Synonym of soreheaded


Full of aggression or hostility
aggressive belligerent antagonistic bellicose destructive hostile violent adversarial angry argumentative cantankerous confrontational fierce inhospitable inimical irascible loudmouthed pugnacious quarrelsome stroppy abusive combative defiant exasperated feisty fiery fractious irritable malevolent mean miffy militant narky nasty ornery petulant splenetic sullen surly testy threatening touchy truculent unfriendly warlike cross grouchy grumpy offensive pettish snarly agonistic antipathetic arsey assaultive chippy choleric contentious contrary crabby cranky discordant fretful huffy mighty peppery prickly rancorous scrappy snappish snappy unkind bad-tempered hot-tempered ill-tempered quick-tempered short-tempered ratty peevish tetchy crotchety waspish crabbed eggy crusty peckish ill-humoured liverish snaky ill-humored ill-natured disagreeable dyspeptic like a bear with a sore head curmudgeonly bilious shirty perverse impatient querulous snippy scratchy sulky stuffy snippety moody snarky on a short fuse raspy churlish sour waxy out of sorts edgy complaining short-fused in a bad mood shrewish captious whingy morose bitter cross-grained volatile bearish sorehead brusque as cross as two sticks snarling thin-skinned out of humor miserable on edge whingeing grumbling annoyed difficult in a mood out of temper temperamental spiteful gruff curt acrimonious fussy awkward acid mardy uptight harsh hotheaded tart bloody-minded vinegary hot-blooded critical resentful disgruntled discontented cynical obstinate whining short uncooperative tooshie sensitive sharp passionate waspy fault-finding dour cavilling caviling having got out of bed the wrong side unsociable huffish displeased tough dissatisfied carping whiny trying excitable acrid grousing having got out of bed on the wrong side out of humour mumpish ugly saturnine cussed irritated tense bad uncongenial vexed peeved vitriolic malignant vindictive glum put out pouty misanthropic pertinacious piqued irked malicious ireful oversensitive crybaby ungracious unpleasant impulsive ticklish venomous filthy vicious riled pouting gloomy sore wild inflammable iracund iracundulous sarcastic sharp-tongued easily upset nasty-tempered salty griping hot under the collar growling hot-headed fretting childish out-of-sorts obstreperous blunt chuffy embittered foul uncharitable rude inconsiderate unsympathetic catty wrathful furious vinegarish apt to fly off the handle murmuring plaintive scornful brief grudging hurtful joyless hateful bad-humored got up on wrong side of bed like a bear zowerswopped atrabilious unruly recalcitrant censorious perversely irritable jaundiced wicked refractory viperous malign sharp-tempered spunky acerbic acute ungenerous froward unhappy restless indomitable uncompliant restive indocile mean-spirited irate upset grumbly huffy irascible moaning negative crying deploring hard to please lamenting bemoaning whimpering wailing bristly offended choked galled evil-minded livid apoplectic hypercritical moping miffed mad brooding disputatious narked steamed foul-tempered hasty easily offended crook steamed up vex ropeable hoha wroth angered hurt stewed provoked insulted nettled jumpy faultfinding in a paddy in a lather up in arms bent out of shape on the warpath teed off fit to be tied foaming at the mouth hacked off not best pleased in a bate ticked off aerated hopping mad nervous anxious agitated uneasy twitchy highly strung glowering aggravated nervy worried fidgety fed up neurotic scowling mopey emotional aggrieved indignant jittery in a huff incensed infuriated high-strung hypersensitive unquiet wired frowning ill at ease abrupt unhelpful overwrought snuffy overstrung cheesed off peed off apprehensive browned off uncivil ruffled bothered disturbed impolite disobliging insecure skittish enraged worked up troubled antsy unresponsive uncommunicative stressed harassed in a temper brassed off wound up keyed up unsettled discourteous litigious thrawn hysterical obstructive boorish flustered humourless humorless perturbed bolshie unmannerly disapproving unsmiling gladiatorial dithery queazy balky queasy disputative het up sourpussed unstable unpredictable melodramatic brawly sulking explosive wrath mercurial in high dudgeon stressy headstrong uncomfortable hung up toey distressed malcontent pigheaded bellyaching contumacious fearful factious contrarious affronted mopish warring nagging tempestuous taciturn quibbling wrangling adrenalized battling fighting overemotional stubborn impassioned unreasonable bickering maddened ill-mannered excited grim afraid dismal impetuous scunnered criticizing brittle shaky oafish strung out hinky goosey atwitter aflutter brawling strung up hard-nosed intractable unaccommodating troublesome overcritical wilful willful tiresome stiff criticising fuming demanding ready for a fight cheerless shaken raving