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characterized by short periods of noisy commotioncharacterized by brief periods of violent wind or rain


Characterized by windy or stormy conditions
stormy tempestuous turbulent rough inclement foul nasty bleak dirty raw blustery wild raging windy violent rainy blustering tumultuous gusty choppy howling boisterous thundery wet agitated furious stormful fierce unpleasant heavy roaring cold intense rugged murky storming harsh filthy ferocious cyclonic bad disagreeable blowy overcast extreme angry bitter storm-tossed explosive drizzly powerful strong restless foggy intemperate forceful menacing roily blistering threatening torrid savage frenzied thunderous bumpy unsettled swirling disturbed volcanic severe freezing miserable cloudy gloomy misty louring breezy raucous damp storm-wracked cacophonous jarring gray chill grey dark vehement stridulent coarse buffeting rigorous boiling hot hellacious roiled rabid convulsive hard knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts paroxysmal bang-bang hammer and tongs riotous typhonic acute volatile almighty destructive tremulous stirred up vile heaving hazardous risky hoarse unmusical grating inharmonious gruff discordant rasping husky ugly dry evil unrestrained wind-swept rough-and-tumble wintry fiery lively heated passionate chilly frantic feverish frenetic mad gusting delirious icy snowy potent impetuous ungovernable uncontrollable flaming rampageous excessive intensified concentrated dreadful intensive devastating stiff stark titanic mighty crushing forcible powerhouse adverse chaotic vicious exquisite fearsome ghastly terrible fearful frightful overwhelming sharp overpowering high wintery brutal heavy-duty foaming cataclysmal unstable disordered seething cataclysmic weltering moiling unmanageable ruffled noisy confused rebellious riproaring frigid coming down raining cats and dogs excited uncontrolled in turmoil hysterical disorderly unruly rowdy lawless aggressive roller-coaster full-on vociferous uproarious obstreperous unbridled bloodthirsty full of upheavals rambunctious termagant maniacal out of control full of ups and downs impassioned hotheaded headstrong full-blooded drag-out knock-down exciting hectic rumbustious flapping clamorous troubled rowdydowdy irregular abandoned energetic jerky jouncy rolly ebullient uninhibited animated gay bullying herky-jerky murderous berserk cruel ruthless callous terrorizing pugnacious pitiless thuggish sadistic merciless barbaric barbarous homicidal heartless inhuman maddened assertive demoniac hot-tempered hot-headed fuming crazy terrorising cut-throat radge anarchic seditious mutinous refractory full of confusion shaking untamed roughhouse perturbed rampant full of conflict demonstrative stern

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