Synonym of tantalizing

Alternative for tantalizing

tantalizes, tantalized, tantalizing

Synonym: badger, bother, harass, molest, pester, tease, torment, torture, worry,


Pleasing or appealing to the senses, especially to look at
attractive charming fetching handsome lovely engaging winning captivating stunning alluring fair prepossessing appealing beguiling bewitching bonny cute enchanting irresistible arresting charismatic comely ravishing striking interesting pleasing tempting delightful desirable glamorous inviting likeable likable lush magnetic sexual taking beauteous enticing fanciable luscious nubile pleasant sultry agreeable enthralling good provocative sightly smashing tasty aesthetic arousing fit goodly knockout likely luring seemly spunky winsome fascinating mesmeric adorable beckoning bonnie elfin entrancing esthetic glamourous pulchritudinous teasing eye-catching well-favored well favoured easy on the eye nice-looking on fleek come-hither out of this world as pretty as a picture drawing attention seductive intriguing beautiful sexy gorgeous sensual hot sensuous good-looking pretty elegant foxy titillating erotic dazzling exciting beddable delectable lovesome fine divine come-to-bed bootylicious drop-dead gorgeous compelling mesmerizing sweet sexually attractive provoking suggestive shapely mesmerising exquisite magical riveting nice drop-dead bodacious sensational heavenly siren lovable gripping spellbinding graceful adorbs engrossing mouthwatering absorbing radiant babelicious stimulating flirtatious scrumptious voluptuous dreamy dishy dainty appetizing delicate hypnotic hypnotizing appetising endearing coquettish fabulous fine-looking hypnotising thrilling persuasive slinky personable stylish splendid mouth-watering stirring salacious racy aesthetically pleasing entertaining curious diverting wonderful delicious toothsome consuming easy on the eyes amusing immersing involving very beautiful darling curvaceous yummy thought-provoking kissable disarming dear tantalising well-favoured hunky attracting amiable raunchy drawing enamoring classy sublime beaut rapturous specious resplendent aesthetically appealing lurid sexually arousing sexually exciting bedroom fashionable seducing wholesome becoming buxom blooming feline risqué superb photogenic choice rousing electrifying pleasurable juicy compulsive piquant amazing unputdownable very interesting vivid busty a ten dashing well favored warm welcoming magic illecebrous pulling congenial ingratiating insinuating loveable precious genial phat cordial encouraging open affable infatuating trim dreamboat eyeful bijou magnetizing magnetising picture-perfect naughty magnificent fantastic incredible fab terrific as nice as pie immodest shameless puzzling passionate amorous steamy clean-cut studly sirenic enrapturing angelic grand physically attractive pornographic smart transfixing tarty chic glitzy statuesque orphic spicy colourful glam flamboyant dollish symmetrical ideal well-formed refined immersive Orphean ritzy well dressed saucy lewd sexually stimulating scandalous to one's liking opulent trendy righteous flashy prestigious nifty charged edgy telegenic strong invincible powerful unconquerable inevitable indomitable uncontainable overriding ineluctable willowy sheen peng dapper showstopping camera-friendly presentable prettyish debonair shock-horror looking like a million succulent colorful impressive palatable attention-grabbing affecting exceptional noteworthy refreshing savoury moving meaty astonishing eventful invigorating exhilarating worthy of note spectacular fresh memorable preoccupying portentous envigorating trenchant marvellous galvanising topical unboring buzzworthy vibrant breathtaking unique newsy inspiring splashy relatable marvelous eye-opening remarkable out of the ordinary newsworthy action-packed intoxicating showy wondrous emphatic galvanizing electric ambrosial flavorsome moreish delish tasteful flavoursome toothy flavorful yum-yum scrummy savory ambrosian yummo sugar-coated saporous sweetened aperitive enjoyable gratifying satisfying delightsome welcome jolly blessed glorious blest felicitous grateful dulcet picturesque cutesy scenic great fun idyllic blissful happy sophisticated quaint friendly majestic neat favorable cultivated chocolate-box cultured favourable joyous cuddly romantic admirable cheery suave polished paradisal cheerful fairy-tale acceptable comfortable twee excellent witty peachy inveigling artistic cunning cherubic discerning cheering courtly couthy urbane paradisiacal