Synonym of torturous

Alternative for torturous


Causing great pain or anguish
agonising agonizing excruciating harrowing painful grievous harsh tormenting bitter cruel galling heartrending afflicting hurtful severe racking distressing dreadful unbearable intense acute insufferable unendurable searing extreme terrible sharp fierce piercing violent disturbing torturing awful gut-wrenching wrenching exquisite traumatic heartbreaking heart-rending hard raging unpleasant stabbing grave grim frightful shooting heavy bad difficult vehement troublesome ghastly burning stressful vicious uncomfortable tearing brutal hellacious penetrating nasty savage distressful worrying intolerable frightening disconcerting suffering troubling disquieting worrisome hellish miserable rotten distasteful unpalatable irksome discomforting punishing oppressive stinging woeful blistering ferocious disagreeable fraught dismal wretched consuming vexatious upsetting tragic annoying pounding irritating poignant dire sad afflictive horrible horrendous objectionable horrific horrid unsettling forbidding revolting loathsome appalling daunting horrifying perturbing profound powerful deep serious awkward poor execrable abominable doleful agitating atrocious foul lousy vile gruesome tortuous struggling strong onerous chilling anguishing almighty troublous macabre hairy nightmarish grisly explosive unnerving furious embarrassing monstrous tragical mean intensive fearful fearsome nerve-racking cutting unrelenting tough killing peracute ruthless grueling hostile unsavory thumping splitting merciless vexing mortifying displeasing unwelcome concentrated offensive calamitous icky yukky yucky unhappy sour unfortunate gruelling uncongenial unlovely unpleasing rough regrettable sore unsavoury lamentable heavy-duty trying very bad tormentous keen damaging wounding critical throbbing injurious biting repressive oppressed pitiless impoverished stark bleak blinding alarming caustic Spartan poverty-stricken very painful unsparing desperate transcending terrifying knifelike smarting unkind harmful dismaying exacting unforgiving taxing significant mortal murderous stiff hardhanded burdensome inhuman rugged relentless wicked remorseless great soaring dangerous inclement intemperate provoking rigorous hard-hearted extremely painful infuriating torturesome toe-curling tedious stultifying rending chastening cringe-making charged tense uneasy thorny sticky tickly flustering discomfiting tricky prickly dolorous bumpy itchy incommodious confronting distressed wearisome scratchy causing discomfort ill-fitting humourless sober crummy sombre odious repellent detestable humorless repulsive repugnant solemn discomposing somber gloomy unsatisfactory stinking hideous lurid disgusting nauseating unacceptable sedate deplorable abysmal sickening obnoxious gross undesirable diabolical depressing pathetic unappealing repellant uncool grotty shocking godawful abhorrent saddening uninviting grody ugly affecting nauseous anguished sorrowful beastly concerning off-putting nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking heart-breaking overwhelming excessive heightened overpowering shrill sudden finely tuned discouraging piteous pitiful moving nagging perplexing mournful bothersome inconvenient harassing aggravating tear-jerking melancholy devastating laborious ominous sinister foreboding disappointing threatening unlucky disheartening tiresome startling discommoding toilsome pitiable consequential sorry touching crushing plaintive forceful disastrous dreary creepy dispiriting intrusive impeding disruptive hopeless destructive cheerless pessimistic funereal melancholic haunting unfavorable unfavourable stirring desolate ruinous deadly drear joyless vigorous prophetic uncertain demoralizing problematic dejecting lethal mighty demoralising morose ungovernable comfortless exasperating lachrymose heart-wrenching strenuous delicate catastrophic black adverse scarring hefty emotional impressive tearful impactful sensitive thunderous drab demanding ticklish abject fatal rueful unmanageable insupportable passionate dark unpropitious problematical maddening dodgy knotty inauspicious forlorn impossible evil intractable depressive sullen glum forcible arduous rancid life-threatening pesky potent resounding hateful lugubrious dynamic smart sobering perilous not to be borne menacing austere parlous precarious grief-stricken pain-filled desolating feel-bad mind-blowing restless nervous anxious disconsolate emotive shattering uncoveted unwanted mirthless dispirited dolesome obscene crashing invidious telling soul-stirring uplifting heart-warming cataclysmic cold depressed despairing niggling plaguy pestiferous pestilential tricksy touchy touch-and-go spiny catchy derisible dingy plangent pensive dejected despondent mephitical irritable bewildering testing troubled revulsive frustrating unamusing heartwarming affective aggressive extremely upsetting considerable barro scandalous noisome fulsome noxious deathly hapless fateful importunate pestilent unpopular unattractive major emotionally moving operose formidable undisciplined murder uphill rowdy infestive messy disorderly straitened inhospitable spartan scabrous stern inexorable stringent hazardous ill-fated teary disenchanting unenviable arousing affect unlikable tasteless flavourless flavorless dislikable insipid yicky savorless flat ill-starred weighty big grinding sentimental tender expressive nostalgic blue morbid unwished-for compromising humiliating unreasonable cyclonic demeaning degrading wild all-powerful death-dealing recalcitrant embarrassed cringeworthy dicey untimely discountenancing perverse wayward cringey gnarly improper shameful inordinate uncontrollable fiery rampaging rabid uncontrolled rampant riotous unrestrained egregious storming immoderate unchecked unfettered uncurbed inflamed unbridled emphatic hot urgent energetic peppery convulsive flaming enraged blustery paroxysmal turbulent volcanic frenzied coercive stormy outrageous tumultuous aroused tempestuous gale force out of control full of force beyond bearing more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand more than flesh and blood can bear


