Synonym of standing up


Present participle for to rise or stand erect, like bristles


Present participle for to stand, or cause to stand, upright


(of an action or remark) Present participle for to be accepted without scrutiny


Based on reason or good judgment
sound logical reasonable valid convincing solid analytic analytical authoritative cogent coherent consequent good prudent rational reliable sensible weighty credible plausible satisfactory satisfying sober telling thoughtful accepted accurate advisable commonsensical correct established exact faultless flawless impeccable intellectual just levelheaded orthodox precise profound recognised recognized responsible together true unassailable watertight cool right-minded right-thinking well-advised well-founded well grounded well-grounded all there got it together holding up holding water holding up in wash judicious reasoned wise practical justified justifiable legitimate acceptable realistic informed proper intelligent lucid firm effective tenable commonsense sagacious defensible commonsensible supportable sane discerning pragmatic astute suitable shrewd legit sustainable clear objective compelling right expedient hard authentic level-headed trustworthy persuasive believable strong fit circumspect legal defendable appropriate genuine maintainable fitting well reasoned understandable politic kosher grounded viable official admissible workable perceptive balanced fair consistent sage apt lawful able to hold water worthwhile probable warranted vindicable warrantable down-to-earth powerful desirable possible useful advantageous conclusive matter-of-fact relevant beneficial well-thought-out sanctioned efficacious rightful well-reasoned enlightened bona fide seemly discriminating pertinent likely systematic permissible dependable normal well advised stable licit allowable potent feasible forceful regular knowing well thought out methodical congruent proven helpful tactical deductive arguable acknowledged effectual recommended authorized straight well organized perspicacious excusable suggested faithful orderly farsighted approved confirmed gainful impressive influential valuable organized insightful canny decisive profitable organised creditable authorised factual attested well real veritable unquestionable allowed traditional recommendable within the bounds of possibility articulate definitive ratiocinative condonable substantiated well-established best suasive joined-up binding imaginable verified certified conceivable practicable usual validated common-sense productive verisimilar applicable colourable thinking cerebral sharp customary sapient perspicuous rigorous cognitive trusty germane familiar standard secure contractual serviceable fruitful presumable forcible discreet determinative necessary well-organized within the law of use hard-headed clear-cut bonafide honest passable learned preferable dinkum attainable achievable tolerable decent actual permitted manageable irresistible mature indubitable pardonable doable unanswerable commendable up front meaningful strict received sincere corroborated veridical veracious usable having all one's marbles truthful authenticated documented certain reasoning clever verifiable supported legalized assuasive reflective constitutional sure impregnable philosophic common controlled statutory licensed favorable ordinary definite urgent undisputed colorable well-informed stock righteous dispassionate presumptive pukka conservative popular meticulous ordered no-nonsense unemotional thinkable clear-sighted clear-eyed conventional prevailing successful mathematical strategic above board efficient considered favourable opportune supposable considerate mainstream aboveboard regulated canonical full of common sense thorough plain licenced legalised legally acceptable constructive in one's right mind routine rock-solid capable convenient traditionalistic old-fashioned operative scientific from the horse's mouth legally binding signed and sealed of help in effect in force of assistance adequate extensional juridicious deducible subtle obvious inferential holding together provident educated graceful trusted knowledgeable steady savvy indisputable unadulterated uncounterfeited unfaked sterling original cogitable eloquent calculating undistorted operational realizable proportional symmetrical well-proportioned well-adjusted compulsive a good idea operable unidealistic well informed cautious copper-bottomed preferred synthetic infallible trustable collected deliberate accomplishable harmonious mentally stable aware cognizant apposite momentous inducing puissant significant consequential convictive loyal conforming comprehensible intelligible errorless inerrant well-judged healthy within reach within reason equitable based on hard data based on hard facts straightforward prosaic driveable safe honest-to-god tried fiduciary credential experimental careful empirical open calculable explicit stringent empiric accredited formal incontrovertible cast-iron propitious beneficent well-balanced unimpassioned cold timely confidential ratified well-expressed well-presented unmistakable coercive salient serious-minded behooveful with both feet on the ground impartial okay tolerated certifiable incisive showing great knowledge with great knowledge well presented well-structured thought through well expressed percipient moderate restrained temperate unprejudiced realisable auspicious identified attentive conversant bearable endurable unexcessive making sense unbiased standing to reason unextreme effecting qualified virtuous accomplishing achieving fulfilling glib OK incontestable true to life with a ring of truth categorical assured thought-out straight-thinking smooth-tongued smooth-talking street-legal well judged of service to one's advantage in one's interest thinking twice hedging your bets playing safe for the best of benefit leery vigilant endorsed unexpired evenhanded fair-minded substantial au courant affordable sufferable brookable trenchant unequivocal worthy concedable within the realms of possibility within possibility explainable forgivable well considered specious best suited presentable open to reason dead-on on-target letter-perfect spot-on well-defined based on good sense remissible venial fair-spoken undoubted uncontested unquestioned natural canonic irrefutable moving true-to-life carrying conviction swaying believeable hopeful not unlikely not impossible true-blue steady-going active functional uncorrupted tested by the book like enough very likely conformist roadworthy competent requisite enough scholarly clear-headed doctrinal traditionalist prevalent estimable ultraconservative unprogressive reactionary unheretical button-down unoriginal buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative respected circumstantiated well established derivative counselable straight arrow pious by the numbers bien pensant in line religious according to the book admitted punctilious square well balanced settled dyed-in-the-wool enforceable statutable inveterate time-honored straight from horse's mouth set ex cathedra upright entrenched habitual fixed general condign innocent protected precedented chartered de jure enjoined passed enforcible due granted decreed card-carrying ordained judged prescribed enforced accustomed wonted expected sure enough on the level on the up and up universal classical typical long-established historic classic deep-rooted widely used widespread ingrained old time-honoured old-style officially recognized rooted unshakable vested permanent most likely most correct

Antonym of standing up

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