Synonym of uncouth


Lacking good manners, refinement, or grace
coarse crude gross rough uncultivated unrefined boorish rude loutish rustic uncivilised uncivilized unpolished barbaric common low uncultured vulgar oafish plebeian unsophisticated churlish crass hooligan philistine provincial uncivil bearish discourteous impolite primitive savage awkward clownish clumsy disgracious disrespectful impertinent indecorous ungainly ungallant ungenteel ungentlemanly unmannerly unseemly backwoods barbarian barbarous classless cloddish gawky graceless hick hillbilly illiberal incult indelicate insensible lowbred lowbrow offensive raffish roughneck rugged tasteless unladylike yobbish clodhopping improper slobbish inelegant loud Neanderthal raunchy raw bad-mannered ill-mannered foul-mouthed ill-bred rough-hewn loud-mouthed heavy-handed uncalled-for brutish uneducated indecent ignorant ungracious unmannered obscene lewd inconsiderate dirty tactless filthy thoughtless smutty foul blunt gruff profane ribald base bawdy wild impure blue mannerless nasty inappropriate gauche brusque impudent curt thuggish mean abusive insolent cheap immodest ungraceful unhandsome insensitive earthy X-rated wanton off colour naughty undiplomatic saucy heathen suggestive indiscreet unsavoury lumpish surly unsavory lascivious unpleasant unchivalrous stiff Neandertal plebby off-color heathenish natural sullen racy swinish insulting uncomfortable uneasy vile rustical gutter inept near the knuckle salacious unprintable blasphemous illiterate trashy sordid pornographic shameless harsh cruel fruity benighted inhuman locker-room offhand lumpen audacious cheeky tacky in bad taste wooden stilted unbecoming short low-minded sleazy sharp brash scatological risqué underbred fresh spicy stag scurrilous scatologic porny adult simple gamy untoward unacceptable brutal disagreeable bungling vicious disgusting unsubtle presumptuous immoral ornery cantankerous unsuitable badly behaved untutored stupid lubberly inurbane unwholesome distasteful unworldly derogatory unfitting low-down wicked incorrect inapposite inapt wrong abrupt unfit perverse incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos tawdry ungodly licentious contumelious malapert low-bred flip outlandish out of place socially unsure socially awkward vulgarian obnoxious fierce close to the bone dour stolid crabbed unlettered parochial unkind disreputable misbehaved revolting maladroit undignified repulsive despicable rowdy unscrupulous gaudy unceremonious dishonourable debased artless callous uncharitable impolitic injudicious ill-judged gawkish unfriendly cavalier murderous ignoble merciless villainous irritable bashful dishonorable blundering unenlightened unread sickening truculent uncoordinated ill-humored crusty ill-humoured explicit foolish backward dark bad ocker steamy unvirtuous uninformed disparaging lippy porn porno colourful outrageous beyond the pale colorful poor uncomplimentary corrupt unclean low-down-and-dirty malodorous Rabelaisian out of keeping smart-alecky shocking inaffable untactful nudge-nudge unchaste in poor taste out-of-line out of the way charmless near the bone lacking in social graces socially inept ordinary vernacular low-born unfinished basic obtuse non-U baseborn native general agrestic lowdown and dirty nescient unfeeling rank ill-behaved terse hostile bourgeois undiscriminating imperceptive lusty trailer-park doltish bullying sketchy subhuman troglodytic untamed uncourteous unbefitting foulmouthed hoonish dense rough and ready common as muck pert brassy Philistine countrified unpoised inhospitable unfortunate sassy shoddy immature naive guileless ingenuous loudmouthed unworthy materialist commercial nauseating ill-tempered morose bad-tempered tart improprietous unrestrained embarrassing off ill-advised discreditable bizarre mannish manlike tomboyish unfeminine unwomanly hoydenish moody salty broad offish lustful concupiscent carnal shameful ruffian Fescennine Cyprian off-colour irreverent dull sick gruesome corporeal voluptuous fleshly sensual sexual anti-intellectual inartistic lumbering barro colloquial bumbling profanatory mean-spirited arrogant strong sacrilegious unblushing callow careless degrading unsettling affronting vilifying vituperative derisive unutterable blockish dorky blunderous undexterous klutzy stumbling execrable wretched snide ignominious currish contemptible detestable paltry cocky repellent seamy objectionable seedy in the gutter grody unconscionable uncontrolled unholy rash straightforward precipitate hasty dozy butterfingered flashy garish mouthy smart alecky brazen overbearing insubordinate disdainful dishonest degenerate intrusive peremptory base-minded abject groveling yokelish