Synonym of uncool

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(spoken slang) unfashionable and boring


Not in accord with the current fashion, standards or mores of a particular group


Causing distress or emotional turmoil
not okay intolerable unacceptable undesirable unsatisfactory unsuitable bad inadequate objectionable offensive troublesome unpleasing unpopular revolting horrible disgusting repellent foul odious nasty horrid repulsive distasteful obnoxious repugnant awful vile detestable abominable execrable abhorrent gross loathsome disagreeable yucky ghastly beastly despicable sickening nauseating horrendous unpleasant obscene rotten nauseous appalling dreadful forbidding repellant shocking damnable hideous deplorable frightful terrible lousy hateful ugly bitter unbearable evil pestiferous invidious pesky heinous insufferable God-awful disgustful loathly reprehensible accursed shuddersome resentful confounded ornery blasted infamous cursed cussed contemptible scandalous creepy noisome rancid fulsome sleazy slimy yucko noxious bogging distressing troubling disconcerting horrific irksome disquieting worrisome discomforting miserable unpalatable severe woeful wretched unsettling agonizing traumatic daunting horrifying torturous stressful grim perturbing humourless poor harrowing sober crummy sombre dismal uncomfortable unnerving doleful disturbing agitating atrocious irritating annoying unsavory mortifying harsh humorless upsetting gruesome difficult solemn discomposing distressful somber troublous gloomy icky stinking unendurable frightening fraught vexatious lurid macabre sedate displeasing abysmal unwelcome hairy nightmarish tormenting dire worrying heartbreaking regrettable grisly diabolical depressing unfortunate grave monstrous tragical pathetic unappealing awkward yukky cruel grotty afflicting hellacious lamentable godawful unhappy tragic saddening uninviting grody afflictive affecting sour sad mean agonising nerve-racking anguished unsavoury excruciating hurtful sorrowful heartrending painful gut-wrenching off-putting uncongenial unlovely galling hostile nail-biting extremely bad grievous nerve-wracking concerning heart-rending heart-breaking


Not adequate; helpless
incapable incompetent inept inadequate inexpert unfit unfitted unqualified feeble ineffective unproficient unskilful ineffectual inefficacious inferior insufficient cack-handed ham-fisted hopeless inapt lacking ability no good pathetic unable unskilled unskillful useless weak not good enough butterfingers dependent disqualified frail ineligible inexperienced inproficient losing naive poor unequipped unsuited vulnerable a dead loss leaving much to be desired not much cop not up to scratch unequal to the task not up to it not up to snuff not equal to not equal to something not up to not up to something out of one's depth not know one's arse from one's elbow amateurish untrained amateur bungling inefficient unprofessional blundering substandard maladroit unprepared impotent wanting clumsy floundering powerless not cut out for dilettante deficient unsuitable unapt dilettantish raw bad slipshod sloppy lacking half-baked nonprofessional can't hack it undependable green jackleg incapacitated crude unworkmanlike skill-less bumbling awkward unhandy lousy worthless ill-equipped faulty careless cowboy gauche untaught unreliable bush-league unpractised unsuccessful lay botched feckless hamstrung inexpedient counterproductive lame shoddy hapless unsatisfactory unequal duff unschooled uncultivated rotten not cut out unpracticed untalented unable to do something for toffee incapable of unqualified for incompetent at slovenly disorganized slack extravagant prodigal shooting blanks improficient improvident incompatible edentulous inadept hack talentless loser bum toothless unstudied disorganised non-qualified bush inoperative imperfect bodged ham-handed fumbled heavy-handed not prepared can't cut it defective butterfingered suboptimal subpar negligent slapdash all thumbs unaccomplished unpolished without finesse all fingers and thumbs lacking finesse couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery not much chop untrained for unable to do something out of one's element can't make the grade helpless uninitiated unadapted no great shakes less capable awful appalling atrocious dreadful terrible frightful asymmetrical abysmal dire out to lunch not have it rubbish pants untutored not qualified for found wanting in unsuited to inadequate for insufficient for unfitted for very poor a load of pants unable to do something to save one's life very bad ignorant