Synonym of undreamed of

Alternative for undreamed of


not imagined even in a dream


Incapable of being foreseen or anticipated
unlooked-for unforeseen unanticipated unexpected abrupt chance fortuitous sudden surprise surprising unsought inadvertent unhoped-for unintended unintentional unplanned unpredicted unpremeditated unwitting coincidental fluky random serendipitous astonishing not bargained for spontaneous startling undreamed-of uninvited unprompted unsolicited unthought-of out of the blue without notice without warning unbelievable incredible unimaginable unpredictable beyond your wildest dreams like a dream come true capricious uncertain unknowable chancy incalculable changeable from left field unforeseeable accidental casual incidental adventitious aleatory flukey lucky contingent odd unimagined involuntary occurring by chance occurring by accident unlooked for haphazard uncalculated unsuspected unmeant unthinking instantaneous impulsive unannounced blindsiding inconceivable hurried quick rapid hasty swift precipitate unenvisaged immediate fortunate unconscious unknowing unthought of occasional speedy headlong rash subconscious circumstantial fluke rushing by chance impetuous not in the cards impromptu unheralded miraculous sporadic extemporaneous unplanned for at random offhand possible arbitrary unheard-of undreamt-of lucky-dog related accompanying abnormal unhoped for by-the-way attendant concomitant contributory luck out luck in concurrent irregular by accident depending liable provisional likely probable probably subject reliant providential heaven-sent expedient opportune felicitous propitious convenient auspicious timely happy apt misguided mistaken jammy variable explosive lightning precipitous spasmodic instant without delay speeded accelerated sharp fast expeditious fleet precipitant unusual acute quickened happening unexpectedly at the mercy of events violent breakneck meteoric rushed


Inconceivable or mind-boggling
unimaginable fantastic inconceivable incredible unbelievable unthinkable implausible impossible ineffable mind-boggling unimagined unspeakable untold unutterable amazing astonishing astounding fabulous fantastical improbable incredulous indescribable uncompelling unconceivable unconvincing unheard-of unlikely breathtaking doubtful exceptional extraordinary inapprehensible incogitable incomprehensible mind-blowing overwhelming rare singular staggering uncommon undreamed-of unheard of unique unknowable unordinary unthought of beyond belief full of it not understandable beyond wildest dreams beyond the realm of reason beyond your wildest dreams stupendous remarkable prodigious tremendous phenomenal spectacular eye-opening awful stunning striking immense wonderful surprising eye-popping miraculous sublime wondrous portentous extravagant legendary outrageous awesome marvellous marvelous amazeballs rad beyond one's wildest dreams top drawer out-of-this-world sensational impressive magnificent brilliant awe-inspiring great terrific outstanding superb out of this world splendid excellent grand dramatic super unreal glorious jaw-dropping unusual dazzling fab superlative imposing unparalleled fascinating unprecedented thrilling exhilarating massive huge moving monumental monstrous exciting notable mega preternatural superior abnormal electrifying large smashing stellar strange anomalous inspiring beautiful intoxicating enormous vast heart-stopping supercalifragilisticexpialidocious colossal gigantic mammoth mind-bending spine-tingling mighty gargantuan giant humongous picturesque titanic mountainous heavy elephantine jumbo utmost noteworthy monster whopping eye-catching especial startling considerable astronomical cosmic astronomic bumper herculean Brobdingnagian swell whacking stirring oversized humungous intense far-fetched absurd substantial leviathan rousing supersize gigantesque cyclopean cosmical enthralling ridiculous walloping pharaonic oceanic stimulating heroic supersized heroical galactic vasty planetary superhuman Himalayan magical rip-roaring exceeding aberrated extraordinaire aberrant freak peculiar uncustomary odd atypical unwonted surpassing stupefying super-duper hair-raising king-sized king-size divine exhilarative confounding mad wild galvanic charged galvanizing unusually good king size splendorous electric perfect kicky awe-striking galvanising too good to be true out of the ordinary splendent eminent bad state-of-the-art weird bizarre outlandish majestic signal conspicuous particular distinctive crashing bewildering supernatural humbling fine what formidable supreme crazy pleasing wicked cherished special touching theatrical enjoyable cool something else royal the what great far-out difficult to believe unco arresting ace def memorable unforgettable providential dynamite fat radical titantic surpassing belief inexplicable unaccountable first-rate first-class too much freakish wonderworking supermundane numinous supranatural fablelike extra special heart-stirring never to be forgotten gee-whizz gripping the utmost riveting action-packed spirited lively animated inexpressible emotive shaking emotional impassioned trembling inspirational emotion-charged heady passionate stem-winding shivering quaking inspiriting vibrating soul-stirring anthemic shuddering indefinable frantic blood-tingling exquisite swinging delightful enchanting boss zero cool undefinable incommunicable remote uncommunicable nameless inenarrable questionable beggaring description beyond description beyond words empyrean empyreal transcendental untellable heavenly deep holy ethereal sacred celestial ideal transcendent spiritual too sacred for words unrealistic strained laboured inordinate fanciful tall preposterous sizeable faint slight cock-and-bull untoward labored contrary incongruous suspect flabbergasting not likely fantabulous outside chance less likely cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take immeasurable ginormous profuse towering mortal big copious ominous gross


