Synonym of swelled

Alternative for swelled

swells, sweller, swellest, swelled, swelling, swollen

Synonym: amplify, billow, broaden, bulge, enlarge, expand, gain, good, increase, inflate, magnify, stretch,

Antonym: shrink,


To have made a quantity bigger
increased raised enlarged improved incremented boosted enhanced furthered expanded extended proliferated advanced amplified elevated heightened maximized optimized augmented developed enriched inflated progressed strengthened consolidated magnified multiplied compounded doubled escalated aggrandized ameliorated bettered broadened built grew lengthened lifted reinforced upped accelerated added to amassed beefed up built up bumped up cranked up deepened hiked up inflamed jacked up reenforced snowballed spread stepped up tripled widened annexed blew up dilated distended fleshed out marked up mounted padded protracted pumped up ratcheted up redoubled sharpened shot up slapped on supersized supplemented tacked on upraised upscaled went up added drew out elongated followed up hyped made better made bigger made greater made larger maximised optimised parlayed prolonged pullulated pumped teemed thickened topped up waxed intensified ballooned burgeoned mushroomed accumulated climbed grown bourgeoned gained boomed appreciated lift rocketed rolled up risen rose stoked soared clomb clumb burst spiralled spiraled puffed up surged bulged stretched aggravated skyrocketed hiked exacerbated filled out bloated mounted up flourished accrued increased rapidly puffed out increased in size bloomed swarmed blown up sprouted spread out worsened fattened upgraded prospered made worse abounded bristled overflowed exaggerated brimmed crawled filled put up hit the roof buzzed hummed thrived bustled accentuated become larger blossomed flowed gotten bigger become more numerous got bigger jumped up gone up grew rapidly grown rapidly flowered fortified propagated tumefied gathered cumulated upsurged outspread scaled pyramided intensated picked up amped up run up piled up burst at seams burst forth leaped up filled up aerated opened brast bolstered sprung went through the roof swelled up gone through the roof superabounded emphasized roused collected intumesced exploded crowded become bigger jumped dramatically increased spread wide emphasised drastically increased greatly increased climbed sharply souped up opened out increased exponentially went through the ceiling made longer gone through the ceiling run riot thriven throve elaborated shot became larger pulled germinated rounded out risen rapidly became more numerous rose rapidly concentrated spiked exalted strained puffed sprung up sprang up matured budded leaped leapt thronged become louder pervaded bulked vegetated ascended buttressed sweetened topped billowed speeded up put on a spurt put on weight increased in scope boosted up pushed up added fuel to the flames packed spread across filled with air sped up become wider got larger burst at the seams pulled out of shape put fuel on fattened up jammed ran up bulked up rained put salt on the wound spread like wildfire spread like lightning spread through increased dramatically stocked up pulled out spread quickly turned up overrun embellished wrought worked sprang swollen up arose arisen became bigger built on increased in extent gone sky-high increased in complexity rose steeply ran riot went sky-high widened out risen steeply loudened assembled fueled tended fuelled lightened fermented highlighted massed overstated bred nurtured unfolded zoomed uplifted stockpiled diversified stroked complicated drew drawn dramatized crescendoed overplayed embroidered lumped diffused sprawled luxuriated encouraged fostered got higher gotten higher stressed cultivated distorted kept burning overestimated mended feed poked stirred fed rekindled grouped metastasized grown louder surged up advertised underlined grew louder advertized infested revitalized became louder developed rapidly uprose uprisen jacked overemphasized hyperbolized become distended bunched succeeded protuberated breadthened inclined jumboized supplied subsidized spurted aggregated manifolded expatiated vaulted towered escaladed piggybacked crawled with poured out increased threefold trebled become thicker upsized made thicker stretched the truth had a full plate broadened one's horizons scaled up overran spilled over added insult to injury run over made wider tagged on bucketed bolded deposited got to made broader drawn out heaped sent through the roof touched up come on stored up made deeper branched out wallowed in started to be jazzed up revitalised reached welled sent out shoots increased suddenly ramped up emerged showered peaked made complex brimmed over surcharged stored leavened become broader eked out confused stacked up rolled in grew in extended one's operations fetched up hoarded increased by three formed buds crammed subsidised increased in weight dramatised bulged out made a big thing out of rallied got stronger overemphasised spiraled upwards deteriorated fanned the flames of gained weight circulated streamed swelled out become deeper grown larger swept detonated grown in held no more rounded off made intricate spiralled upwards developed buds become bloated poured added fuel to the fire become large developed quickly piled stoked up rubbed salt in the wound grew larger confounded made rise heated up become longer fanned the flames rolled out pelted goosed up shored up beared produced made louder became wider bucked up enforced become loud added fuel to became distended overdone overdid stuffed added fuel to fire grown stronger grew stronger grown quickly grew quickly became bloated ran over dumped taken off took off gone off went off went from bad to worse gone from bad to worse got taller gotten taller grown on trees grew on trees swam in swum in bore borne grew full became large gotten to grown full blown out blew out blown out of all proportion drove up blew up out of all proportion driven up blown up out of all proportion blew out of all proportion blew blown aped up grown greater grew greater grown bigger became thicker became broader became deeper became longer grew bigger swollen out gotten plump got plump done well been successful did well rose in value risen in value were successful was successful came on became loud grown loud grew loud expounded detailed evolved unfurled explicated disentangled worked up padded out played out transitioned enlivened animated straught awakened panned out gave substance to finished brought alive swollen perfected promoted cemented colored coloured refined fudged put on polished set off helped supported renewed stimulated substantiated corroborated empowered stiffened made stronger catastrophized falsified fabricated boasted bragged lied elaborated on updated secured shaped up straightened out made strides quickened hastened amended established excited inspired seasoned toughened restored hardened set right emboldened sustained justified upheld invigorated inspirited steeled overstressed underpinned complemented provoked tightened backed up firmed up made firm confirmed misrepresented misreported misquoted gained strength caricatured corrupted set up made a mountain out of a molehill romanticised dressed up sent up envigorated cooked up become greater buoyed up spread on thick hit on toned up made too much of played up laid it on thick romanticized improved on fast-tracked smartened brushed up smartened up fine-tuned blown out of proportion blew out of proportion reformed reaffirmed corrected made headway adjusted forced up stirred up revamped worked out honed moved forward aged made progress forged ahead revised assured reiterated reasserted restated emended purified edited rectified recuperated suited fixed delighted pushed stabilized authenticated thrilled galvanized made perfect modified spurred perked up exhilarated turned the corner upholden overvalued overdrawn overdrew electrified championed motivated maturated aroused elated infuriated irritated endorsed settled oversold meliorated maddened solidified vexed vitalized exasperated enraged candied heartened overpitched beefed transported incentivized assisted maintained rewarded mellowed incentified buoyed aided damaged inured gilt gilded varnished endowed envenomed embittered lent more weight to added colour nourished indurated rejuvenated harshened rubbed salt in a wound scammed poured it on made a big thing of became greater annoyed rattled one's cage romanced rubbed salt in the wounds gingered up filled with joy given a boost to made more rigorous laid it on with a shovel shot a line darkened laid it on with a trowel made higher bolstered up hopped up become stronger fed the fire fired the imagination of bigged up loud talked made a production out of impaired magnified importance made matters worse made healthy made a federal case of geed up heaped on went to extremes enlarged on increased in value piled it on about overembellished made a drama out of a crisis sinewed galvanised emphasized too much spurred on piled it on yeasted become worse piled on heated energized egged on overelaborated big upped made stricter prettied up toughened up energised hotted up laid it on thick about ratcheted pointed retraced laid on made more stringent laid it on with a trowel about harmonized with made federal case made secure stabilised added detail to gone to extremes added flesh to repeated whetted gave a boost to potentiated accented braced up made richer twisted the knife made more rigid backed become strong overexaggerated exaggerated information defended fruited regenerated pushed one's button integrated with compounded the problem brightened toned made mountain out of molehill ripened made stable driven drove gave weight to given weight to added fuel became worse went into detail about gone into detail about lay on drew the longbow blew something out of all proportion drawn the longbow blown something out of all proportion given strength to gave new energy to given new energy to gave strength to drew the long bow drawn the long bow gone with went with blown up out of proportion blew up out of proportion rose up risen up became stronger became strong