unversed unacquainted uninformed non-technical unchartered uneducated unlicensed uncertificated non-professional new untamed illiterate undisciplined novice nescient wild not trained crummy lamentable deplorable laughable woeful poxy pitiful chronic execrable wretched disgraceful miserable pits abominable second-rate mediocre God-awful sorry horrible diabolical dismal third-rate low-grade shocking rubbishy trashy nasty unacceptable ropy cheap egregious disappointing junky shameful schlock schlocky gimcrack punk low-rent cut-rate bargain-basement odious paltry horrendous common coarse trumpery sleazy cheapjack sucky second-class dissatisfactory el cheapo not up to par pitiable repugnant distasteful hideous offensive obnoxious loathsome horrid gross disastrous godawful cheesy mean rancid repellant fulsome repellent revolting noxious disgusting nauseating scandalous obscene foul abhorrent sickening repulsive ugly evil noisome nauseous contemptible unpleasant hellacious disagreeable cruddy direful vile outrageous bodger low damnable limited abject off meager meagre sad wack crumby wrong broken two-bit improper inappropriate unproductive below standard below par ghastly regrettable despicable from hell unsound grim unfortunate derisory tricky reduced excruciating dirty sneaking ratty grubby scabby scummy scurvy impaired amiss desperate unspeakable little flawed piss-poor dime-a-dozen sour god-awful insubstantial restricted inappreciable inconsiderable sparing tinhorn stupid for the birds unwelcome harmful well below par shabby piddling subnormal strictly for the birds of a sort under-strength ill-suited flimsy junk not proper unadvantageous futile inconsistent catastrophic grievous calamitous unseemly impermissible exceptionable objectionable intolerable insupportable displeasing inadmissible undesirable insufferable unimpressive reprehensible stinking dodgy dubious unreasonable questionable grotty garbage tatty condemnable scurrilous out cheapo irremediable indefensible stinky inacceptable unappealing uninviting reject won't do low-quality over the fence not on tenth-rate less-than-stellar from hunger below average poor-quality not quite the done thing poor quality second rate not cricket of poor quality not up to standard beyond the pale of low quality out of order under par ungraceful klutzy undexterous rough unfacile wooden artless


Of, pertaining to, or as a result of malice or spite
malicious malevolent malignant spiteful vicious hateful pernicious rancorous vengeful resentful baleful cruel hostile injurious mean nasty vindictive virulent vitriolic bad-natured evil malign mischievous unkind wicked bad bitter catty defamatory despiteful destructive harmful hurtful malefic maleficent noxious shrewish venomous wounding awful beastly cussed deleterious detrimental gross low poisonous envious ornery petty ill-natured evil-intentioned evil-minded ill-disposed acrimonious unfriendly antagonistic inimical baneful dangerous sinister adverse unpleasant toxic angry damaging menacing nocuous deadly waspish splenetic aggressive cross ill negative viperous belligerent lethal dirty antipathetic prejudicial surly sour ruinous fatal cantankerous irascible testy corrupting disastrous acid calamitous unsympathetic unwholesome pugnacious wrathful poison ill-tempered hate-filled cutting hazardous threatening unfavourable bad-tempered crabby revengeful tetchy unfavorable peevish unhealthy disadvantageous disagreeable unsociable undesirable dire querulous prejudicious crippling fierce harsh bellicose corruptive bilious biting grudging inhospitable truculent devastating choleric perilous petulant irritable uncongenial combative sharp barbed catastrophic cranky snappish crabbed unpropitious mortal caustic subversive cataclysmic acrid ratty contentious unfortunate critical grouchy crotchety pestiferous cancerous ill-humoured lousy counterproductive rough contrary liverish murderous argumentative savage pestilential implacable corroding ill-humored incendiary corrupt undermining vituperative toxicant envenomed snarky militant confrontational noisome unwelcoming intimidating invidious pettish backbiting grumpy snide cold adversary adversarial parlous warlike sulky snappy painful scrappy fractious jaundiced moody dicey nocent narky immoral unjust wrongful opprobrious huffy slanderous corrosive fiery shirty unsafe chippy stroppy dour annihilative eradicative extirpative suicidal toxiferous quarrelsome mephitic waxy unforgiving scathing iniquitous septic hellish astringent infective short-tempered quick-tempered horrid peccant murder merciless viperish