Synonym of undamaged

Alternative for undamaged


not harmed or spoiled; sound


Not damaged, harmed or injured
intact pure uncontaminated unharmed unhurt uninjured unspoiled untouched safe sound unimpaired whole unblemished unbroken pristine perfect unspoilt unmarked unsullied unmarred immaculate flawless unscathed spotless undefiled faultless clean untarnished virgin unflawed unpolluted untainted unstained entire mint unaffected unmutilated impeccable stainless without a scratch undisturbed clear preserved fresh uncorrupted as good as new solid unchanged unscarred good unscratched virginal as new complete in one piece unmoved like new unsevered excellent unruffled innocent secure irreproachable natural uninterrupted spick-and-span total together inviolate unimpeachable unaltered exemplary uninfluenced scatheless chaste unsoiled unstirred original without blemish sturdy tip-top incorrupt stable antiseptic undented unspotted seamless indefectible firm unadulterated regular untroubled thorough safe and sound undivided in perfect condition steady unremitting full fair comprehensive ship-shape consummate squeaky-clean in good order integral grand lily-white undiminished compleat sinless guiltless brand-new plenary pure as the driven snow unagitated uncut ideal unused prime new decent picture-book absolute picture-perfect letter-perfect spanking model peak unimpressed brand new spic-and-span without fault spanking-new shipshape untried as sound as a bell in good condition squeaky clean sterilized germ-free ongoing ceaseless secured continuous cleared fine unshaken unwounded unceasing constant well endless operational unhindered working glowing unprofaned sacred native smooth spot-free uncultivated sterilised unblackened bright burnished shining polished first-class as good as before blameless wholesome artless shiny free all right impervious immune span-new well-preserved whiter than white exquisite indigenous modest above reproach beyond reproach not liable to not influenced not subject to in situ unassuming unviolated optimal A1 optimum defectless finished firsthand raw crude wilding agrestal exhaustive unabridged mint condition unseasoned untrodden in tiptop condition brand spanking new brand-spanking new spanking new in mint condition unprocessed recent crisp latest young just out sparkling unstudied refreshing completed overall detailed wild free of uninvolved licit angelic honest guilt-free in the clear righteous cleanhanded inculpable legal impeccant not guilty upright uncensurable unoffending virtuous legitimate above suspicion lawful crimeless angelical uncorrupt outright conclusive uncondensed unexpurgated imperforate indiscrete unqualified maximum broad inclusive extensive gross all in one piece unreduced unabbreviated superlative superb utter aggregate accurate correct masterly unerring error-free indifferent all-inclusive wide-ranging full-length full-blown full-scale copybook unconcerned dry-eyed sanitary just so out of danger


Reliable and unfailing
good dedicated devoted loyal staunch dependable faithful flawless inseparable safe stable steady trustworthy trusty unfailing unwavering valued attached balanced best bosom cherished close close-knit compelling constant convincing correct dear fast firm intimate loving normal perfect solid sound special treasured uncorrupted vigorous committed eatable expedient favorable favourable felicitous fresh influential persuasive potent seasonable steadfast timely trenchant tried and tested tried and true unhurt unimpaired unspoiled unswerving well judged well timed whole fit to eat intact promising unblemished uncontaminated undecayed well-timed in good part make good make good on something sturdy strong substantial hale wholesome hearty stout well-conditioned fit durable bombproof robust bouncing stalwart healthy well able-bodied up to snuff well-built right as rain hard hanging together vibrant alive and kicking in the pink sane wide-ranging holding together rigorous well-constructed vital chummy confidential familiar buddy-buddy boon thick as thieves as thick as thieves friendly thick favourite tight especial near inward matey pally favorite dearest cozy cosy palsy-walsy on top of each other indivisible inseverable inalienable indissoluble conjoined entwined intertwined secure moulded interwoven united integrated integral undividable connected molded unified precious beloved loved darling favored prized as one joined at the hip tied up in each other's pocket sweet pet warm adored esteemed fond respected revered endeared favoured very dear worshipped white-headed fair-haired much loved worshiped

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