Synonym of spiring

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spires, spired, spiring

Synonym: steeple,


Present participle for to coil or turn in a spiral or circular motion
bending coiling curling spiraling spiralling winding convoluting convolving corkscrewing curving looping rotating twining twirling twisting entwining scrolling sinuating turning writhing curling around wrapping around rolling snaking reeling wreathing meandering intervolving folding lapping intertwining making serpentine wrapping arching undulating crooking zigzagging furling swirling gyrating twisting and turning kinking wheeling arcking arcing bowing crimping encircling waving circling spinning swerving contorting screwing rounding frizzing crinkling surrounding weaving hooking frizzling buckling whirling swiveling swivelling eddying rippling rolling up circulating swinging tangling ringing girdling encompassing incurvating compassing girding trending sweeping crisping revolving stirring pivoting rambling inflecting veering begirding swelling deviating whorling flowing curling up surging enveloping swishing orbiting whirlpooling folding up skewing winding up going round wrapping up turning around plaiting slithering spooling inweaving intertwisting knitting enmeshing entangling entwining itself splicing plying enlacing billowing implicating flexing warping tightening working worming wresting wringing wrenching swooshing streaming bulging deforming wriggling unscrewing enfolding swathing distorting skewing round pirouetting swaddling stooping incurving concaving diverting indenting working in falling off forming into ringlets gyring angling deflecting perming pinwheeling birling bending into spirals forming a hoop with bending into whorls forming hoops with making circles with purling making crooked making curved fluttering joining enclosing knotting making a circle with quivering braiding turning round winding round curving round oscillating tiing together winding around curving around forming a ring round swaying vibrating pulsating palpitating belting moving circuiting circumscribing embracing inclosing circumventing environing fluctuating bounding heaving containing cincturing ensphering fencing in hedging in hemming in touring ringing round circumducting vacillating tying up motioning bundling up coiling up rising and falling

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