Synonym of understated

Alternative for understated

understates, understated, understating

Antonym: overstate,


Marked by having a basic or uncomplicated form
simple plain unadorned undecorated unembellished unornamented unelaborate unpretentious unostentatious unfussy no-nonsense basic modest unsophisticated penny plain without frills honest homely homespun everyday workaday stark severe spartan austere chaste spare bare muted unpatterned patternless classic uncluttered clean restrained bare-bones homestyle raw Spartan no-frills plain vanilla without ornament without ornamentation elegant uncomplicated symmetrical economical unvarnished bald naked sparse discreet moderate unadulterated conservative minimal minimum essential chic trim minimalist graceful minimalistic pure simplistic streamlined smooth harmonious stylish tasteful natural exquisite shapely definite regular refined clean-cut well defined aesthetic well-proportioned balanced Augustan esthetic classical ascetic functional straightforward stripped down clinical monastic straight unfurnished practical unembroidered characterless bleak vanilla meagre ordinary harsh meager folksy homey ultra-plain pure and simple bare bones no frills cut down humble inelaborate unaffected puritanical subdued frugal measly dry barren utilitarian serviceable useful undissembled au naturel rudimentary adequate undeveloped unpresumptuous down-to-earth utility colourless institutional impersonal soulless wholesome uncomplex unrefined acceptable unassuming hearty without airs conventional fresh antiseptic hard-wearing rough and ready colorless indistinctive featureless neutral nondescript beige faceless noncommittal your basic normophilic boring elementary unexciting rustic insipid bland dull direct blunt downright frank forthright outright undisguised brutal unveiled plain-spoken candid truthful unequivocal explicit rude unambiguous realistic outspoken unexaggerated upfront unqualified worn patchy threadbare true to life warts and all straight from the shoulder


Stylish and fashionable
dashing smart stylish chic crisp dapper debonair elegant spruce trim attractive fancy fashionable flattering high-fashion modish tasteful voguish contemporary designer modern trendy ultra-modern well dressed well groomed classy hip in natty now sharp smartly dressed snappy snazzy well turned out dressy fly in vogue kicky nifty sassy spiffy swish tony swagger trig up to date with it on fleek up to the minute bang up to date as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox sophisticated exclusive new happening swell cool supercool up-to-date fresh culty schmick mod au courant dap swanky current faddish with-it chichi well-groomed du jour clean well-dressed swank a la mode latest thing last word well turned-out well put together kicking suave polished fine dressed to kill ritzy slick rakish upscale beautiful refined neat groovy urbane charming high-class courtly jaunty genteel trendsetting posh sleek in fashion uptown fashionably dressed dignified up-to-the-minute latest cultured all the rage cultivated lovely handsome graceful majestic stately plush dainty glamorous ostentatious swinging besuited jazzy big funky showy in style presentable all the go in-thing smooth discerning groomed distinguished luxurious popular opulent sumptuous exquisite ornate comely grand nice flashy well-bred spiff prim select hot superior sporty well-turned-out stunning flash well-presented vogue prevailing usual high-toned clean-cut dressed to the nines customary de rigueur in thing favoured à la mode favored a go-go dressed to the teeth newfangled well-liked poised appealing formal elaborate upmarket plushy with good taste dicty expensive last-word in good taste with style dress bling stylin' fancy-pants excellent distinctive first-class pretentious steezy modernistic spivvy dandy spiffing spick and span well-tailored soigné spiffed-up dolled up gorgeous def pop faddy crowd-pleasing hep large downtown popularized favorite red-hot turned-on tidy snug bandbox nobby doggy spry nimble brisk the new massive cutting-edge favourite popularised splashy pizazzy pizzazzy in the mainstream dressed up looking sharp class neat and tidy flamboyant gay bright loud colorful clever turned out ingenious crucial in high feather colourful dressed to nines styleworthy foxy spruced up courteous civil self-possessed confident gracious self-assured chivalrous gentlemanly gallant artistic well mannered well bred svelte classic gentle affable mannerly delicate cheerful happy casual nonchalant detached buoyant sprightly pleasant aesthetic choice noble decorous rare ornamented affected august recherche aristocratic esthetic overdone stylized well-designed