mephitical miasmatic morbid pitiless dyspeptic abusive indignant irate furious disdainful disapproving alien mean-spirited tough ireful tart insidious unreceptive embittered displeased exasperated foul fretful touchy ominous annoyed risky accidentally on purpose full of spleen louring bearish prickly censorious sullen misanthropic sore rude inexpedient untoward inopportune perverse churlish uncharitable antisocial eggy captious peppery peckish soreheaded grumbling curmudgeonly miffy ungracious gruff afflictive environmentally unfriendly snippy snippety stuffy icy filthy disputatious waspy mardy hot-tempered passionate on a short fuse foul-tempered raspy ugly short-fused hating ferocious spleenful squint-eyed scathel scornful full of hate acerbic aspersive of evil intent unmerciful razor-edged troublesome unrelenting grudge-bearing scathy artful bothersome messy forbidding frightening ill-intentioned offended begruding insulted disturbing relentless avenging aching hurting seeking revenge dripping venom stinging incisive blistering mordant intimidatory minatory wreakful ruthless out for revenge retaliatory grim full of gall hard imperilling imperiling withering searing minacious bodeful inconsiderate woeful stabbing joyless bloody-minded heated dysfunctional atrabilious precarious impassioned violent bristling inflammable spirited intolerant lively manic hysterical uncomfortable tempestuous lawless uneasy maladjusted disordered vexed irked piqued aggrieved irritated galled provoked dark unstable disturbed unbalanced outraged lethiferous wrackful insalubrious internecine harassing wreckful sinful slaughterous glowering chilly distant aloof black enraged uptight tense frosty cool temperamental unneighbourly unamicable frigid huffish disgruntled sensitive feisty bristly glum curt impatient volatile whingy unsocial unaffable brusque cynical hotheaded pouty oversensitive obstinate difficult discontented pertinacious socially impaired withdrawn reserved unapproachable stand-offish uncooperative snarling whiny crusty hypercritical whining miserable crybaby severe supercilious unforthcoming stern stiff haughty uncommunicative impersonal indifferent gloomy iracund brooding iracundulous morose edgy pouting fussy snaky scratchy hard-eyed uncivil chill gelid brittle wintry obnoxious clammy cold-blooded cold-eyed wintery frozen antiseptic arctic glacial impolite coldish discourteous uncordial unmannerly grousing trying thin-skinned having got out of bed on the wrong side nasty-tempered out of humour out of sorts out of humor mumpish hot under the collar growling as cross as two sticks caviling in a mood sorehead saturnine blunt fault-finding on edge dissatisfied out of temper cross-grained carping griping awkward like a bear with a sore head complaining fretting vinegary short whingeing childish out-of-sorts cavilling hasty hot-blooded having got out of bed the wrong side obstreperous chuffy easily offended in a bad mood Olympian starchy competitive unpromising against not on speaking terms conflicting opposed opposite estranged disaffected unneighborly


(of a thing) Not of the necessary quality or standard to meet a particular purpose
unfit unsuitable improper inadequate inappropriate ineligible unsuited amiss inapposite inapt incongruous incorrect indecorous inept infelicitous malapropos perverse unapt unbecoming unhappy unseemly untoward wrong incompatible unacceptable unbefitting discordant graceless inapplicable ineffective inefficient inexpedient inharmonious unfitted useless not designed ill-adapted ill-suited unsuitable for unsuited to inadequate for inappropriate to unfitted for ill-adapted to ill-suited to ineligible for unequipped for unprepared for no good not good enough for unworthy of not up to scratch not designed for not equal to out of place unfitting untimely inopportune ill-advised unseasonable ill-timed out of keeping undue awkward inadvisable unfortunate indelicate undesirable regrettable misplaced tasteless tactless unwarranted injudicious inauspicious unpropitious troublesome objectionable irrelevant irregular adverse indecent ill-considered inconvenient disadvantageous ill-judged uncalled-for inadmissible unfavorable lacking in propriety unprofessional unladylike ungentlemanly unfavourable out of order bad form unlucky discrepant erroneous imprudent inaccurate uncomely odd bad unworthy detrimental ill-fitted at odds in bad taste discommodious misguided ill-chosen undignified calamitous clumsy ominous false indiscreet destructive abnormal preposterous immodest negative unpromising gauche discreditable ludicrous uncouth