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taunts, taunted, taunting

Synonym: jeer, mock, reproach, scoff,


Contemptuously ridiculing or mocking someone or something
scoffing mocking sardonic scornful cynical sneering satirical derisive caustic contemptuous jeering disparaging sharp ironical biting cutting mordant acerbic satiric disrespectful trenchant offensive mean contumelious scorching corrosive arrogant bitter salty carping acid acerb irascible backhanded acrimonious brusque needling saucy scurrilous chaffing twitting austere captious ornery disillusioned cussed evil severe weisenheiming hostile snarling smart-alecky sarcastic scathing snarky barbed scalding acrid acidulous smart-mouthed disdainful stinging pungent mordacious ironic snide sarky nasty derisory smart-aleck insulting tart acidic ridiculing malicious denigratory deprecatory derogatory unkind belittling vitriolic slighting teasing hurtful demeaning decrying pejorative degrading depreciative uncomplimentary derogative depreciatory detractive denigrative spiteful wry lampooning wise disapproving irreverent dry withering ill-natured rude hateful pointed harsh jibing pillorying dismissive detracting snidey deprecating shrewish vituperative insinuating yelling unpleasant raucous wounding quizzical cruel unfriendly vicious critical poisonous venomous rancorous malevolent astringent searing savage brutal evil-intentioned malign baleful splenetic catty malignant vengeful vindictive pernicious bilious uncivil burlesque maleficent malefic piercing parodying Hudibrastic Rabelaisian paradoxical incisive spoof humorous spoofing keen farcical bantering tongue-in-cheek insolent condescending cavalier supercilious vain imperious abhorrent haughty snotty proud sniffy cheeky temperamental snippy snooty snobbish uppity cool full of contempt hard-nosed upstage bold cold-shoulder opprobrious hard audacious high hat dog it high and mighty on high horse on your high horse virulent devastating waspish razor-edged abrasive penetrating fierce blistering rapier-like polemic squint-eyed burning wicked distressing antagonistic poignant bad despiteful defamatory abusive angry snappy destructive churlish stern vitriolous pithy dirty accidentally on purpose backbiting unsparing slanderous prejudicial impertinent callous ferocious heartless crisp bad-tempered ill-tempered cold corroding mischievous harmful grievous snappish testy acetose short curt aggressive coruscating stringent envenomed painful upsetting sour telling acute rough ill-disposed sharp-worded thoughtless inconsiderate peppery double-edged ungracious crabbed menacing grudging resentful hate-filled sulphurous sulfurous slashing injurious damaging spleenful horrid dripping with malice provocative salt exciting racy forceful witty stimulating extremely critical viperous viperish toxicant insensitive tactless inappropriate dripping venom full of spleen full of gall


The subjection of someone or something to contemptuous and dismissive language or behavior
ridicule mockery derision scorn contempt teasing disdain scoffing caricature parody satire joking burlesque jeer kidding jeering joshing sarcasm badinage sneering banter sneer travesty raillery disparagement taunt jibing ragging chaff dig lampoon ribbing persiflage rib irony laughter gibe sport chaffing farce comeback jab slam razz swipe mimicry kidology sneers taunts chiacking goofing razzing roast jibes twitting buffoonery foolery leer mordancy needling put down rally sardonicism put-on winding up parting shot taking the mickey pulling someone's chain insult brickbat contumely disrespect slap lampooning catcall mocking Bronx cheer barb boo scornfulness raspberry hoot slight cut whistle crack dump affront name-calling hissing booing heckling outrage hiss snort ridiculing backhanded compliment abuse criticism censure shout of derision gibes provocation contemptuousness despite goading scoff sledge jeers denigration vilification obloquy insults bantering backhander pilgarlic reproach despisement misprision despitefulness derisiveness pooh-poohing slap in the face verbal abuse snappy comeback dirty dig despisal disregard fooling around skylarking mischief clowning about fun antics clowning around jokes bird wolf whistle shout heckle slur epithet indignity provoking harassing irritating bothering tormenting plaguing tickling badgering vexing exasperating disturbing diss dis offence offense gird dart poke name personality aspersion gibing wisecrack invective vitriol mocking remark bitterness sharpness acerbity cynicism acrimony causticity trenchancy causticness superciliousness rancor send-up spoof rancour corrosiveness jesting mordacity takeoff acidity acridity pasquinade joke skit imitation wit repartee flouting pleasantry disapproval dislike hatred disgust cartoon distaste jibe aversion take-off antipathy play pastiche sendup jest drollery deprecation loathing distortion condescension odium opprobrium sham venom detestation abhorrence backchat cutting remark squib repugnance malice lampoonery impersonation impression misrepresentation give-and-take hate copy brutality forcefulness directness incisiveness outspokenness