Synonym of swan song

Alternative for swan song


a final performance or effort (especially before retirement)


Final performance
curtain epilog epilogue farewell final act finale leave-taking suicide note valediction windup adieu climax closer coda conclusion crowning achievement crowning glory culmination dying words end piece envoi famous last words farewell performance final appearance final appearance or performance final gesture final performance finis goodbye last act last hurrah last shot last words parting song peroration ending summation close end finish termination denouement closing postscript wind-up grand finale completion wrap-up afterword postlude concluding speech resolution cessation consummation closing stages bitter end omega last part homestretch final scene outcome mop-up capper endgame coup de grace limit last end of the line death summing up upshot desistance period dissolution stopping discontinuation wane catastrophe winding up breaking off terminus summing-up monolog speech PS follow-up sequel rider codicil addendum appendix supplement tailpiece back matter monologue result departure chaser final curtain blow-off afterpiece button consequence payoff end result going breakup parting send-off sendoff break closure stop cease expiration discontinuance halt stoppage shutdown arrest arrestment lapse cutoff surcease shutoff closedown check adjournment fulfillment fulfilment expiry execution determination retirement achievement accomplishment wrap perfection issue stay stopping point sign-off last word bottom line peak height summit top zenith pinnacle apex acme apogee crest crown desuetude realization realisation head crescendo sum apotheosis capstone meridian noontime noon tip-top high point end of the road curtains maximum final stage highest point extremity winding-up high noon high-water mark final stages high water mark ne plus ultra clarification unravelling solution outro eventuality unraveling final thoughts final word cleanup highlight final point last stop end-stage end-stages pay-off cancellation offset to a finish doing it to a T tail end crowning point abortion cesser intensification utmost capsheaf pitch tiptop ascendancy cut-off cut-off point cancelation cutting short kiss-off ballgame effect best part high spot finalization fruition standstill dénouement freeze suspension liquidation finalisation last stage disruption pause sewing up final part polishing off occlusion dead stop time-out full stop screeching halt lull dead end blockage screaming halt grinding halt deadlock brick wall letup interruption roadblock finial run-in attainment target vertex copestone crowning moment critical mass crowning touch punch line blow off


Stiffening at death


The action or process of completing or finishing something
completion accomplishment close conclusion consummation finalisation finalization fruition fulfilment realisation realization execution achievement attainment cessation closing culmination end ending finish finishing resolution termination completeness curtains expiration finis fulfillment hips integration perfection success windup wind-up wrap-up finishing point polishing off sewing up winding up finale implementation performance effecting carrying out effectuation actualization discharge closure denouement stop actuality prosecution cease terminus enactment pass desistance grand finale discontinuation outcome discontinuance endgame homestretch capper perpetration commission fulfilling mop-up halt end of the line doing completing stoppage consequence acquirement result shutdown arrest arrestment lapse cutoff surcease shutoff closedown payoff pursuance feat reification triumph climax check epilogue period crowning carrying through epilog adjournment curtain issue expiry exploit omega coda upshot bitter end materialization last act gaining procurement conduct reaching discharging dispatch engineering winning death coup determination retirement effect satisfaction production gratification materialisation stopping point peroration deed baby sign-off stay bringing off final scene bottom line maturity last word last part end result observance closing stages conducting enforcement maturation implementing performing redemption achieving undertaking acquisition concluding operation desuetude act wrap arrival stopping conquest maneuver manoeuvre acquittal last dissolution end of the road eventuality effort breakup bringing about successful completion final act summation winding-up master stroke breaking off self-realization self-fulfillment self-actualization final curtain positive result coup de grace pulling off capping perfecting following pursuing limit summing-up outro final point last stop wane summing up catastrophe exploits stunt exercise move final thoughts feats stratagem masterpiece clarification unravelling solution cancellation offset final word accomplishing stroke of genius bringing into being bringing to fruition carrying-out abortion cesser afterpiece closer chaser button blow-off unraveling cut-off cancelation cutting short kiss-off ballgame acts work ripeness cut-off point successful resolution crowning glory end piece enjoyment practice successful fulfillment successful conclusion ripening inner peace serenity kicks observance kick nirvana you got it contentedness just the ticket contentment joy successful consummation successful execution pleasure readiness fruitfulness tour de force successful finalization obtaining getting securing realizing dénouement standstill carrying into action liquidation gain reaping freeze suspension last stage procuring acquiring final stage final part victory break disruption pause realising succeeding win occlusion dead stop time-out full stop screeching halt lull dead end blockage screaming halt grinding halt deadlock brick wall letup interruption roadblock target run-in glory masterstroke ascendancy sequel arrival at progress eminence agreement decision confirmation settlement aftermath product fruit corollary administration advance benefit flying colors grand slam walkover strike favorable outcome walkaway éclat rendering reaction repercussion ramification effectuality ascendency jackpot skill effectiveness effectualness feather in cap contrivance favourable result successful outcome efficaciousness auspiciousness favourable outcome miracle successfulness fate backwash aftereffect precipitate carrying off fruits sequelae outgrowth concomitant resultant reverberations event produce development sequence child pay-off matter of course by-product out-turn nuts and bolts action enterprise handiwork stroke venture hit lifework creation activity adventure thing life's work upset vanquishment job prize number trick endeavour caper lark gest crusade affair endeavor successful manoeuvre sensation smash clean sweep product of working life hole in one heroic act smash-hit home run big hit smash hit result of working life wow opus thrashing dominion conquering trouncing crushing overpowering defeating scoop coup d'état coup de mâitre step behavior behaviour notch in one's belt plot gesture set beating exertion supremacy sweep act of genius complete success blow gold successful stroke something done blockbuster phenomenon knockout marvel winner byplay do quest happenin' bit plan game cause boon blessing godsend upper hand something else one for the books windfall good bonanza treasure asset advantage escapade big idea follow through experience time episode fling romp discovery happening emprise antic spree campaign geste design end product good fortune stroke of luck mastery output brainchild handicraft invention daring act belter palm conception innovation application smasheroo formulation genesis article origination concoction score surmounting vanquishing takeover cinch homer splash pushover big win finished product final result aspiration derivative offshoot final product yield offspring shoo-in the gold

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