obdurate unmanageable a bundle of nerves like a cat on a hot tin roof in bad mood hard to handle prima donna-ish finicky whingey stung responsive distraught objecting disrespectful protesting quick uncontrollable tempersome envenomed vehement wrought up forceful ignoble contemptible goaded terse rotten repining weeping dissenting mourning accusing bewailing regretting charging perturbable dicey hazardous unsafe cruel wreck rattled sombre somber disaffected unlikable grizzly naysaying chafed lugubrious agitable broody dejected Eeyorish eristic unindulgent wired up timorous blue wounded mopy kittle snide scolding spooked timid pessimistic sober aloof dark bundle of nerves backbiting cattish disappointed discontent with a long face defensive frustrated harried panicky weak withdrawn depressed intense stormy reactive prim stilted febrile hassled paranoid crabbing uncontent kicking ungratified malcontented kvetching vixenish loutish having short fuse hot under collar concerned taut scared dramatic snitty conservative hesitant angerful ranting psyched up frenzied cold convulsed ferocious rebellious rough in a funk in the sulks in a strop down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks frantic steamed-up hottempered inflamed strained frightened discomposed easily agitated easily frightened out of joint bad tempered vulgar uncouth on tenterhooks pushy biffo aggers alarmed over-emotional have a bone to pick having a chip on one's shoulder self-assertive ready to fight itching to fight all shook up self-conscious fraught unrestful embarrassed discomfited umbrageous hyper-sensitive on pins and needles ungallant ungentlemanly ill-bred easily hurt easily affected dismayed tormented anguished perplexed wrung disquieted suspicious in turmoil palpitant all nerves like a fish out of water on the qui vive annoying exasperating wriggly squirmy uncompromising like a cat on hot bricks classless unchivalrous cloddish clownish controversial polemical polemic dissentious wiggly overbearing unrelenting unamenable ructious arguesome ignorant hardheaded strong-minded hard-line bull-headed steadfast choosy resolute immovable picky opinionated delicate dogmatic intransigent oppressive unflinching wrong-headed particular fastidious over-particular dictatorial importunate pitiless strict single-minded set in one's ways rigid inflexible finical invidious fiendish uppity tyrannical stiff-necked hard to satisfy irritating inexorable unyielding opinionative unbending perfectionist turbulent war pesky vexing clodhopping crude polite bad-mannered miserly unpolished rustic lowbred uncivilised uncultured crass uncivilized base unneighborly coarse vexatious renitent pervicacious all wound up cramped complex bulky discommodious incommodious disparaging deprecating difficult to handle pedantic niggling pettifogging nit-picking have chip on shoulder hair-splitting nitpicking judgemental judgmental rejective pernickety pass-remarkable severe nitpicky thorny exceptive exacting unjust unfair hairsplitting very critical petty trivial cavillous tricky


Full of rage and anger
enraged angry irate furious incensed infuriated livid outraged aggravated angered ballistic indignant ireful mad rankled riled apoplectic choleric fuming ropeable seething ticked wrathful cross exasperated incandescent rabid raging raving very angry wild boiling foaming frenzied roiled shirty sore aerated crook enflamed hot inflamed infuriate irritated steaming stroppy waxy antagonistic hopping hostile ranting riley snaky upset wroth choked dark tooshie steamed up beside oneself cheesed off teed off up in arms boiling mad going crook hopping mad in a temper ticked off horn-mad hot under the collar on the warpath raging mad beside yourself in a frenzy in a lather in high dudgeon as cross as two sticks bent out of shape foaming at the mouth in a paddy pushed too far fit to be tied blue in the face in a filthy temper in a huff in a bate in a fume in a pet with all guns blazing off the air maddened browned off aggrieved antagonized annoyed resentful displeased irked provoked piqued peeved miffed frustrated perturbed nettled vexed huffy antagonised worked up offended disgruntled bitter affronted discontented galled troubled disgusted vex chafed bothered frantic ruffled hacked dirty filthy steamed up the wall gnashing one's teeth unglued hacked off bummed out at daggers drawn raving mad hateful insulted surly agitated desperate insane full-on corybantic all-out demented crazed uncompromising breakneck maniac irrational energetic bent unreasonable concerted smoking manic unhappy dishonored slighted humiliated narked sour extremely angry umbrageous dishonoured hurt irascible rousted splenetic roused bugged heated dogged uptight buffaloed scandalized storming spare ill-humored scandalised passionate shocked hot-tempered fed up wound up bad-tempered ill-tempered ill-humoured seeing red at boiling