Synonym of succouring

Alternative for succouring



assistance in time of difficulty


help in a difficult situation


Present participle for give assistance or aid to
aiding helping assisting supporting comforting encouraging fostering nursing protecting relieving sustaining befriending serving bringing aid to caring for giving assistance to giving help to attending to bringing comfort to bringing relief to lending a hand to looking after ministering to waiting on lending a helping hand to rendering assistance to taking care of giving aid and encouragement to abetting accommodating benefiting benefitting promoting facilitating advancing nurturing favouring favoring attending succoring tending treating backing obliging doctoring seeing to propping up doing someone a favour catering to tending to seconding furthering subsidizing backstopping ministering pandering to alleviating nourishing curing administering to remedying healing contributing to backing up subsidising working for meeting the needs of going with opening doors for bailing out paving the way for doing for going to bat for doing a kindness to keeping an eye on lending a hand giving a leg up to catering for acting as a waitress to acting as a waiter to administering answering pandering caring servicing availing minding doing your bit for doing a good turn to making a contribution to giving a helping hand to doing something for raising financing funding sponsoring advocating mitigating upholding endorsing bolstering bankrolling investing in championing maintaining standing by feeding rearing heartening carrying sanctioning giving support to coming to the aid of straightening out sticking up for mentoring guarding patronizing giving money to giving a donation to patronising giving backing to lending support to making better rehabilitating balming lessening mollifying palliating soothing assuaging allaying attenuating buoying up cheering up fending for providing for providing sustenance for bringing up making a living for watching over waiting upon giving strength to bucking up seeing someone through keeping you going keeping one going boosting easing forwarding cooperating working with precipitating collaborating with accelerating cooperating with expediting puffing thumping making easy hyping pushing reinforcing plugging speeding up helping along stumping doing someone a service jacking up pitching in with hiking up bailing someone out giving a boost to clearing a path for rooting for being a factor in mucking in with helping out opening the door for smoothing the way for riding shotgun assisting the progress of getting someone out of a tight spot standing up for running interference for giving a lift putting on the map going down the line for making a pitch for getting stuck in with giving a hand giving a boost oiling the wheels of greasing the wheels giving a leg up smoothing the path of

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