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Synonym: implied, silent, understood,


Spoken rather than written


Almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition
virtual essential near practical implicit implied indirect unacknowledged effective in effect near enough basic constructive fundamental potential pragmatic de facto for all practical purposes in all but name in conduct in practice to all intents and purposes literal verifiable true genuine palpable certifiable objective undeniable irrefutable real-world realistic incontrovertible factual substantial unquestionable final concrete incontestable unmistakable proven confirmed real-life indubitable validated substantiated certified hard demonstrated bona fide established verified positive existent tangible absolute attested indisputable certain authenticated believable inescapable authentic real actual sure-enough very veritable dinkum definite honest legitimate valid precise existing accurate substantive truthful veridical kosher clear good categorical right material firm corporeal exact correct sensible physical echt pukka unimaginary clear-cut pucka intrinsic faithful pure evident historical non-fictional legit undoubted perceptible authoritative honest-to-goodness corroborated documented considerable significant sheer express especial unqualified plain manifest non-fictitious current unimagined living bodily for real honest to God sure enough real live solid live corporal embodied rightful sound incarnate present proper veracious natural explicit conclusive characteristic archetypal guileless typical ingenuous regular archetypical representative unequivocal strict artless unaffected simple unambiguous unpretending dead-on appropriate average dinky-di standard real McCoy normal unpretentious direct undesigning fitting sure fixed definitive decided lifelike unadorned fair detailed credible verbatim circumstantial nonfictional unadulterated documentary unvarnished veristic verisimilar unexaggerated unbiased unprejudiced scientific true-to-life word for word true-life matter-of-fact telling it like it is card-carrying fact-based straight from horse's mouth as it really happened on the level set in stone


Existing but not yet developed or manifest
latent dormant concealed hidden invisible lurking inherent quiescent undeveloped unseen veiled immanent secret undiscovered unexpressed unrealized unrevealed untapped imperceptible inactive indiscernible inert inoperative unapparent masked unfulfilled unused covert idle inchoate innermost repressed sleeping subconscious suppressed unacknowledged underlying abeyant buried contained dead embryonic fallow immature implied inferential inferred intrinsic involved passive potential smouldering smoldering suspended torpid unconscious underdeveloped unexposed unripe vestigial free likely off possible rudimentary vacant at rest in abeyance not activated on the shelf out of commission quiet implicit covered camouflaged still screened disguised shrouded unemployed undisclosed bottled up under wraps deep prepatent subliminal motionless undetectable resting immobile unmoving unoccupied mothballed imperceivable cloaked stationary surreptitious clouded undercover eclipsed undetected not in use out of use not visible out of sight in the dark out of view unidentified unbeknown unknown lost covered up unbeknownst unrecognized unreserved relapsing retreating lowering receding regressive ebbing declining falling unrecognised inbuilt larvate cryptic incognito cabalistic ingrained fundamental incorporated disused deducible indirect suggested prospective inner future not operating ticking over undivulged probable budding inmost gathering dust unutilized hinted no longer in use fallen into disuse mental undeclared recessive unexploited conceivable developing imaginable not made use of untried hinted at obscured inconspicuous going begging not in service unspoilt non-functioning in the making unseeable unnoticeable sluggish unnoticed indistinguishable unobserved disengaged restrained unobtrusive discreet indistinct silent lethargic serene peaceful smooth nonexistent obscure unperceivable shadowy inappreciable stopped static stifled intangible unobservable ghostly insensible perdu impalpable ethereal vaporous imaginary not in view not in sight unviewable imponderable gaseous impossible to detect deactivated slumbering undisturbed stagnant calm sleepy asleep placid tranquil dull turned off on hold low-key in holding pattern smothered muffled gentle unruffled unagitated lifeless inhibited pent up bottled-up blocked held back curbed held in not obvious withheld sheltered kept in check snug tect underground hard to see not on view


