Synonym of supplicant

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Synonym: petitioner, prayer, requester, suppliant, supplicatory,


A poor or underprivileged person


One who reconciles enemies, or pleads for another
intercessor intermediary mediator go-between interceder middleman negotiator arbitrator conciliator broker moderator peacemaker advocate arbiter buffer intermediate interposer intervenor pleader reconciler agent honest broker judge liaison petitioner liaison officer interagent referee representative fixer intermediator adjudicator factor delegate medium umpire entrepreneur envoy emissary middleperson dealer proxy attorney appeaser pacifier connection influence dove middle person diplomat deputy matchmaker messenger negotiant linkperson linkman linkwoman linesman frontman umpie holdout maven assistant referee line judge interdealer broker ambassador spokesperson intervener rep haggler intermedium bargainer wheeler-dealer speaker trustee facilitator troubleshooter ref broker-dealer link contact channel organ vehicle cutout instrument third party rent-a-judge contact man contact woman contact person pacifist peacemonger peace-monger wholesaler distributor jobber salesperson pacificator peacenik satyagrahi make-peace statesperson peacekeeper peace-lover placater conscientious objector passive resister mouthpiece spokesman spokeswoman prolocutor voice mouth prophet substitute commissary minister procurator assignee point man point person talker champion protagonist surrogate stand-in courier official commissioner legate spin doctor lawyer expert pig in the middle interface dealmaker politician third force minor party unbiased observer tactician piggy in the middle referee's assistant tactful person propagandist journal periodical publication aide member depute nominee chairperson accredited messenger PR person public relations expert agent general nuncio chargé president presider chair handler manager fugleman spox ump officer examiner promoter functionary actor abettor mediary steward proctor principal factotum assistant authority chairman M.C. overseer supervisor business manager mitigator stabiliser soother alleviator stabilizer administrator settler proprietor compromiser chair umpire assessor justice inspector reviewer arbiter elegantiarum


Expressing an earnest or humble request
supplicating pleading beseeching soliciting entreating imploring prayerful suppliant supplicatory begging desirous petitionary craving persuasive piteous desperate ritual longing votive heartfelt precatory earnest anxious in need on bended knee devout religious pious godly saintly spiritual righteous sainted faithful reverent devoted saintlike virtuous divine good pure moral believing dedicated devotional angelic blessed pietistic sanctified innocent unworldly spotless upright consecrated hallowed perfect seraphic venerated pietistical faultless untainted revered immaculate uncorrupt godlike sublime humble sacrosanct undefiled glorified just chaste clean venerable god-fearing holy God-fearing sacred sinless dutiful churchgoing ethical orthodox blameless upstanding worthy irreproachable guiltless ecclesiastical sacral unprofane honest decent principled blest consecrate noble honourable uncorrupted law-abiding honorable beatified right exalted respectable straight true ordained canonized high-minded heavenly nice exemplary scrupulous stand-up right-minded meritorious sacramental laudable conscientious praiseworthy noble-minded squeaky-clean canonised trustworthy supernatural commendable all right fair deified anti-corruption adored equitable stainless beatific moralizing reverential smug born-again clerical moralising priestly worshipped set apart among the angels worshiped charitable punctilious reserved philanthropical messianic impartial matchless philanthropic creditable deserving peerless special seraph theological full of good works goody-goody immortal theistic enshrined inviolable eternal anointed numinous solemn devoted to God dedicated to God reverenced proper moralistic conscionable incorruptible seemly truthful reputable chivalrous aboveboard distinguished gallant magnanimous decorous clean-living salt of the earth square true-blue courteous kosher

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