josh acridness tartness insinuation asperity leg-pulling japing virulence acidness cattiness facetiousness snigger snidery bile virulency roasting good-humoured mockery asteism simulation comedy distorted drawing rag ride twit tease rank-out takedown pasquil sketch false impression exaggerated drawing falsification libel frolic merriment mirth hauteur indifference arrogance haughtiness snobbishness wordplay escapade jollification horseplay mummery tomfoolery trifling nonsense jollity aloofness acid catcalling hectoring shouting interruption perversion wryness backhandedness sarkiness ripostes swordplay sallies wisecracks quipping crosstalk quips dismissiveness lordliness absurdity barracking knocking jocularity witticisms witticism pasticcio pappyshow corruption charade bants abomination insolence loftiness superbity pride mime pale imitation mock-heroic apology play-on animosity shame hostility pantomime gossip witty remarks exchange chitchat playful jab witty conversation dissing bons mots small talk practical joke revulsion horror repulsion pique antagonism malignance disrelish ill feeling resentment coldness malevolence frost ill will malignity grudge prejudice objection rankling bad feeling displeasure spite execration animus strong dislike enmity mislike extreme dislike poor substitute apology for excuse for exaggeration poor imitation pretence pretense mock snobbery defiance stubbornness disesteem recalcitrance audacity


To be triggering a passionate feeling or reaction
exciting provoking inciting riling stirring up fomenting impassioning inflaming rallying roiling rousing stirring triggering aggravating agitating animating electrifying firing up goading inspiring instigating arousing enthusing galvanizing incensing irking priming ruffling stimulating whipping up baiting charging egging on eliciting encouraging enlivening grilling kindling piquing pumping up revving up setting off vexing vivifying winding up working up activating angering awakening bringing about bringing out causing charging up commoving energising energizing enkindling galvanising jolting motivating needling pepping up sparking off touching off triggering off working into lather chafing discomposing flustering inducing infuriating intensifying maddening offending shaking shaking up starting upsetting waking up feeding the fire driving invigorating spurring juicing up getting to spooking livening up jazzing up working moving inspiriting envigorating activizing titillating prompting generating urging engendering producing impelling initiating occasioning sparking creating promoting giving rise to prodding precipitating evoking spurring on fostering bringing on actuating firing leading to pushing effecting quickening bringing resulting in effectuating begetting making breeding catalyzing wakening calling forth invoking catalysing setting in motion influencing putting in motion affecting spawning persuading whetting pricking raising yielding propelling translating into abetting bringing to pass waking exhilarating fermenting fanning contributing to swaying drawing forth compelling emboldening pressing incentivizing getting going heartening beginning leading reviving lighting a fire under vitalizing steeling establishing brewing igniting bringing into being instilling fuelling fueling introducing boosting strengthening keying up turning on buoying hatching uplifting stinging inclining nudging buoying up picking awaking calling into being bucking up making happen firing the imagination of instituting developing inviting coercing cheering cultivating filliping thrilling enticing ending in forcing originating tempting kick-starting setting on cheering up geeing up launching pressuring gladdening helping increasing making for necessitating revivifying setting going elating bestirring challenging making possible firing the enthusiasm of bringing forth putting up to drawing on fanning the flames of reassuring convincing revitalizing refreshing assuring hounding exhorting doing egging whipping drawing entailing getting chirking up bearing up siccing sowing the seeds of exalting innervating gingering up revitalising amping up advancing furthering comforting inaugurating stoking up involving culminating in brightening drumming up fortifying empowering consoling disposing striking impressing building up inveigling summoning bracing touching obliging setting predisposing boosting up cheering on spiking securing dragooning realizing meaning spelling intoxicating setting up giving mobilizing finishing in heightening jump-starting prevailing upon starting the ball rolling realising perking up countenancing prevailing on informing firing with enthusiasm bearing mobilising zipping up summoning up breathing life into getting someone going soliciting demanding cajoling begging for attracting coaxing building rendering incentifying startling opening supporting jumpstarting enheartening disturbing enforcing accomplishing enacting achieving pushing forward restoring conditioning exerting organizing risking adding to founding exacerbating amounting to irritating constraining courting sustaining enhancing commencing