Past tense for to become increasingly bloated or large in size
expanded bloated ballooned inflated dilated puffed tumefied bagged billowed distended extended grew grown intumesced bulged fattened plumped pouched beetled bellied bunched pooched engorged projected protruded jutted overhung poked pouted filled out puffed up blew out blown out blew up blown up became bloated become bloated became distended become distended became inflated become inflated puffed out swelled up swollen up became larger become larger rounded out became swollen become swollen welled up stood out stuck out started bulged out protuberated jutted out extruded poked out obtruded enlarged swelled out filled mushroomed loomed popped popped out ballooned out bilged bugged out thrusted out swollen out sagged pushed out spread extended beyond hung out billowed out domed hanged hung blobbed impended bellied out protended outthrusted pointed hung over rose risen lengthened beetled over come through loomed out stuck up butted out cast a shadow pooched out pouched out fermented flopped flapped caught the wind ballooned up drooped come out emerged bulked showed pushed rolled surged bagged out projected outward pitched bounced lopped peeked tost tossed cantilevered showed up sticked out over extended over projected over protruded over jutted over prolonged lapped over portended stood out over overtopped commanded endangered jutted out over elongated loomed over held out bulged over hung loosely came through impended over bulged out over cantilevered out poked out over rolled upward stretched out dangled over flapped over drooped over cantilevered out over stuck out like a sore thumb towered above grew larger grown larger came out shown risen up rose up ridden over rode over went beyond gone beyond risen above swung over swang over rose above swoll swollen stuck sticked


