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characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtapositions


In modern style
modernistic modern new contemporary current newfangled hot mod designer ultramodern fashionable futuristic radical up-to-date present-day state-of-the-art new-fashioned up-to-the-minute avant-garde space-age red-hot new age high-tech high-style latest fresh advanced recent neoteric up to the minute novel cutting-edge innovative ultra-modern leading-edge innovatory revolutionary up to date now progressive modish pioneering newest groundbreaking trendsetting trendy just out topical original trailblazing present stylish inventive cutting edge innovational au courant happening ingenious unusual unfamiliar unorthodox unprecedented unconventional in vogue brand-new latter-day voguish contemporaneous disruptive today forward-looking in fashion experimental off-centre with it creative in ground-breaking a la mode late cool all the rage modern-day leading edge hi-tech chic bang up to date extant flash snazzy different hip contempo nifty ongoing modernized latter unique avant imaginative popular modernised the latest updated present-time nouvelle originative uncommon brand new out-of-the-box left-field à la mode hot off the press smart seminal natty kicking kicky tony instant fly leading spiffy sassy go-ahead existent faddish newborn immediate alternative singular newly discovered recently developed in-thing never-before-seen strange untried twenty-first-century unknown with-it ahead of its time funky offbeat atypical sophisticated unaccustomed out of the ordinary just released of late highly developed hot off the fire hot off press de nos jours in the mainstream breaking new ground unheard-of supermodern gimmicky hippest way-out automated nontraditional young timely just issued forefront high-end quite recent breakthrough prevailing concurrent coincident concomitant prevalent bleeding edge rare twenty-first century avant garde ultra modern up abreast mould-breaking complex 21st-century landmark forward future enlightened dynamic clever untested visionary surprising exotic unwonted existing in the news artful enterprising inspired inspiring special refreshing live alive burning last word twenty- first century transformational innovating spearheading SOTA relevant distinctive artistic peculiar far cry odd variational out of the common this season's new-fangled common knowledge on front burner deviceful Promethean nowadays coeval started prompt being begun commenced already occurring recently forward-thinking up-and-coming appearing recently mystic occult balanced holistic planetary astrological supernaturalist spiritual at this moment for the time being just now even now in duration going on in process under consideration ad hoc later immediately prior just completed just done immediately prior to just finished Age of Aquarius crystal healing snappy debonair dressy dapper flashy fancy classy schmick sharp fine polished bling exclusive dashing swish swell elegant ritzy supercool fancy-pants far along well ahead far ahead well along beautiful groovy urbane sleek swank jazzy ostentatious pretentious rakish big steezy slick upscale chichi dap tasteful showy uptown on fleek well turned-out high-class dressed to the teeth dressed to kill in style swinging stylin' plugged-in du jour all the go in thing de rigueur culty popularized popularised favored faddy favoured latest thing swanky vogue hep turned-on favorite def crowd-pleasing favourite le dernier cri glamorous attractive high-toned massive customary trig downtown large pop swagger well-liked a go-go trim high-fashion understated flattering sought-after pressing in favour usual living genteel in demand actual in favor hottest far-out earthy fab breathing sexy cosmopolitan lively appealing impressive crisp spruce exciting period gnarly last-word desired well groomed well dressed down on trend well turned out smartly dressed celebrated bang up-to-date active spirited synchronous last-ditch coexistent posh jaunty shiny big thing simultaneous coexisting newsworthy as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox legendary liked well-known wanted preferred desirable coincidental coetaneous craze fad chi-chi well-dressed well-groomed clean vivacious coterminous on the cutting edge in the latest style dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad in with it new look widespread commercially successful successful well put together coextensive vital important synchronic awake perceptive familiar observant conscious savvy knowledgeable versed knowing informed apprehensive aware next at present time on hand first buzzworthy switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on in the know tuned in up on in on wise to hip to zeitgeisty subjective interesting nominal thematic the new styleworthy higher developed foremost evolved prime ahead intricate supreme refined complicated elaborate pre-eminent excellent paramount improved extreme precocious exceptional principal ahead of the times more recent most recent