An absence of stress or worry
laid-back calm nonchalant relaxed casual composed collected cool insouciant unconcerned unruffled serene easygoing placid tranquil unperturbed easy unflappable imperturbable blithe unworried unflustered breezy mellow equable together informal unexcitable unemotional peaceful chilled lax phlegmatic affable nonplussed friendly stoical leisurely tolerant undemanding unhurried downbeat forbearing self-possessed easy-going level-headed self-controlled devil-may-care happy-go-lucky at ease free and easy cool, calm and collected low-pressure low-key easy-peasy live-and-let-live chilled out subdued muted unostentatious inconspicuous subtle discreet somber sombre sober unpretentious downhome played down toned down untroubled carefree poised comfortable undisturbed even-tempered careless sedate possessed flexible heedless indifferent unfazed at peace free liberal controlled gay cool-headed unbothered equanimous slack unshaken recollected level coolheaded equal self-composed dispassionate apathetic laid back feckless lackadaisical lazy permissive natural unceremonious unmoved stress-free impassive mild irresponsible cozy unagitated limpid smooth unconstrained indulgent reckless improvident inattentive disinterested perfunctory negligent slap-happy blithely unconcerned without care open loose cosy sunny cheerful familiar steady halcyon upbeat light-hearted pacific relaxing unrestrained debonair lighthearted measured confident quiet content restful still simple temperate reserved unheeding as cool as a cucumber lenient disregardful uncaring derelict uncircumspect tardy delinquent slapdash slipshod remiss undependable unmindful unobservant untrustworthy incautious cool as a cucumber good-for-nothing unaccountable neglectful unreliable sloppy pleasant considerate patient airy lively sparkling unrestrictive jaunty cheery happy unreserved buoyant stable comforting unrestricted compromising chirpy light slaphappy lightsome unanxious jolly peppy uninterested even non-formal pococurante incurious frivolous self-assured freewheeling hushed disimpassioned unserious uninvolved levelheaded keeping your cool well-balanced reasonable laissez-faire without a care in the world free-and-easy non-restrictive fun sure of oneself in a relaxed manner taking your time amenable broad-minded amiable understanding agreeable open-minded good-natured cordial good-humored generous good-humoured not formal nerveless unshakable secure recreational gentle unexcited deliberate even-keeled noninterventionist optimistic free-minded recognized recognizable stilly centered lown carefree and untroubled living the life of Riley euthymic calm and collected urbane elegant self-confident suave dignified assured calming soothing snug comfy pellucid satisfied reconciled centred resting fair quiescent grounded well balanced lacking concern insensible uncurious complacent sure of yourself keeping a stiff upper lip serious not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on soothed calmed staid commonsensical repressed suppressed cool as cucumber have one's act together quieted sensible clearheaded amusing entertaining free from worry thoughtless free from care spontaneous transparent free-wheeling unstructured uncommitted fancy-free free-spirited unforced off the hook uninhibited unperturbable stolid non-job related liberated non-work related sure sanguine recognisable recognised at home conciliatory forgiving untaxing good-tempered hassle-free commodious providential restrained distant gratified delighted convivial thrilled blessed perky chipper contented blest in high spirits gleeful overjoyed joyous orgasmic blissful joyful jubilant tickled laughing up tickled pink flying high can't complain ecstatic captivated elated looking good playful pleased merry mirthful walking on air jovial on cloud nine exultant glad intoxicated callous detached unsympathetic aloof oblivious blasé animated modest regular congenial vivacious judicious abstinent disciplined peaceable neutral supine deaf not bothered hardened hard-hearted forgetful self-centered insensitive blind cold stony undaunted self-centred sprightly spirited sparky brisk balanced considered not excessive careful moderate conservative not given to excesses cautious good genial frisky not giving a toss intimate unstuffy easy-breezy ventilated unstudied matey blithesome chummy unaffected effervescent spicy offhand racy homey unbuttoned pally bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of the joys of spring full of beans