Requiring, or involving, great mental or physical effort
gruelling grueling arduous hard difficult demanding tough exacting laborious challenging strenuous taxing heavy formidable severe toilsome rigorous testing uphill onerous rough backbreaking exhausting burdensome trying punishing stiff tiring herculean rugged murderous moiling fatiguing hellacious tall harsh effortful killer sweaty excruciating brutal Augean killing crushing grinding fierce unremitting hairy racking chastening pick-and-shovel wearisome tortuous wearying bruising stressful back-breaking hellish troublesome tedious ponderous bothersome oppressive agonizing harrowing debilitating draining tiresome unsparing wearing toilful agonising sapping daunting Herculean energy-consuming ambitious grievous forbidding grim extreme thorny operose unbearable painful knackering painstaking intense mighty unforgiving colossal weighty titanic galling intimidating upstream cumbersome vigorous unyielding exigent serious gargantuan laboured shattering depleting labored slavish tough going difficile immoderate stringent impossible immense merciless imperious crippling prohibitive staggering gigantic irksome really hard very hard cruel backbreaker savage unpleasant distressing jarring intolerable solemn distressful uncomfortable unreasonable excessive exorbitant unfair steep dour dogged persnickety insufferable pressing slow relentless tricky enervating boring wretched ominous worksome problematic inhuman unrelenting exerting not easy hard-won no picnic ferocious dicey awful problem hazardous easier said than done nerve-racking high-impact sticky torturesome unendurable tormenting drudgy vicious marathon like getting blood out of a stone troubling unnerving almighty scabrous uphill battle high-pressure discomforting time-consuming hardhanded hostile searing bitter terrible thoroughgoing hefty major vexatious worrying exasperating traumatic worrisome vexing mean awkward disturbing frustrating inconvenient enervative upsetting wicked aggravating hectic maddening pressured fraught strict annoying superincumbent disagreeable pesky pestilent irritating austere bad nagging monumental weary infuriating bold niggling nasty murder energetic impressive knotty aggressive plaguy pestiferous pestilential punitive troublous rowdy carking prostrating embittering grave tense grandiose daring perturbing anxious Sisyphean drastic draconian dreadful harassing unsettling extravagant lofty rankling concerning intractable ungovernable objectionable drudging repressive infernal irking agitating busy domineering elaborate inexorable despotic headache abrasive riling very difficult overwhelming ugly unmanageable chafing nettling nettlesome peeving incommodious confounded undisciplined disorderly unjust recalcitrant large-scale wayward discouraging puzzling unruly rebarbative cussed pesty plaguey a stinker of a anxiety-ridden physical powerful stretching huge prodigious searching responsible withering massive unrelaxing strained uncharitable unkind fiendishly difficult tremendously difficult very challenging overtaxing overpowering plodding spartan mammoth careful hypercritical thorough precise critical nit-picking a nuisance protracted lengthy hardworking tight an imposition large order heavy sledding overburdening high forceful heroic courageous by the book grating provoking displeasing no piece of cake shocking repugnant swingeing sky-high inflated extortionate enraging lamentable deplorable unwelcome antagonizing harrying afflicting disappointing ghastly foul horrible rotten horrid vile audacious iniquitous inordinate outrageous teasing festering antipathetic appalling atrocious frightful horrendous abominable tyrannical industrious unsatisfying unattractive antagonising dictatorial unrealistic grand intrepid autocratic offensive enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall undemocratic grotty pretentious visionary frantic chaotic improbable ballsy brash idealistic unfeasible insupportable perverse complex complicated tyrannous fanciful unreal magnificent active eventful frenzied frenetic lively authoritarian iron-fisted lousy beastly improper unlikely overbearing pitiless ruthless coercive anti-democratic disquieting discomposing mystifying high-handed overweening peremptory from hell unacceptable egregious importunate turbulent restless far-fetched disheartening gloomy sombre dispiriting ironhanded rough going dismal depressive bleak heavy-handed somber depressing confining difficult to achieve infestive dangerous alarming damaging messy flustering animated madhouse tireless full tumultuous riotous furious bustling wild problematical bewildering intricate incomprehensible convoluted perplexing baffling confounding beyond bearing not to be borne full on spirited action-packed bumpy raucous a bummer of a disobedient rebellious dysfunctional defiant delinquent socially impaired belligerent willful self-willed naughty badly behaved uncooperative impudent erratic errant hot-tempered disturbed disruptive badly-behaved misbehaving whiny roguish sullen cantankerous undisciplinable loudmouthed contumacious ill-behaved bellicose incorrigible insolent maladjusted rude confrontational combative argumentative malicious ill-disciplined mischievous truculent pugnacious unrestrainable uncontrollable stubborn scrappy uncompliant rascally insubordinate uncontainable peevish devilish petulant indocile