Past tense for to move, or cause to move, in a wavelike motion
rippled fluttered waved quivered undulated stirred oscillated swayed vibrated pulsated palpitated moved fluctuated surged flowed heaved curled vacillated swished coiled motioned rose and fell risen and fallen billowed rolled whirled swirled swung wobbled eddied rushed pitched tost tossed weltered risen rose winded wound flapped throbbed threshed flitted trembled wafted wavered flailed wagged twirled ruffled flicked quavered swept twisted thrashed seesawed streamed pulsed wigwagged reeled churned boiled seethed moved to and fro shaken shook blew blown flown flew sod swang swungen swoll swollen beat waggled twitched brandished wiggled jiggled agitated rocked whipped flopped flourished jerked joggled dangled wielded hove shivered wabbled tottered shuddered quoke quaked convulsed raised floated juddered teetered jolted jounced shimmied bucketed moved up and down moved from side to side flickered beaten tremored hanged hung flittered staggered dithered twittered batted weaved drifted switched flaunted bobbled jarred moved back and forth doddered ebbed and flowed swaggered list faltered displayed waved to and fro set in motion put in motion vaunted writhed wriggled squirmed windmilled blinked twinkled winked glimmered rustled lurched woven wove changed whiffled shifted glided glid trailed slung hovered bustled handled varied fidgetted fiddled squiggled fidgeted jigged alternated pendulated waved around moved backwards and forwards lashed veered altered dropped sagged drooped waved rapidly mutated flailed about held aloft zigzagged wormed wallowed thrashed about flapped about moved erratically beat about snapt snapped plopped quaved careened plunged tumbled caught the wind differed lolled lumbered labored succussed laboured waddled jogged bumped yawed keeled commoved listed lopped gyrated roved yo-yoed toppled stirred up inclined leaned jittered hung down ranged hung loosely had the shakes jibed wilted lopt made heavy weather roamed strayed slackened floundered rambled hung limply had the quivers flagged moved side to side winced leant wrothe writhen slang swang around swung around beaten about rove swang back and forth swang backwards and forwards swung back and forth swung backwards and forwards fallen down fell limply fallen limply fell down went up and down gone up and down come and gone came and went


Past tense for to cause inflammation to (one's skin)