Past tense for to state something with less completeness than needed
diminished downgraded minimised minimized soft-pedalled soft-pedaled de-emphasized underemphasized underplayed downplayed lessened played down reduced sold short trivialised trivialized underrated belittled devalued minified misprized underestimated undervalued brushed aside glossed over made light of rated too low shrugged off talked down did an injustice to done an injustice to made little of dismissed deprecated disparaged put down depreciated undersold setted little store by underrepresented cheapened held cheap detracted from toned down pooh-poohed discounted setted no store by denigrated underpriced derogated scoffed at decried made nothing of slighted whitewashed moderated sneered at discredited degraded defamed derided thought little of extenuated maligned demeaned mitigated scorned treated lightly slurred vilified laughed off criticized palliated trashed marginalized dissed cast aspersions on vilipended smeared sloughed off dispraised marginalised criticised hit out at thought too little of dumped on cried down put on the soft pedal cut down to size cut to the quick softened ridiculed weakened deemphasized mocked qualified rubbished censured bad-mouthed run down knocked condemned abused reviled tempered minimalized deflated miscalculated misjudged laughed at belied rationalized blue-pencilled blue-penciled euphemized subdued shushed disregarded justified sugarcoated miscarried disesteemed slammed poured scorn on aspersed panned bashed slated trash-talked despised glossed rationalised varnished lowered squelched pulled apart blistered scorched detracted ripped squashed roasted treated as unimportant underprized looked down on not done justice kissed off slagged off picked holes in had a go at brushed off smoothed over brushed something under the carpet glozed over taken down a peg setted too little store by dragged through the mud shot full of holes failed to appreciate explained away took down a peg made light shot down ran down poor-mouthed done down did down gone easy went easy written off taken to pieces wrote off took to pieces taken a swipe at did a hatchet job on took down taken down took a swipe at tore down done a hatchet job on torn down disgraced slandered shamed debased attacked insulted traduced calumniated humiliated dishonoured dishonored libeled libelled humbled smirched stigmatized disdained contemned cast down stigmatised disrespected cast a slur on spread scandal about vituperated abased besmirched brought into disrepute reproached blackened sullied scandalized injured taunted lambasted stained pummelled chastened scandalised tarnished mortified assailed embarrassed besmeared damaged sneered spread lies about tainted denounced impugned flamed blotted undermined reflected badly on slung mud at dragged through the mire fouled soiled scoffed brought shame upon snubbed spoken ill of spoke ill of defiled spoiled spoilt pulled to pieces spotted rejected jeered berated brought shame on crushed affronted tarred and feathered gibed muckraked inveighed against blotched spurned blasted rapped brought discredit to breathed on cut down put away ripped up and down flung mud at run smear campaign befouled made fun of sniffed at pilloried flouted poisoned gave a bad name given a bad name brought down offended bagged pummeled hammered laid into twitted faulted perverted lampooned railed against given a black eye gave a black eye fulminated against sank sunk sunken found fault with treated with contempt appalled jeered at blackened the name of sullied the reputation of brought low skewered put in a bad light held in contempt demoted put to shame done a number on did a number on put someone in their place blamed jumped on outraged repudiated abashed poked fun at excoriated reprehended scouted reprobated torn into tore into subverted prostituted girt girded chagrined demoralized rallied spoke badly of spoken badly of bemeant bemeaned demoralised made a fool of teased destroyed ran smear campaign blackened the reputation of conducted a smear campaign against badmouthed savaged rebuffed wound wounded castigated condescended thrown mud at threw mud at devaluated deigned rebuked slapped curst cursed upbraided ragged discountenanced corrupted reproved deplored disapproved discomfited set back execrated waved aside bastardized vitiated deteriorated depraved profaned warped cankered debauched compromised ripped up hit prejudiced anathematized thrown brickbats at threw brickbats at slagged blemished cut rate cavilled at backstabbed carped at horrified owned treated contemptuously jibed at marked down ruined disfavored disfavoured denunciated hated abhorred satirized travestied swiped cracked jested leered grinned burlesqued fleered caricatured skinned bastardised disconcerted sniggered turned up your nose at displeased spoken evil of spoke evil of come down on caused to lose face upset blackguarded satirised found fault dismayed lowered the status of looked down upon called down ragged on showed up looked down one's nose at turned up one's nose held up to ridicule put aside made someone