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Demonstrating thought or careful consideration on an intellectual level
thoughtful analytical intellectual intelligent thinking calculating cerebral keen logical rational astute brainy discerning reasonable reasoning studious wise detail oriented prudent sensible judicious sagacious sage shrewd sound enlightened informed insightful canny learned perceptive practical clever knowing politic levelheaded commonsensical circumspect smart sharp sapient scholarly erudite well-advised careful pragmatic sober knowledgeable discriminating reasoned well-founded percipient solid philosophical good just savvy perspicacious profound realistic valid justified reflective sane commonsense level-headed commonsensible discreet clear-sighted contemplative considered coherent educated acute well advised cautious firm analytic well thought out together strategic intuitive cagey well-grounded tactical considerate advisable vigilant responsible philosophic far-sighted down-to-earth matter-of-fact cool grounded well reasoned worldly-wise penetrating deliberate experienced expedient wary foresighted mature deep deep-thinking judgmatic judgmatical well judged attentive showing great knowledge with great knowledge well-informed no-nonsense conservative common-sense full of insight well-reasoned moderate hard cogitative objective well grounded guarded astucious foxy diplomatic tactful desirable farsighted chary argute reliable heedful balanced watchful alert observant provident quick-witted thorough heady credible hard-headed cogent well-judged consequent accurate gingerly safe plausible softly-softly steady-going well-thought-out controlled temperate full of common sense lucid all there clear-eyed sentient self-aware brilliant meditative introspective earnest reflecting musing pondering measured pensive museful ruminative solemn grave studied genius bright enterprising gifted precocious healthy resourceful sharp-witted apt gnostic streetwise witty hip smooth sophic deliberated congruent visionary incisive factual serious-minded well informed cunning understanding aware unidealistic hardheaded pragmatical cluey conversant on the ball straight deductive joined-up with both one's feet on the ground reserved close-lipped businesslike au courant having all one's marbles in right mind dispassionate close-mouthed unemotional straightforward prosaic plain hard-nosed kid-glove delicate cold unimpassioned well considered awake having foresight like a clam civil noncommittal on lookout not rash precautious fair equitable tenable acceptable decent with both feet on the ground with one's feet on the ground understandable impartial justifiable believable legitimate viable convincing restrained unprejudiced feasible scrupulous weighty authoritative cognitive unexcessive right admissible ratiocinative making sense unbiased standing to reason consistent legit unextreme thought-out telling satisfactory satisfying fair-minded open to reason evenhanded in one's right mind based on good sense clear-cut leery recognized flawless impeccable watertight correct recognised faultless exact precise established orthodox accepted true unassailable holding water right-thinking holding up standing up holding up in wash got it together well founded right-minded punctilious playing one's cards close to one's chest pawky skilful efficacious skillful sophisticated seemly judicial seasonable heads-up long-headed


Showing consideration for the needs of other people
thoughtful considerate caring kind kindly solicitous sympathetic unselfish attentive benevolent compassionate helpful obliging understanding accommodating charitable gracious concerned friendly gallant mindful neighbourly polite regardful selfless chivalrous civil courteous heedful indulgent kindhearted neighborly observant tender cooperative diplomatic social tactful well-bred generous gentle beneficent humane magnanimous altruistic warm warmhearted loving kind-hearted warm-hearted big-hearted tolerant good-natured tenderhearted giving good-hearted amiable philanthropic softhearted merciful decent benign affectionate supportive benignant sensitive liberal hospitable good cordial respectful genial mild soft-hearted responsive pleasant tender-hearted bighearted patient soft mannerly affable humanitarian lenient munificent empathetic nice amicable all heart noble big unstinting honourable comforting goodhearted honorable gentlemanly large-hearted bountiful free bounteous complaisant empathic well mannered easy forbearing great-hearted greathearted unsparing well-mannered agreeable lavish philanthropical courtly feeling maternal sociable