Synonym of struggling

Alternative for struggling

struggles, struggled, struggling

Synonym: attempt, battle, contend, endeavor, fight, scuffle, strive, try, tussle,


In unfortunate circumstances, especially having financial difficulty


Lacking an advantage relative to another
disadvantaged deprived underprivileged depressed destitute needy poor discriminated against impoverished in need necessitous poverty-stricken handicapped hindered impaired in distress in want lacking badly off on the bread line penniless indigent penurious broke skint beggared pauperized beggarly needful strapped moneyless bankrupt threadbare insolvent famished ruined boracic short homeless unprosperous stony impecunious hard up dirt-poor flat broke poor as a church mouse strapped for cash down-and-out dirt poor without a sou without two pennies to rub together stony broke on one's beam ends in Queer Street cleaned out stone broke on the breadline down and out out of pocket out at elbows unable to make ends meet without a penny without two brass farthings to rub together in penury without two pennies farthings to rub together down on one's luck in straitened circumstances in reduced circumstances distressed as poor as a church mouse without two farthings to rub together down at heel boracic lint without a bean flat on skid row hard-pressed without a red cent unable to keep the wolf from the door pinched reduced up against it without a brass farthing low-income unfortunate unlucky rundown neglected truly needy busted have-not dead broke wiped out on your uppers unfavored unaffluent requiring help unprivileged ill-fated hapless ill-starred down to last cent vagrant low-paid crippled broken workless unemployed laid off on the streets jobless living rough between jobs redundant sleeping rough idle in dire straits bust short of money in distressed circumstances straitened stripped divested deficient totaled of no fixed address of no fixed abode scanty empty-handed low meager fortuneless suffering meagre inadequately serviced out of a job signing on resting deprived of devoid of played out sterile in reduced empty hurting clean in need of on the rocks on the dole bad off underserviced behind eight ball on one's uppers on the wallaby track denuded bereft shabby derelict slummy seedy forlorn ghost shanty ghetto wanting dispossessed run down run-down skid row underserved