threatening rough ungodly unqualified disproportionate damaging inconsistent in poor taste out-of-place out-of-season off-base unsatisfactory opposed ill disagreeable out of character not good enough beyond the pale out of the way unreasonable contradictory prejudicial immaterial inconducive absurd impolite illogical counter harmful incompetent maladroit coarse immoral extraneous impertinent rude rotten dishonourable unmannerly harsh disreputable impolitic barred banned shameful dissonant jarring clashing malodorous insensitive crooked vulgar erring prohibited precluded inapropos offensive unfair out of line disparaging unhelpful contrary excluded dishonorable gloomy poor not germane not suitable bothersome not proper very bad difficult uncomplimentary improprietous uncalled for incautious untactful illegitimate dishonest corrupt unethical unconventional irrelative stupid dull slow unscrupulous ridiculous meaningless pointless out-of-the-way hostile inexpert funny off-balance loose unvirtuous wanton ill-bred shameless unhandy jejune undexterous insipid banal inexperienced unfacile flat inadept unmeet unproficient not cricket against the rules inimical not done boorish churlish ill-mannered discourteous unmatched dissident interfering senseless disparate unhandsome tacky salacious unlovely mismatched not pertinent unrefined uncivil shocking irrational wrong-headed not up to snuff not qualified incommodious faulty defective ill-matched unprofitable discommoding mistimed trying unfriendly tardy unadvantageous testing tough disastrous challenging late prohibitive antagonistic low unorthodox crude cheap rowdy crass tawdry ruffian raffish inelegant awry out of its element mistaken confused imperfect adrift flawed astray disobliging disobedient delinquent ornery unhealthy rebellious miscreant thrawn wayward aberrant uncontrollable obstructive fractious mean unallowable inconsonant off fallacious invalid sick foul unlawful haywire disallowed impermissible forbidden debarred conflicting left-field glitched up foot-in-mouth way off disbarred ill-favored unwelcome not acceptable unadmittable not allowable exceptionable censored unadmissible unwanted early premature disentitled degrading contemptible disconsonant strange irreconcilable bizarre ill-favoured off-key incoherent ignoble eliminated paradoxical ironic naughty beside the point not appropriate unrelated shifting unpredictable distorted jumbled rambling unconnected fantastic not in harmony divergent uncoordinated unbalanced lopsided unavailing uneven in opposition alien foreign incongruitous unintelligible twisted incongruent fitful disqualified out of the running ruled out undeserving beneath reprehensible disgraceful inexcusable despicable base sticking out a mile standing out a mile like a fish out of water precocious unforgivable wretched unfitting to not deserving not worth recreant valueless nothing blamable improper to out of place with unmerited out of character with no-good unbecoming to good-for-nothing pitiful vile no-account not fit worthless advance too early early on anachronistic intrusive out-of-date too late soon a bit previous before time overearly too soon early bird bright and early previous oversoon abortive demeaning debasing ignominious scandalous lowering humiliating cheapening shaming belittling mortifying suggestive smutty outrageous inglorious risqué infra dig unceremonious off-colour obscene abject bawdy racy gross earthy filthy blue lewd raunchy dirty nasty impure licentious ribald Rabelaisian lascivious saucy raw X-rated fruity off colour off-color near the knuckle diverse different at variance varying differing unmixable sorry lax disappointing beneath you lacking dignity unprincipled negligent deplorable dreadful sordid beneath your dignity shady dodgy forward unwholesome distasteful bold fresh cheeky brazen unsavoury hasty seamy sleazy louche seedy shoddy unworthy of one beneath one's dignity infra indignitatem beneath one broad debased depraved degenerate low-minded spicy misjudged abhorrent odious titillating pornographic badly timed sleazoid disgusting abominable trashy salty porny scurrilous profane stag gutter juicy unprintable squalid unsavory adult rogue devilish gamy sly scabrous gamey rascally foul-mouthed low-down and dirty off-colored locker-room derogative depreciative contemptuous denigratory slighting detractive scornful derogatory decrying pejorative derisory depreciatory deprecatory disdainful denigrative discrediting corrupting menial downgrading embarrassing bringing shame nudge-nudge barro unblushing bad-mannered brutish callow lowbred near the bone