warming wooing converting nurturing having a hand in calling pressurizing favouring favoring elevating contributing forwarding expediting mustering propping up raising your spirits spiriting someone up giving a shot in the arm to psyching up giving shot in arm starting up determining procuring getting things rolling cooking up organising having a part in redounding to terminating in propagating conducing to being responsible for setting afoot lashing calling up adding fuel putting in place rooting on conjuring up starting off acting as a stimulus to reminding drawing out adding up to conducing bringing around steaming up talking into winning over putting a bomb under livening bringing on oneself pressurising asking for innerving making waves troubling honing improving refining applauding whomping up disinhibiting shocking bolstering seeking intriguing giving a boost to reenforcing implanting lodging planting hooking exercising putting life into setting in augmenting feeding costing bringing up having as a consequence presenting constituting having as a result suscitating grabbing progenerating multiplying reigniting rekindling rooting badgering cranking up running recalling orienting directing imposing on reawakening praising acting as an incentive to dynamizing conjuring imbuing infusing implying equaling equalling requesting suing pleading petitioning for chivvying giving life to lighting up putting into action resulting posing boosting moral raising someone's spirits getting something going harassing adding fuel to the flames extending expanding advising impacting making alive bringing to life giving new life to breathing new life into giving a buzz bielding boosting someone's morale raising the morale of stimulating spiritually giving confidence to giving hope to lifting the spirits of stiffening the resolve of giving incentive to predetermining giving incentive getting in operation setting astir getting under way nourishing powering educing stunning astonishing giving a shot in the arm giving someone a kick frightening zapping bullying giving one an idea carrying giving impetus enduing infecting beghasting sowing suggesting to hinting to wheedling jogging memory crowding sounding calling to mind asking playing a part in magnifying crazing asking for it mounting intensating bugging redoubling deepening rousting getting working getting off the ground getting functioning burning setting on foot causing to appear resurrecting building a fire under teasing pleasing biasing biassing bringing back enflaming gaining satisfying compassing tickling tantalizing getting up sweet-talking mustering up working on smooth-talking managing nursing impressing on making willing bringing round kicking off laying the foundations of laying the first stone of getting the ball rolling setting the ball rolling succeeding playing a role in tantalising alerting sending making wild heating up prevailing resuscitating driving on sowing the seeds fanning the flames being a factor in incenting reactivating reanimating attaining opening the door for engineering tapping bringing off causing to happen contriving actualizing being partly responsible for having the effect of carrying off carrying through oiling the wheels of pulling off causing to occur planning plotting hinting rabble-rousing insinuating suggesting scheming reinvigorating agitating for agitating against vivificating dispatching springing growing torching setting burning setting alight setting a match to setting on fire setting fire to setting light to striking up soothing requiring exacting innovating solacing lighting switching on putting on putting match to putting a match to sharpening extorting commandeering brainstorming alluring burning up getting smoking imposing dictating aiding leaving the door open to luring entreating commanding issuing calling for flirting with digging assisting backing wresting making compulsory insisting on cracking down forcing upon strong-arming expecting upraising putting on cloud nine putting on top of the world giving a lift to letting the sun shine in snapping out of it picking up giving a lift bracing up acting as a incentive to giving the incentive to coming out with dreaming up thinking up conceiving sanctioning seconding giving birth to endorsing succouring upholding backstopping condoning championing collaborating with working with cooperating with siding with lending a hand colluding with conniving with backing up participating in conniving succoring giving a push to conniving at going along with advocating lifting


Present participle for to insult or put down, especially in a spiteful way