Causing great physical or mental pain
agonising agonizing excruciating harrowing painful grievous tormenting torturous racking bitter acute extreme hellish intense severe afflicting cruel distressing galling harsh heartbreaking heartrending hurtful insufferable killing piercing raging searing torturing unbearable wrenching exquisite gut-wrenching heart-rending unendurable disturbing fierce suffering tearing tortuous vehement violent worrying anguishing tormentous dreadful upsetting terrible awful traumatic difficult sad distressful tragic hard troublesome unpleasant trying heavy poignant grim sharp pitiful wretched intolerable miserable oppressive disquieting woeful stressful troubling irksome hellacious saddening punishing frightful bothersome dire piteous uncomfortable unfortunate moving brutal vexatious regrettable discomforting sorrowful tough pitiable grave tedious daunting pathetic perturbing lamentable affecting wearisome ghastly vicious stabbing shooting unsettling shocking crushing burdensome grueling gruelling bad onerous exacting irritating ferocious unhappy forbidding nasty taxing doleful rigorous vexing dismal discomposing tear-jerking annoying penetrating tiresome blistering plaintive serious deplorable almighty strenuous disagreeable tragical depressing appalling fearful rough savage testing powerful displeasing stinging deep profound touching unwelcome alarming calamitous impossible challenging nerve-racking awkward arduous hairy unpleasing mournful frightening demanding wearing uncongenial disconcerting keen laborious ponderous horrendous formidable agitating furious explosive bruising intensive backbreaking consuming wearying unpalatable unlucky distasteful burning exhausting uphill thorny unsparing fatiguing gloomy toilsome herculean back-breaking nagging biting heavy-duty anguished rugged unnerving effortful disappointing poor vigorous strong worrisome great horrible sorry rotten excessive horrifying stirring mighty dispiriting harassing ambitious cutting horrific insupportable devastating harrying troublous overwhelming afflictive merciless fearsome concentrated unforgiving mortifying murderous stiff unacceptable tiring cheerless debilitating tall killer draining bleak sombre somber moiling sweaty toilful jarring grinding solemn injurious sapping horrid chilling Herculean pounding objectionable revolting energy-consuming enough to try the patience of a saint harmful vile not to be borne foul gruesome abominable lousy provoking aggravating execrable painstaking loathsome desolate immoderate boring sore weighty disheartening infuriating colossal overpowering pesky mortal unsavory macabre embarrassing offensive stringent icky yukky yucky mean unrelenting niggling unlovely titanic repellent repugnant sour melancholy disastrous damaging unsavoury inconvenient frustrating unamusing unsupportable discouraging melancholic abhorrent operose cumbersome heart-wrenching shattering upstream intimidating unyielding dismaying unremitting too much gargantuan knackering wounding terrifying off-putting a bit much splitting thumping maddening exasperating atrocious peracute smarting enormous scarring teasing grisly fraught nightmarish haunting repulsive disgusting plaguy pestiferous bedevilling discommoding peeving pestilent emotional impressive knifelike concerning rueful monstrous gross imperious joyless impactful crippling ruthless detestable infernal chafing carking nettling rebarbative abrasive antagonizing rankling nettlesome cussed riling pesty pestilential plaguey confounded antagonising forlorn inordinate odious catastrophic nauseating heightened hostile ruinous prohibitive obnoxious sickening unappealing demoralizing demoralising dejecting disconsolate torturesome grody depressive enraging grating punchable undesirable tender forceful wicked shrill very bad funereal heart-breaking relentless sober destructive hopeless glum comfortless major intemperate passionate unkind tricky exigent bedeviling lachrymose lugubrious unmanageable desperate dreary morose immense staggering gigantic unsurpassable inadmissible heavy-handed enough repellant potent backbreaker labored really hard problematic very hard depleting forcible enough to drive you up the wall sticky slavish laboured difficile beyond endurance past bearing too much to bear last straw tough going scabrous Augean austere ominous enough to try the patience of Job critical pain-filled blinding repressive Spartan caustic throbbing cringey mind-blowing dangerous soaring raw shrewd pitiless oppressed impoverished stark hateful very painful plaguing thoroughgoing hefty crashing invidious transcending unsufferable poverty-stricken significant desolating rancid dour tearful drab drilling paralyzing paralysing dogged gnawing emotive scary prickly anxious-making mirthless dispirited dolorous dolesome slow afflicted grieving melting telling soul-stirring uplifting heart-warming sentimental expressive nostalgic apprehensive enervating drear cold depressed hardhanded inhuman agonized extremely upsetting fatal dicey hazardous easier said than done high-impact drudgy high-pressure worksome uphill battle hard-won no picnic marathon problem not easy like getting blood out of a stone remorseless exerting to be pitied tortured racked agonised feeble paltry unreasonable very great derisible dingy plangent pensive dark inclement deadly extremely painful straitened inhospitable spartan stern inexorable mephitical irritable unpropitious bewildering sullen troubled perplexing sinister revulsive inauspicious foreboding parlous distressed unfavorable unfavourable persnickety abject cataclysmic useless petty meagre puny commiserable meager heartwarming affective pressing extraordinary exceptional supreme toe-curling rending cringe-making stultifying chastening drastic high exorbitant dejected despondent wild hard-hearted despairing emotionally moving protracted close full intensified unqualified marked lethal adverse unfair undue diligent all-consuming exaggerated deathly hapless fateful pick-and-shovel time-consuming arousing affect mother of all strained vivid pungent steep resounding ungovernable uncontrollable ill-fated fiery rampaging rabid uncontrolled rampant riotous unrestrained ill-starred unsustainable storming unchecked unfettered uncurbed inflamed unbridled emphatic hot urgent energetic peppery convulsive flaming enraged blustery paroxysmal turbulent volcanic frenzied coercive stormy dynamic outrageous tumultuous aroused tempestuous gale force out of control full of force no-win beyond bearing sudden confronting finely tuned humourless crummy humorless unsatisfactory stinking hideous lurid sedate abysmal diabolical uncool grotty godawful uninviting ugly nauseous beastly nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand more than flesh and blood can bear


