Synonym of spooked

Alternative for spooked

spooks, spooked, spooking

Synonym: apparition, ghost, phantom, specter, spirit,


Describing the unsettling feeling there being another unknown ghostly presence
frightened scared terrified horrified afraid alarmed fearful shocked aghast hysterical terrorised terrorized affrighted hysteric scary horror-struck petrified scared stiff startled scared to death panicky anxious apprehensive stunned panic-stricken frozen terror-stricken nervous worried jittery jumpy terror-struck unnerved horror-stricken scared witless intimidated timorous disturbed frightened to death in a cold sweat daunted frantic appalled timid feart dismayed funky upset afeared frit faint-hearted in a funk in a blue funk cowardly have cold feet agitated windy uneasy spineless trembling yellow nervy lily-livered cowed chicken beside oneself stupefied shaky pusillanimous shaking like a leaf fearsome perturbed in a panic running scared diffident cowering troubled distressed shaken chicken-hearted unmanly tense frightened out of one's wits sissy scared out of one's wits hesitant weak-kneed abashed aroused bricking oneself with one's heart in one's mouth shaking in one's shoes rattled dumbfounded dazed numb rabbity in a flap in a tizzy pushing the panic button in awe disconcerted surprised astonished amazed ascared awed traumatized frenzied paralysed with fear panicked squeamish antsy traumatised worked up awestruck shell-shocked perplexed suspicious blanched discouraged disheartened edgy frightened out of your wits awe-struck wired shrinking disquieted paralyzed speechless paralysed benumbed transfixed worried sick chickenhearted quivery sheepish goose-bumpy nerveless solicitous phobic aflutter discomposed immobilised immobilized run scared scared out of your wits in a dither flustered weak mousy butterflies shivery jellyfish uptight quaking concerned bothered weak-willed boneless spiritless craven pigeon-hearted fretful hung up having kittens very scared overwrought soft easily frightened irresolute half-hearted chicken-livered easily scared weakling in fear and trepidation numb with fear in a sweat apprehensive about intimidated by on edge alarmed at in a fluster in a state in a tizz wimpish gutless yellow-bellied wet wimpy candy-assed having cold feet poor-spirited recreant shy retiring tentative coy tremulous


