Synonym of traumatized

Alternative for traumatized


inflict a trauma upon


Emotionally defeated or dispirited


Feeling or showing fear or anxiety
shocked frightened fearful terrified alarmed scared spooked afraid aghast horrified shaken traumatised affrighted hysterical squeamish terrorised terrorized horror-struck hysteric scary petrified scared stiff startled anxious stunned dismayed frozen scared to death disturbed horror-stricken terror-stricken panicky appalled unnerved terror-struck upset nervous worried jittery panic-stricken jumpy scared witless frightened to death in a cold sweat apprehensive troubled distressed frantic intimidated perturbed frit have cold feet in a funk uneasy in a blue funk stupefied daunted cowed agitated in a panic funky timid timorous afeared faint-hearted beside oneself running scared in a tizzy in a flap frenzied abashed windy aroused numb dazed dumbfounded rabbity lily-livered shaky tense chicken yellow disquieted worked up nervy cowardly feart overwrought rattled trembling pusillanimous pushing the panic button scared out of your wits shaking like a leaf in a state in a tizz in awe frightened out of your wits in a fluster devastated in shock panicked panic-struck antsy speechless paralyzed paralysed benumbed transfixed concerned bothered in a frenzy immobilised immobilized cowering fretful in a flat spin blanched perplexed discouraged disheartened fearsome suspicious edgy with one's heart in one's mouth scared out of one's wits on edge apprehensive about intimidated by having cold feet frightened out of one's wits shaking in one's shoes alarmed at awed paralysed with fear run scared awestruck shell-shocked hesitant bricking oneself awe-struck shrinking wired diffident worried sick phobic chickenhearted quivery spineless unmanly weak-kneed sheepish aflutter goose-bumpy nerveless discomposed solicitous in a dither flustered butterflies shivery chicken-hearted jellyfish sissy uptight mousy hung up having kittens very scared numb with fear in a sweat in fear and trepidation twitchy fretting careful uncomfortable stressed unsettled restless flurried unquiet shaking toey insecure dithery atwitter queasy queazy fidgety squirrelly watchful hinky overstrung angstful stressy goosey unglued hyper spooky angsty taut with one's stomach in knots like a cat on a hot tin roof a bundle of nerves having butterflies in the stomach with butterflies in one's stomach keyed up ill at ease in a twitter all of a lather a wreck shot to pieces in a spin on pins and needles like a fish out of water all of a dither strung out in a state of agitation strung up sweating bullets in a state of nerves het up shook up on tenterhooks like a cat on hot bricks bugged in a stew in a twit a basket case hot and bothered dreading in suspense under stress tremulous


Past tense for to offend the moral feelings of
shocked appalled horrified outraged disgusted offended revolted stunned nauseated scandalised scandalized sickened agitated astounded disquieted jolted rocked staggered unsettled amazed astonished disconcerted repelled shook shaken startled surprised upset distressed disturbed dumbfounded floored bewildered dazed discomposed displeased perturbed provoked stupefied threw thrown unnerved dismayed dumfounded flabbergasted jarred paralysed abashed angered antagonised antagonized overcame overcome overwhelmed awed devastated electrified insulted numbed paralyzed thunderstruck thunderstricken bowled over gave offence to given offence to shook up shaken up took aback taken aback grossed out knocked out raised someone's eyebrows threw a curve thrown a curve completely surprised knocked for six setted someone back on their heels shook out of your complacency shaken out of your complacency gave a turn given a turn gave someone a turn given someone a turn hit like ton of bricks took the wind out of your sails taken the wind out of your sails crushed shattered greatly upset knocked sideways knocked the stuffing out of worried demoralized demoralised rattled troubled moved alarmed frightened scared flustered daunted overmastered oppressed whelmed overpowered prostrated swamped intimidated bothered consternated unstrung snowed under confounded ground down got to knocked props out made waves knocked the stuffing out of someone broke someone's heart broken someone's heart gotten to threw off balance thrown off balance traumatised nonplussed benumbed dazzled confused petrified perplexed discomfited left aghast rendered speechless left open-mouthed stopped someone in their tracks caused wonder sprung something on struck dumb stricken dumb blew away blown away stricken with awe struck with awe sprang something on taken someone's breath away took someone's breath away took one's breath away taken one's breath away

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