Synonym of tearing

Alternative for tearing

tears, tore, tearing, torn

Synonym: cut, rip, sever, slash, slice, slit, split,

Antonym: unite,


Present participle for to rip or pull something into pieces with force


Present participle for to cut or lacerate with something sharp
lacerating cutting mangling gashing mutilating rending ripping shredding incising injuring slashing hacking riving severing slitting clawing piercing scratching stabbing wounding breaking cracking damaging destroying jigsawing ribboning cutting open cutting to pieces cutting to ribbons slicing splitting cleaving tattering hurting mauling savaging shearing carving scraping grazing tearing apart knifing lancing maiming scoring chopping gouging puncturing tearing to pieces sundering dividing separating rupturing fraying opening up nicking jagging biting sticking dissevering chopping up butchering harming raking snapping attacking spearing digging goring scrabbling impaling frazzling bisecting bayoneting bayonetting spiking transfixing skewering halving quartering totalling totaling jabbing impairing wresting pulling running through thrusting killing fractionating abscinding ripping apart spitting digging into scrabbling at bruising splitting open clipping branding shanking tearing at ripping to pieces ripping asunder tearing in two tearing asunder ripping in two pulling apart making an incision in bursting shaving stripping slivering notching snicking abrading skinning cutting through nipping furrowing marking ripping off slicing open slotting clawing at taking a chunk out of tearing off hewing incapacitating scarring disabling itching opening scrapping brutalizing hitting winging snatching seizing evulsing yanking plucking extracting wrenching grabbing running rifting zapping irritating plugging blasting brutalising jumping fracturing shattering disintegrating disturbing disrupting transpiercing penetrating pricking lopping busting contusing dinging serrating harpooning pinking perforating pecking picking crushing roughing up deforming coming apart pronging sabering sinking plunging punching plowing ramming driving ploughing wrecking disfiguring parting disjoining dissecting subdividing ruining marring sectioning segmenting partitioning crippling spoiling crumpling trashing distorting divorcing ramifying carving up harrying breaking up splitting up slicing up breaking down cutting up shaking contorting flaying mashing slaying smashing cutting about battering hashing twisting defacing worrying molesting shivving going for pulling at gnawing at chopping down axing chipping sawing scything felling fragmenting splintering boring laying open hackling cutting into blemishing cracking open sticking into abolishing reducing drastically dicing mincing slicing into slitting open cutting in two cubing drilling probing sharing chivving truncating disfeaturing riddling entering holing traumatizing whacking chiseling chiselling tapping intruding making a hole in breaking through breaking in drilling through boring into boring through thrusting through whittling flaking crumbling beating pinching traumatising flawing affecting etching engraving cutting into pieces scotching seaming scribing grooving paring snipping indenting crosshatching cutting away cutting off spalling cracking off breaking off milling lining making a notches in making a notch in disuniting marking off making a grooves in making a groove in smiting skiving scissoring scarifying beheading amputating sickling guillotining flitching razing


Present participle for to make a hole or split in something by snagging it on something else