(situational) Anxious or apprehensive
nervous anxious apprehensive edgy worried fearful tense uneasy agitated stressed uptight annoyed bothered fidgety insecure toey disturbed excitable jumpy ruffled timorous nervy overwrought timid upset hysterical overstrung perturbed restless sensitive dithery panicky queazy twitchy weak wired febrile flustered irritable jittery queasy afraid concerned scared taut fussy hesitant shaky adrenalized antsy distressed frightened strained unquiet highly strung on edge strung out strung up worked up troubled stressy spooky keyed up in a stew in a tizzy fretful windy aflutter hyper discomposed on pins and needles trembling unglued quivering like a cat on a hot tin roof like a cat on hot bricks unsettled ill at ease disquieted on tenterhooks goosey atwitter squirrelly hinky flurried het up in a state of agitation hung up in a tizz in a state all of a dither all of a lather having kittens a bundle of nerves bugged shook up shaking quaking distraught in a state of nerves tormented angsty in a flap in a twitter in a sweat uncomfortable in a twit in a cold sweat discombobulated high-strung wrought up shy fretting skittish distracted all of a doodah stressed out worried sick skittery unrestful careful fluttery under stress angstful solicitous afflicted bricking oneself disconcerted vexed shivery a wreck unhappy shaken hot and bothered anguished tortured irked wretched plagued saddened disconsolate harassed wrecked inconsolable shook up the wall with one's stomach in knots with one's heart in one's mouth cut up all torn up bummed out with butterflies in one's stomach unrelaxed fevered bashful white-knuckled frazzled excited frisky creepy creeped out graceless watchful aghast dreading in suspense in a spin sweating bullets a basket case in a flat spin shot to pieces restive like a fish out of water jerky impatient having butterflies in the stomach daunted cowed shrinking cowering squirmy wiggly wriggly pusillanimous diffident cowardly faint-hearted itchy yellow chicken trepidatious neurotic flighty restlessly moving nervous wreck brittle spasmodic mousy frightened of one's own shadow miffed easily frightened easily agitated exercised peeved dragged ripped basket case unconsolable distrait bundle of nerves shot down hassled rattled miserable riled beset alarmed muddled clutched sad in a dither beside oneself worried stiff hurt despondent depressed dejected heavyhearted devastated broken melancholy sorrowful doleful bitter traumatized heartbroken dolorous desolate morose unnerved cheerless mournful grieving despairing weeping heartsick down rueful overwhelmed hurting bereaved grieved discountenanced mourning haunted woeful crushed harrowed agonized pained gutted dolesome wounded shaking in one's shoes sorrowing broken-hearted woebegone suffering aching overcome with sorrow in pain heavy with grief racked with pain bewailing persecuted traumatised bemoaning grief-stricken brokenhearted wailing agonised racked with suffering angst-ridden wound up frantic touchy unstable uncertain irascible dismayed unsure self-conscious overanxious peevish fractious terrified choked hectic tetchy frenzied oversensitive irresolute overactive heated testy irrational moved inhibited fazed embarrassed wrought-up querulous snappy crotchety discomfited unsteady captious bad-tempered doubtful ill-tempered quick-tempered prickly fidgeting irritated hot under the collar short-tempered hot-tempered suspicious put out perplexed waiting for the axe to fall waiting with bated breath awkward desperate overexcited shocked out of place in a panic emotional retiring grumpy under a strain fraught crabbed petulant surly critical stirred worked-up inflamed aroused unruly fitful grouchy temperamental turbulent feverish hyperactive provoked cantankerous unpeaceful chippy stiff fixated phobic confused waspish splenetic cross paranoid disoriented ratty displeased inconvenienced pettish active sleepless perverse moody tooshie choleric crusty obsessed all of a flutter ornery cranky steamed up beside yourself in a lather in turmoil tossing and turning twittering mentally unsettled indecisive tentative dithering wavering vacillating under pressure mouselike swithering caught up disorientated pressured animated curt roused exasperated wreck moving shot faltering unnatural gauche confined having cabin fever bewildered agog eagerly white knuckled stilted prim blushing withdrawn palpitant wrung nerve-racking stressful nail-biting feeling anxious stirred up flapping strict conventional cautious strange lost unconfident have cold feet all agog avid open-mouthed all nerves on the qui vive flushed startled intense hurried transient wandering intermittent changeable inconstant footloose roving nomadic bustling recalcitrant distrustful nerves on edge stir-crazy aquiver refractory with bated breath anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting asea obstinate stubborn unyielding at fever pitch unreluctant jiggly foreboding mistrustful compulsive manic obsessive self-doubting unassertive self-effacing exacerbated puzzled chagrined aggravated mortified pestered harried old-fashioned hyped-up afire atingle hyperexcited on the defensive frozen meek lacking confidence unforthcoming offended angered disappointed fretted not self-assured lacking self-confidence introverted passive lily-livered running scared having stage fright biting nails having butterflies having cold feet having a funny feeling champing at the bit wakeful thrown low swivel-eyed unhealthy abnormal all wound up insomniac zipped up hot juiced up verklempt blue unzipped freaked-out wound-up crazy high keyed-up affected fired-up hot-and-bothered weary strung-out worn unstrung tired spent vague Delphic unassured questioning unpoised maladjusted thin-skinned come apart psyched out broken up at sixes and sevens in disorder amazed throwing a wobbly awake unsleeping erratic aberrant deviant disordered hysteric flipped out out of your mind touch and go up in the air insomnolent hanging by thread on thin ice hot under collar all shook up alert at the end of your tether hypersensitive vigilant without sleep wide awake wide-awake attentive curmudgeonly angry ticklish quarrelsome huffy easily offended churlish disagreeable dicey hazardous unsafe unpredictable wired up volatile sulky perturbable mean snappish irate piqued galled resentful dyspeptic crabby livid apoplectic mad sullen narky sore ireful stroppy steamed shirty wild fiery snippy snarky snippety liverish crook soreheaded short raspy waxy vex ropeable stuffy hoha wroth snaky in a paddy mardy out of humour out of sorts up in arms out of humor on the warpath foaming at the mouth hacked off eggy as cross as two sticks not best pleased caviling in a bate ticked off ill-humoured hopping mad faultfinding bent out of shape teed off fit to be tied ill-humored cavilling aerated in a bad mood