(of a person or governing body) Cruel or severe in nature
harsh cruel hard barbaric brutish draconian maleficent pitiless ruthless sadistic savage severe tormenting truculent unsparing violent wolfish barbarous relentless unrelenting brutal callous inhuman mean oppressive stern unfeeling unkind abusive despotic dictatorial dour exacting heartless inhumane intolerant merciless tyrannical tyrannous unsympathetic austere authoritarian grim insensitive murderous onerous rough suppressive unforgiving unmerciful illiberal ramrod rigid unpitying critical flinty hardhanded hard-hearted heavy-handed hard-boiled hard-nosed hard-shell vicious ferocious fierce nasty bloodthirsty malicious cold-blooded spiteful malevolent uncaring vile wicked bestial beastly fiendish uncharitable monstrous wild wanton atrocious remorseless homicidal intemperate heinous brute butcherly malignant mean-spirited bad inclement depraved hateful inconsiderate base diabolical unpleasant aggressive hostile hurtful fell evil ungenerous untamed sanguinary immoral villainous nefarious vindictive virulent disagreeable unfriendly bloody abominable threatening shabby foul cold-hearted devilish infernal dangerous snide thoughtless ill-natured uncivil cut-throat rabid uncivilised uncivilized catty furious feral destructive coldhearted despicable contemptible frenzied fiery explosive corrupt demoniac terrible abhorrent maniacal forceful sinful abandoned sinister not nice degenerate infamous mad frenetic unfair delirious agitated debased profligate unprincipled reprobate hotheaded impassioned feverish dodgy licentious frantic potent headstrong hysterical rancorous dark dastardly pernicious dishonourable wrathful knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts drag-out knock-down hammer and tongs despiteful dirty dishonorable full-blooded rigorous bitter filthy ravening petty crazed hellish menacing obnoxious treacherous odious loathsome compassionless volatile hideous ghastly wounding upsetting turbulent tumultuous intense hot stormy cyclonic animated unkindly inhospitable unamiable convulsive tempestuous low unchristian hardhearted horrible paroxysmal volcanic horrid stony-hearted cowardly timid weak servile ill rotten bloodless low-down tough crude coarse unemotional unsafe intimidating unconcerned bearish gruff tactless indifferent gross intimidatory frightening ill-boding foreboding ominous awful degraded dreadful worthless malign execrable currish deplorable detestable scummy ignominious low-minded primitive uncultivated uncompassionate slaughterous roughshod desperate minatory deadly viperous minacious serpentine venomous uncontrollable rowdy ferine nonliterate rugged undomesticated non-literate lewd miscreant contaminated putrid flagitious perverse impious faulty insubordinate impure indecent demoralized reprehensible demoralised libidinous rude ignorant heathen barbarian heathenish natural uncultured uneducated unscrupulous debauched amoral shameless Neandertal Neanderthal jungli squalid underhanded incorrigible scornful morally wrong iniquitous shifty dissolute scoundrelly self-indulgent objectionable vitiated deceitful decadent unsavoury disparaging defiled delinquent dishonest forbidding errant crooked exploitative unlawful shady ungodly shameful libertine slippery scandalous unrighteous unconscientious unconscionable devious demonic crafty scrofulous sly unsavory scheming black-hearted evil-minded lawless bent wrong inexorable perverted questionable improper self-seeking vengeful felonious contemptuous grisly criminal unethical corrupted gruesome conscienceless disdainful ignoble two-faced disreputable bullying berserk terrorizing pugnacious thuggish impetuous maddened assertive fuming crazy terrorising forcible radge hot-tempered hot-headed out of control bang-bang

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