Present participle for to move very quickly in a reckless or excited manner
rushing racing dashing speeding hurrying running flying shooting careering hurtling zooming bolting scurrying hastening zipping scooting haring belting scuttling barrelling barreling pelting bombing blasting buzzing bustling whisking whirling bundling trotting driving careening darting blazing breezing charging sprinting hying hieing hustling rocketing bowling blowing coursing chasing motoring streaking jetting rustling hurling ripping cannonballing jumping whizzing nipping highballing stepping travelling traveling galloping ramming humping flashing whipping scampering boogying boogieing sweeping bucketing bounding posting wheeching springing pounding flinging burning boiling lashing hotfooting it cracking on legging it going hell for leather going like lightning burning rubber barrelling along getting a move on cutting along hightailing it stepping on it getting cracking getting the lead out going like the clappers going like the wind putting on some speed going like a bat out of hell scrambling scudding clipping zapping scuttering stampeding fleeting winging hightailing whooshing shifting scorching swooping making haste diving laying rubber flitting hasting beetling spanking along plunging bowling along jogging steaming going fast rattling along sailing skipping rolling making tracks tripping shaking a leg pushing lungeing lunging moving vrooming leaping moving quickly skimming surging skedaddling spurting speeding up hurrying up putting one's foot down ploughing loping quickening breaking accelerating expediting plowing fluttering tearing along cannoning going doubling jogtrotting cantering dogtrotting skiting moving fast kiting going quickly ambling making time storming raging fleeing pacing fast-tracking hopping it dispatching beating it losing no time fussing really moving lurching whipping along going like a bomb getting your skates on flowing stirring starting tooling skirring skittering whistling proceeding riding roaring bulleting bestirring gushing bursting beelining spurring cascading dusting pressing on marching streaming smoking getting moving rushing headlong pressing flooding going like a bullet going headlong launching oneself throwing oneself belting along bombing along stepping on gas covering ground moving along pattering barging propelling running like the wind shoving waltzing outstripping rolling along catapulting leaving scatting splitting vamoosing startling pouncing cracking going briskly blinding stepping lively swooshing festinating passing pushing on pitching launching thrusting floating heaving running fast retreating pouring being busy busying yourself rushing around progressing winding gusting prancing frisking romping clearing out going away going at top speed flourishing moving like greased lightning bugging out running away running off going rapidly driving fast tumbling slooshing blitzing railroading steamrollering bucking brandishing expressing whishing putting foot yeeting sallying tearing out slipping away making a run for it rushing at running very fast racking going like lighting hurdling striding getting on it making it snappy pumping making yourself scarce surging through digging in getting a wiggle on moving rapidly moving forward going by passing by gathering momentum going like greased lightning tearing up the miles chucking it down booking it hopping along stepping along turning on steam running like mad putting on a burst of speed making short work of plunging ahead bowling over gearing up going all out going at breakneck speed moving apace not losing a minute wasting no time whipping around taking wing showing quickly passing quickly gambolling frolicking gamboling going full tilt stomping rushing off lighting out making off speeding away stalking gliding stamping flouncing drifting sliding striding angrily coasting slipping cruising brushing continuing moving past escaping decamping stepping on the gas cutting and run flooring it taking flight whirring hitting the gas departing putting your foot down getting going scramming scraming going faster hooking it scarpering heading moving faster doing a runner making a break for it taking off putting the pedal to the metal showing a clean pair of heels fanging it putting pedal to the metal bucking up going flat-out absconding dogging it getting out piling humming bumbling droning burring looking alive getting it on hopping to it snapping to it flickering rattling flicking dancing capering hopping flittering bouncing nailing it opening the throttle scattering beating a retreat turning tail flirting clearing off running for it playing cavorting bobbing levanting skipping off cutting out heading for the hills making a quick exit beating a hasty retreat peeling out hovering kicking rocks doing a fade taking a powder making oneself scarce getting lost going through flying the coop doing a bunk shooting through dipping having it away making steering setting forth bearing setting out heading off making a break veering setting off cutting advancing aiming strolling sauntering rattling your dags looking lively moving it snapping it up hurrying it up moving briskly walking casually