Past tense for to have or cause to have blisters


Of great size or scale
big large enormous giant gigantic huge immense massive considerable grand great sizable substantial tremendous ample colossal epic extensive extravagant full-size grandiose hefty humongous jumbo mammoth mega mondo monster monumental mountainous oversize vast wide almighty broad bumper cumbersome gargantuan ginormous good-size good-sized handsome hulking immeasurable inordinate king-size king-sized monstrous outsize overgrown oversized sizeable stupendous tall thumping tidy titanic towering unwieldy astronomical a whale of a bulky deep great big largish life-size man-size man-sized mighty of considerable size ponderous prodigious socking great thumping great unlimited whopping biggish boundless capacious commodious elephantine fair-size fair-sized family-sized goodly high husky king size lofty massy megalithic roomy spacious super colossal supersize voluminous walloping whacking whacking great whopping great family-size thundering whopper Brobdingnagian cosmic dirty great economy-size economy-sized astronomic brobdingnagian Bunyanesque comprehensive cosmical cyclopean excessive exorbitant expansive extreme galactic gross humungous leviathan magnific outsized pharaonic staggering super-duper supersized mastodonic generous heavy herculean weighty significant abundant solid major gigantesque heroic boxcar super vasty heroical imposing Himalayan substantive oceanic planetary plentiful good beefy healthy full profuse respectable extraordinary copious appreciable Herculean burly sturdy fat strapping serious large-scale stout lavish plenteous very large extended rich stellar comfortable cavernous cumbrous superabundant heavyweight very big bountiful awkward long strong blimp liberal behemoth infinite spacey limitless consequential elevated widespread whale of a magnificent important marked brawny giant-sized material meaningful much thickset chunky pythonic whaling decent stately statuesque formidable majestic thick impressive striking powerful sweeping expanded far-reaching muscular complete pronounced reasonable phenomenal burdensome giant-size extra-large superb palatial remarkable stocky leaden overwhelming prolific hunky profitable terrific fantastic fleshy noticeable not to be sneezed at bounteous august awesome powerfully built solidly built hearty well built portly momentous meaty eventful high-rise excellent hulky historic soaring filling open endless outstanding severe exalted wide-ranging extremely large notable marvellous max monolithic earthshaking sublime glorious fine prosperous thorough tectonic splendid marvelous princely sufficient advantageous lordly superior dignified lucrative muscly unusual entire earth-shattering eminent whole illustrious worthwhile ungainly skyscraping sky-scraping awe-inspiring multistorey well-built far-flung proud mesomorphic lank moving resplendent mind-blowing sky-high lumbering high rise intense thewy larger clumsy incredible rising raised exceptional high-reaching altitudinous unhandy global maxi corpulent airy unmanageable towery loose-fitting square ascending l laden gravid expectant loaded enceinte built lead-footed supreme stodgy uncrowded numerous not inconsiderable steady barn door wonderful renowned extremely big swelling distinguished wholesale abounding upraised uplifted alpine weighing a ton super-colossal kingly protracted all-embracing flush universal jumbo-sized teeming noble overflowing very great fabulous exhaustive lengthy rambling arresting inclusive bonny mahoosive rangy awash regal all-inclusive stunning commanding behemothic spectacular dramatic imperial gorgeous detailed packed rolling royal gallant baronial mastodontic all-encompassing splendiferous bull interdisciplinary multidisciplinary in plenty luxuriant brimming cross-disciplinary scopic scopious abnormal Homeric spread-out something else ominous adequate rewarding prominent competitive paying cavelike stiff oafish lumpish cushy remunerative gainful loutish heavily built clodhopping clunky luxurious dense tubby chubby buff robust ripped shredded terrible steep unco stark legit slouchy stalwart jacked heavyset incalculable extra large critical billowing eternal unmanoeuvrable macro incommodious Falstaffian paunchy flabby fubsy dumpy plump girthy maximum utmost top surpassing baggy amazing decent-sized buxom greater zaftig dilatable distensible expandable heavy-laden disproportionate cracking prolonged laborious spanking crucial measureless illimitable fair uttermost daunting OS decided fairly large unsparing roly-poly big and strong muscle-bound broad in the beam broad-shouldered corn-fed well upholstered well fed irresistible dynamic interminable loose convenient sensible roaring decisive conclusive emphatic gaping high-ceilinged astounding startling miraculous titan tolerable mundo Gargantuan unbounded measurable stumpy squat stubby swollen satisfying rare acute elephantic astonishing well furnished pretty legion sundry several convoluted many multifarious simple multitudinous covering various resounding unmistakable memorable noteworthy unqualified worthy sensational telling impactful flabbergasting breathtaking unbelievable worth taking into account out-and-out never-ending eye-catching mind-boggling fantabulous wide-reaching mass chasmal ambitious all-important staid effective solemn utopian admirable stretched-out wondrous heightened immoderate intemperate unreasonable escalated increased jacked up rip-roaring multistory haughty nationwide forcible bigger outspread outstretched Cyclopean unreal mortal larger-than-life something to write home about stirring one for the book exciting pretentious overblown comfort calorific leading heavy-duty across-the-board international chock-full stuffed intercontinental worldwide crowded latitudinous beamy featureless impenetrable intractable faceless characterless