Synonym of tongue in cheek


Not intended seriously
in fun high-spirited jokey joking light-hearted playful unserious bantering facetious flip flippant frivolous glib in jest teasing whimsical as a joke frolicsome jocose sportive to tease for a laugh tongue-in-cheek humorous jocular witty funny mischievous droll waggish comical amusing roguish comic jesting cheeky entertaining saucy smart chucklesome risible clever mirthful laughable lighthearted puckish impish hilarious merry sassy ridiculous ludicrous gay arch smart-alecky wry smart-aleck joshing pert sarcastic farcical fresh diverting jovial irreverent cute jocund blithe riotous uproarious silly smarty-pants sidesplitting antic wacky camp pleasant campy jolly sly devilish wicked offhand impertinent pixieish tricksy scampish pixy pixie prankish leprechaunish rascally knavish elvish cocky disrespectful rude impudent ludic cheerful snappy dismissive gleeful zany comedic humoristic hysterical spirited lively joyous insolent wise wisecracking killing hysteric lippy blithesome satirical absurd side-splitting rib-tickling sparkling highbrowed gagged up sharp fun quick for grins quick-witted casual inane inappropriate mocking knowing sardonic good-natured flirtatious precious cutesy eccentric cunning artful naughty elfin clownish breezy mincingly clever affected kittenish jaunty clowning bubbly gamesome odd rollicking preposterous quirky quaint screaming off-the-wall oddball engaging coy wily pointed ingenious cheery laughing sunny festive crack-up riot quizzical gelastic laffer incisive adept smooth putting one on sprightly pulling one's leg capering not serious flakey flaky joculous happy crazy good-humoured good-humored daffy boffo sharp-witted nimble-witted apt agile bold highbrow brazen cool nimble ready nifty scintillating ironic snazzy tactful profound racy cutting quick on the draw quick on the uptake slapstick superficial priceless shallow irresponsible carefree thoughtless overfamiliar insouciant brassy ribald too funny for words fun-loving beguiling stimulating espiègle daft elfish rakish frisky a scream devil-may-care senseless fatuous pixilated implike raffish fiendish crooked lying fraudulent deceptive nutty bright coltish tricky rich dippy off the wall screwy exuberant cheering perky hysterically funny loony jerky fool goofy light keen killingly funny zippy peppy wild a laugh a hoot frolic full of beans elven ill-considered non-serious nonserious foxy pawky pixyish mysterious screamingly funny interesting delightful enjoyable a barrel of laughs original novel charming gratifying pleasurable gladdening pleasing coquettish agreeable gut-busting enchanting dishonourable piquant epigrammatic troublemaking mischief-making brilliant scoundrelly ignoble unregenerate reprobate untrustworthy untruthful deceiving crafty underhand sneaky underhanded shifty slick wanton skittish fanciful giddy cut up larky fay sportful bad depraved dishonest immoral frolicky batty goofus fool-headed gump dizzy full of mischief sportsmanlike gentlemanly fair deceitful shady villainous shabby discreditable despicable contemptible corrupt base unprincipled unscrupulous penetrating piercing intelligent a card a caution free and easy fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse scurvy dastardly arrant animated glad buoyant vivacious good considerate sportsmanly decent generous game joyful dishonorable kooky mad insane madcap upbeat bouncy honest honourable evenhanded just honorable larkish reasonable square weird peculiar unconventional bizarre effervescent chirpy debonair strange avant-garde outlandish off-centre crackpot elated lightsome active convivial airy pizazzy bouncing mettlesome springy chipper energetic kinetic pleasure-seeking unconcerned animate slaphappy jazzy winsome crank happy-go-lucky vital spanking gladsome sparky brisk eupeptic pizzazzy canty cuckoo sporting nuts cracked wacko alert confident forward in high spirits brash in good spirits pushy self-assertive presuming stupid inept cranky dotty screwball looney brainless weak-minded witless harebrained simpleminded half-witted lunatic foolish nonsensical kinky featherheaded cockeyed asinine half-baked unwise tomfool lunkheaded whacky kookie bubbleheaded sappy balmy as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy on top of the world dilly straight shooting square shooting square dealing dumb way out hare-brained out there laugh-a-minute off the air in left field


