Synonym of sticking out

Alternative for sticking out


extending out above or beyond a surface or boundary


Present participle for to persist until the end
bearing enduring abiding absorbing accepting biding brooking countenancing going hacking handling meeting pocketing standing stomaching supporting sustaining taking tolerating wearing sweating out persevering persisting weathering withstanding bearing with seeing through putting up with suffering swallowing tholing living with submitting to undergoing allowing standing for sticking permitting coping with going through abiding by sanctioning facing braving experiencing admitting approving of admitting of going along with living through toughing out condoning agreeing to resisting consenting to grinning and bear meeting with coping standing up to sitting through resigning oneself to waiting out riding out indulging encountering authorizing holding with receiving acknowledging acceding to getting used to bearing the brunt of taking patiently making the best of becoming accustomed to sitting still for reconciling oneself to sitting out becoming resigned to seeing through to the bitter end grinning and bear it staying the course hanging in hanging in there becoming reconciled to sitting tight surviving subjecting oneself to authorising facing up to conceding yielding to allowing for dealing with seeing out learning to live with sticking with falling for hearing of managing standing firm against defying holding out against eating living out maintaining keeping up with sticking it out digesting seeing bearing up under passing through resigning oneself reconciling reconciling oneself biting the bullet sweating confronting lumping it toughing out it consenting deferring hanging tough shouldering assuming taking on coming up against submitting oneself to carrying coming to grips with approving endorsing encouraging favouring favoring helping approbating backing abetting aiding championing commending onfanging acclimatizing oneself to surrendering to capitulating to acquiescing to sitting and take bowing to withtaking conceding to adjusting to accommodating oneself to confirming upholding smiling on inviting giving green light giving the nod getting behind giving the green light to signing off on giving the okay to going for giving stamp of approval stomaching something advocating putting John Hancock on applauding giving the thumbs up to taking kindly to nodding at ignoring recognizing letting recognising humoring stringing along having hearing blinking at winking at turning a blind eye to sitting and taking it humouring warranting ratifying licensing okaying licencing OKing validating accrediting acquiescing affirming certifying giving the go-ahead seconding clearing agreeing with empowering passing assenting to rubber-stamping granting giving the go-ahead to formalizing entitling finalizing subscribing to homologating acceding enabling blessing formalising finalising giving the green light signing commissioning siding with boosting giving permission giving the OK to liking assenting espousing promoting legalizing agreeing legalising greenlighting acquiescing in buying backing up chartering giving permission to green-lighting giving something the nod saying the word giving leave authenticating legitimating assisting legitimizing indorsing sealing qualifying patronizing legitimatizing causing defending embracing patronising legitimising backstopping sanctifying concurring granting the right to giving assent to propping up shaking on letting pass saying yes sticking by sticking up for saying yes to giving one's blessing to giving the thumbs up conceiving considering feeling mandating giving support to recommending delegating giving permission for giving leave for giving one's word granting permission to allowing to engaging in permitting to vouching for lending your name to giving consent to giving one's seal of approval to giving approval to giving the OK giving your consent to concurring with giving something the go-ahead giving something the green light giving something the thumbs up giving your blessing to investing giving power to giving authority to vesting conferring a right to verifying vindicating taking up pushing for buying into stumping for giving go-ahead rubber stamping making valid making law concurring in lapping up gaining adopting accommodating entertaining welcoming obeying subscribing believing in yessing cosigning dittoing coming round undersigning justifying standing by holding up one's end holding to coming to the defence of giving someone leave giving someone authorization franchising privileging granting someone the right leaving facilitating decriminalizing binding giving your blessing giving carte blanche making establishing regularizing normalizing regulating laundering making legal constituting legislating enacting formulating codifying decreeing ordaining giving leave to decriminalising normalising regularising pronouncing lawful giving standing behind furthering touting cleaning up allying plunking for plumping for grubstaking voting for giving the O.K. giving okay freeing up succouring giving a boost giving a leg up throwing one's weight behind taking up the cudgels for going to bat for allying oneself with standing up for giving a lift saying the magic word daring tackling giving the stamp of approval to urging inciting forwarding prompting expediting engaging collaborating with working with fostering cooperating with pushing lending a hand colluding with conniving with spurring arguing for fighting participating in prodding putting up to conniving setting on succoring giving a push to goading conniving at egging on rooting for battling campaigning for courting crossing bearding risking challenging eyeballing opposing speaking for affronting accosting brazening venturing playing breasting outbraving outfacing agitating for working for pulling for lending support to making a stand bracing for flying in face of meeting head-on squaring off contending with playing against going up against grappling with taking the bull by the horns


