Synonym of solacing

Alternative for solacing

solaces, solaced, solacing

Synonym: cheer, comfort, console, encourage, hearten, reassure, relieve,


(archaic) Received or experienced with gratitude
grateful welcome gratifying congenial delightful felicitous pleasing pleasurable satisfying agreeable appreciated consoling delectable enjoyable favorable fulfilling heartwarming nice pleasant blessed comforting delicious desirable encouraging favourable genial gladdening good heartening heavenly jolly luscious opportune pleasureful propitious rewarding sweet cheering delightsome dulcet refreshing rejuvenating renewing restful restorative timely acceptable blest darling dreamy pretty restoring satisfactory heaven-sent savory savoury palatable tasty lovely charming entertaining engaging fine great wonderful amusing enchanting fair appealing glorious beautiful splendid sublime to one's liking likable attractive fun neat likeable adorable peachy captivating rapturous thrilling divine magnificent magical ravishing fabulous grand terrific fantastic magic brilliant diverting alluring super marvelous capital marvellous swell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious exquisite to one's taste tasteful stunning gorgeous winning seductive hospitable drop-dead knockout soothing valuable suitable comely pulchritudinous mild comfortable fascinating amiable cheery hunky-dory exciting fab smashing brill ducky cool beaut much needed cordial ripping cracking corking spiffing champion dandy topping wizard bonzer beezer frabjous to your liking gladly received top-hole out of this world cheerful sapid titillating replayable snug suited welcoming relaxing wanted promising mooi lekker silvery sensual fit adapted appropriate beguiling soft golden easy to take groovy extremely pleasant extremely enjoyable enticing bonny sexy inviting fine and dandy well suited desired contenting long-awaited longed-for sensational bodacious adorbs bootylicious babelicious constructive productive worthwhile extremely attractive beneficial spiffy peach ready pussycat substantial sustaining nourishing satiating adequate sufficient happiness-inducing hitting the spot excellent exceptional superb positive enviable lovesome flashy affable exhilarating worthy euphoric glamorous photogenic elegant precious sound presentable sunny joyous hunky clear tempting cunning resplendent A1 rad reputable prime dollish glossy dainty cute honourable splashy snazzy eye-catching good-looking ace flamboyant sterling beauteous admirable commendable zingy fetching superior taking aesthetic delicate slick boss statuesque glamourous spanking intoxicating well-favored choice showy sightly arresting in order dishy foxy radiant prettyish showstopping relief OK unspoilt not bad glad honorable elating splendorous paradisiacal deluxe super-eminent copasetic first-rate passable shipshape first-class recreative paradisiac select gnarly ecstatic telegenic super-excellent copacetic paradisal relishable recherche stupendous paradisaical calming esthetic paradisaic ambrosial scrumptious ineffable yummy lush irie very pleasurable very attractive very agreeable greatly to one's liking very pleasant awesome amazing entrancing blissful stellar fantabulous supernal jim-dandy tremendous keen boffo wicked mean bully radical mind-blowing perfect dope phat goodly amazeballs bosting remarkable outstanding friendly noble fabby celestial phenomenal interesting happy immortal superlative bewitching holy tip-top crucial superhuman mega idyllic A-OK def marvy angelic incredible dynamite seraphic warm famous empyrean lank kif good-humoured good-humored godlike far out top-notch kind supernatural extraordinary enthralling kindly amicable par excellence on fleek beatific spectacular decent lovable crackerjack quality nifty peachy keen topflight funny classic cherubic prizewinning sociable banner good-natured frontline gilt-edged humorous brave extraterrestrial top-shelf high-class good-tempered gilt-edge bang-up four-star blue-chip first-string blue-ribbon five-star top-of-the-line top intriguing ideal unsurpassed immense riveting righteous hot mesmerizing bumper dazzling gangbusters gangbuster hype primo prize helpful brag bonnie down gone hypnotic obliging out-of-sight mellow breathtaking convivial well-disposed too good to be true gracious rare moving piquant tender warmhearted number one jovial comical numero uno appetizing witty hilarious mesmerising rich warm-hearted impressive chucklesome compelling absorbing affectionate gentle approachable spellbinding splendiferous considerate succulent easy stimulating personable neighborly delish neighbourly unique sympathetic memorable toothsome wondrous winsome mouthwatering benevolent mesmeric flavorsome flavorful magnetic bad easygoing majestic eminent inspiring crack flavoursome tolerant toothy scrummy peaceful notable very good prepossessing jocular droll striking big appetising average common merry engrossing consummate gripping stirring schmick polite lively cozy supreme sovereign companionable elevated cosy picturesque belting pearler all right rousing barrie sik chillin' exalted provocative Elysian exo loving singular fun-filled okay caring preeminent illustrious mild-mannered moreish mouth-watering calm best bright joyful renowned awe-inspiring charismatic august proud compassionate civil yum-yum finger-licking kind-hearted noteworthy fairy-tale understanding big-hearted softhearted good-hearted soft-hearted goodhearted accommodating tenderhearted tender-hearted