Synonym of stretched

Alternative for stretched

stretches, stretched, stretching

Synonym: distend, draw out, elongate, expand, extend, spread, strain,

Antonym: shrink,


To have expressed in greater detail
developed elaborated embellished fleshed out detailed expanded expounded amplified augmented bloomed blossomed burgeoned enhanced evolved spread added to built on built up disentangled explicated extended magnified unfurled aggrandized animated exaggerated filled out padded padded out awakened brought alive enlarged enlivened gave substance to played out puffed up straught worked up panned out rounded out dilated finished snowballed swelled transitioned worked wrought lengthened widened yielded given yold gave yolden put flesh on the bones of developt added detail to added flesh to elaborated on improved embroidered expanded on enlarged on broadened reinforced supplemented explained heightened expatiated on expatiated inflated beefed up refined boosted perfected polished built lift increased thickened distended spread out put on weight raised particularized clarified overstated hyperbolized specified discussed elevated maximized enriched escalated ameliorated deepened bettered protracted extended upon particularised lifted pumped up annexed hiked up stepped up jacked up upped parlayed waxed maximised incremented furthered colored proliferated blew up unfolded multiplied coloured got heavier gained weight fattened up optimized advanced dramatized exalted intensified interpreted overestimated progressed strengthened fudged doubled consolidated overemphasized filled stretched the truth dramatised overemphasised pyramided made real added spread on thick touched up dilated on jazzed up dilated upon compounded tripled accelerated cranked up inflamed bumped up amassed reenforced upraised supersized sharpened made larger made bigger pumped made better prolonged topped up made greater mounted redoubled swoll swollen teemed upscaled tacked on ratcheted up shot up slapped on marked up went up elongated pullulated hyped followed up overdone overdid optimised blown up went on about gone on about gone into detail on went into detail on stretched out spun out eked out become plumper exploited utilized grew grown fatter grew fatter upgraded complemented overplayed emphasized swarmed catastrophized meliorated cultivated helped amended spun discoursed mushroomed gilded jacked collected varnished gilt endowed gone up crammed made a big thing out of bloated made federal case brought to life went into detail gingered up spelt out went into detail about spelled out falsified improved on hopped up breathed life into lied made richer become rounder gone into detail emphasised exaggerated information got larger given substance to ballooned souped up swelled up puffed overembellished romanticised played up added value enlarged upon surcharged run up fattened dressed up spiked gone into detail about made mountain out of molehill yeasted expounded on utilised sweetened romanticized increased in size overelaborated became plumper span holp holpen grown grew fat gotten fat grown fat got fat ran up stuffed gave details given details gotten bigger got bigger drove up blew up out of all proportion driven up blown up out of all proportion blown something out of all proportion swollen up blew something out of all proportion became rounder gave life to given life to drew out


Past tense for to straighten something


Past tense for to range or occur within a continuous spectrum


(stretch out) Past tense for to recline or lie down by extending one's body


Past tense for to damage (a muscle, ligament, etc.) by abnormal strain


(of finances or resources) Past tense for to be sufficient or adequate for a certain purpose

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stretched Idiom, Proverb

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