious pally easy to get along with hail-fellow easy obliging palsy-walsy affectionate cheerful uninhibited fun well-disposed accessible good-humoured good-humored harmonious demonstrative cosy cozy merry hilarious festive jolly amusing diverting warm-hearted gay compatible vibrant kindly exuberant couthy company-loving festal kindred receptive good like-minded pleasing jocund mirthful communal close fun-loving nice complaisant fond tender polite responsive favorable amical spirited considerate colonial favourable tight likable likeable well disposed easy to get on with buddy buddy good company socializing people-oriented available informal amenable unstuffy socialising unconstrained unrestrained shared public conversible sincere earnest wholehearted heartfelt bubbly attention-seeking enthusiastic glowing eager regular brotherly affectious red-carpet sweet confident fraternal fit unanimous adapted frictionless united suitable backslapping conciliatory loyal confiding funny faithful happy-go-lucky peaceful delightful attentive good-tempered loving comical peaceable jocular jocose attached on good terms community popular informative common pleasurable mannerly collective organized group polished general bombastic well-suited simpatico sympathique well suited congruous regular fellow right neighborly consistent consonant boisterous extroversive extravertive communicable extraversive extrovertive effervescent active animated zestful witty peppy abuzz zesty organised societal waggish sprightly blithe humming happening buzzing enjoyable partyish fabulous gassy zippy holiday sparky decent full of life expansive expressive thick inseparable bosom especial mild cheery easygoing personal lenient as thick as thieves courteous charming inward near confidential smiling buoyant constant close-knit thick as thieves lovable winsome engaging conjoined winning lovey-dovey kissy-huggy very friendly swell copacetic breezy joined at the hip in each other's pocket closely acquainted non-hostile civilized downright neighborly sweet-tempered conflict-free understanding empathic square shooting concordant agreeing civilised right nice pacific accordant bluff upper chirpy up cheering perky chipper upbeat high sunny enlivening joyous glad sunny side up benign benevolent dear fast natural relaxed firm devoted favourite urbane cherished dearest special favorite gentle nearest and dearest


Friendly in nature
friendly cordial congenial neighborly neighbourly courteous genial kindly pleasant amiable amicable nice good-natured kind obliging affable considerate warm sociable helpful hospitable civil convivial agreeable decent warm-hearted benevolent well disposed gracious well-disposed polite affectionate companionable cheerful unreserved amenable unselfish cheery approachable gentle accommodating benign chirpy engaging mellow warmhearted sympathetic easy-going lovable likable easygoing bonhomous jovial easy to get along with likeable thoughtful good-humoured good-humored perky lovely sweet sensible urbane peaceful soft delightful harmonious generous personable tolerant civilized calm temperate charming supportive mild-mannered good-tempered civilised easy to get on with caring solicitous attentive understanding compassionate charitable regardful gallant concerned mindful selfless heedful chivalrous indulgent tender kindhearted observant diplomatic thoughty cooperative well-bred tactful company-loving gregarious outgoing clubbable comradely accessible open couthy mild complaisant conversable receptive welcoming beneficent humane magnanimous altruistic loving kind-hearted big-hearted tenderhearted giving good-hearted philanthropic softhearted merciful benignant sensitive liberal good respectful soft-hearted responsive tender-hearted bighearted patient mannerly humanitarian lenient munificent empathetic all heart noble big unstinting honourable comforting goodhearted honorable gentlemanly large-hearted bountiful free bounteous empathic well mannered easy forbearing great-hearted greathearted unsparing well-mannered lavish philanthropical courtly feeling maternal freehanded fatherly moderate motherly open-handed openhanded pitying clement doting devoted fond freehearted forgiving honest ungrudging public-spirited just bleeding-heart well meaning genteel high-minded condoling fulsome sympathizing commiserative lofty fatherlike fair reasonable self-sacrificing sympathising encouraging cultivated nurturing ladylike discreet decorous suave polished deferential excellent loose soft-touch well behaved righteous open-hearted free-handed well bred commiserating sentimental protective human refined conscientious profuse reassuring interested prodigal willing equitable ethical respectable upright reverential virtuous dutiful moral dear principled upstanding acceptable adoring accepting debonair consoling bland pleasing eleemosynary broad-minded favourable touchy-feely well-behaved angelic benefic even-tempered sweet-tempered openhearted having heart in right place well intentioned well spoken well brought up well-spoken mushy princely favorable open-minded comprehending loving and giving bleeding heart consolatory almsgiving condolatory disinterested cultured gentlemanlike socially concerned socially aware woke circumspect self-denying uplifting appreciative correct reputable abundant ample lovesome careful worried anxious self-forgetting proper formal like a sport moralistic culturally sensitive unprejudiced inspiring inspiriting elegant ready nonmalignant denying incorruptible self-effacing extroverted eager to help eager to please emotional generous to a fault perceptive nonthreatening appreciating vicarious heroic unpresumptuous prepossessing winsome unassuming plentiful full wholesome stimulating boosting gratifying paternal responsible acquiescent breezy compliant happy hearty soft-spoken appealing sweet-natured couth aware softie marshmallow non-malignant plenteous willingly given handsome unstinted taking captivating winning enchanting elevated high lordly valiant goodish great matey palsy chummy palsy-walsy hail-fellow-well-met collegial hail-fellow buddy-buddy forthcoming unctuous stately cheering soothing fulfilling soft touch propitious brotherly as nice as pie simpatico harmless willing to please favourably disposed unoffensive heart in right place ardent socially conscious long-suffering barley-sugar conciliatory obsequious poised good-mannered politic punctilious condescending smooth passionate amatory well brought-up stoic stoical uncomplaining loyal fervent close earnest faithful demonstrative reverent resigned self-controlled self-restrained restrained longanimous soft-shell cool unflappable expressing adoration bound up close-knit trustworthy worthy incorrupt dependable piteous ruthful living with going easy on going easy with being big sparing peaceable right straight true old softie do-good well-intentioned stand-up clean-living all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded well-meaning