Comically or repulsively ugly or distorted
grotesque deformed distorted unnatural bizarre malformed misshapen monstrous odd ugly weird fanciful fantastic freakish hideous outlandish strange unsightly abnormal misproportioned twisted whimsical gnarled mangled mutilated freaky homely ill-favoured ill-favored peculiar unappealing unattractive unbeautiful uncomely unhandsome unlovely unpleasing unpretty vile fugly huckery rum aberrant absurd antic eerie extravagant extreme flamboyant grody gross incongruous laughable perverted queer surreal uncanny ghastly gruesome grisly disgusting horrid repulsive macabre horrible frightful grim horrific revolting dreadful terrifying disfigured horrifying shocking horrendous terrible awful nightmarish abominable morbid repellent nasty spooky frightening unpleasant lurid as ugly as sin loathsome offensive repugnant unprepossessing sickening plain beastly plain-featured grewsome disagreeable appalling gory displeasing atrocious short on looks foul fearsome ghoulish ghostly dire creepy dark sick unearthly spookish scary gloomy plain-looking uninviting terrific nightmare not much to look at unnerving bleak shapeless alarming objectionable warped distressing shadowy ominous funereal sinister melodramatic disheartening fearful sepulchral supernatural forbidding hellish disturbing not beautiful chilling bestial black repelling unsettling crooked sombre somber dull obscene startling bad-looking contorted direful unshapely reptilian unhealthy distasteful sullen harrowing depressing dreary fiendish daunting dismaying blemished diabolical morose wry upsetting irregular unwholesome intimidating drack spine-chilling unspeakable sickly eery cruel devilish unalluring ordinary drab bent asymmetrical unusual ill-proportioned bandy hunchbacked ill-shaped no oil painting thrawn nauseating savage wretched hateful cold bloody death-obsessed out of shape not much for looks hard on the eyes shady ugly-looking frightful-looking awful-looking teratoid mutant miscreated lacklustre lackluster prodigious obnoxious unappetizing ordinary-looking skewed insipid not pretty bloodthirsty demonic brutal banal as plain as a pikestaff unlikable unbeauteous subfuscous trite unaesthetic animal mousy disconcerting disquieting troubling recurved not appealing discouraging deadly infected diseased ailing Gothic worrying demoralizing perturbing bothersome foreboding irksome discomforting plain as a pikestaff like the back end of a bus scaring shameful miserable troublesome discommoding unpalatable unsound malignant pathological abhorrent outrageous melancholic glum melancholy dispirited dismal depressive desolate solemn cheerless menacing sensational astounding odious heinous vexing discomposing tenebrous sad perverse brooding maleficent moody baleful irascible graphic exaggerated unpardonable petrifying godawful abject tremendous unforgivable pitiless murky mirthless lugubrious drear gray mournful dingy grey grave diabolic sadistic threatening bone-chilling egregious hellacious onerous nauseous explicit mysterious bad from hell heavy inexcusable formidable mean bloodcurdling deathly gut-wrenching demoralising preternatural God-awful evil redoubtable hair-raising trashy sensationalist overdramatized colourful rubbishy unrestrained eldritch tasteless ribald kitschy cheap salacious pulp prurient far-out mystifying unreal other-worldly haunting off-putting violent suggestive dirty filthy inscrutable detestable shock-horror tacky vivid juicy flakey uncouth mystic occult flaky secret magic oddball whacko numinous magical supernal yellow full-frontal awe-inspiring out of the ordinary fiery raunchy salty deep striking colorful off-color purple sanguine rough racy distinct garish low-down unseemly crippled ungainly ill-made awry buckled askew marred bowed curved damaged disjointed disproportionate hard-favoured hard-featured

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