Synonym of tail

Alternative for tail

tails, tailed, tailing

Synonym: back, end, follow, heel, pursue, rear, shadow, trail,

Antonym: head,


The caudal appendage of an animal that is attached to its posterior


The hindmost part of an animal


The back of an object, especially a vehicle, vessel or plane


A person (especially a detective) secretly following another to observe their movements
shadow detective sleuth investigator gumshoe shamus bogey tec private dick private eye private investigator private detective sherlock hawkshaw operative sleuthhound PI peeper snoop cop agent bloodhound enquiry agent tracker sleuth-hound P.I. Pinkerton flatfoot spy eavesdropper bird dog police officer Sherlock Holmes stalker private operative pursuer follower DC DI DS DCI constable snooper copper detective constable jack CID officer bizzy detective superintendent fed nark detective sergeant eye sergeant roper bull slewfoot reporter shoofly prosecutor fink detective inspector analyst P. I. scout informer detective chief inspector detective chief superintendent plainclothes officer inspector reviewer examiner auditor meddler busybody mole tester pryer inquirer pry researcher quidnunc rubberneck pragmatist undercover agent butt-in attorney hound police inquisitor prober questioner peeping Tom interferer monitor counterspy undercover cop scrutinizer stickybeak infiltrator scrutineer checker spook intelligencer surveyor beagle plant nosy parker investigative journalist spotter ferret double agent Paul Pry prier emissary secret agent intelligence agent observer quester querier asker querent interrogator inquiry agent skip tracer plainclothesman supervisor overseer superintendent sneak intruder appraiser censor assessor field agent undercover asset control examinant scrutinator ombudsman controller watchdog handler foreign agent enemy agent secret service agent secret service fifth columnist picket espionage agent lookout watcher sleeper patrol industrial spy inside agent cloak-and-dagger man inside man undercover man analyser explorer factfinder experimenter enquirer searcher


In marine mammals such as whales, a wide flat limb, adapted for swimming


Close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal
surveillance observation watch scrutiny spying bugging espionage inspection lookout monitoring reconnaissance view vigil examination eye recon vigilance dataveillance following shadowing stakeout surveyance tab tailing track close observation eagle eye peeled eye guard supervision attention watchfulness investigation observance heed close watch notice alertness awareness patrol policing survey attentiveness caution watching wariness care alert heedfulness sentry duty stake-out wake nightwatch duty intelligence gathering phone tapping tagging tracking trailing chasing pursuit chase dogging pursuing tracing hounding night watch industrial espionage carefulness circumspection chariness cautiousness guardedness patrolling beat-pounding beat round diligence acuity careful observation prudence mindfulness review study recce reconnoitre red alert qui vive gander consideration escorting protecting safeguarding watchperson protection reconnoiter scouting rounds defending convoying spy patroler viewing scrutinization perception weather eye surveying contemplation perusal regard cognition recognising ascertainment recognizing overlook noticing probe once-over concentration gingerliness readiness discretion scrupulousness forethought canniness meticulousness conscientiousness precaution thought liveliness caginess foresight fastidiousness wakefulness particularity preparedness deliberation meticulosity keenness focus imaginativeness protectiveness defensiveness closeness exactness hesitance hesitancy sleeplessness hesitation timidity timidness timorousness brainstorm brainchild intuition design solicitousness judiciousness special attention pain quickness agility foresightedness forethoughtfulness briskness nimbleness perceptiveness spiritedness promptitude activeness sprightliness keeping your head down jealousy thoughtfulness restraint providence discreetness preparation risk avoidance belt and braces Fabian policy pains order mobility willingness fitness zeal concern discrimination management


To walk or move slowly or wearily
trail trudge plod amble dawdle drift hobble lag limp meander stagger straggle wander crawl shuffle follow ramble saunter slouch stray tarry traipse roam rove traik drag oneself fall behind drag yourself hang back tag along not keep up tag along behind bring up the rear move slowly walk slowly drag along drag one's feet not keep pace get no place fast loiter poke linger delay dally trail behind shilly-shally drag mope lollygag lallygag diddle dillydally creep procrastinate drop behind drop back tool put off drag your feet range dangle sag droop hang down err scramble straddle spread maunder be strung out be late poke around lag behind string out wait pause bide remain hang around take one's time hang about warm a chair stall stop temporise goof around hang round temporize stay put hold the phone filibuster stop over lose time hesitate take your time rest lodge idle fail dilly-dally flag dither fall back decrease drop diminish slacken wane ebb drag behind slow retard stay inch lounge jelly falter fall off slow up inch along be behind lose strength waste time kill time mark time vacillate while away time hang fire hum and haw potter fritter away waver defer be indecisive play for time equivocate use delaying tactics play a waiting game loaf prevaricate haver swither trifle postpone putter goof off adjourn go slowly hold back fool around kick the can down the road stroll skulk loll fluctuate stonewall hedge halt ooze mosey pussyfoot around hover be slow potter around toddle potter about potter round horse around gain time hold over hang out sit around beat about the bush go at a snail's pace be dilatory buy time put on hold put off doing something let the grass grow under one's feet blow hot and cold suspend hold off laze slack burn daylight fiddle about piddle fritter away time pass the time take one's own sweet time while away the time shirk totter be long be tardy wait around tergiversate hang on drag your heels hem and haw mooch about mooch around diddle-daddle be evasive stick around mooch fritter time away palter balk shamble slough dabble lurk kick about sit tight kick around prolong protract shlep along scrounge around bum around poke along boondoggle goldbrick cool baulk not hurry take too long be leisurely proceed in a leisurely fashion pass time sit on one's butt stall for time avoid committing oneself use Fabian tactics avoid making a decision postpone action defer action take a raincheck be undecided suspend action let slide drag one's heels fool with while away trifle with play games with fool about remit shelve hold up put over lay over put back hold off on put on ice leave to another time prorogue reschedule put on the back burner cease nose snail promenade perambulate stravaig walk discontinue break tramp hike streel tromp desist draggle tootle bimble pootle stump ankle take a stroll take the air trill go for a walk sashay go for a stroll take a walk percolate deliberate interrupt creak along limp along creep along break off hang heavy wear on advance slowly appear to pass slowly slow down go on too long go on and on reflect stop what you're doing take ten take a breather let up pull up come to standstill have a breather catch one's breath break it up sideline call time take five shake stop briefly take a break think twice take a breath distract divert become tedious avoid the issue beat around the bush

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