immovable above average intensified inflatable expanding stretching elastic dilating spread out far reaching wide physically real key starchy wide-open consistent permanent extendable stretchy enlargeable distending firm sound useful durable valuable principal dilatant expansile unsuppressed sprawling unrepressed fatty creamy inexhaustible munificent wide open yawning opulent aplenty plenty galore cornucopian profound pervasive filled full-bodied unstinting in abundance wealthy affluent a gogo big-deal major-league rife replete grander ideal first-rate blanket prevalent first-class divine blissful heavenly rapturous delightful perfect flushed dripping swamped flowing fraught overrun catholic indiscriminate across the board unrestricted comprising no end stinking with smashing fab swarming thronging saturated a dime a dozen no end in sight transcendent unexclusive wider taller longer deluged lousy dynamite transcendental holy sacred spiritual beautiful uplifting splendorous inspiring outrageous inspirational abstract wall to wall stinking well-provided crawling exuberant knee-deep well-supplied the most out of this world too good to be true too much singular unique strange out of the ordinary odd uncommon preternatural bizarre superhuman unimaginable weird indescribable atypical brilliant magical surprising unprecedented uncanny supernatural anomalous peculiar special eye-opening eye-popping conspicuous inconceivable aberrant uncustomary especial unparalleled extraordinaire portentous unwonted exceeding awful curious unutterable queer freak aberrated fantastical unearthly unforgettable unheard-of far-out unaccountable supernormal impossible unfamiliar thrilling unexpected unnatural amazeballs untypical unconventional insane innumerable jaw-dropping inexplicable dazzling untold signal mysterious irregular innumerous fascinating ridiculous unnumberable unaccustomed plethoric overmuch enthralling overextravagant oddball unheard of freakish unthinkable devilish refreshing heart-stopping unordinary classic countless incommunicable numberless thunderous indeterminable unfathomable uncountable inestimable outlandish fathomless wicked urgent paramount uncounted eccentric dreadful uncommunicable absurd wild superlative improbable funny fearful crazy mad myriad unlikely implausible undue offbeat far-fetched theatrical other-worldly out-of-the-way unrestrained unconscionable unusually good incongruous novel inexpressible ghostly distinctive overdue overweening intolerable preposterous preeminent deviant ludicrous prodigal extortionate superfluous confounding overkill overboard off-the-wall supermundane never to be forgotten profligate atypic stupefying awe-striking unmeasurable uncharacteristic overabundant uncurbed off the wall captivating mind-bending enchanting unrepresentative sensorial bewitching outré mystifying imprudent palatine too many exquisite O.T.T. out of the way elegant celestial OTT over the top out of all proportion swanky sumptuous queenly way out out there empyreal a bit much sightly lasting enduring immortal Moby booming deafening ear-splitting ear-piercing thrashing pleasing epoch-making Brobdignagian crashing abiding shattering very loud thaumaturgic devastating Olympian fierce harsh horrific appalling particular desperate loud infrequent frightful vital through the ceiling incomprehensible bewildering invaluable priceless supercalifragilisticexpialidocious cosmogonic interstellar intergalactic interplanetary cosmopolitan empyrean cosmogonal space ecumenical humbling providential touching cherished crushing paralysing arduous paranormal prime marathon what extra special inconsistent baroque fancy unmerciful wonderworking numinous supranatural seldom seen paralyzing overcoming shocking fundamental deviating exhilarating bottomless precious the what great metaphysical mystical otherworldly unworldly very long difficult to believe unrelenting de trop unmitigated unyielding godlike non-typical divergent central pressing essential ostentatious the utmost blinding heart-stirring deviate aberrational devious puzzling spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate eerie pre-eminent occult deviative venerable omnipotent bionic undescribable famous unorthodox jarring heteroclite foreign creepy spooky theatric some off-centre ultra like a dream come true invigorating charming envigorating stimulating beguiling enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like far out enlivening fabled ethereal dream-filled no end of beyond price perplexing baffling splashy bold showy arrestive flamboyant catchy daggy wacko eldritch unnumbered beyond human primo salient avant-garde original breaking new ground loner cool eery spookish haunting multiple manifold rum freaky bizarro world class inspired inexplainable very strange supranormal scary ghoulish secret high-priority overriding dire uppermost gilt-edged unsummed unspeakable zero cool private too many to be counted without number hidden unknown unexpressed ineffable beyond measure indefinable undreamed of an incalculable number of an infinite number of of great consequence unmissable life-and-death earnest page-one grave uncalculable cardinal capital burning newsworthy of great moment determining of import of great import of moment front-page unwarranted unbridled exaggerated very many gratuitous needless surplus uncontrolled wanton improvident forceful indulgent dizzying redundant wasteful dissipated fanciful dubious unrealistic unhampered unchecked overgenerous extra unnecessary silly more recrementitious stratospheric overindulgent unfettered uninhibited doubtful nonsensical whimsical irrational self-indulgent over the odds uncalled for wacky comical foolish cockamamie zany flash gnarly forby hare-brained make-believe off beaten path more than human more than one can count most important

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