Not previously encountered
unheard-of unprecedented new novel unfamiliar unknown inconceivable extreme fresh obscure offensive original outrageous shocking strange unacceptable unaccustomed unbelievable undiscovered unique unusual disgraceful ground-breaking outlandish preposterous singular unexampled unregarded unremarked unsung unthinkable exceptional extraordinary little-known nameless rare undreamed-of unimaginable unlikely unrenowned little known never before encountered unheard of odd uncommon atypical out of the ordinary abnormal bizarre peculiar remarkable unconventional anomalous exotic curious aberrant unexpected different weird queer unorthodox fantastic unwonted unparalleled uncustomary surprising unexplored alien incredible freakish astonishing offbeat freak irregular newfangled out-of-the-way amazing special phenomenal miraculous preternatural wonderful unutterable out of the way prodigious funny indescribable ineffable unspeakable eccentric groundbreaking noteworthy inexpressible outré indefinable untried outstanding striking astounding incommunicable uncanny foreign uncharted marvellous quaint quirky uncommunicable deviant inenarrable notable oddball pioneering far-out marvelous freaky off the wall beyond description beggaring description beyond words undefinable incomparable aberrated uncharacteristic revolutionary idiosyncratic scarce distinctive unrecognized wacky extraordinaire avant-garde left-field off-centre unrecognised unequalled something else way out unmatched unrivalled infrequent undistinguished unrivaled matchless unequaled peerless innovative untypical erratic creative imaginative inventive especial innovatory ingenious exceeding kooky wild innovational ridiculous kinky crazy unordinary way-out undescribable ludicrous zany off-the-wall untellable defying description nondescript one of a kind unexposed untraveled perplexing puzzling uncelebrated inexplicable indefinite undetected alternative mysterious conspicuous staggering breathtaking momentous unexcelled awesome stupendous stunning untold unfamous refreshing mystifying tremendous isolated screwy outre signal wondrous unnoted seldom rum trailblazing bizarro without equal fabulous funky visionary eye-popping extravagant weirdo whimsical inspired artistic originative out of the common far out intangible impalpable unanalyzable elusive contemporary ultra-modern out of this world beyond compare out-of-the-box sui generis new-fashioned unanalysable minor unimportant lowly humble insignificant inconsequential baffling without precedent sparse sporadic memorable individual unsurpassable inimitable nonpareil only unsurpassed scattered occasional sensational unidentified unnamed limited individualistic remote anonymous surreal record overwhelming radical unspecified arresting rarefied seminal advanced modern scanty forgotten impressive unhonoured semioccasional dubious magnificent inconspicuous unnatural whacky distinct improbable spectacular wacko anomalistic without parallel first-time unfrequent superlative mind-boggling kookie fanciful implausible mind-blowing brand new out there queerish awkward sublime impossible seldom seen avant garde recent unacknowledged ideal disruptive clever noteless inglorious futuristic unthought of amazeballs unco spooky no-name leading-edge subtle beyond your ken state-of-the-art in a league of its own cutting edge off the beaten track standout interesting transcendent cutting-edge inspiring unfamed few and far between breaking new ground experimental spaced-out modernistic off-kilter few neoteric exciting nonconformist abstract inconsistent bohemian maverick informal confusing uncredited unforeseen unimagined weird and wonderful incomprehensible out of place esoteric single untested just out far cry unfathomable stupefying bewildering befuddling unfound cranky hippy heterodox unceremonious madcap arcane thin on the ground startling egregious divergent considerable dissimilar intermittent uninvestigated recondite suspicious boho unbeknownst alone questionable out in left field brilliant surpassing stellar unspecifiable terrific aperiodic non-detected eerie grotesque daggy in left field barbarous droll unthought-of unhoped-for unanticipated unsuspected undreamt-of unlooked-for incongruous unaccountable episodic casual episodical discontinuous supercalifragilisticexpialidocious unusually good fishy creepy nonstandard out of line off-base inscrutable off-color like nothing on earth intriguing unascertained undetermined substantial too good to be true huge extra special great awful legendary portentous eye-opening immense latest periodical scant periodic previously unencountered outside one's experience spasmodic subtile flimsy preeminent towering tenuous thin attenuate short light attenuated deficient recherche rad beyond the realm of reason top drawer beyond one's wildest dreams out-of-this-world neat fashionable happening hot in modernist trendy groovy modish unhackneyed stylish with-it cool hip pathbreaking nontraditional up-to-date this season's up to date new-fangled out of sight unperceived unrevealed unexplained secret other specific particular unseen unacclaimed unnoticed exclusive quizzical errant specialized nonconforming off-key unconforming discordant perverted unrepresentative specialised unharmonious unforgettable eye-catching unlauded irrelevant overlooked invisible unapplauded unhailed unappreciated unhonored unglorified unplumbed absurd unrealistic essential exemplary model classic ultimate prototypical typical quintessential unbeknown serious fantastical doubtful nonsensical irrational grandiose archetypal utmost one-off exquisite paramount primo unparagoned second to none one and only purpose-built once-in-a-lifetime best one-of-a-kind unrepeated consummate separate superior supreme unrepeatable in a class by itself perfect irreplaceable off beaten path never to be forgotten foolish heavy mad cockamamie flash insane unreal far-fetched gnarly forby comical hare-brained make-believe untravelled unresearched unmapped atypic distinguished awe-inspiring prominent significant eminent unestablished fertile virgin unsurveyed distant faraway far-off hidden uncultivated concealed transcendental too sacred for words deep holy divine sacred celestial spiritual empyrean empyreal heavenly ethereal productive demiurgic resourceful Promethean not mapped all-time