(torn) Present participle for to cause distress or anxiety to
distressing tormenting agitating agonising agonizing bothering burdening discomposing disquieting disturbing harassing plaguing torturing troubling unsettling vexing aggrieving anguishing beleaguering besetting flustering harrying hassling irking oppressing perturbing racking rattling stressing worrying wringing ailing fazing harrowing straining afflicting bedeviling bedevilling persecuting besieging paining wounding grieving excruciating cursing mortifying crucifying upsetting rending searing gutting causing suffering to concerning causing agony to cutting up alarming fretting taxing scaring dismaying flurrying fussing bugging irritating annoying throwing frazzling despairing discomforting distempering frightening distracting unhinging teasing badgering discombobulating testing needling trying pestering chafing hagriding weighing down depressing importuning derailing causing anxiety to tantalizing lying heavy on freaking out hectoring goading gnawing at alaruming getting to weirding out making anxious tantalising giving a hard time exercising undoing dunning sweating out hurting saddening smiting hounding haunting blighting nagging exasperating crushing martyring galling affecting mistreating stinging giving someone grief molesting discommoding aggravating injuring stabbing perplexing piercing making miserable making wretched shaking causing anguish to causing trouble to maltreating victimizing abusing devastating assailing ill-treating weighing heavily on moving dejecting pursuing provoking disheartening dispiriting dogging causing pain to discouraging punishing lacerating inflicting anguish on desolating victimising picking on casting down cutting to the quick bumming out preying on driving up the wall striking facing overwhelming touching attacking taunting pressing buffeting buffetting confronting visiting wronging cutting riding disconcerting daunting demoralizing deviling devilling breaking the heart of abasing displeasing dashing burning up nettling nagging at pricking making your heart bleed demoralising breaking infesting getting someone down making someone fed up knocking sideways making despondent knocking for six weighing on appalling getting down making gloomy giving someone the blues hanging over knocking the stuffing out of making sad breaking someone's heart making unhappy frustrating tearing at harming traumatizing shattering scourging suffering from hunting convulsing suffering obsessing lampooning browbeating hurting deeply ridiculing rocking laboring musing labouring damaging buttonholing mithering squirming keeping after stirring exciting hitting hard inconveniencing tyrannizing gnawing rousing thrilling incommoding bending someone's ear consuming affronting possessing overcharging tyrannising discriminating against driving round the bend getting on your nerves getting in your hair scarring traumatising baiting recurring causing anguish causing someone distress causing pain sticking it to giving it to dishing it out dishing out scorning ribbing chaffing bullying inflicting pain on inflicting suffering on preoccupying staying with discomfiting coming back to maddening chivvying tearing to shreds tearing to pieces inflicting wreaking befalling imposing wrecking ruffling ragging unnerving overcoming engulfing swamping heckling boning miffing peeving discountenancing offending angering confounding doing a number on pushing throwing off balance strapping ticking off arousing anxiety in getting at pushing buttons eating at making it tough for indisposing nit-picking leading someone a merry dance playing cat and mouse putting through wringer driving bananas rubbing salt in wound devouring eating up gripping avenging embarrassing taking spiting exploiting violating humiliating manipulating hampering entangling bringing down aggressing swallowing up belittling mocking antagonizing insulting bringing one down dampening spirits breaking one's heart riling putting a damper on dragging down putting into a funk narking making blue putting the squeeze on bringing down on descending on descending upon forcing upon jumping on one's case giving a bad time giving one the business deriding misusing falling on falling upon chastening hacking off starting in on giving the needle dishonoring chilling chillin wearying draining taking advantage of doing an injustice to ill-using dishonouring putting down martyrizing dumping on antagonising imposing on dampening beating dragging damping enervating darkening cowing debilitating dulling going for jugular hitting where one lives giving no quarter laying a bad trip on stepping on the toes of running down reducing to tears casting a gloom upon pouring cold water on throwing cold water on bringing tears to your eyes beating down harshing someone's mellow bearing down turning one off making desolate keeping under


Present participle for to raise, move, or pull out or apart, typically with an instrument


