Synonym of splendent


Sending out light
radiant shining bright brilliant glowing luminous incandescent lustrous gleaming beaming dazzling effulgent glittering lambent lucent sparkling illuminated refulgent ablaze glorious lighted lit luminescent bedazzling candescent clear coruscating flashing fulgent glowy irradiant lucid sheeny shimmering shiny splendid sunny resplendent healthy radiating glistening flickering twinkling glinting phosphorescent fluorescent glaring glistering aglow fulgurating rutilant conspicuous glazed relucent scintillating opalescent splendorous sleek iridescent noticeable agleam glossy blazing burnished vivid polished intense light glimmering smooth glassy satiny buffed rubbed satin silky flaming silken slick alight scintillant glittery burning nitid illumined crystal unclouded sparkly flashy warm Day-Glo reflecting translucent brightened lightsome shimmery sunshiny ardent fair fine lit up fiery rainless undarkened luculent clarion starry strong rosy rich transparent varnished limpid fervid lacquered waxed japanned vibrant slippery pellucid crystalline fulgurant fervent fulgurous shellacked astral star pleasant aflame patinated halcyon chatoyant clinquant see-through scintillescent beady blinding undimmed cloudless smouldering golden on fire sunlit stellar smoldering crystal clear colourful lurid colorful deep striking spangled gaudy flamboyant bold garish splashy psychedelic kaleidoscopic jazzy gay showy deep-coloured eye-catching loud bright-coloured highly-coloured celestial highly colored winking razzle-dazzle glitzy red-hot twinkly glimmery transcendent white-hot luminiferous cheery beamful hot white glacé stunning sharp powerful concentrated beautiful waxy level intensely hot reflective convey neon fierce overpowering soft shinning suffused enamelled furbished ground sanded velvety flaring gold small round moonlit auroral argent beamy fulgid irradiated silvery mirrorlike sericeous satinlike full enameled well-groomed ruddy extremely bright visual dramatic tanned blushing blooming silver brightening illuminative summery well brushed reflecting light brightly illuminated clement balmy coruscant dancing without a cloud in the sky oily greasy Brylcreemed oiled impassioned dynamic vigorous spirited mantling gaseous entertaining plastered down afire kindled ignited inflamed conflagrant enflamed combusting scorching uncloudy healthy-looking full of life bespangled radiated sidereal stellary stelliform roaring baking blistering searing liquid leading cosmic outstanding principal chief


Dramatically good-looking or beautiful
striking grand imposing impressive splendid amazing breathtaking dazzling magnificent marvelous marvellous outstanding spectacular stunning superb wonderful awe-inspiring awesome dramatic eye-catching fab fabulous great picturesque sensational staggering amazeballs smashing excellent beautiful exceptional terrific fantastic fine stellar lovely superlative superior first-class sterling prime exquisite choice first-rate top-notch unsurpassed top supreme divine quality sublime heavenly incredible neat cool brilliant groovy hot cracking blue-ribbon immense tip-top high-class mean remarkable extraordinary tremendous world-class classic attractive phat fantabulous dope radical peerless wicked incomparable admirable swell nifty dynamite dandy peachy slick glorious select keen accomplished bang-up jim-dandy supernal prizewinning noble out-of-sight top-shelf number one numero uno top-of-the-line peachy keen par excellence rare banner stupendous very good good capital bumper phenomenal transcendent topping out of this world premium righteous ace blue-chip exemplary distinguished notable crackerjack corking primo topflight prize first-string gilt-edged unreal brag super desirable invaluable pre-eminent unparalleled matchless noted meritorious priceless estimable high gangbusters gangbuster five-star gilt-edge unrivaled unrivalled charming A-OK of high quality elegant tiptop champion wizard fancy famous frontline hype boss bully down bonny brave bonnie boffo gone four-star perfect topnotch wondrous lofty mind-blowing mega A-1 deluxe preeminent ideal supercalifragilisticexpialidocious high-quality of the highest quality high-grade of the highest standard panoramic certified skillful skilful pretty majestic masterly arresting ripping bodacious pleasing memorable unforgettable unique worthy valuable scenic formidable splendiferous exclusive enviable illustrious distinctive choicest first finest magic brill top-hole sovereign commendable special advanced crowning eminent vintage elite dominant applaudable laudable praiseworthy refined spiffing better astonishing astounding really good mind-boggling easy on the eye jaw-dropping pretty as a picture best eye-popping gee-whizz piked reliable consummate unmatched unequalled inimitable tophole premier quaint gnarly stirring magical not too shabby romantic greater humbling too much top-drawer top-class second to none banging of a high standard top-level mint outrageous class fantastical legit bosting unequaled surpassing beyond description beyond words overwhelming enhanced improved crucial rad def sik schmick picture-perfect of the first water on fleek first class better than usual of the best quality better than average chillin' way-out the dog's bollocks best ever cat's meow like wow out of sight far out inspiring top-of-the-range exhilarating intoxicating delightful enchanting bewitching captivating entrancing radiant masterful virtuoso never to be forgotten spine-tingling mind-bending scrumptious delectable bad bonzer moving eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable zero cool chic plush

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