bounderish tough snippy grumpy ill-natured touchy cussed cross-grained polite miserly unsociable grouchy unneighborly ugly nervous ostentatious flash showy unschooled dubious suspicious notorious rascally suspect unprincipled severe hard bluff meretricious naff tatty splay shy gangly gangling nervy untrained untaught kitsch forbidding stern austere roughcast grim ape-like grovelling crooked shady like a bull in a china shop ornate useless hideous pretentious unsightly unclassy trivial artificial unlovely makeshift in a state of nature ruthless intimidating louring grievous steely stark loose all thumbs cheap and nasty noisome dodgy funny iffy repugnant flinty onerous ungentle heavy bitter hardhanded oppressive undesirable fiendish heartless remorseless bestial ferocious lowering unlearned ill-educated ill-informed monstrous nefarious heinous nonliterate unaccomplished analphabetic uninstructed infernal inhumane atrocious bloodthirsty black-hearted butcherly black brute sadistic inexperienced unversed unpractised pitiless hellish ghastly diabolical horrible unqualified taboo hard-core lecherous profligate questionable scandalous malicious rakish libidinous randy odious mucky grubby grimy snappy no-nonsense grave serious unsmiling short-spoken snappish brusk brief brisk downright direct sober stony sombre somber to the point strict impatient rigorous abrasive caustic impetuous cold laconic stringent unrelenting hardened crisp disapproving solemn frowning matter-of-fact inexorable outspoken horny aloof devilish plain-spoken frigid icy frosty titillating prurient boisterous feral craggy sour roughhewn snippety short-tempered robust beastly spartan imprudent breviloquent relentless monosyllabic undomesticated burdensome searing trying excruciating unpolitic frank sexy erotic rigid non-literate undue bodily unsympathetic glowering menacing saturnine upfront rough-and-tumble uninhabited lush mean-looking earnest arousing obdurate astringent strait-laced grim-faced skin not afraid to call a spade a spade soft-core hard-nosed straight from the shoulder undecorous unfashionable roisterous rollicking ferine fell homespun clipped succinct concise testy large pithy pointed ungentlemanlike gloomy dismal jungli irascible undeveloped gritty ill-suited unsuited dreary decisive unwise inadvisable sooty formal petulant tight-lipped vigorous hard-skinned rough-skinned tough-skinned uncommunicative poker-faced aboriginal crotchety crabby taciturn exploitative corrupting businesslike bald mature unthinking unperceptive tetchy cross fast libertine evil-minded orgiastic incontinent reserved juicy ridiculous chilly stuffy unemotional rogue untimely lacking in propriety unfair unworthy of uncomely unseasonable clunky purple low-down and dirty off-colored out of line sly scabrous gamey distant exacting inflexible dusty inexpert unskilful unconventional unjust unrighteous unequitable reprehensible unrightful wrongful melancholic bleak hard-faced dejected glum sulky unforgiving authoritarian unyielding unbending forthright candid open hearty angry drastic pulling no punches remote solid ramrod unequivocal good-natured genial approachable not mincing one's words speaking one's mind calling a spade a spade not beating about the bush extreme friendly hard-boiled with two left feet godless immoderate punishing punitive inordinate crippling blustering barefaced cheery honest sincere threatening unbroken fiery exorbitant swingeing towering excessive unmerciful overweening intolerable steep draconian sinful depraved irreligious impious speaking as one finds calloused fearsome physical animal hardheaded overextravagant extravagant headstrong insane plethoric baroque intractable overmuch overdue frightful frightening atheistic cutthroat wilding uncompromising epicurean venomous intense great implacable pagan non-theistic humourless sedate humorless staid repressive sobersided demonic evil iniquitous weighty uncomic free sybaritic luscious sensuous hedonistic luxurious untouched satanic overrun overgrown rampant agrarian appetitive Dionysiac unspiritual voluptuary escaped neglected luxuriant indigenous deserted desert waste desolate po-faced malevolent unhallowed moving stirring exciting hedonic stimulating delightful physically gratifying pleasing animalistic hot tactile sensory sharpened debauched


In a very poor condition as a result of disuse and neglect