Using or characterized by irony
ironic sarcastic dry sharp bitter sardonic acid caustic mocking scathing scoffing sneering stinging wry mordant satirical trenchant acerbic double-edged tongue-in-cheek cynical derisive derisory ridiculing scornful backhanded mordacious sarky acrid alert arrogant atypical backbiting biting burlesque chaffing clever contemptuous contradictory critical curious cutting defiant disparaging exaggerated implausible incisive ironical jibing keen poignant pungent quick-witted ridiculous satiric spicy twisted uncomplimentary witty pessimistic misanthropic misanthropical unbelieving suspicious skeptical cynic sceptical taunting disrespectful irreverent spoof humorous parodying Hudibrastic spoofing pointed Rabelaisian farcical lampooning bantering paradoxical oblique ambiguous indirect equivocal two-edged underhanded sneaky snide doubtful with tongue in cheek corrosive acerb barbed snarky scalding tart acidulous smart-alecky smart-mouthed acidic smart-aleck acrimonious vitriolic severe nasty harsh venomous mean astringent jeering cruel spiteful virulent scorching malicious vicious hurtful contumelious brusque salty searing piercing unkind offensive wounding penetrating devastating carping catty withering abrasive rude disdainful irascible scurrilous waspish savage razor-edged hostile evil poisonous fierce needling saucy twitting austere captious belittling ornery weisenheiming laconic insulting rancorous teasing ferocious droll cussed derogatory disillusioned snarling unsparing abusive hateful blistering polemic sour rapier-like unfriendly denigratory slighting sly heartless truculent callous dismissive detracting pillorying brutal subtle acute ludicrous demeaning wise snidey stringent vindictive smart snappy pithy sharp-tongued churlish stern slashing drilling terse clear-cut unsympathetic impertinent quizzical unblunted corroding burning merciless overwhelming overpowering strong hard aggressive telling degrading derogative decrying pejorative depreciative depreciatory deprecatory detractive denigrative rough hypercritical censuring condemning cursing violent bad-tempered ill-tempered unrelenting edged uncivil curt pitiless ill-natured contorted snappish snippy testy acetose short unpleasant disapproving sound rigorous sadistic grim evil-intentioned malevolent ruthless wanton provocative salt exciting racy forceful stimulating splenetic malign baleful malignant vengeful pernicious bilious highly effective sharp-worded angry thoughtless inconsiderate peppery ungracious extremely critical cold-blooded distorted crooked uneven deformed warped maleficent malefic pawky awry aslant askew skewwhiff pathetic silly cockamamy absurd laughable risible cockamamie comical preposterous deadpan scurril vituperative vituperatory scurrile opprobrious gally out-of-line flip cocky fresh cheeky sassy nervy crusty travestying mock comic deprecating waggish apathetic mock-heroic caricatural hudibrastic parodic for the birds matter-of-fact straight-faced low-key quietly humorous poker-faced crisp cold squint-eyed invective denunciatory


Silly in a childish way
frivolous silly giddy dizzy flighty foolish superficial light-minded empty-headed facetious light-hearted birdbrained ditzy flippant merry puerile shallow whimsical zany flip idle irresponsible juvenile non-serious skittish thoughtless batty childish dippy ditsy dopey featherbrained feather-brained frothy futile goofy harebrained ill-considered lightheaded light-headed pea-brained scatterbrained vacuous vapid yeasty dotty lacking seriousness nonserious nutty barmy gay idiotic lacking in sense light lighthearted perky playful tongue-in-cheek unprofound vain volatile not serious inane stupid scatty trifling brainless fatuous dappy empty crazy hare-brained bird-brained reckless bubbleheaded trivial petty careless wild impulsive fickle lightweight heedless asinine simple madcap wacky senseless daft capricious rash half-baked insubstantial impetuous foolhardy forgetful imprudent daredevil rattlebrained simplistic paltry daffy erratic glib kooky inconstant hasty hot-headed carefree gaga ignorant incautious facile screwy crackpot flimsy sketchy witless unintelligent temerarious daring meaningless airheaded lunkheaded skin-deep one-dimensional half-witted weak-minded ridiculous infantile dingdong dingbat unstable heady changeable weird flakey flaky slight immature childlike excitable insignificant unnecessary pointless insouciant frilly unsubstantial lacking substance worthless unsystematic disorganized dreamy excited bemused inconsequential feather-headed inattentive slaphappy absent-minded wool-gathering ill-advised vague woolly-headed illogical irrational unreliable precipitate flat depthless adventurous disorganised of no value of no merit of no account devil-may-care indiscreet overbold audacious overconfident impractical brash slapdash casual precipitous crackbrained radge passing basic nonsensical not with it not thinking clearly hell-for-leather haphazard overhasty kamikaze chaotic hotheaded lively inconsiderate smattery cosmetic generic schematic divvy with a mind like a sieve absurd preposterous oversimplified uncritical cursory surface hollow loony cuckoo looney insane simpleminded lunatic harum-scarum romping negligent regardless kookie disorderly simple-minded lacking in depth dumb screwball jerky cockeyed mad unwise tomfool whacky unthinking piddling unscholarly farcical dense mindless obtuse inept sappy balmy unsmart dull fool featherheaded out to lunch slow dim lamebrained boneheaded thick thickheaded doltish oafish lamebrain chuckleheaded bonehead opaque wishy-washy illiterate softheaded gormless dozy knuckleheaded pinheaded dorky dunderheaded dopy soft know-nothing not the full shilling uneducated slow-witted slow on the uptake untaught dim-witted vacant unschooled brain-dead thick-witted pea-brain soft in the head

Antonym of tongue in cheek

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