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Synonym: second-year, soph, sophomore(a),


The period in school that comes after ninth grade and before eleventh grade


Person who is learning something
pupil learner student apprentice disciple follower trainee beginner novice neophyte mentee probationer tyro catechumen protégé recruit schoolboy schoolgirl attendant bookworm brain junior satellite senior tenderfoot undergraduate understudy first-year student graduate student newcomer novitiate greenhorn freshman rookie starter newbie abecedarian fledgling new boy raw recruit new girl amateur initiate colt punk cub virgin babe rook newie new recruit new kid on the block new kid fresher convert intern proselyte scholar new member inexperienced person buckwheater freshwoman postulant plebe cadet member inductee probie newb padawan entrant fish greenie heel flunky pledgee pledge new person new chum simpleton naif ingenue ingénue rube hayseed new kid on block new hand gremlin newling prentice mark resident immure doctor tutee postgraduate first of May know from nothing student doctor person doing work experience med student medical student coed finalist frosh graduate grad undergrad registrant dilettante nonprofessional dabbler layperson putterer noob n00b trifler outsider layman uninitiate smatterer Johnny-come-lately new arrival potterer tinkerer ham conscript hopeful aspirant nubcake nonexpert hobbyist non-professional nub bush leaguer Sunday driver hacker incomer selectee parishioner believer laic secular draftee devotee dallier non-specialist hack first year upstart scrub hire underclassman inexperienced worker new boy/girl inexpert freshman/woman normie jackleg youngster lad entry new entrant puppy whippersnapper stripling stranger parvenu latecomer muggle new kid in town nouveau arrive aesthete johnny-come-lately enthusiast late arrival new believer esthete dabbler out fan buff casual participant … lover impressed man enlisted man loafer pretender lay person


Immature, or lacking in life experience
callow immature inexperienced juvenile raw adolescent green guileless jejune puerile unfledged unsophisticated untried naïve artless innocent naive unformed unripe unripened unseasoned untrained unworldly crude infant jellybean kid tenderfoot unbaked young youthful as green as grass born yesterday wet behind the ears not dry behind ears fresh ignorant undeveloped new childlike wide-eyed ingenuous unschooled unsuspicious unwary simple uninitiated unversed unpracticed unacquainted inexpert uncritical unconversant undisciplined verdant uninformed dewy-eyed gullible rookie credulous dewy unsuspecting amateur childish unskilled naif unfamiliar inept unaccustomed sophomoric untutored untested unqualified trusting natural lacking experience unknowing wet behind ears unpractised boyish tender junior unaffected prentice unproven unused rude spring chicken unfamiliar with simpleminded impressionable primitive budding aw-shucks girlish fledgling unstudied vernal underdeveloped incomplete unfinished down-to-earth unpretentious teenage unguarded teenaged trustful babyish without airs uninitiate infantile underage fresh-faced silly half-grown exploitable easy folksy unartificial clean untaught plain pubescent idealistic unweaned young-looking easily taken in youngish pure nescient uncorrupted young at heart fatuous unrehearsed unlearned amateurish unskillful nonprofessional unprofessional bland jackleg developing vulnerable open minor unready spontaneous frank uninhibited country uncool corn-fed unmellowed sour kidstuff tenderfooted newly arrived uncultivated underaged not ripe not developed babe in woods vigorous unrefined active little unpolished gauche modest unassuming spry dupable sprightly provincial rustic parochial deceivable overtrusting unsceptical bush-league corny homey unadulterated cornball genuine authentic unquestioning gullable susceptible enthusiastic full of life young looking in the springtime of life buoyant keen unexperienced accepting believing imprudent incognizant bread-and-butter boylike early growing over-trustful over-trusting newborn teen newish readily swallowing whole easy mark readily taken in easily deceived readily falling for easily led blossoming blooming not aged in one's salad days not far advanced burgeoning soppy unrealistic teary-eyed sentimental sinless undefiled dovelike unattempted experimental fond insensible speculative unestablished exploratory test pilot prototype trial unproved unwise unsubstantiated novel conjectural unessayed confiding virginal virgin cute naïf shallow unjaded uneducated quaint in the experimental stage unexpert countrified Panglossian simple-minded starry-eyed like a babe in the woods

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