derelict dilapidated ramshackle tumbledown decrepit neglected crumbling shabby ruined seedy rundown rickety threadbare dingy unmaintained untended deteriorated deteriorating faded creaky creaking unkept broken-down run down in ruins falling to pieces in disrepair falling apart run-down worn out gone to rack and ruin worse for wear on its last legs gone to seed in a state of disrepair ill-maintained decaying uncared-for rumpty ruinous shacky disintegrating shambly tatterdemalion tacky bedraggled beat-up dumpy tatty mangy mean scruffy miserable grungy ratty timeworn scrubby sleazy tumble-down unsound shaky dog-eared moth-eaten bombed-out slummy depressed down-at-the-heels down-at-heel tottering battered crummy old worn-out spoiled poor weather-beaten down at heel badly maintained overgrown in a bad way broken squalid flimsy spoilt grotty tattered fragile decayed insalubrious unkempt impaired injured marred broken down deprived worn frowzy tired down-at-the-heel underprivileged beat up poorly maintained seen better days godforsaken withering unweeded uncultivated weedgrown wild unlivable unoccupiable ragged antiquated woebegone superannuated peaked shattered grubby uninhabitable quavering shaking crippled insubstantial haggard used effete anile fordone undone shot irreparable irremediable undid manky scungy slovenly unsteady untidy dodgy droopy wilted drooping sickly wilting ailing messy sagging flagging torn below par under par in bad condition in bad repair out of condition munted blasted used up imperfect unsafe insecure jerry-built frail weak precarious infirm feeble wobbly botched mutilated hurt robbed uninhabited plundered pillaged harried abandoned harmed defaced rachitic unbalanced wavering unstable rattletrap tottery geriatric rocky disadvantaged distressed poverty-stricken needy destitute uncared damaged wrecked destroyed crumbly impoverished raunchy unimproved beat ghetto ghost shanty skid row uncared for beaten up fallen in the worse for wear fallen-in used-up rinky-dink shoddy scuzzy wretched sorry raggedy sordid frayed cheap paltry trashy second-rate base tawdry common bad mediocre lousy yucky low-grade pitiful low-rent inferior well worn dismal substandard skanky junky filthy rubbishy nasty rotten slipshod seamy holey unpleasant low in tatters raggedy-ass warby cheapjack execrable gimcrack trumpery rough two-bit sad dishevelled el cheapo disheveled having seen better days cruddy falling apart at the seams on your last legs dirty sloppy gaudy worthless kitsch Brummagem dowdy disreputable in rags cheapo naff desolate ragtag punk cheesy third-rate poor-quality subpar lame deficient degenerated schlocky tinny cheap and nasty rubbish ropy duff bush-league dime-a-dozen inadequate scroungy crude in poor condition unprepossessing patched in ribbons terrible in holes worn to shreds skeezy frumpy low-class slimy stodgy time-worn scraggy limp average scabby sucky dreadful schlock meretricious rent in shreds disfigured bare meager cut-rate bum coarse bargain-basement pitiable meagre clapped out slumlike dud tinhorn all the worse for wear a dime a dozen out at elbows junk entry-level pinchbeck below average badly dressed lemon faulty down and dirty bottom-rung two a penny not up to much cheapie dime-store below standard slum-like not up to snuff second-class twopenny-halfpenny brassy low-end historic overcrowded done outworn dateless shopworn ancient old-fashioned dishonest crooked smirched downgone knocked around cure pot well-read well-thumbed unsavoury unsavory defective hazardous perilous dangerous treacherous frazzled shaggy ripped rugged garbagy overused overworked ordinary middling menial rank mucky indigent sick sticky gunky gungy busted lined worn-down wrung out dinged totaled pegged out well-worn wizened decrepit. in ruins contaminated infected septic unhealthy unwholesome blighted falling down poorly made badly worn full of holes torn to pieces awful atrocious tasteless vulgar unsatisfactory showy garish dire abject pathetic unspeakable condemned stonewashed lamentable unacceptable wanting deplorable bush horrible abominable crumby suboptimal dissatisfactory wrong flash loud pants beastly flashy shlocky wack woeful hideous a load of pants ghastly God-awful unsightly off scummy scurvy repulsive low-quality disastrous horrendous calamitous shlock gross gruesome daggy slobbish dying declining slobby outmoded ostentatious out-of-date unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky sloven waning slatternly frowsy blowsy degenerating collapsing blowzy cheap-jack bodger frumpish failing perishing in bad taste homely plain plastic pretentious inglorious makeshift low-down baggy languishing forsaken mumsy dreary ill-dressed wrinkled not smart unseemly breaking up oxidizing on the way out wearing away in decline rusting breaking down oxidising eroding on the decline on the rocks


Of low social, administrative, or political rank