Intensely painful
excruciating agonising agonizing acute harrowing intense racking severe tormenting extreme violent piercing searing raging exquisite stabbing unbearable unendurable awful burning savage terrible torturous dreadful extremely painful grievous splitting thumping torturing wrenching insufferable killing pounding chastening consuming cringe-making embarrassing gruelling grueling infuriating irritating punishing rending sharp shooting stultifying tedious toe-curling torturesome distressing disturbing painful heartbreaking gut-wrenching heart-rending suffering vehement fierce struggling tortuous worrying anguishing tormentous alarming frightening terrifying traumatic chilling nerve-racking vexing dangerous soaring stressful bitter hellish galling cruel hurtful afflicting harsh heartrending upsetting difficult sad distressful tragic hard troublesome unpleasant trying heavy poignant grim pitiful wretched intolerable miserable oppressive disquieting woeful troubling irksome hellacious saddening frightful bothersome dire piteous uncomfortable unfortunate moving brutal vexatious regrettable discomforting sorrowful tough pitiable grave daunting pathetic perturbing lamentable affecting wearisome ghastly vicious unsettling shocking crushing burdensome bad onerous exacting ferocious unhappy forbidding nasty taxing doleful rigorous dismal discomposing tear-jerking annoying penetrating tiresome blistering plaintive serious deplorable almighty strenuous disagreeable tragical depressing appalling fearful rough testing powerful displeasing stinging deep profound touching unwelcome calamitous impossible challenging awkward arduous hairy unpleasing mournful demanding wearing uncongenial disconcerting keen laborious ponderous horrendous formidable agitating furious explosive bruising intensive backbreaking wearying unpalatable unlucky distasteful exhausting uphill thorny unsparing fatiguing gloomy toilsome herculean back-breaking nagging biting heavy-duty anguished rugged unnerving effortful disappointing poor vigorous strong worrisome great horrible sorry rotten excessive horrifying stirring mighty dispiriting harassing ambitious cutting horrific insupportable devastating harrying troublous overwhelming afflictive merciless fearsome concentrated unforgiving mortifying murderous stiff unacceptable tiring cheerless debilitating tall killer draining bleak sombre somber moiling sweaty toilful jarring grinding solemn injurious sapping horrid Herculean objectionable revolting energy-consuming enough to try the patience of a saint harmful vile not to be borne foul gruesome abominable lousy provoking aggravating execrable painstaking loathsome desolate immoderate boring sore weighty disheartening colossal overpowering pesky mortal unsavory macabre offensive stringent icky yukky yucky mean unrelenting niggling unlovely titanic repellent repugnant sour melancholy disastrous damaging unsavoury inconvenient frustrating unamusing unsupportable discouraging melancholic abhorrent operose cumbersome heart-wrenching shattering upstream intimidating unyielding dismaying unremitting too much gargantuan knackering wounding off-putting a bit much maddening exasperating atrocious peracute smarting enormous scarring teasing grisly fraught nightmarish haunting repulsive disgusting plaguy pestiferous bedevilling discommoding peeving pestilent emotional impressive knifelike concerning rueful monstrous gross imperious joyless impactful crippling ruthless detestable infernal chafing carking nettling rebarbative abrasive antagonizing rankling nettlesome cussed riling pesty pestilential plaguey confounded antagonising forlorn inordinate odious catastrophic nauseating heightened hostile ruinous prohibitive obnoxious sickening unappealing demoralizing demoralising dejecting disconsolate grody depressive enraging grating punchable undesirable tender forceful wicked shrill very bad funereal heart-breaking relentless sober destructive hopeless glum comfortless major intemperate passionate unkind tricky exigent bedeviling lachrymose lugubrious unmanageable desperate dreary morose immense staggering gigantic unsurpassable inadmissible heavy-handed enough repellant potent backbreaker labored really hard problematic very hard depleting forcible enough to drive you up the wall sticky slavish laboured difficile beyond endurance past bearing too much to bear last straw tough going scabrous Augean austere ominous enough to try the patience of Job critical pain-filled blinding repressive Spartan caustic throbbing cringey mind-blowing raw shrewd pitiless oppressed impoverished stark hateful very painful plaguing thoroughgoing hefty crashing invidious transcending unsufferable poverty-stricken significant desolating rancid dour tearful drab drilling paralyzing paralysing dogged gnawing emotive scary prickly anxious-making mirthless dispirited dolorous dolesome slow afflicted grieving melting telling soul-stirring uplifting heart-warming sentimental expressive nostalgic apprehensive enervating drear cold depressed hardhanded inhuman agonized extremely upsetting fatal dicey hazardous easier said than done high-impact drudgy high-pressure worksome uphill battle hard-won no picnic marathon problem not easy like getting blood out of a stone remorseless exerting to be pitied tortured racked agonised feeble paltry unreasonable very great derisible dingy plangent pensive dark inclement deadly straitened inhospitable spartan stern inexorable mephitical irritable unpropitious bewildering sullen troubled perplexing sinister revulsive inauspicious foreboding parlous distressed unfavorable unfavourable persnickety abject cataclysmic useless petty meagre puny commiserable meager heartwarming affective pressing extraordinary exceptional supreme drastic high exorbitant dejected despondent wild hard-hearted despairing emotionally moving protracted close full intensified unqualified marked lethal adverse unfair undue diligent all-consuming exaggerated deathly hapless fateful pick-and-shovel time-consuming arousing affect mother of all strained vivid pungent steep resounding ungovernable uncontrollable ill-fated fiery rampaging rabid uncontrolled rampant riotous unrestrained ill-starred unsustainable storming unchecked unfettered uncurbed inflamed unbridled emphatic hot urgent energetic peppery convulsive flaming enraged blustery paroxysmal turbulent volcanic frenzied coercive stormy dynamic outrageous tumultuous aroused tempestuous gale force out of control full of force no-win beyond bearing sudden confronting finely tuned humourless crummy humorless unsatisfactory stinking hideous lurid sedate abysmal diabolical uncool grotty godawful uninviting ugly nauseous beastly nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can bear more than flesh and blood can stand

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