Having too many to count
untold countless innumerable numberless myriad uncountable uncounted unnumbered innumerous endless limitless manifold many multiple multitudinous unlimited incalculable indescribable legion numerous unimaginable unnumberable unthinkable inexpressible measureless unspeakable unsummed unutterable gigantic hidden huge indefinable ineffable mammoth mighty monstrous private prodigious staggering titanic unexpressed unknown without number an incalculable number of an infinite number of beyond measure too many to be counted infinite immeasurable umpteen no end of very many multifarious zillion inestimable divers jillion beyond number enormous vast immense loads of stacks of heaps of oodles of masses of bags of boundless indeterminable several a multitude of a great number of a multiplicity of bazillions of zillions of gazillions of no end to scads of incomputable lank unreckonable unforeseen capricious uncertain whimsical fluctuant iffy chancy erratic unpredictable unfixed great abundant lots of beaucoup a slew of sundry various voluminous populous infinite numbers of endless numbers of incalculable numbers of considerable copious profuse multiplex multifold heaps piles of plentiful tons of a bunch of quite a few millions of hundreds of thousands of all kinds of a thousand and one thick on the ground unmeasured wide millions umteen stupendous uncalculable bottomless fathomless cosmic teeming ever so many interminable without end prolific haphazard unforeseeable hit-or-miss abounding multitudinal not to be reckoned diverse stack pile raft gobs immeasurable numbers of peck mucho mint loads oodles mess wad heap scads slew countless numbers of tidy sum whole slew passel of thousand-and-one frequent ample a raft of alive with large extensive plenteous rife thick inexhaustible a whole bunch of a lot of plenty of quantities of a great deal of an abundance of a profusion of a quantity of a swag of scores of a great many billions of dozens of a shedload of lousy with generous bounteous lavish superabundant liberal bountiful rich bumper galore overflowing luxuriant exuberant aplenty plenty replete crawling with many different respective large number of multiplicity of varied assorted prevalent some prodigal handsome multiplied whopping princely comfortable cornucopian tidy miscellaneous disparate well-provided large-scale rampant unremitting well-supplied motley mixed unbounded proliferous a dime a dozen stink with a few a couple of marked certain upwards of substantial full fulsome riotous gushing in abundance wordy heavy prolix verbose lush a gogo no end thick with a mess of coming out of ears more than one can count more … than one can shake a stick at

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