Synonym of the dumps


Miserable or unpleasant
the pits worst abysmal appalling awful deplorable dreadful lousy terrible unspeakable wretched chronic dire extremely bad grotty pants lowest of the low rock-bottom a load of pants mediocre poor inferior bad substandard second-rate unsatisfactory low-quality low-grade execrable pathetic lamentable pitiful second-class bargain-basement cheap atrocious rubbish useless diabolical paltry worthless sub-par third-rate rubbishy crummy junky trashy below par ropy duff dissatisfactory poxy low-rent two-bit sad not up to snuff unacceptable under par lame unsound miserable average disagreeable junk dismal base imperfect poorer ordinary rotten deficient direful middling indifferent suboptimal subpar contemptible lemon shoddy sorry downmarket pitiable hack tawdry wanting dime-a-dozen inadequate déclassé shabby flawed crude unexceptional schlocky dodgy below standard coarse leaving much to be desired below average good-for-nothing not up to much subnormal pedestrian schlock low-end common cheapie horrible rough bad news not up to scratch godawful raunchy scurrilous tinhorn beastly poor quality disgraceful horrid cheesy disastrous detestable downer icky stinking horrendous cruddy not up to par laughable damnable meager bush-league cut-rate abominable bum grim wack odious el cheapo diddly not good less-than-stellar grody egregious gross irremediable garbage crumby erroneous meagre poor-quality not the best fallacious blah reprehensible sucky stinky indefensible frightful valueless grungy bummer hopeless woeful very bad pits God-awful punk cheapjack sleazy shocking gimcrack trumpery faulty defective abject unpleasant nasty incompetent tatty tenth-rate shameful disappointing tinny insufficient tacky jerry-built inept repulsive bodger not much cop foul feeble mean wrong obscene bush ineffectual hideous off weak no good despicable disgusting revolting vile repugnant loathsome abhorrent hateful bungling offensive sickening repellent scandalous obnoxious careless yucky nauseous dirty ratty grubby scabby scummy scurvy ineffective sour hellacious noisome calamitous ghastly piss-poor very poor half-pie unable to do something for toffee a dead loss cheap and nasty no great shakes weak sauce strictly for the birds sneaking amateurish negligent catastrophic grievous twopenny-halfpenny uncomfortable distasteful derisory ill naff throwaway desperate ropey poorly outrageous tricky god-awful harmful slovenly well below par for the birds brummagem twopenny cheap-jack of a sort off-color from hunger craptacular excruciating incapable broken inexpert rancid repellant fulsome noxious nauseating ugly evil lacking not up to standard inproficient unable to do something to save one's life unproficient dilapidated commonplace end-of-the-pier from hell run down flimsy shlocky seedy shlock unsightly gruesome sordid godforsaken down at heel second-best second class regrettable unfortunate impaired amiss heinous accursed cringe-making monstrous horrific confounded cursed


Feelings of severe despondency and dejection
depression melancholy despondency sadness unhappiness dejection misery despair gloominess dolefulness gloom desolation dispiritedness hopelessness dumps sorrow blues despondence doldrums melancholia woe disconsolation downheartedness moodiness moroseness pessimism tearfulness disconsolateness dolor dolour sorrowfulness wretchedness cheerlessness dreariness dysthymia forlornness glumness joylessness mopery mournfulness upset woefulness bleakness desperation discouragement distress funk heartsickness low megrims miserableness mopes oppression abasement abjection abjectness blahs bummer despond dullness ennui heavyheartedness hump lowness lugubriosity mortification qualm troubles vapours vapors worry clinical depression low spirits heavy-heartedness blue devils heaviness of heart blue funk endogenous depression slough of despond the blues reactive depression postnatal depression one's black dog infelicity heartache grief dejectedness chagrin anguish agony malaise poignancy regret pain blue dissatisfaction discontent dismals discontentment mourning heartbreak listlessness pensiveness grieving displeasure downcastness dysphoria uneasiness dismalness mental pressure the mopes vexation defeatism anhedonia the doldrums the hump heavy heart broken heart broken-heartedness a low torment anxiety disappointment suffering angst disheartenment disquiet affliction weariness bitterness dismay discomfort torture rue lamentation restlessness somberness unease demoralization Weltschmerz trouble hurt trial demoralisation tribulation letdown trepidation lugubriousness lassitude seriousness sorriness catatonia disquietude irritation straits horror bereavement languor grievance bemoaning lamenting enervation frustration tedium boredom sluggishness fatigue desperateness mental suffering excruciation megrim down heaviness misgiving foreboding hardship sulks annoyance agitation dread resentment fear shock travail disgruntlement downer weakness remorse fretfulness bewailing nervousness exhaustion pang tiredness prostration sullenness debility trauma negativity apathy weltschmerz strain lethargy exasperation dourness stress saturninity ordeal morbidity headache yawn aggravation mulligrubs mubblefubbles worriment apprehension unrest dashed hopes perturbation dole disillusionment discontentedness low-spiritedness emotional suffering anger disenchantment resignedness hurting deploring disaffection lament cold feet blue Johnnies discomposure concern the dismals lypemania morosity discord loneliness devastation eyes postpartum depression peepers inertia resignation misfortune cross undermining confusion subdual deflation intimidation grimness turmoil strife mirthlessness extreme unhappiness burden vapidness flat vapidity sombreness cloud embarrassment tumult mope dolefuls wistfulness alarm distraction indifference stupor slump disinterest torpor stagnation inactivity weeping repentance discomfiture spectre darkness specter shadow pall envy pressure tension spiritlessness surfeit satiety acedia world-weariness languidness hell illness pining lack of confidence lack of enthusiasm consternation tenseness down trip deprivation harassment repining purgatory care black mood sickness poverty heartbrokenness panic extreme upset grievances being bummed disfavor indignation blackness baby blues Gehenna murder rack nightmare flatness terror fright surprise impatience disapproval disillusion disfavour distaste martyrdom ho hums throe ache twinge stitch passion squalor loss of confidence pique bad feelings dislike disrelish disgust unfulfilment inquietude ailment ailments ills cynicism malcontent malcontentment disapprobation chip on your shoulder the blahs hassle lack of interest bad news anvil chorus infirmity feebleness indisposition disease mid-life crisis ill-humor fatalism doubt distrust collapse pip bother botheration aggro decrepitude condition disorder sickliness infirmness malady unhealthiness dyspepsia nihilism negative thinking suspicion temper sulk doom and gloom expecting the worst infuriation grump paralysis helplessness gloomy outlook dim view dark side lack of hope grumps paddy foulie mood bate mard expectation of worst frazzle burnout bad mood bad temper looking on the black side breakdown incapacitation emotional exhaustion depth of misery bout of moping fit of ill temper fit of bad temper fit of pique

Antonym of the dumps

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