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Coming one after the other in a series
succeeding sequential straight consecutive continuous successional uninterrupted continual running subsequent following sequent serial solid ensuing seriate succedent unbroken in succession next subsequential alternating back-to-back in a row rotating in line on the trot following after next up next off later progressive chronological in order nonstop continuing after coming constant consequent in sequence incessant steady continued impending seriatim future serialized serialised latter posterior pursuing in turn coming after coming next one after another directly after sustained unceasing upcoming ongoing unremitting ceaseless imminent undisturbed through perpetual approaching connected looming oncoming regular endless resulting forthcoming untroubled non-stop consequential never-ending proximate supervenient end-to-end downstream to come without stopping coming up one after the other going on later on nearing unrelieved persistent smooth unending eventual henceforth straightforward direct interminable a while later after a while repeated fast sound resultant postliminary pending unruffled profound deep late even undivided total relentless eternal everlasting permanent unrelenting unabating round-the-clock unfaltering enduring unchanging lasting unvarying undying unwavering perennial timeless immortal dateless abiding stable infinite unflagging undeviating unfailing consistent without end deathless recurrent boundless chronic monotonous uniform frequent amaranthine persisting habitual unabated limitless unlimited around-the-clock imperishable ageless prolonged unfluctuating changeless day-and-night immeasurable invariable unbounded always-on invariant recurring illimitable indefinite round the clock fixed overlong unwaning untiring indefatigable staying repetitive no end to no end of oft-repeated unfading measureless untold without respite inexhaustible incalculable immensurable bottomless inestimable unfathomable horizonless fathomless unvaried indeterminate unwearied unyielding aeonian dogged rhythmic persevering unswerving tireless immutable perdurable vast stabile never-changing sempiternal immense interminate long-lasting protracted on a treadmill long unsurpassable numberless self-perpetuating multitudinous countless steady-going static firm indestructible neverending without interruption lifelong unchanged predictable periodical periodic long-lived durable steadfast great homogenous same metrical 24/7 unwearying forever equable day and night dependable old longstanding cosmic unchangeable reliable without limit inflexible flowing cursive fluent lengthy unstoppable lingering frozen unaltered without ceasing nagging fluid frictionless faithful remorseless diligent assiduous unsparing inexorable unintermitted all day long extended closed pushy unaltering unflinching maintained sedulous unalleviated hard harsh stern extensive implacable regularized standardised regularised drawn out drawn-out inveterate unmodified unbothered unmoved unaffected untouched resolute stretched out at all times all day and all night standardized never-ceasing beyond measure nonrandom rapid annual returning yearlong yearly seasonal long-winded plain unconstrained uncontrolled unchecked unrestrained all-year-round world-without-end unhindered long-drawn-out wearisome unconditional absolute unrestricted unbridled level free without limits boring dragging long-term express deep-rooted remaining long-standing indelible surviving lavish balanced matching alike with no let-up tedious seemingly endless one-way opened stationary ingrained secure established full utter for ever and ever rambling laborious ponderous meandering irreversible with no holds barred without a break without surcease unbound looped dull rigid set inexpungible indissoluble abundant abounding strung out spun out dragged out till the cows come home in for the long haul not stopping having no end immemorial always termless 24-hour


Having one thing coming rapidly after another
quick-fire automatic brisk fast quick rapid speedy swift hasty breakneck fleet lightning snappy whirlwind nippy zippy blistering flying galloping dizzy hot breathless rapid-fire splitting fleet-footed rattling lively prompt hurried unhesitating alacritous rushed pacey fast-moving at speed abrupt spur-of-the-moment impetuous instantaneous instant cursory sudden rash snap immediate express expeditious precipitate summary whistle-stop fast-track meteoric overnight winged sharp precipitous headlong on-the-spot quickie timely punctual PDQ ultrasonic fleet of foot nimble agile supersonic speeding harefooted lissome ready early accelerated high-speed direct rathe sprightly perfunctory brief fleeting expeditive active mercurial unexpected spirited short energetic superficial impulsive vigorous spanking passing split-second unforeseen unanticipated without warning volant precipitant rushing slapdash turbo short-lived cracking drive-by smart without delay hurrying velocious spry reckless flat-out violent urgent overhasty gadarene straightaway helter-skelter pell-mell careless quickened very fast on the double momentary sporty uninterrupted non-stop alert hypersonic up-tempo animated tantivy vivacious unpremeditated dashing zooming peremptory incautious surprising spontaneous transitory hectic desultory imprudent willing pronto on the spot casual thoughtless without notice offhand unthinking impromptu unlooked-for double time double-quick haphazard irresponsible in nothing flat ultrarapid ultrafast moving hurtling staccato souped-up efficient bustling forthwith diligent spectacular prevenient excessive adroit arbitrary anticipatory dangerous ephemeral transient effectual effective brilliant flashing dazzling responsive startling hurricane cyclonic tumultuous tornado going nifty streaming awful severe excruciating dreadful unbearable terrible intense piercing frightful machine-gun dizzying crash extremely fast dangerously fast fast-paced furious dynamic without formality without hesitation impatient evanescent mushrooming fast-tracked priority fiery hair-trigger dramatic impressive like lightning in a flash unswerving undeviating nonstop screaming speedball barrelling eager promptly given slambang at full tilt now or never not to be delayed without discussion incidental the double spasmodic acute like mad like crazy chop-chop fast and furious like the wind unfussy hit-or-miss purposeless shaking a leg explosive unusual speeded light-footed tearing whizzing sailing hastening whisking running darting barnstorming not bargained for out of the blue quick as a wink swift as an arrow inattentive half-hearted slight mechanical token uninterested routine sketchy uncritical shallow random half-baked sloppy depthless racing temerarious premature hit or miss subitaneous snatched instinctive extemporaneous capricious involuntary whimsical unplanned intuitive uninhibited emotional freakish injudicious unconsidered adventurous daredevil unprompted unrepressed foolhardy daring unguarded unpredictable madcap abandoned unwary unmeditated ad-lib hot-headed jumping the gun ill-thought-out devil-may-care winging it ill-considered brash passionate wild


Occurring or done many times at short intervals
frequent repeated constant periodic persistent recurring recurrent continual incessant chronic continuing many numerous perennial common countless endless familiar habitual eternal manifold periodical profuse regular reiterated several perpetual steady intermittent iterated reiterative thick various non-stop occurring often very many a great many dozens of quite a few a good many heaps of quite a lot of hundreds of loads of lots of millions of thousands of masses of routine customary cyclical usual continued daily reoccurring repetitive rolling repeating cyclic oft repeated sustained unending continuous unceasing uninterrupted ceaseless relentless everlasting unremitting unrelenting permanent never-ending interminable lasting unbroken enduring unabating ongoing unrelieved persisting nonstop unfailing round-the-clock timeless dateless undying abiding running unchanging immortal ageless unflagging unwaning imperishable unvarying staying without respite oft-repeated around-the-clock unwavering unabated prolonged seasonal indefatigable unfaltering deathless persevering connected aeonian consecutive long-lasting round the clock always-on spasmodic sporadic on-and-off neverending maintained isochronal odd chain alternate isochronous unsparing remorseless diligent assiduous inexorable unyielding sempiternal regularized regularised standardised sedulous harsh unwearied unalleviated hard stern happening at intervals standardized lifelong inveterate never-changing remaining current advancing pursuing maintaining sustaining progressing in progress carrying on annual old perdurable returning yearlong long-lived longstanding yearly durable dogged tireless untiring monotonous undeviating unwearying unswerving interminate lingering never-ceasing nagging pushy

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