teasing insulting mocking ridiculing tormenting deriding provoking heckling needling riding chaffing goading hassling jeering baiting guying hazing jeering at reviling ribbing scoffing at sneering getting at gibing gibing at putting down ragging sledging sneering at twitting affronting bothering criticising criticizing digging disdaining flouting jabbing louting making fun of offending outraging poking fun at quizzing rallying reproaching scorning scouting slamming slapping tantalising tantalizing twittering upbraiding dumping on making sport of swipeing at taking the piss out of laughing at scoffing joshing razzing winding up kidding harassing annoying satirizing jibing at lampooning satirising taking the mickey out of pestering poking mullock at badgering booing bantering jiving ragging on jesting aggravating sending up making jokes about goofing on irritating plaguing chiacking parodying slinging off at harrying roasting shouting down joking dissing hounding belittling vexing irking picking on jibing disparaging caricaturing treating with contempt worrying hectoring making a monkey of bedevilling bedeviling abusing giving a hard time flouting at hissing slighting funning nettling quipping angering piquing pooh-poohing narking persecuting burlesquing torturing pillorying galling skewering nagging smoking exasperating hooting contemning decrying jollying riling japing fleering girding interrupting shooting down disturbing laughing bugging rotting mimicking heaping scorn on peeving holding up to ridicule barracking humiliating catcalling panning infuriating hacking off dismissing travestying hurting rubbing up the wrong way putting on knocking niggling pulling someone's leg treating contemptuously making a fool of bullying making a monkey out of miffing rasping ruffling exacerbating running down dogging shucking nudging leading on slanging gnawing shouting at afflicting getting devilling deviling despising howling down drowning out getting to upsetting detracting whistling calling names molesting fooling chivying stinging prodding pricking disrespecting having on showing up pouring scorn on blowing raspberries poking borak at messing around showing contempt for pulling somebody's leg sniffing at putting out pulling one's leg hitting where one lives holding in contempt looking down on troubling victimizing oppressing humping spiting getting across denigrating enraging hacking you off harrowing beleaguering browbeating fooling around besetting mistreating antagonizing chivvying chafing displeasing grating victimising cartooning unmasking deflating exposing spurning shouting shouting disapproval rejecting getting on your nerves wisecracking discounting leering swiping cracking dumping underrating grinning gagging sniggering disgusting holding up to shame flirting with antagonising showing contempt imposing on blowing raspberries at rankling winding someone up thumbing nose at giving someone grief raspberrying pulling someone's chain trashing driving up the wall sneezing at ranking out quipping at hurling insults at making a game of railing at making a laughing-stock trash-talking taking a rise out of putting someone's back up getting a rise out of laughing out of court turning up one's nose giving Bronx cheer making fun snickering smiling disrupting frazzling kidding around vilifying detracting from getting on the nerves of buffooning getting in the hair of disconcerting discomfiting embarrassing rattling fazing pranking flipping entertaining diverting tearing to pieces slagging off playing a joke on doing a number on curling one's lip discrediting disbelieving butting in making game of susurrating amusing scolding berating fleering at scouting at making light of smiling at sniggering at snickering at playing a practical joke on deprecating giving the bird to whispering murmuring seething shouting catcalls at digging at domineering racking excruciating agonizing anguishing besieging cursing yukking yucking shrieking howling hollering joking with depreciating pushing gripping tyrannizing overriding punning sallying wounding diminishing minimizing trying agonising breaking punishing wringing boning smiting enticing titillating derogating uttering catcalls violating manipulating maltreating exploiting intimidating dominating tyrannising enslaving vilipending cowing mortifying bulldozing disgruntling distressing scandalizing ill-treating driving bananas having a joke with taking the mickey hooting at sniping catcalling at booing at hissing at whistling at shouting disapproval at blackjacking treating with disdain putting bogarting maddening incensing exciting intriguing luring tempting beguiling alluring fascinating putting through wringer misusing wronging abasing minimising slandering making someone's hackles rise giving the cold shoulder ruffling someone's feathers scandalising confronting dispraising giving a zinger slurring coercing snubbing talking down bad-mouthing playing down crying down poking fun leading someone a merry dance playing cat and mouse rubbing salt in wound tyrannizing over condemning charming thwarting frustrating baffling terrorizing dishonoring making a crack spurring agitating menacing shunning rebuffing threatening eating perturbing frosting messing griping paining martyrizing martyring taking advantage of doing an injustice to ill-using dishonouring itching inciting roiling grieving misprizing being above turning up your nose saying contemptuously curling one's lip at making cutting remarks about turning your nose up at fretting grilling graveling gravelling inconveniencing starting abrading perplexing curling your lip at pissing over hating confuting