large-hearted kindhearted sweet-tempered moderate harmless large intimate social enchanted standard tolerable unexceptional endearing matchless formidable facetious to die for peerless irresistible fairish whimsical complaisant conversable chummy halcyon comfy unobjectionable prodigious homely dreamlike lighthearted side-splitting priceless goodish flavourful cooperative attentive buddy-buddy vibrant respectable gay scenic benign festive homelike astonishing affecting fairylike light-hearted spiritual heady courteous miraculous romantic animated very nice transcendent premium standout nummy flavorous curious distracting homestyle nectareous ambrosian electrifying utopian hypnotizing tantalizing compulsive yummo thoughtful nectarean flawless zero cool Arcadian consuming inspirational unpresumptuous unassuming action-packed couthy immersing involving light kosher bighearted sweet-natured even-tempered clubbable thought-provoking unputdownable hypnotising tantalising nectarous admissible lenient electric galvanizing world-class generous unselfish patient too much hep hip snug as a bug in a rug well meaning buzzworthy on the beam in the swim on the ball well intentioned respectful galvanising cooking with gas noted well-known heroic shining distinguished triumphant splendrous effulgent celebrated time-honored esteemed famed venerable honored unforgettable skillful masterful virtuoso skilful masterly splendacious balmy unreal dear colossal astounding paradisic saintly deliciously light deliciously tender eye-popping jaw-dropping fantasy escapist eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable superlunary loveable disarming immaculate out of sight bubbly something else paradisical honoured gladsome celebratory juicy lofty relaxed chocolate-box cutesy way-out decorative confident fly spicy imposing well-prepared quaint ka pai tangy lightweight confiding close faithful outgoing jocose kindred amical peaceable conciliatory fond like-minded loyal receptive attached comradely open happy-go-lucky compatible on good terms responsive above average peng slap-up of a high standard superfine lip-smacking classical stylish enrapturing high humble modest ingratiating self-effacing idealized fit for a king transfixing pastoral rustic attention-grabbing up to snuff right on up to code trendy heart-warming inoffensive innocuous special lordly elfin farcical playful luring refined noticeable comic familiar transcendental sacred uplifting outrageous stately abstract melt-in-your-mouth provoking seducing informal entranced charmed bewitched frivolous trivial trifling laughable one and only uncommon unordinary meaty invigorating preoccupying portentous envigorating eye-opening racy newsworthy eventful worthy of note fresh trenchant topical unboring newsy relatable vivid out of the ordinary emphatic folksy gregarious middling so-so successful rural Utopian unspoiled bucolic arcadian homey petite trim slight graceful ludicrous waggish rib-tickling mirthful the most matey clubby breezy down-home laid-back fiendish conjuring very interesting recreational dry regular flourishing sylvan rip-roaring slim novel rollicking cushy up to scratch hair-raising prosperous thriving flighty chipper unserious serene out-of-this-world idealised tranquil airy subtle dinky nuanced joshing wacky jokey gut-busting sidesplitting camp screaming campy mushy as nice as pie sensitive simpatico reasonable plush easy to get along with palsy-walsy easy to get on with downright neighborly barley-sugar snuggly convenient booming auspicious providential eleemosynary soft touch indulgent merciful liberal fatherly regardful supportive unstinting chivalrous giving pitying brotherly greathearted great-hearted lavish princely benignant fatherlike clement gallant heart in right place philanthropic openhanded unoffensive humane dutiful bleeding-heart public-spirited motherly openhearted magnanimous feeling selfless deferential forbearing wholesome beneficent altruistic benefic maternal tactful open-handed humanitarian bounteous charitable bountiful philanthropical all heart munificent freehanded well-mannered very palatable very enjoyable cut up for grins lacy diaphanous well-made deft frail thin ethereal fragile feeble useful spirited dramatic sensible made well roaring palmy shaking mind-boggling charged impassioned kicky mind-bending heart-stopping exhilarative emotion-charged emotional trembling passionate emotive galvanic urbane amenable unreserved shivering vibrating soul-stirring anthemic stem-winding shuddering quaking inspiriting lucky prospering healthy boomy chirpy too funny for words frantic swinging blood-tingling overwhelming mad spine-tingling wild bonhomous peak fortunate privileged unequalled unparalleled premier topnotch unexcelled tiptop perky temperate civilized optimum surpassing unrivaled unmatched class unrivalled leading faultless unbeatable incomparable well disposed easy-going tops untouchable accomplished cream star uppermost quintessential effusive excessive elite applaudable highest extreme lead awesomesauce greatest exaggerated worthiest flagship inflated unequaled bosker civilised pre-eminent top-class top-grade top-level top-tier poignant riot scream clever gas without equal A-1 award-winning prize-winning highest quality very best beyond compare top-drawer of the highest order of the first order of highest order of the first water in a class all by itself of the highest standard of the highest quality above and beyond of high quality be a ball