Accepted by supposition rather than as a result of proof
assumed supposed conjectural presumed accepted alleged conjectured expected purported supposititious theoretical apparent evident hypothetical ostensible ostensive presupposed putative reputed seeming surmised anticipated claimed connoted given granted held hypothesised hypothesized implicit inferred postulated rumoured rumored suppositional thought understood prima facie counted on taken as known taken for granted believed likely professed declared suppositious academic said suspected specious reported speculative probable suspect notional ideational outward theoretic pretended suppositive presumptive plausible superficial imaginary illusory avowed abstract contingent possible semblant unproven so-called analytical formularized idealized ideological academical asserted tentative unsubstantiated unproved in theory idealised perceived suspicious illusive surface imaginative codified formalistic impractical general instanced designated feigned doubtful in the abstract ideal as a premise vague assumptive stated untested acknowledged described philosophical logical intellectual averred credible imagined questionable prospective hypothetic implicated pedantic transcendental problematical unearthly quixotic transcendent uncertain gossiped on paper incriminated groundless unfounded involved based on guesswork under suspicion intelle recognized based soi-disant imputed reputative metaphysical pure invented made-up fictional regarded considered presumable estimated deemed appearing external recognised commonly believed commonly regarded exterior quasi- obvious clear-cut unambiguous clear accounted admitted reckoned judged premised to all appearances believable experimental hairy dangerous projected conceptive just so fabled suppository predictable reasonable odds-on creditable postulational guesstimated figured guessing unresolved surmising affirmed dubious conceivable verisimilar foreseeable awaited circumstantial convincing presumptuous on a hunch on a long shot whispered prevailing told broadcast circulating bruited rife exhibited manifest notable colorable demonstrative quasi postulatory going around given out all over town unreal nominal equivocal concocted conditional conjecturable refutable provisory guessed unconfirmed indefinite indeterminate casual contestable disputable stochastic debatable proposed pretending problematic made up


Not going in a direct course or line
indirect roundabout circuitous winding meandering wandering deviant tortuous curving serpentine zigzag backhanded circular circumlocutory divergent evasive implied oblique rambling anfractuous devious long-drawn-out periphrastic sidelong ambiguous complicated crooked discursive duplicitous erratic eventual inferred long long-winded obscure out-of-the-way sinister sinuous snaking sneaking sneaky subsidiary twisting underhand understood unforeseen unplanned vagrant hinted at long way home twisted convoluted snaky windy bending flexuous curvy curved curling curled crazy meandrous mazy twisty coiling digressive deviating ambagious zigzagging labyrinthine spiraling spiralling involved intricate circumlocutionary serpentiform looping excursive collateral irregular spiral undulating errant turning gyrating wriggly jagged twisting and turning digressionary digressional desultory leaping maundering obliquitous lengthy roaming askew verbose involute awry bent sinuate ogee meandry full of twists and turns elliptical implicit inexplicit writhing bendy vague entwined detouring digressory digressing diverting roving vermiculate episodic diffusive snakelike lithe asymmetric asymmetrical non-linear slinky deviative flowing contorted unsymmetrical distorted uneven aslant slanting slanted skewed lopsided tilted wiggly tacking squiggly coiled tipping slantwise diffuse atilt circling corkscrew swirling taking the long way wavy pitched complex listing cock-a-hoop topsy-turvy knurly incurving kinky angular screwy crippled catawampus agee tortile kinked traveling travelling nomadic unstraightforward confusing misleading tricky oscillating transverse fluctuating inclined crinkled sloping waggling serrated diagonal deceptive overlong long way going around back road winding around cunning byzantine difficult perverse long way around by way of difficult to follow curvilinear bowed arched rounded hooked sweeping loopy turned warped wry curvilineal wavering wrenched jointed articulated bowing arching twining veering warping curly sigmoid S-shaped straying parenthetical tangent aberrant aberrative tangential excursional excursionary heteroclite angled arced arciform pretzeled looped round

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