Synonym of undogmatic

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unwilling to accept authority or dogma (especially in religion)


Tolerant of opposing viewpoints
broad-minded open-minded liberal tolerant catholic flexible indulgent progressive permissive receptive unbiased dispassionate unbigoted unprejudiced forbearing freethinking cosmopolitan impartial libertarian nonconventional nonorthodox nontraditional open radical responsive unconventional unorthodox unshockable fair free-thinking just advanced forward-thinking nonjudgmental wide free thinking amenable persuadable approachable swayable open to suggestions willing to change open to new ideas general objective all-inclusive eclectic unsectarian diverse global universal ecumenical diversified comprehensive neutral disinterested broad-based indiscriminate unlimited detached balanced reasonable all-purpose unqualified unrestricted broad worldwide widespread general-purpose multiculti world-wide varied all-round all-embracing unspecialized all-around enlightened accepting free indeterminate whole diffuse charitable cosmic inclusive wide-reaching wide-ranging large-scale generic extensive planetary unprescriptive fair-minded acceptive understanding acceptant anti-discrimination even-handed prejudice-free non-partisan non-judgemental non-discriminatory perceptive observant non-aligned all-encompassing all-embracing lenient latitudinarian soft easy-going sympathetic humanitarian magnanimous forgiving clement reformist merciful lax left kind kindly kind-hearted compassionate free and easy humanistic big mild high-minded considerate humane accommodating generous loose receiving rational avant-garde intelligent interested laissez-faire revolutionary patient easy-oasy moderate complaisant easy favourable easygoing favorable gracious benevolent kindhearted benign gentle tender thoughtful friendly obliging caring all heart liberalistic nonconformist antitraditional large-minded anticonventional modern contemporary antiestablishment non-restrictive liberal-minded acquiescent live-and-let-live right-on noninterventionist hands-off agreeable susceptible overindulgent permitting approving allowing fond politically correct nonconservative progressivist compliant soft-hearted tender-hearted left-wing left of center revisionist reforming doting cosseting mollycoddling pampering accommodative gratifying giving soft-shelled overpermissive generous to a fault long-suffering going easy on going along with able to live with tenderhearted unselfish beneficent altruistic benignant sensitive empathic commiserative accessible civilized sentimental good-natured righteous pitying good-hearted nice genial amicable philanthropic good helpful amiable warmhearted big-hearted warm softhearted human empathetic bleeding-heart civilised stoic stoical uncomplaining excusing condoning sophisticated easy with easy on


Not believing in God
godless irreligious atheistic agnostic impious non-believing unbelieving faithless heretical infidel non-theistic profane sceptical ungodly unholy barbarian barbarous devilish fiendish heathen heathenish idolatrous nonreligious pagan religionless satanic demonic diabolical infernal nullifidian adiamorphic freethinking iconoclastic nonbelieving skeptical irreverent sinful wicked blasphemous sacrilegious immoral disrespectful evil iniquitous unhallowed depraved corrupt disbelieving bad irreverential vile unrighteous sceptic impure reprobate perverted indecent doubting desecrating unsanctified skeptic base debased ignoble damnable dishonest heinous obscene foul dirty violating filthy malevolent undecorous indecorous improper indelicate unseemly rough atheistical nontheistic unreligious paganistic incredulous atheous humanistic unblessed culpable unconsecrated guilty secular blameful savage uncivilized degenerate vice-ridden debauched barbaric morally wrong sullied dissolute dissipated decadent unprincipled erring fallen intemperate ignorant natural uncultured rude Neandertal primitive uncultivated uncivil Neanderthal unenlightened philistine wild apostate peccable tainted undevout brutish hypocritical undutiful unregenerate disobedient defiling recusant deceitful canting unfaithful wayward pietistical hardened diabolic unethical desecrative contrary unctuous scandalous sanctimonious unspiritual free-thinking uncivilised nonbeliever not religious uncouth unsophisticated coarse boorish crude vulgar loutish thuggish uneducated oafish gross unpolished unmannered vicious heterodox separatist unrefined untamed brutal benighted ill-bred lowbrow illiterate nonliterate ill-mannered inhuman paynim recreant yobbish rugged graceless non-literate in a state of nature fanatical provincial unschooled apostatical polytheistic paganish heathenistic tasteless heretic fell ferine bestial truculent fierce beastly feral undomesticated without religious faith churlish ferocious unorthodox undeveloped uninhabited slobbish unrestrained fetishistic aboriginal crass uncontrolled mannerless outrageous unconscionable impertinent impolite discourteous dissenting dissident nonconformist revisionist beyond the pale icon-worshipping idol-worshipping jungli harsh schismatic sectarian renegade out-there nonorthodox unconventional dissentient maverick controversial miscreant differing dissentive disagreeing deviating misbelieving idol worshipping cruel merciless

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