Contending for a title or championship
in contention challenging competing contending contesting striving vying battling fighting grappling in competition tussling warring up there in the running in with a shout clashing playing off squaring off jockeying wrangling rivalling rivaling opposing racing jostling scuffling wrestling confronting facing locking horns taking on pushing encountering jockeying for position crossing swords engaging combatting combating brawling meeting scrapping scrimmaging matching tilting feuding pitting going for playing running countering sparring scrambling rowing jousting disputing squabbling going up against coming to blows scrambling for going for broke waging war skirmishing rassling boxing exchanging blows emulating arguing tangling essaying attacking quarrelling quarreling competing with vying with going head to head having a punch-up setting against traversing dueling tugging taking part duelling going after bucking having a dust-up withstanding going for the gold conflicting competing against having a set-to hassling contending against taking part in a race putting in opposition setting as rivals tourneying counterbalancing hastening rushing comparing contrasting trading blows bickering entering the lists breaking a lance braving arraying showing jump showing manoeuvring maneuvering juggling going eyeball to eyeball with contenting against going toe to toe with facing off against going one on one with contending with making haste scrabbling disporting sporting straining endeavoring exerting grunting working fighting over disagreeing skylarking coming to grips dallying frolicking putting up a fight rollicking romping getting to grips toying bumping heads endeavouring matching strength trying striving against going up against in contest bandying participating in matching wits pitting yourself against fencing colliding pitching oneself against pitting oneself against bidding coping with seeking prize running for attempting trying to beat struggling against trying to win battling for laying a finger on repelling struggling for trying for putting up dukes altercating ganging up on fighting for knuckling with contending for competing for tussling for putting on gloves striking crossing defending setting to vying for breaking with challenging for laying out socking doing battle assaulting each other stoushing roughhousing swedging engaging in participating recreating taking the field plying weapons bearing arms scrimmaging with exchanging blows with punching each other racing with engaging in conflict going the knuckle fighting like Kilkenny cats bandying with skirmishing with protecting laying into taking all comers racing against lighting to sparring with carrying on war tasting battle hitting each other taking up the gauntlet attacking each other clashing with locking antlers flaring up warring against assaulting brushing with mixing it up joining battle going for jugular standing pushing for shooting at nominating yourself coping giving all one's got resisting giving one's all knocking oneself out dealing with tangling with controverting putting up with going for it litigating putting yourself forward making play for mixing it up with having at shooting for oppugning matching yourself against going for the jugular sweating


Earnest, prolonged, and industrious effort
endeavour sweat labor labour laboring labouring striving struggle application effort exertion industry pains graft hard slog hard work moil travail yakka blood, swear, and tears elbow grease service hard yakka toil work endeavor trouble slog drive push battle diligence activity conscientiousness campaign strain energy assiduity determination dedication perseverance persistence attempt enterprise stress drudgery intentness movement crusade pursuit industriousness blood, sweat and tears tenacity toiling doggedness commitment sedulousness resolution undertaking steadiness zeal devotion grind exercise throes force concentration expenditure assiduousness while trial action busyness venture single-mindedness hard graft donkey work sweat of one's brow move fuss stretch fight resolve ambition tirelessness sedulity operation vigour steps rigour dynamism resoluteness steadfastness earnestness focus hard pull long pull physical exertion measures productiveness pertinacity laboriousness vigor perseveration rigorousness sense of purpose rigor continuance slavery tribulation dirty work scut work thankless task grunt work proceedings procedures ordeal hardship suffering pain attention reaction response fatigue drudge privation distress tears donkeywork undertakings attentiveness pangs trials and tribulations study acts patience endurance course of action deliberation power muscle bother purpose discipline pull strength tension strife welly old college try care donkey-work hassle might pressure potency impulse momentum impetus indefatigability intensity puissance steam weight horsepower inconvenience punch bustle drag constancy brawn spadework gruntwork occupation studiousness hard labour thew clout oomph stuff keenness velocity potence stamina sinew firepower speed potential fury physical energy driving force responsibility disruption charge control slaving doing beef employment physical effort elbow juice duty nine-to-five painstaking value Herculean task slogging load main hard labor manual labor salt mines grit punctiliousness heedfulness enthusiasm purposefulness wholeheartedness drain encumbrance adversity zealousness backbone ardor thoroughness carefulness meticulousness thrust burden problem ardour quickness heed worksomeness briskness alertness intent chore thought attempts toils torture test difficulty agony millstone uphill battle actuation impulsion staying power work ethic back-breaking task propelling force surge labour of Hercules backbreaking work grief ado uphill struggle anguish tough grind difficult task long haul tall order tough assignment nightmare motive force propulsion impelling force hitch flurry snag motive power forward motion full head of steam toughness forcefulness nerve hustle vitali goods motive impellent guts spunk brawniness brute force grunt physical ability fierceness vim mightiness acceleration vitality athleticism peppiness verve virility punchiness powerfulness vigorousness muscularity get-up-and-go impact fire in belly right stuff violence stimulus draft life brunt draught sock pow arm subjection


The arousing of public concern about an issue and pressing for action on it


State in which one is simply surviving or trying to

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