Synonym of three hanky


Having or arousing feelings of tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia, typically in an exaggerated and self-indulgent way
sentimental sloppy mawkish mushy romantic slushy pathetic touching corny saccharine schmaltzy sugary cloying drippy overemotional weepy lovey-dovey tear-jerking gooey maudlin over-sentimental sappy sickly soppy soupy syrupy emotional hearts-and-flowers icky nostalgic sugar-coated tearful tender twee cutesy impressionable simpering sloshy treacly cheesy chocolate-box cornball fruity gushy hokey novelettish sick-making spooney spoony sticky sugarcoated toe-curling wet dewy-eyed Mills-and-Boon soft-hearted three-hankie affected demonstrative dreamy effusive gushing idealistic inane insipid jejune languishing moonstruck overacted passionate rosewater silly soapy softhearted sweet vapid visionary lachrymose nauseating sickening bathetic trite banal oversentimental sickly-sweet sobby honeyed ingratiating candied oversweet teary feeble over-emotional self-pitying loving affectionate soft moving stirring affecting poignant emotive powerful heart-rending heart-warming uplifting harrowing tragic impassioned heartbreaking soul-stirring haunting dramatic exciting thrilling impactful impressive sickly sweet cute tacky melodramatic disturbing sad kitschy evocative unctuous unreserved unrestrained romanticized OTT plaintive over the top heartrending precious pretty fatuous romanticised excessive pretty-pretty hacky sensitive fulsome affective melting enthusiastic bromidic wistful poetic kitsch cornpone schlocky choking campy misty-eyed piteous pitiful upsetting extravagant ebullient rhapsodic expansive hagiographical lyrical adulatory lavish exuberant oleaginous hagiographic saddening over-effusive oily pitiable goo-goo dime-store over-enthusiastic expressive hyped up corn-fed histrionic warmed-over laid on with a trowel gentle disgusting over-the-top too much quaint bijou cloyingly sweet melancholy depressing dainty attractive picturesque soft-focus namby-pamby controversial dismal blubbery glib hammy voluble bitter painful distressing inflammatory contentious delicate down memory lane overdone sorrowful old-fashioned shopworn hackneyed stale commonplace dull touchy miserable mournful wretched intense overenthusiastic visceral perceptual noncognitive feeling intuitive warming agonizing gut-wrenching awkward hot-button difficult problematic uninhibited agonising agitating perturbing tragicomic affectional heartwarming stunning compassionate mind-blowing sympathetic responsive tactual tactile touchy-feely bittersweet old hat sweet-and-sour with a sting in the tail with mixed emotions

Antonym of three hanky

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