well-disposed freehanded fatherly moderate motherly open-handed openhanded sweet urbane pitying clement doting devoted fond freehearted forgiving congenial honest ungrudging public-spirited just approachable bleeding-heart well meaning genteel civilized high-minded condoling fulsome sympathizing open companionable commiserative lofty fatherlike fair mellow reasonable self-sacrificing sympathising civilised good-humored good-humoured well disposed encouraging cultivated nurturing ladylike discreet decorous suave polished deferential excellent loose soft-touch well behaved righteous open-hearted free-handed cheerful easy-going easygoing well bred commiserating sentimental good-tempered protective human refined conscientious profuse reassuring interested prodigal willing equitable ethical respectable upright reverential charming virtuous dutiful moral likeable comradely lovable bonhomous dear principled upstanding acceptable adoring accepting debonair consoling bland pleasing eleemosynary broad-minded favourable delightful engaging touchy-feely well-behaved angelic benefic even-tempered likable calm sweet-tempered openhearted having heart in right place well intentioned well spoken well brought up well-spoken mushy princely favorable open-minded comprehending loving and giving bleeding heart consolatory almsgiving condolatory disinterested receptive cultured gentlemanlike socially concerned socially aware woke circumspect convivial harmonious self-denying uplifting appreciative correct reputable abundant ample lovesome careful worried anxious self-forgetting personable proper formal like a sport moralistic culturally sensitive unprejudiced lovely inspiring inspiriting elegant accessible ready nonmalignant denying incorruptible self-effacing extroverted eager to help eager to please emotional generous to a fault perceptive nonthreatening appreciating vicarious heroic unpresumptuous prepossessing winsome unassuming plentiful full wholesome stimulating boosting gratifying paternal responsible acquiescent breezy compliant happy hearty soft-spoken appealing mild-mannered sweet-natured couth aware softie marshmallow non-malignant easy to get along with easy to get on with plenteous willingly given handsome unstinted taking captivating winning enchanting elevated high lordly valiant goodish great matey palsy chummy palsy-walsy hail-fellow-well-met collegial hail-fellow buddy-buddy forthcoming unctuous stately cheering soothing fulfilling soft touch propitious brotherly as nice as pie simpatico harmless willing to please favourably disposed unoffensive heart in right place ardent socially conscious long-suffering barley-sugar conciliatory amenable obsequious poised good-mannered politic punctilious condescending smooth passionate amatory well brought-up stoic stoical uncomplaining loyal fervent close earnest faithful demonstrative reverent resigned self-controlled self-restrained restrained longanimous soft-shell cool unflappable expressing adoration bound up close-knit trustworthy worthy incorrupt dependable piteous ruthful living with going easy on going easy with being big sparing peaceable right straight true old softie do-good well-intentioned stand-up clean-living all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded well-meaning self-forgetful welcoming jovial outgoing conversable gregarious peaceful adaptable pliable accommodative sensible game like-minded intimate tractable biddable persuadable available informal communicative unstuffy extrovert extraverted avuncular guestfriendly Christian bubbly very kind handy confident humble swell ingratiating wonderful modest amusing confiding hilarious jocose attached entertaining kindred vibrant funny happy-go-lucky compatible amical comical jocular on good terms user friendly on tap on deck willing to help good company pliant clubbable onside persuasible suasible buddy buddy familiar cozy clubby couthy pally clubable communal fraternal company-loving backslapping tight cosy uninhibited useful glad to be of assistance innocent pure clean inclined disposed prepared edifying pleased consenting glad eager enthusiastic non-erotic non-violent improving chaste content keen set predisposed prone exemplary desirous squeaky-clean apple-pie simple nothing loath so minded so-minded in favor zealous in the mood one in accord with in favour of a mind fain minded all there hale and hearty invigorating ruddy sane in fine feather practical together fresh-faced envigorating hygienic commonsensical sanitary normal open-faced clean-cut in the pink safe blooming cheery unreserved chirpy perky temperate

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