stately relaxing rewarding brilliant relishable plush select distinguished paradisiac rare fine and dandy recreative superior snazzy recherche dramatic spiffy good-natured witching enchanted copacetic jaw-dropping miraculous funny panoramic easygoing dreamlike simpatico sympathique polite sympatisch humorous dignified droll fairylike comical luxurious chucklesome sumptuous Elysian innocent hospitable hilarious dinky merry lively cherubical gladdening glad unspoilt fantastical extraordinary perfect side-splitting gay priceless fragile super suitable clear swanky mind-blowing kawaii mild soothing comforting euphoric capital light-hearted hunky-dory soft heartwarming swank commendable slick astounding ethereal dandy larger than life well-dressed paradisaic supercalifragilisticexpialidocious stupendous paradisaical splendorous pleasureful schmick swell staggering irie eye-popping pretty-pretty startling pretty as a picture sympathetic extremely attractive celestial picture-postcard sweet-natured preferable poised beseeching cherished warm-hearted affectionate devastating exotic mysterious goodlooking cherishable extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant flattering childlike perky nurturable appreciatable prizable civilized transporting readable snug suited eligible influential convivial balmy superlunary seraphic empyrean worldly a sight for sore eyes strong in character heady top civilised adapted appropriate jovial full of personality nostalgic quixotic entranced charmed bewitched canny with good taste well bred worldly-wise positive satisfactory enhancing heartening festive well suited groovy mooi lekker silvery fiendish conjuring golden sweetheart aces sociable okay gregarious white-hat good-humoured good-humored chivalrous adventurous enviable valuable worthy sound sunny gladsome celebratory petite slight peach ready pussycat doll face well-chosen joyful bright A1 rad glossy ace OK honorable sterling boss in order relief prime honourable reputable zingy spanking not bad slim placating pacifying mollifying conciliatory too good to be true to your liking to one's taste strange outlandish bizarro airy subtle nuanced passable elating deluxe copasetic first-rate super-eminent shipshape first-class super-excellent calming gnarly ecstatic good egg all right all heart pacific peacemaking placatory conciliating appeasing propitiatory ducky brill cool heart-warming bonzer champion corking topping wizard ripping cracking spiffing frabjous beezer ineffable farcical lacy tender diaphanous light well-made deft frail thin feeble very pleasant awesome propitiating top-hole very agreeable very attractive greatly to one's liking very pleasurable classic modish comic awe-inspiring facetious laughable jocular discriminating idealized halcyon silky convincing silken insinuative saccharine deferential ingratiatory fastidious harmonious ludicrous waggish rib-tickling mirthful noble decorous like a dream come true mind-boggling special unheard-of mind-bending heart-stopping prodigious enlightening fairytale-like unbelievable far-out unimaginable sensorial far out enlivening empyreal fabled tremendous dream-filled peaceful pastoral rustic ornamented genteel affected fancy ornate ostentatious groomed photographic pictographic novel whimsical rollicking restrained poignant riot restorative scream clever fun-filled gas high-class overdone august aristocratic stylized pictorial unsoiled symbolic decorative fitting sensitive joshing wacky jokey gut-busting sidesplitting camp screaming campy boffo well-designed hip dressy a la mode rural Utopian unspoiled bucolic utopian arcadian well-bred be a ball quiet posh rich unobtrusive in good taste splendiferous uptown pure chaste unaffected classical precise subdued cut up for grins sylvan Arcadian spick and span sleek dressed to the teeth snappy well-turned-out dolled up well-tailored spiffed-up besuited dressed to kill trig fly fashionably dressed natty as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox well-presented with it well-groomed soigné spruce too funny for words restful calm serene out-of-this-world idealised tranquil noticeable conspicuous obvious marked evident prominent distinct manifest salient unmistakable notable clear-cut visible distinctive outstanding kenspeckle noisy pronounced bold significant surprising grabby uncommon commanding catchy gee-whizz appreciable forcible observable phenomenal perceptible telling jazzy lofty dynamite signal forceful singular unusual cogent arrestive confounding bizarre