eat humble pie put a whammy on sneezed at let have it put someone to shame let wind out of sails ranked out set up undercut put one away turned your nose up at made someone eat crow quipped at knocked down shut eyes to put hooks in let down easy backbitten backbit restrained muted criticized unfairly lowered in rank took down a peg or two taken down a peg or two lowered in status relegated blackened the character of decreased hooted snickered smiled wiped scathed discommended objected frowned expostulated commented negatively depressed stooped poormouthed belabored potshotted scolded nagged declassed questioned clamored against descended disgusted held back shocked disvalued mistrusted crawled impaired threatened ignored expressed contempt persecuted oppressed overlooked disapproved of animadverted disbelieved booed laughed bumped reverted not gone for abominated chilled regarded with contempt reprimanded flayed rid ridden rode betrayed subjugated disappointed high-hatted snooted carped exposed complained sniped at railed slanged hosed zinged dispirited belaboured miscalled caviled mauled cavilled poked mullock at scouted at fleered at sapped destabilized reduced to the ranks disrupted kicked downstairs sabotaged busted voodooed cussed demonized dug mistreated jinxed broke broken brake annoyed stultified neglected own held forth against chastised subtracted from cowed talked trash dug at sickened repelled shunned nauseated revolted dragged down demonised showed contempt for shown contempt for dumped rattled vexed nonplussed flustered confused vext fazed confounded discouraged flattened disheartened sold out wrecked marred debilitated demolished harmed attainted desecrated knocked off high horse vituperated against cussed out called names shouted at held up to scorn subordinated disrated torn to shreds tore to shreds came down on objurgated slashed caned beat down silenced overcome skinned alive dressed down knocked off dehumanized desensitized jived brutalized heaped scorn on arraigned pulled down passed over looked down nose at looked down your nose at made sport of nitpicked over paid no attention to framed made cutting remarks about pissed on misrespected made jokes about curled your lip at defied turned up your nose named foiled spitted on debunked harassed knocked the stuffing out of hung something on punished turned a deaf ear to pointed finger at slung mud blackened someone's name objected to turned back on confuted curled one's lip blackballed settled someone's hash dragged through mud worried refused laughed out of court made absurd pronounced found lacking desensitised pushed aside popped one's balloon picked to pieces thwarted adjudged gave Bronx cheer had no time for chid pinned it on caused raised eyebrows called someone names forced to eat humble pie misbid curled one's lip at jibed refused to acknowledge spitted in the eye of renounced gibed at dragged someone's name through the mud made ridiculous turned down given Bronx cheer brutalised considered beneath one pissed over chided made eat dirt refuted sent up avoided sent up the river punctured balloon spitted in the face of brought down a peg raised eyebrows amongst turned nose up at made one feel small said contemptuously brought shame to laid at one's door lost face quashed chipped away swept aside dehumanised proscribed dashed turned a blind eye to destabilised considered beneath you brought into disfavour judged talked something down caused a few raised eyebrows amongst thought no more of slam-dunked withdrawn withdrew bad mouthed gave black eye given black eye taken dim view of took dim view of slang undone undid hitten hat taken away from took away from wrote down written down gave comeuppance given comeuppance beaten down swore at blew off sworn at blown off tore to pieces torn to pieces overcame taken away took away shown contempt showed contempt given a bad name to gave a bad name to taken a dig at took a dig at struck dumb stricken dumb was above been above were above gave offence to given offence to threw stones at thrown stones at took swipe at taken swipe at took the wind out got one's comeuppance gotten one's comeuppance taken the wind out taken the mickey out of took the mickey out of given the Bronx cheer to gave the Bronx cheer to blown raspberries at blew raspberries at shown in a bad light showed in a bad light blown whistle on took to task gave someone a bad press given something a bad press gave something a bad press given someone a bad press taken to task blew whistle on took the wind out of someone's sails taken the wind out of somebody's sails taken the wind out of someone's sails took the wind out of somebody's sails gave a bad press to nit-picked given a bad press to given something a battering gave something a battering taken no notice of took no notice of forgot about forgotten about misbad misbidden argued against taken issue with took exception to taken exception to took issue with took the piss out of taken the piss out of


Past tense for under-publicize

Antonym of understated

understated Idiom, Proverb

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