Relating to or designed for activities in which people meet each other for pleasure


(zoology, botany) Having a tendency to group with others of like kind


(internet) Relating to social media or social networks


Pertaining to a subculture, or to subcultures in general


Relating to emotions and society


An informal gathering, especially between members of a particular club or group
party gathering get-together function bash celebration festivity reception do jamboree klatch reunion shindig thrash beanfeast beano bunfight jolly shindy social event social function social gathering social occasion at-home knees-up rave-up blast blowout fete ball event affair dance levee disco rave hoedown binge powwow carousal simcha shebang soirée bop hop jollo shivoo rage prom jol carouse frolic ding-dong ceilidh tertulia corroboree shower luau bashment cookout bake hooley whoopee wingding gala lig crack beer-up ding kegger after-party rort squash squeeze soiree bee formal feast spree entertainment cocktail party merrymaking revelry tea dinner fête coffee klatch cotillon cotillion luncheon carousing barbecue riot fun cocktails banquet coming-out diversion amusement splurge festive occasion movable feast drinks party jump-up junket juncture meet fund-raiser all-nighter blow-out ceremony afterparty icebreaker circus festival carnival meet and greet fiesta meeting wrap party formal party buffet matinee supper tweetup holiday barn dance orgy evening evening party occasion dinner party wedding reception celebratory party congregation social meeting social affair discotheque masquerade promenade harvest masked ball sock hop dinner dance thé dansant dancing party tea dance work party communal gathering wing-ding revel merriment jubilee jollification conviviality gaiety saturnalia jollity wassail bender bacchanal toot reveling revelling fest debauch hoopla gayety rejoicing high jinks fair bust romp enjoyment festivities revels tear fun and games debauchery joviality revelment frolics celebrations pageant junketing gratification recreation indulgence rampage drunk carousel jag hullabaloo lark pleasure gambol skylarking rollick frisk partying wild party clambake ploy garden party fling feasting sport idyll idyl mela treat Mardi Gras gala day caper field day bacchanalia self-indulgence distraction divertissement singsong sing-along rally conference convention roistering reveler festive booze-up skite nosh-up tuck-in scoff dissipation block party noisy celebration parties happening festiveness experience whoopla whoop-de-do saint's day vacation reveller pig out slap-up meal fundraiser kermis outing holy day concert stag roast to-do charity show charity event escapade merry-go-round extravaganza rip high time spending expedition moveable feast special occasion mirth shenanigans surprise excursion good times jubilation joyfulness festive event horseplay pastime hijinks great time game happiness levity joy satisfaction B and S cavorting festive proceedings parade eisteddfod -fest refreshment good cheer science festival festival of music and drama arts festival centenary musical festival festival of music competition birthday procession march tattoo dalliance bacchanals hobby show hobbyhorse shenanigan heyday ragbag carny cavalcade exposition rout gamble larks street fair grind show side show outdoor celebration amusement park street party good time royal reception court reception court function royal function bit of fun night on the town unrestrained behavior bit of amusement night on the razzle

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