Synonym of straitened

Alternative for straitened


distressed or embarrassed (especially financially)



squeeze together


Squeezed or confined
destitute penniless poor poverty-stricken impecunious indigent needful needy penurious bankrupt beggarly moneyless necessitous broke dirt poor impoverished in need in penury skint strapped beggared difficult distressed in want pauperized pinched reduced severe without a sou cleaned out down and out flat broke in reduced circumstances on the breadline stony broke without a penny stone broke strapped for cash as poor as a church mouse in Queer Street unable to make ends meet without two farthings to rub together without two pennies to rub together down at heel ruined insolvent crippled broken hard up bust boracic dirt-poor down-and-out in distressed circumstances famished threadbare wiped out in straitened circumstances disadvantaged empty deprived sterile underprivileged flat hurting have-not clean boracic lint low-income in reduced on skid row without a bean without a red cent on one's uppers badly off out at elbows out of pocket down on luck without two brass farthings to rub together short short of money in the red unprosperous without a brass farthing homeless on the rocks in debt stony-broke depressed wanting busted lacking hard-pressed bad off stone-broke shabby in Chapter 11 unable to keep the wolf from the door stony fortuneless up against it dead broke truly needy on one's beam-ends tapped out without two pennies farthings to rub together vagrant bankrupted unlucky unfortunate out of money low meager meagre on the streets suffering rundown derelict indebted seedy failed struggling cashless neglected in distress handicapped empty-handed lost in need of in the gutter gone under in administration in receivership low-paid gone bust behind eight ball on the bread line without a penny to one's name in Carey Street in a bad way gone to the wall on one's beam ends without a shot in one's locker poor as a church mouse in the hands of the receivers economically deprived financially disadvantaged unfavored unaffluent requiring help extremely poor workless unemployed laid off jobless between jobs redundant living rough sleeping rough idle scanty base unmoneyed impencunious stranded down to last cent of no fixed address of no fixed abode stripped totaled divested deficient vile out of a job resting signing on unprivileged miserably poor very poor financially poor down-at-heel overdrawn over a barrel on last leg without a dime discriminated against deprived of devoid of played out wretched despicable mean on the dole in dire circumstances in great need beaten vagabond economically disadvantaged defeated outcast finished down to last penny craptastic spent squalid miserable pathetic shoddy foul sordid smashed hindered impaired ill-fated hapless ill-starred on the wallaby track in arrears owing money pitiful unpleasant abject belly up exhausted depleted on the skids out of funds in the poorhouse contemptible in financial difficulties not having two pennies to rub together not having two farthings to rub together financially distressed financially embarrassed without means of support short of cash without money in dire straits cleared out liquidated denuded bereft out of business forlorn dispossessed slummy defaulting ghetto ghost shanty foreclosed collapsed undone run down skid row run-down unable to pay one's debts financially ruined belly-up in Chapter 13 taken to the cleaners


Grim or severe in nature
tough grim hard harsh austere bleak spartan awful excruciating rigorous rugged unpleasant brutal cruel dark dire forbidding grievous hostile onerous oppressive rough savage severe taxing trying unfriendly bitter burdensome disagreeable exacting hardhanded inhuman heavy searing stiff difficult sombre somber distressing solemn bad harrowing inhospitable grave comfortless adverse unfavorable unfavourable unfortunate dour perilous injurious negative cheerless disheartening foreboding gloomy ominous miserable unwelcome discouraging worrying desolate terrible exigent depressing inauspicious agonising disastrous sober unendurable unrelenting inexorable crushing calamitous stringent biting wretched uncomfortable agonizing tortuous painful scabrous stern discomforting glum dreadful objectionable gray black discommodious troublesome direful morose dismal doleful grey joyless hopeless shadowy nightmarish mournful ill-fated ill-boding sinister hard-pressed morbid chilling sad very bad threatening parlous unpropitious pressing strained precarious upsetting ill-omened tortured woeful treacherous harmful messy undesirable jeopardous apocalyptic dangerous lurid rocky disturbing troubled full of hardship doubtful arduous challenging hairy knotty problematic tricky demanding sticky awkward tight delicate prickly thorny hazardous irksome vexatious critical bothersome problematical dodgy iffy punishing chancy worrisome ticklish concerning suspect questionable dubious stark intolerable controversial sensitive Spartan insufferable barren grinding bare-bones overwhelming unbearable wearing strict rigid strenuous gruelling laborious authoritarian inflexible formidable testing grueling toilsome firm uncompromising unsparing despotic relentless draconian uphill backbreaking murderous herculean intransigent ironhanded brassbound fierce moiling hellacious flinty unpermissive ramrod cramped not comfortable uncomforting confining tall effortful killer sweaty Augean operose hard-line murder heavy-handed mean pick-and-shovel no picnic large order heavy sledding cast-iron


Past tense for distress


Past tense for to limit or restrict
restrained controlled checked contained curbed bridled restricted suppressed held holden limited subdued regulated repressed constrained governed muzzled confined corked dampened hampered handicapped inhibited moderated prevented reined bitted bit curtailed harnessed hindered held back kept kept in check leashed measured ruled smothered stifled tamed bottled up choked back debarred held in check reined in circumscribed cooled delimited detained deterred directed gagged guided hogtied impounded imprisoned gaoled jailed kept within bounds killed pulled in reined back retarded stayed stemmed kept in put a brake on boxed up cracked down hemmed in held down kept down kept under control locked up pinned down pulled back put away sat on tied down brought under control kept in line kept the lid on had on a tight leash bound trammeled trammelled barred constricted demarcated bounded impeded cramped defined shut in terminated demarked set girdled put half nelson on marked off chained frustrated baulked hamstrung hamstringed incarcerated interned capped withheld closed in locked in deprived necessitated cooped up hog-tied fenced in disallowed balked banned immured shotgunned concussed denied fettered pegged fixed arrested fixt obstructed delineated surrounded enclosed specified prescribed cooled off held in delimitated environed encompassed encircled kept lid on placed a limit on prelimited outlined kept within limits kept a tight rein on interfered with nailed down marked out withholden bounden frozen froze drew the line on drawn the line on put a ceiling on put a limit on cut back put the brakes on cooled down imposed limits on put on ice setted limits on cut down on strangled muffled disciplined entrammeled entrammelled hobbled shackled boxed in slowed down kept back fought back buttoned up kept tight rein on stemmed the flow of tied up kept a lid on rationed brought to screeching halt qualified contracted hung up reduced sent up shrunk narrowed clipped someone's wings come down on decreased setted a limit on tethered inclosed modified shortened diminished tempered bitten back bit back shrank shrunken came down on

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