Having a naive or unsuspecting nature
unworldly green innocent naive unsophisticated raw simple inexperienced ingenuous trusting artless callow idealistic natural unaffected aw-shucks dewy dewy-eyed gullible immature naif primitive simpleminded uncritical uninitiated unknowing unsuspecting unsuspicious unwary wide-eyed childlike credulous guileless born yesterday clean corn-fed country folksy unartificial unschooled unstudied as green as grass babe in woods wet behind the ears ignorant naïve impressionable unpretentious trustful unguarded jejune youthful easily taken in unsceptical untutored unfledged uninformed naïf nescient over-trusting exploitable easily deceived juvenile open untrained easy unacquainted spontaneous unfamiliar clueless childish unseasoned crude young easily led dupable genuine susceptible silly kid insensible confiding adolescent unripened unformed unripe accepting fresh unpretending incognizant tenderfoot infant uncomplicated childly unassuming modest down-to-earth new rustic without airs undeveloped plain rookie puerile untried unwitting pure unmindful unaware oblivious untaught deceivable unconscious unbaked sophomore jellybean unquestioning over-trustful believing simple-minded babyish frivolous like a babe in the woods easy mark not dry behind ears stupid slow idiotic brainless moronic dumb feeble-minded frank uninhibited inexperience ordinary vulnerable tender undeceitful unpractised gullable unrefined homely unpolished gauche overcredulous exploitative exploitatory exploitive wholesome damp wet moist humble foolish green as grass quiet overtrusting provincial parochial lowly fictile defenceless bush-league corny homey unadulterated cornball authentic kidstuff unweaned amateur unqualified unskilled imprudent dew-covered malleable simplistic heavy with dew wet behind ears biting sucker mark fleeceable unskeptical real true readily swallowing whole readily taken in readily falling for tumbling for taken in kidding oneself swallowing whole cracker-barrel honest-to-goodness defenseless uncivilized savage falling hook line and sinker taking the bait being a sucker barbarian uncultivated barbaric uncivilised unlearned untamed animal brutish austere atavistic nonliterate fierce uncultured undomesticated vestigial underdeveloped wild barbarous fond unwise virginal uncorrupted virgin cute shallow unjaded uneducated quaint countrified Panglossian starry-eyed rude rough uncivil Neanderthal coarse heathen uncouth heathenish Neandertal vulgar boorish loutish philistine backward gross crass oafish benighted lowbrow ill-bred unenlightened thuggish tasteless rugged developing backwards ill-mannered rough-hewn vicious illiterate unmannered rudimentary brutal yobbish third world feral unread common low churlish graceless roughneck lowbred raffish incult illiberal slobbish native inelegant untouched incomplete rough and ready ferocious embryonic inhuman basic beastly non-functional ferine ungodly non-literate bestial unlettered obsolete abortive clumsy unholy uninhabited impolite discourteous impertinent disrespectful indelicate awkward bearish in a state of nature bourgeois unfinished elementary fell truculent commercial materialist remote unrestrained ungraceful aboriginal masterful autocratic godforsaken domineering analphabetic unscholarly anti-intellectual inartistic jungli harsh pagan infidel uninstructed idolatrous unadvanced earthy troglodytic godless irreligious agnostic atheistic caveman uncontrolled mannerless outrageous unconscionable wicked non-believing unbelieving heretical faithless beyond the pale unprogressive archaic unbroken straightforward bungling incompetent medieval antiquated nullifidian inept maladroit wilding mediaeval dark feudal profane nonbeliever skeptic sceptic homespun uninvolved make-do unspecialized plebeian hooligan animalistic jerry-rigged jerry-built jury-rigged rough-and-tumble rough-and-ready uncomplex ungenteel indecorous ungentlemanly ungainly ungallant unseemly clownish unmannerly disgracious free backwoods unladylike offensive classless gawky cloddish hick hillbilly unversed inexpert beastlike overgrown rampant overrun clodhopping improper unconversant maturing unpracticed unskillful budding cobbled together agrarian cruel merciless raunchy loud desert dense escaped neglected luxuriant desolate indigenous waste lush deserted theriomorphic theroid bad-mannered imperfect foul-mouthed zoomorphic animalian brute zoic uncalled-for loud-mouthed heavy-handed goatish beast-like subhuman swinish zoological zoologic

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