To be arousing someone
exciting arousing attracting titillating alluring enticing inflaming rousing beguiling charming seducing stimulating thrilling bewitching enchanting entrancing hooking interesting intriguing sparking appealing to fascinating pleasing spellbinding teasing tempting wakening whetting enthralling stirring up tantalising turning on doing it for someone floating someone's boat getting going giving someone a thrill lighting someone's fire tickling someone's fancy turning someone on captivating luring drawing magnetizing magnetising engaging absorbing wooing grabbing pulling winning over mesmerizing riveting rivetting wiling piquing mesmerising tickling your fancy sweeping off feet entertaining gripping amusing engrossing enamouring persuading hypnotizing occupying cajoling immersing bemusing inviting inveigling enwrapping busying courting diverting hypnotising provoking moving delighting ravishing coaxing stirring enamoring involving kindling wowing arresting whetting the appetite of snaring perking up touching distracting affecting transfixing enrapturing electrifying galvanizing tickling animating baiting killing witching infatuating intoxicating dazzling quickening leading on sending carrying away sitting up preoccupying drawing attention catching the eye of winning putting under a spell appealing sucking in picking up entrapping tickling pink turning one's head gladdening galvanising catching your eye arousing curiosity wheedling getting someone going concerning making an impression on arousing the curiosity of coming on to gratifying taking satisfying decoying mattering to holding your attention whetting one's appetite engaging one's attention holding betraying soliciting beckoning coming on giving the come-on to pulling in obtaining getting securing roping in bringing in compelling bedazzling motivating selling influencing persuading to buy arousing someone's interest in inducing catching up transporting overwhelming enslaving subduing firing overpowering holding spellbound ensnaring interesting greatly endearing inclining stroking turning someone's head exerting influence on making your mouth water steering making a hit with exerting a pull on exhilarating charging sweet-talking soft-soaping blandishing flattering into smooth-talking blarneying rapturing blowing away palpating grappling encouraging inspiring inciting switching on pumping up agitating spurring instigating firing up goading warming fostering prompting impassioning urging fomenting prodding inspiriting whipping up enlivening lighting a fire under making wild working up calling revving up challenging spurring on firing the enthusiasm of rallying producing firing the imagination of calling forth summoning up alerting heating up egging on giving someone a kick tickle to death giving a buzz triggering slaying cheering actuating knocking dead impelling invigorating elating driving energizing pushing enthusing initiating rejoicing pricking fulfilling delectating setting off keying up giving pleasure to envigorating going over big giving someone a charge energising contenting starting pressing awakening pleasuring activating stinging generating overjoying kick-starting vamping commoving bringing about bowling over firing with enthusiasm knocking out cheering up making happy touching off hitting the spot heartening uplifting vitalizing jolting exhorting brightening humouring humoring indulging lifting propelling enkindling waking causing precipitating needling buoying elevating fuelling fueling suiting engendering occasioning astonishing tricking dynamizing siccing grooving arriding beginning juicing instilling cranking up putting in motion leading to making content sparking off setting in motion rooting on agreeing with putting up to giving rise to running triggering off making someone feel good putting a bomb under gladding solacing tickling the fancy of holding the attention of digging eliciting stoking evoking regaling flushing astounding amazing countenancing favouring favoring making your head spin going to your head brightening up bringing joy to pleasing greatly giving someone pleasure getting one's kicks bucking up warming the cockles of the heart buoying up giving a lift promoting acting as a incentive to acting as a stimulus to giving the incentive to giving joy to racing one's motor frenzying fanning the flames of refreshing revitalizing leading boosting obliging bestirring jarring taking your breath away sharpening chivvying nudging dragging training hitting on roping drawing in burning up bringing into being getting smoking calling into being drawing forth setting going bringing out putting under magic spell forspeaking putting the whammy on bedevilling voodooing capturing bedeviling controlling casting a spell on putting horns on exalting reminding crowding sounding pepping making someone pleased making someone glad making somebody's day snapping up putting zip into revitalising pepping up making very happy giving someone great pleasure annoying irritating making someone feel sexy making someone feel sexually excited arousing sexually jumpstarting creating aggravating waking up bringing on getting started showing introducing shocking startling worrying narking scoring jubilating exulting glorying constraining lashing at freaking out making hit with falling in love with making swaying driving on owning getting under your skin prevailing upon procuring incentivizing planning originating adding fuel plotting hinting rabble-rousing insinuating steaming up setting on suggesting scheming making waves stunning giving a shot in the arm innervating priming frightening zapping convincing batting eyes at prevailing on leading astray dangling a carrot in front of tolling


