Synonym of streamlined

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made efficient by stripping off nonessentialsdesigned or arranged to offer the least resistant to fluid flow


contour economically or efficiently


(of a system) Capable of maximizing productivity at no expense of extra resources
efficient methodical systematic structured logical coherent systematised systematized productive economic economical resourceful laborsaving timesaving effective orderly saving cost-effective energy-efficient energy-saving fuel-efficient labour-saving well ordered well organized well-organized well planned well-planned well regulated well run quick improved better organized precise meticulous disciplined methodized planned methodic organised punctilious regular businesslike smooth-running well thought out ordered neat careful formal well-ordered tidy exact routine controlled arranged coordinated consistent fixed standardized systematical together practical well-regulated standardised conventional in order scrupulous deliberate painstaking regimented regulated rigid correct well thought-out thorough shipshape slick all together established in good shape orthodox standard thoroughgoing fastidious analytical recognized institutional complete customary official by the numbers by the book out-and-out joined-up recognised strict well-arranged steady self-controlled nonrandom mainstream professional sensible law-abiding well-behaved peaceable workaday matter-of-fact reasonable competent school practised straightened out pragmatic trim sedulous skillful diligent direct industrious expeditious earnest practiced accomplished concentrated serious purposeful skilful intent hardworking enterprising well-kept classified correlated cataloged tabulated framed uniform spick-and-span rangé scientific set-up clean alike grouped catalogued formed prearranged prepared formulated in shape neat as button neat as pin in apple-pie order to rights accepted integrated procedural bureaucratic cohesive establishment set prescribed ready consolidated collective unified societal harmonious cooperative assimilated combined united influential organic


Having a slim and fit physique
trim slender slim sleek fit lean lissom svelte willowy snake-hipped sylphlike graceful shapely clean-limbed thin skinny rangy wiry slight spare lithe lanky bony boney spindly fatless attenuate attenuated gracile slightly built size-zero lank gaunt pinched scraggy scrawny narrow angular delicate rawboned as thin as a reed wispy fine tapered tapering tall limber light macilent loose-limbed long-limbed gangling emaciated stick stark lithesome frail spindling weak lissome aciculate acicular sinewy gangly twiggy anorexic skeletal without an ounce of fat skin and bone wasted beanpole stringy wizened haggard skin and bones raw-boned no fat reedy undernourished weedy skin-and-bones underweight puny fragile gawky cadaverous beanstalk meager meagre spindle-shanked paper-thin small lightweight stalky slinky twiglike starved featherweight rarefied fleshless ethereal underfed ultrathin thin as a rake hairline rickety shriveled threadlike wan shrivelled hollow-cheeked anorectic starveling slim-jim elongated all skin and bones thin as a rail undersized wafer-thin leggy little needlelike long-legged stick-like extenuated scraggly as thin as a rake pint-sized small-boned looking like a bag of bones feeble underdeveloped flexible long papery half-starved gossamer skin-and-bone stilted malnourished agile very thin like a bag of bones shadow stilt peaked subtle pole like a rail airy tenuous loose-jointed thread-like refined extended thinned lengthened slimmed stretched out thinned down spun out drawn out diminutive pocket pygmy petite Lilliputian dwarfish bantam wee dinky smallish shrimpy undersize toylike subnormal elfin dainty skeleton broomstick pocket-size pocket-sized pint-size half-pint fun size lightly-built not heavy waifish sticklike like a matchstick like a skeleton

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