pissing on considering beneath one spitting in the eye of spitting on turning nose up at refuting refusing turning back on abhorring defying looking down upon turning down spitting in the face of renouncing turning up your nose at giving the Bronx cheer to avoiding repudiating considering beneath you examining tweaking questioning frolicking gamboling gambolling hoaxing discommoding keeping hanging exposing to ridicule making someone a laughing stock bullyragging terrorising stepping on the toes of mithering getting under your skin strong-arming mau-mauing pursuing making blood boil making someone's blood boil getting on someone's nerves rubbing the wrong way sending into a rage giving someone the hump getting in someone's hair stirring up trying one's patience setting on getting under one's skin setting one off getting on one's nerves trying someone's patience getting across someone getting someone's back up working into lather making waves putting someone out making angry scaring getting your back up getting in your hair keeping someone hanging on making mouth water making someone's mouth water keeping hanging on boring impeding crossing hindering playing a practical joke shucking someone playing tricks messing about putting someone on playing the fool playing a trick messing someone around making a monkey out of someone messing someone about playing a prank having someone on rotting someone fooling about playing a joke going for jugular laying a bad trip on giving no quarter burning up running up the wrong way grating on intruding upon breathing down someone's neck bending someone's ear getting on your wick carping at importuning spoofing snapping sounding leading somebody on


Present participle for to speak to or treat with disrespect or scornful abuse
insulting offending affronting annoying provoking outraging hurting aggravating slighting wounding dissing disrespecting upsetting mortifying denigrating maligning slandering slapping humiliating teasing libelling libeling defaming dishonouring dishonoring disparaging discrediting abusing impugning mocking calumniating disobliging irritating slurring abasing deriding reviling aspersing sledging derogating injuring miscalling blistering cursing debasing degrading girding jeering panning ridiculing roasting scoffing slamming slanging giving offence to dumping on putting down causing offence to bad-mouthing trash-talking cutting dead slagging off sneering at treating disrespectfully calling names hurting someone's feelings casting aspersions on calling someone names cutting to the quick stepping on one's toes throwing shade lambasting castigating excoriating vituperating trashing berating blasting rebuking reproaching scathing vilifying savaging assailing belittling belaboring scolding bashing potshotting nagging attacking discounting upbraiding smearing decrying slating minimizing oppressing reproving persecuting knocking zinging flaming minimising riding backbiting traducing hosing belabouring jumping on inveighing against blowing off swearing at doing a number on cutting down shouting at cussing out vituperating against giving a black eye disgracing blackening staining blotting detracting snubbing scorching branding miffing spattering blemishing chopping insinuating pushing capping skinning alive tearing down hitting where one lives cutting up


Present participle for to criticize or find fault with
scolding berating admonishing castigating rebuking abusing denouncing nagging reprimanding reproaching slating upbraiding blasting carpeting lambasting reviling basting cautioning censuring chastening chastising chiding criticising criticizing disparaging rating reprobating reproving threaping vilifying blaming cavilling caviling disciplining hammering keelhauling lecturing ragging rapping recriminating reprehending vituperating wigging aspersing bollocking flaying jawing railing reaming rowing scoring expostulating objurgating preaching trimming putting down telling off laying into pulling up remonstrating with tearing into dressing down railing against railing at ticking off bawling out chewing out finding fault with jumping on lighting to pitching into ranting at reaming out giving someone a bollocking lacing to letting someone have it slapping down tongue-lashing blowing up giving a talking-to hauling over the coals having a go at laying down the law reading the riot act giving a rocket giving someone a caning raking over the coals yelling at calling down coming down on giving someone a row giving someone a wigging giving someone some stick going on at taking someone to task taking to task taking to the woodshed bringing someone to book giving someone a mouthful rapping over the knuckles giving someone a dressing-down giving someone an earful giving someone a roasting giving someone a rocket giving someone a rollicking giving someone a telling-off giving someone hell putting on the mat tearing off a strip giving someone a rating giving someone what for sending someone away with a flea in their ear having someone on the carpet keeping after slapping someone's wrist

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