point all steamed up overcome with anger peed off in a rage burned up beside yourself with rage blown a gasket put out rubbed the wrong way at end of one's rope hot and bothered dissatisfied violent fierce excited eggy brassed off not best pleased distressed disturbed testy impassioned intense snuffy acrimonious vehement miffy stormy fiery disappointed malcontent tempestuous ratty rough rancorous feverish flustered embittered scunnered pained worried sulky turbulent fervent fervid wounded ardent sullen flaming blazing tumultuous irritable in a bad mood unsatisfied wrath discontent acrid stung berserk crabby spiteful overwrought injured animated blustering perfervid passional emotional torrid hysterical afflicted harassed squally hoha blustery rattled ferocious windy grumpy anxious choppy hard hectic howling frenetic distraught nasty crazy roaring boisterous out of control glowing burning lively charged keyed up demonstrative shook up in a tizzy red-hot warm-blooded warm hot-blooded grieved black menacing touchy impatient vitriolic discouraged threatening inclement venomous explosive disaffected unfulfilled grudging saddened harried crabbed foul het up confused thundery ungratified bleak disquieted restless rugged stormful short-tempered unsettled panic-stricken fraught delirious weirded out deranged freaked out weird spazzed out flipped out zonkers unzipped in a stew wigged out at wits' end wired hyper unscrewed uncontrolled tetchy needled superheated religious out of joint malevolent spirited anguished vindictive convulsive chagrined aroused depressed poisonous knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts paroxysmal cataclysmal volcanic cyclonic hammer and tongs bang-bang cataclysmic vicious grieving chippy malign disillusioned hate-filled snappy sad tormented gusty petulant fretted scornful begrudging disconcerted peevish storm-tossed blazing mad flaming mad churlish rainy blowy unnerved uneasy savage jaundiced malcontented griping kvetching critical unpleased grouchy unsated cynical in a towering rage gutted unforgiving raw discomposed out of humour blue tense nervous apprehensive hard done by antsy full of hate ill-disposed in a state hung up with a chip on your shoulder ill at ease quick-tempered sombre somber in an uproar goaded overexcited good and mad mad as hell burning with excitement defiant mighty tremendous p.o.'d ready to be tied scalding steamy piping reproachful airborne air-to-air flying ballistical surface-to-air crackers overheated disheartened hazardous risky snubbed disrespected stimulated as black as thunder perplexed virulent revengeful weighty annoying distressing smouldering salty very upset hassled defeated scathing bilious huffish wronged prickly snitty hotheaded keen in a wax eager enthusiastic out of countenance harmed grousing cranky crabbing bellyaching uncontent out of temper kicking ill-used woeful morose rough-and-tumble amorous out of sorts carrying a chip on your shoulder disapproving of intemperate breezy panicky persecuted oppressed victimised victimized ablaze bad tempered smoldering panic-struck vivid fizzing sardonic irreconcilable caustic contemptuous disdainful excitable vigorous effusive zealous distracted unhinged fevered hot-headed dismayed waspish maniacal distrait hysteric scintillating very excited ill-natured powerful rampant belligerent aggressive unfriendly malignant swivel-eyed berko with chip on shoulder grudge-bearing full of dislike shaken nutty gung-ho madding in a flap last-minute in a cold sweat having kittens in a flat spin at the end of your tether in a tizz evil wicked malicious white-hot doing your nut boiling over going ape narky maleficent baleful muddled embarrassed acid glowering louring moody malefic throwing a fit blowing one's top blowing a gasket ranting and raving heavy bumpy discomfited mad as a hornet overemotional thrown aflutter alienated soured volatile awkward unstable roily disordered evil-intentioned estranged edgy overactive full-hearted hyperactive weltering inconvenienced falling apart discountenanced broken up cut up frightened atwitter histrionic alarmed discombobulated fazed twitchy unmanageable noisy tremulous thunderous rebellious moiling swirling destructive riotous coarse rage strained stressy storm-wracked murky frigid riproaring cold damp out of place self-conscious uncomfortable like a fish out of water miserable despondent avid nursing a grudge stirred up raining cats and dogs coming down disconsolate dejected downcast melancholic down forlorn joyless glum low cheerless disapproving restive regretful ennuied sniveling fretful plaintive put-out unassuaged envious insatiable picky fed-up faultfinding querulous unappeased complaining fretting grumbling not satisfied jealous disenchanted crestfallen doleful downhearted inconsolable snivelling sorrowful sick low-spirited

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