humble common lowly poor commonplace ordinary plebeian simple ignoble low proletarian undistinguished inferior insignificant mean modest baseborn underprivileged unimportant meagre meager rough severe unrefined unremarkable unwashed inconsequential inglorious lowborn measly obscure prole shabby trivial unpretentious vulgar wretched beggarly contemptible humdrum lumpen miserable paltry petty pitiful plebby puny scrubby sordid unfit lower-class working-class low-born low-ranking low-life of low birth of low rank base servile subordinate peasant menial declassed second-class low-class unassuming meek blue-singlet minor popular déclassé subservient plain junior lesser low-bred lowlife gentle mild middling submissive docile dutiful retiring reverential mundane withdrawing everyday obsequious prosaic second-rate blue-collar cast down crude dishonourable dishonorable unworthy average cloth-cap grass-roots bourgeois traditional unsophisticated banal conventional pedestrian grassroots democratic people's philistine lowbrow low-paid declassé demotic deprived common or garden low-status secondary mediocre subsidiary second-string small smaller lousy demeaning reduced low-grade degrading ancillary second-fiddle bottom little poorer slighter lower ignominious lower-ranking sorry sad dinky minor-league small-fry small-time bush-league third-string lower in rank undersized subjacent lower in status second-banana not very important beneath someone bottom-rung back seat below someone entry-level less important under someone's heel not so important unambitious unaspiring limited unimposing unexceptional homespun run-of-the-mill despicable degraded abject shameful vile disgraceful corrupt wrong infamous craven execrable currish dirty snide detestable degenerate unprincipled improper nasty unchivalrous low-minded reprehensible shameless low-down uncharitable blameworthy discreditable heinous dastardly lewd immoral rotten reproachful coarse scurvy wicked squalid dilapidated seedy slummy sleazy insalubrious dismal dingy mangy broken-down run down down at heel scruffy scuzzy crummy grungy bad ratty ramshackle tacky untidy bedraggled substandard tawdry grotty shoddy threadbare tattered rickety worn-out run-down unkempt decrepit moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared low-rent tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels neglected dumpy tatty bombed-out down-at-heel timeworn tumbledown two-bit rundown


Suggestive of the supernatural
weird eerie unearthly uncanny creepy ghostly mysterious strange supernatural unnatural unusual spooky preternatural bizarre eldritch odd queer abnormal eery far-out freaky grotesque haunting mystifying other-worldly spookish unreal awful dreadful fearful ghastly horrific inscrutable ominous rum flaky flakey magic magical mystic numinous occult oddball secret supernal whacko awe-inspiring out of the ordinary scary frightening spectral chilling spine-chilling phantom hair-raising sinister spiritual terrifying paranormal otherworldly ghostlike petrifying ethereal blood-curdling scaring transcendental phantasmal phantasmic shadowy haunted mystical wraithlike freakish extraterrestrial devilish metaphysical transcendent psychic nightmarish ghoulish alien insubstantial illusory apparitional curious miraculous macabre demoniac superhuman unnerving supernormal fantastic hidden necromantic vampiric unaccountable shocking phenomenal wraithy horrifying disturbing visionary unknowable appalling spine-tingling heavenly supranatural horrible direful hairy arcane extraordinary inhuman out of this world incorporeal disembodied shadowlike corpselike eidolic holy wan divine pale cadaverous indistinct deathlike possessed threatening harrowing menacing jinxed cursed transmundane monstrous animal subhuman demonic non-mortal non-human chimerical dreamlike bizarro not of this world disgusting unpleasant nasty gruesome inspired singular prodigious inexplainable unheard-of supranormal shuddersome wondrous too good for this world sublime sepulchral fiendish funereal inappropriate hyperphysical nonrational anagogic mysterial abstruse sorcerous imaginary quixotic telestic esoteric thaumaturgic witchlike cabalistic wizardly awesome uneasy black orphic oracular unworldly very strange crawly superstitious disconcerting peculiar alarming dark inexplicable non-rational hypernormal unbelievable extramundane thrilling breathtaking exciting startling fearsome unfathomable fairy impenetrable mythical rare obscure legendary superior mythological invisible superordinary unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible supermundane celestial concealed unrevealed horrendous dread bloodcurdling redoubtable formidable forbidding intimidating dire terrible frightful hair-curling cliff-hanging suspenseful causing excitement

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