Present participle for to tease (someone) by offering something desirable but keeping it out of reach


Present participle for to harass, annoy, or cause trouble to (someone)
bothering annoying vexing irritating troubling irking bugging upsetting disturbing exasperating aggravating harassing worrying galling tormenting riling plaguing provoking nettling peeving piquing hassling pestering ruffling narking persecuting needling chafing afflicting harrying getting displeasing nagging grating badgering bedeviling bedevilling riding hounding rasping eating besetting spiting frosting griping teasing paining itching grieving goading hurting inconveniencing molesting disgusting chivvying perplexing dogging discommoding insulting deviling devilling mithering taunting chivying pursuing scaring browbeating nudging interrupting boring crossing hindering impeding putting out hacking off burning up rubbing up the wrong way driving up the wall picking on getting on your nerves giving someone grief grating on intruding upon giving a hard time imposing on getting on your wick bending someone's ear breathing down someone's neck carping at making somebody's hackles rise fretting getting to disquieting perturbing agitating distressing unsettling discomposing concerning stressing besieging dismaying alarming beleaguering flustering fazing rattling flurrying fussing oppressing dunning importuning straining frazzling ailing discomforting throwing distempering distracting unhinging torturing aggrieving discombobulating trying depressing derailing hectoring hagriding alaruming exercising undoing getting at freaking out weirding out keeping after saddening insisting reminding wounding racking unnerving miffing anguishing discountenancing agonizing offending cursing disconcerting confounding injuring angering driving crazy picking at working on messing with agonising breaking harrowing shaking desolating pushing strapping tantalising indisposing martyring nit-picking pricking causing anguish to causing suffering to driving round the bend getting on one's nerves getting in your hair pushing buttons making wretched eating at ticking off cutting up weighing on arousing anxiety in driving you up the wall doing a number on making it tough for taxing making miserable throwing off balance despairing burdening frightening testing weighing down tearing making anxious causing anxiety to gnawing at lying heavy on sweating out outraging infuriating incensing enraging rankling disgruntling affronting graveling gravelling winding up maddening hacking you off inflaming stinging dissatisfying mortifying frustrating chagrining nauseating sickening giving someone the hump roiling turning off bumming out making someone see red getting under your skin putting your back up cutting to the quick slighting shocking biting discomfiting disobliging repelling wearying getting across scandalizing rankling with getting your back up tiring antagonizing dissing driving bananas making unhappy hurting somebody's feelings scandalising antagonising making your blood boil making someone fed up ruffling one's feathers embarrassing abrading cutting giving a bad time mixing up exacerbating humping niggling gnawing tiffing huffing stewing petting incommoding disheartening disaffecting discontenting rubbing the wrong way getting across someone wearing on zinging capping revolting mispleasing cooling winging curdling sounding disappointing getting your goat sticking in one's craw setting one's teeth on edge teeing off making discontented losing patience slapping disrespecting horrifying devastating playing dirty becoming bored grating at having had enough trying the patience of putting repulsing excruciating jarring abusing criticising slandering confronting dispraising criticizing enflaming madding irritating greatly iring putting down mourning causing suffering causing anguish bleeding causing sorrow causing offense lambasting nagging at empurpling driving mad hitting where one lives raising your hackles dumping on giving the cold shoulder giving a zinger sending into a rage steaming up umbraging getting a rise out of exciting firing up asking for it egging on pushing the buttons of giving offence to thumbing nose at getting up someone's nose trying your patience getting your dander up getting your hackles up


A tempting or attractive thing
seduction lure enticement attraction temptation allurement appeal bait pull inducement fascination charm draw allure enchantment glamor glamour attractiveness magnetism magnet decoy snare persuasion interest call cajolery tantalising come-on drawing power captivation invitation incentive siren song inveiglement charisma seductiveness trap turn-on bewitchment oomph pizzazz pizazz magic duende witchery tantalization carrot bribe sweetener seducement mousetrap force field animal magnetism pzazz entrancement beguilement ravishment coaxing blandishment ambush fake trick camouflage hook gimmick tout delusion illusion con game sitting duck intrigue delight beauty desirability drawing card joy bribery loadstone lodestone fancy offer hankering provocation yen irresistibility mesmerism bliss rapture transport teaser sweetening promise come-hither look the jazz bedroom eyes crowd puller happiness come hither infatuation absorption courting solicitation temptingness gravitation towards enthralment enslavement inclination towards mesmerization hypnotization ensnarement enthrallment spell pleasingness power captivatingness engagingness pressure focus drag influence witchcraft force focal point dazzle incitement agreeableness shill charmingness attention-grabber attention draw enticingness interestingness hold IT likableness crowd-pleaser lodestar beacon mojo je ne sais quoi agreeability prepossessingness siren crowd-puller pleasantness attractivity honeypot hypnotism centre of attention attention-getter brilliance sparkle glitter obsession suction carrot and stick splendour preoccupation loveliness prettiness romance center of attention wiles bonniness blandishments glory showiness magnificence flashiness mystique complex enthusiasm passion sexual magnetism gorgeousness bewitchery comeliness delightfulness something fixation hang-up compulsion fetish mania flash razzle-dazzle razzmatazz pulling power irresistible influence thing sorcery star quality sex appeal special something grabber bug piquancy trance éclat ruling passion bee in your bonnet thing for idée fixe splendor encouragement gravitation red herring entrapment pitfall challenge stick plant booster trickery deception beard blind facade catch nark distraction stoolie chicane pretence chicanery pretense imitation front overture movement façade smoke screen stool pigeon blow off sight reason urge proffer pass petition begging motive feeler supplication suggestion date hit prompting coquetry ground paper proposition compliments feature rain check open door attracting force landmark site wonder monument marvel place of interest point of interest thing worth seeing

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