To have frightened or caused fear
scared frightened panicked terrified petrified startled alarmed shocked horrified intimidated daunted unnerved scarified affrighted dismayed frighted terrorized filled with fear gave someone the heebie-jeebies made nervous put the wind up scared stiff scared the pants off scared to death struck terror into appalled terrorised alarumed put the fear of God into scared the bejesus out of upset cowed browbeat agitated awed chilled scared the living daylights out of put the wind up someone disturbed bullied scared someone out of their wits threatened menaced disconcerted perturbed scared witless bulldozed tormented made your hair stand on end threw into a panic thrown into a panic stricken terror into browbeaten flustered rattled ruffled surprised disquieted astounded discomforted frightened to death deterred made someone jump out of their skin frightened the life out of frightened the living daylights out of made jump made your blood run cold scared off made one's flesh creep leaned on scared away pushed around made afraid thrown into a blue funk threw into a blue funk pressurized oppressed stunned tyrannized persecuted stupefied coerced paralysed hectored amazed dragooned astonished confounded fazed unhinged worried repelled stiffed discouraged disheartened demoralized paralyzed scared the hell out of scared the life out of sent into a cold sweat made someone's hair stand on end strong-armed made someone shake in their shoes frightened someone out of their wits mau-maued blustered enforced pressurised got the wind up tyrannised bludgeoned chilled to the bone put chill on scared the pants off of issued threats to consternated made one's blood run cold put the frighteners on frightened out of your wits made blood run cold filled with terror put heat on made teeth chatter scared silly picked on demoralised given someone the heebie-jeebies gave someone goose pimples gave someone a turn given someone goose pimples given someone a turn curdled the blood curdles the blood given one the creeps gave one the creeps pressured distressed harassed domineered subdued hounded unmanned harried transfixed railroaded warned periled adventured hazarded endangered ventured risked imperilled compromised imperiled jeopardized jeoparded forced obliged freaked shaken shook victimized unsettled compelled bullyragged overawed buffaloed dumbfounded immobilized made fearful flabbergasted steamrollered blackjacked constrained bogarted badgered given someone a fright gave someone a fright worked up made it hot for someone snarled portended twisted someone's arm lowered impended sprung something on made things hot for someone thrown into a fright gave a turn freaked out benumbed victimised scowled perplexed growled threw into a fright abused comminated flexed muscles cautioned inspired panic in uttered threats to whipped around staggered looked daggers used strong-arm tactics on made your flesh creep paralysed with fear made threats to walked heavy bothered chilled off given a turn immobilised pushed about filled with panic jeopardised threatened to kill depressed blackmailed made threats against made someone jump out of his skin scared hell out of made one's teeth chatter dazed frozen your blood numbed chilled someone to the marrow made one's hair stand on end sprung scared someone half to death threatened to harm scared the daylights out of loomed stampeded gambled with scared the living daylights out of someone froze your blood fulminated admonished forewarned made threat plagued rid rode ridden thrown into panic threw into panic frozen froze stricken terror in struck terror in shaken fist at shook fist at stricken fear into struck fear into thrown into disarray threw into disarray thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy gave someone a jolt taken someone aback shaken up took someone aback given a shock gave a shock sprang given someone a jolt taken aback sprang something on took aback shook up outraged disgusted sickened scandalized scandalised jolted floored revolted abashed insulted harrowed offended nauseated impressed chilled to the marrow grossed out got to distressed greatly knocked for a loop psyched out blinded someone with something threw thrown gotten to taken someone's breath away took someone's breath away


Past tense for to fill with alarm or depression
dismayed alarmed daunted distressed frightened horrified scared upset appalled unnerved bothered discomposed perturbed saddened shook shaken shocked startled concerned confounded discomfited disconcerted discouraged disheartened dispirited disturbed unsettled surprised unmanned dashed disappointed discountenanced fazed panicked rattled shook up shaken up took aback taken aback troubled agitated ailed alarumed chagrined chilled demoralised demoralized derailed discomforted disillusioned disquieted distempered distracted exercised flurried frazzled frustrated fussed hagrode hagrid hagridden paralysed psyched terrified undid undone unhinged vexed vext worried affrighted disenchanted disgruntled pothered abashed bewildered depressed dumbfounded embarrassed flummoxed flustered freaked out let down mystified nonplussed paralyzed perplexed puzzled snafued terrorised terrorized threw thrown threw off balance thrown off balance weirded out knocked sideways filled with consternation fouled up got to gotten to knocked for six loused up messed up mucked up put off screwed up gave someone a turn given someone a turn put the wind up someone threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy ruffled hurt discombobulated bugged put someone off their stroke put into a flap made anxious stirred up confused hassled tormented plagued irked fretted afflicted pestered psyched out crazed made uneasy made waves jolted grieved annoyed floored needled sickened turned harassed irritated set back put the wind up excited flipped fuddled flipped out egged on hurt somebody's feelings provoked turned on agonized sweat worked up oppressed nagged beset agonised put on edge threw off thrown off given someone grief gave someone grief cowed dejected disarmed intimidated displeased unbalanced angered offended inconvenienced stunned stupefied peeved destabilized disordered sapped weakened undermined enfeebled buffaloed enervated incited inflamed indisposed miffed narked wound wounded incapacitated debilitated cramped downed deranged discommoded displaced demented jumbled disrupted disorganized rummaged disarrayed disarranged got at fired up wound up picked on ticked off bowled over destabilised keyed up layed up hacked off bummed out got across laid up stimulated roused rocked the boat made a scene caused someone to lose their composure hurried het heated pained thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz fermented aroused despaired tortured mortified made nervous bustled caused disquiet to exasperated aggravated examined moved ventilated gave a hard time given a hard time feared sweated stewed harried stressed niggled burdened aggrieved persecuted bedevilled chafed beleaguered bedeviled caused anxiety to strained weighed down tried pulled the rug from under caused concern to made uncomfortable burnt up gnawed at caused discomfort to pulled the rug out from under hacked you off addled bugged up made flip pushed buttons burned up worked someone up grinded interrupted ground muddled sent into a spin uncalmed rid rode ridden gotten at gotten across got someone gotten someone gave a turn given a turn thrown into confusion threw into confusion thrown into disorder thrown into uproar threw into disorder threw into uproar gotten on someone's wick got on someone's wick gave a bad time given a bad time driven up the wall drove up the wall put someone off put out of countenance upset apple cart put someone off their stride baffled dazed disoriented piqued outraged tired amazed complicated interfered galled astounded badgered intruded caught off balance incommoded hindered gravelled graveled balked baulked unquieted made fretful made restless stopped someone in their tracks setted someone back on their heels made someone scratch their head caused to be at a stand taken by surprise took by surprise gotten in the way got in the way


Past tense for to inhabit, or visit frequently (most often used in reference to ghosts)

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