Present participle for to protrude or extend outwardly
bagging ballooning beetling bellying billowing bulging bunching jutting overhanging poking pooching pouching pouting projecting protruding starting swelling standing out extending extruding obtruding outthrusting protending pushing showing coming through holding out jutting out poking out pushing out thrusting out bulging out distending protuberating expanding dilating puffing out bloating swelling out filling out popping looming popping out inflating puffing up extending beyond impending bugging out enlarging ballooning out hanging out catching the eye attracting attention hanging over doming beetling over lengthening rising filling tumefying intumescing mushrooming blobbing bilging blowing up bellying out sticking becoming larger pooching out pouching out pointing butting out billowing out sticking up looming out coming out elongating spreading cantilevering hanging emerging bulking lapping over prolonging riding over going beyond bagging out showing up rolling surging peeking stretching out rising up rolling upward pitching tossing bouncing sticking out like a sore thumb thrusting becoming inflated puffing becoming distended welling up fattening plumping growing engorging blowing out becoming swollen rounding out swelling up becoming bloated outstanding ballooning up sagging projecting outward protruding over jutting over sticking out over extending over projecting over commanding portending endangering bulging over overtopping standing out over jutting out over looming over bulging out over cantilevering out poking out over impending over swinging over flapping over rising above towering above drooping over dangling over cantilevering out over casting a shadow drooping flopping flapping hanging loosely catching the wind fermenting growing larger lopping dropping lolling swagging dipping tumbling curving down dangling hanging down leaning falling unevenly


Present participle for to form the greatest part or be most common


Present participle for to stretch out an arm in a specified direction in order to touch or grasp something


Present participle for to rise or stand erect, like bristles


Noticeable or prominent in an unwelcome or intrusive way
obtrusive conspicuous noticeable obvious prominent protruding inescapable intrusive pronounced protuberant thrusting unmistakable blatant bold flashy garish gaudy loud lurid showy striking observable perceptible out of place standing out a mile sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb patent manifest clear evident open unconcealed palpable visible plain glaring apparent transparent outstanding discernible perceivable detectable distinguishable salient marked undisguised seeable visual seen ocular revealed arresting discoverable pointed macroscopic signal unhidden to be seen under one's nose in sight out in the open big as life in view not hidden viewable flagrant overt gross egregious rank brazen straightforward audacious undeniable indisputable bald barefaced plain to see protrusive crying distinct as plain as a pikestaff staring someone in the face self-evident as plain as the nose on your face clear-cut recognizable tangible sensible easily seen in evidence on display recognisable on view anywhere to be seen written all over someone writ large naked sheer unabashed outright unashamed shameless unblushing flaunting impudent insolent brass-necked unembarrassed ostentatious brash cut-and-dried unmitigated arrant unsubtle unrepentant snazzy without shame screaming brassy meretricious overbold glitzy deliberate in plain sight unequivocal unambiguous explicit certain indubitable positive definite outrageous unambivalent categorical nonambiguous distinctive lucid luculent pellucid telltale particular perspicuous unmissable undoubted decided univocal unquestionable unique ringing luminous broad sure inimitable self-explanatory beyond a doubt for certain well defined crystal clear no ifs ands or buts beyond question open and shut bald-faced open-and-shut bright-line as plain as daylight excessive inordinate capital extreme stark as plain as day

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