Present participle for to give solace to
comforting consoling soothing cheering assuring reassuring calming relieving supporting allaying alleviating mitigating softening upraising giving solace to bucking up condoling with heartening encouraging cheering up inspiriting uplifting buoying up bolstering assuaging gladdening succoring succouring easing bringing comfort to putting at ease buoying placating condoling lifting boosting salving elevating animating helping enlivening commiserating with sympathizing with pacifying giving condolences to commiserating besoothing composing relaxing putting one's mind to rest perking up mollifying palliating picking up giving a lift to giving a lift giving sympathy to quietening freeing revitalizing envigorating making well revitalising invigorating lightening burden empathizing with quieting fears making one feel at ease reanimating aiding pitying giving respite to fortifying untroubling expressing sympathy to showing compassion to tranquilizing showing fellow feeling to exhilarating expressing sympathy expressing sympathy for brightening giving strength to cheering on giving moral support to boosting the morale of holding someone's hand giving a leg up to boosting morale emboldening elating steeling strengthening inciting warming letting the sun shine in putting on cloud nine snapping out of it putting on top of the world bracing up bracing geeing up giving confidence snapping one out of it restoring confidence to setting your mind at rest inspiring stirring rousing arousing rallying energizing pepping up energising motivating stimulating spurring empowering driving galvanizing filliping piquing building revivifying vitalizing kindling building up instigating activating bearing up chirking up stirring up spurring on whipping up firing up pumping up boosting up raising your spirits galvanising giving a shot in the arm to incentifying pushing applauding impassioning sparking enforcing disinhibiting goading triggering swaying moving exciting egging jumpstarting incentivizing enheartening provoking reenforcing igniting revving up raising quickening giving a boost to restoring nudging refreshing gingering up praising pricking boosting moral raising the morale of giving shot in arm lighting a fire under bielding spiriting up propping up giving hope to psyching up stimulating spiritually lifting the spirits of giving confidence to stiffening the resolve of raising spirits lulling quelling stilling subduing containing becalming collecting sedating controlling lullabying calming down re-collecting settling


Present participle for give solace to
entertaining amusing diverting disporting regaling delighting pleasing beguiling fascinating charming enthralling gratifying tickling slaying occupying distracting cheering interesting absorbing engrossing captivating gladdening wowing grabbing tickling pink holding the attention of knocking dead enchanting engaging recreating preoccupying enlivening satisfying relaxing killing fracturing giving pleasure to cracking up tickle to death titillating rivetting gripping riveting making laugh panicking convulsing cheering up making roll in the aisles making smile creasing up cracking someone up bowling over getting one's jollies breaking one up making happy knocking 'em dead put ting'em away nurturing partying refreshing bewitching alluring attracting entrancing treating to witching magnetizing wiling having a get-together tossing a party giving a party laughing it up mesmerizing winning over enrapturing magnetising vamping sending mesmerising sweeping off feet knocking out tickling the fancy of appealing to turning on putting under a spell involving immersing comforting humoring ecstasizing elating inspiring indulging inspiriting piquing stimulating humouring making merry busying intriguing thrilling enwrapping bemusing spellbinding exciting ravishing holding transfixing arresting enamoring employing hypnotizing drawing delectating fulfilling tantalizing luring catching up hypnotising tantalising holding your attention contenting pleasuring concerning bedazzling rejoicing tempting ensnaring hooking carrying away giving a buzz tickling your fancy giving someone a kick going over big hitting the spot enticing exhilarating rapturing monopolizing intoxicating dazzling transporting suiting warming enamouring grooving engulfing arriding overjoying touching compelling monopolising infatuating gladding overwhelming taking up seducing holding spellbound keeping busy making content pleasing greatly pulling making a hit with arousing making someone feel good agreeing with arousing curiosity obliging catching filling fixating fixing keeping amused elevating taking scoring glorying jubilating exulting obsessing putting away rapping burying committing making someone pleased making someone glad making somebody's day wrapping throwing snaring enlisting arousing the curiosity of turning someone on freaking out moving mattering to sitting up perking up floating someone's boat whetting one's appetite catching your eye engaging one's attention affecting lighting someone's fire giving joy to giving someone a charge giving great pleasure to absorbing yourself in throwing yourself into losing oneself in getting lost in inviting stirring winning appealing provoking enslaving subduing firing kindling overpowering interesting greatly animating uplifting heartening scratching prickling brushing patting itching caressing irritating kittling vellicating tingling brightening up bucking up bringing joy to buoying up consuming giving a lift giving someone pleasure getting one's kicks warming the cockles of the heart soaking attending using up tying up owning getting under your skin

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