Synonym of unfolded

Alternative for unfolded

unfolds, unfolded, unfolding

Synonym: clarify, demonstrate, disclose, explain, illuminate, open, reveal, show, spread, uncover, unfurl, unmask,

Antonym: fold,


To have gradually increased in detail
developed evolved arose broadened deepened emerged transpired arrived materialized occurred progressed rose advanced appeared crystallised dawned emanated flourished flowed grew increased manifested materialised matured naturalised resulted surfaced took form took shape turned up became apparent became known came into being came to light came up changed cropped up crystallized leaked out loomed naturalized showed sprang up became visible came forth came into sight came into view came out came together merged come out showed up formed come into being come forth issued originated come about set in popped up come up put in an appearance ensued happened taken shape actualized eventuated arisen come into existence come to pass proceeded turned out become apparent made an appearance come into view come into sight become visible burst out bobbed up risen commenced taken place took place taken form followed started shown sprung derived erupted stemmed catalyzed came about launched kicked in attended entered into the picture revealed itself catalysed came into existence sprung up came to pass grown spawned presented oneself worked out spread germinated culminated presented itself put in appearance become evident exposed itself kicked off entered the picture become known come to the fore reached panned out began begun sprang broke broken brake fell out fallen out blew in blown in come along unravelled unraveled concluded ended fared unfurled ended up unrolled blossomed expanded elaborated existed bore fruit borne fruit performed become manifest passed engendered accrued untangled befell befallen upsprung sprouted propagated fomented debuted popped originated in accompanied supervened pitched up weighed in stuck out come after come from entered became evident circulated got felled played out stemned from came to the fore evinced become common knowledge caught your eye paced proved to be the case rolled up hoved into view come to a conclusion come together come out in the wash worked itself out leaked evidenced popped in demonstrated come in got along heaved into view entered society slipped out supervened on come on the scene stood out rolled in reappeared punched in forthcome fetched up revealed oneself resulted from manifested itself come out in the open came along fore faren became manifest uprose upsprang uprisen forthcame came in came from arose from came to a conclusion arisen out of arisen from arose out of fell fallen arrived on the scene came on the scene broke out broken out came after shown itself showed itself shown oneself showed oneself gone off went off begun life began life gotten showed your face shown your face went down came out in the wash gotten around gotten out became common knowledge gone down got out came out in the open got around come betided betid happed chanced come down come off came came off came down gone on went on been was were hit become a fact hit upon took effect taken effect succeeded interrupted impinged come next birthed flowed from burgeoned emanated from shot up issued from started off ripened sprung from proliferated mushroomed tumbled stumbled butted in hailed from actioned passed off stumbled on blundered on pushed up followed on saw the light of day had one's foundations intervened shot happened suddenly come on come on the market recurred become available lit upon pushed spurted became a fact headed flared up charged in seen the light of day gushed came next lucked sprang from hitten fallen to one's lot fell to one's lot saw daylight seen daylight taken root took root gone went became available gone on sale went on sale came on came on the market


To have been displayed or exhibited
shown displayed exhibited presented aired demoed paraded produced showcased unveiled brandished flaunted offered sported staged unfurled showed off shown off supplied arranged exposed to view featured introduced launched put on put on display put on view rolled out set forth trotted out laid out set out bared brought to view dealt in disported laid bare published put on show uncloaked uncovered unmasked delivered put before the public showed revealed disclosed opened to view unclothed lay out dug up opened up left unprotected brought into the open exposed unshrouded brought to light flashed strutted broadcast flourished demonstrated swaggered put on airs advertized advertised showboated broadcasted grandstanded vaunted swanked boasted spread made a show of dangled waved around let it all hang out waved bragged manifested wielded postured drawn attention to drew attention to hotdogged flashed about displayed ostentatiously made a great show of swank plastered publicized hyped crowed blazoned promoted promulgated skylarked flounced impressed illustrated made known made public swaggered around played to the crowd put out put up exulted in put on public view made an exhibition of put on side played to audience publicised played to the gallery held aloft put on a display whipped out advertized oneself had on played to the cheap seats swashed made a spectacle of jiggled headlined trumpeted registered plugged revered flapped extolled esteemed acclaimed indicated expressed vapored swung bulled crew celebrated gasconaded evinced evidenced gloated emblazoned posed projected arrayed transmitted aggrandized declared splattered stalked adorned swept pranced betrayed minced strode sashayed televised highlighted prated pushed puffed wiggled joggled lauded divulged modeled modelled previewed released streaked hanged hung called attention to communicated attracted attention brought out made plain touted spotlighted boasted about ostended drawn attention to oneself fanned it spotlit had come out with paraded one's wares bragged about made much of gloated over had on show laid open acted up made a scene crowed about made clear strutted stuff smacked with sprung on drew attention to oneself splashed worn wore showed to advantage shown to advantage stridden blew blown gave publicity to given publicity to shown to the public showed to the public came out with sprang on broke out thrown in one's face broken out threw in one's face given away gave away hot-dogged given oneself airs gave oneself airs blew smoke showed off about blown smoke gave oneself airs about shown off about given oneself airs about


Past tense for to explain or clarify something
elucidated explained clarified expounded explicated illuminated interpreted demystified illustrated construed unriddled demonstrated simplified unraveled unravelled resolved enlightened decoded untangled cleared annotated glossed exemplified proved prove proven shed cleared up spelled out spelt out made clear got across gotten across made plain sorted out straightened out shed light on commented on threw light on thrown light on experiments with experimented with made perfectly clear drew a picture drawn a picture expounded on straightened up made see daylight put across described put in plain English developed enucleated expanded defined set forth pointed out told diagramed diagrammed translated broke down put into plain English put into words made obvious put in plain words shed light set the scene dilated criticized expatiated appraised amplified detailed discoursed commented made explicit worked out criticised revealed disclosed discussed showed run down enlarged upon told why expanded on talked about delineated specified characterized taught characterised deciphered justified declared gone into detail went into detail broken down briefed unscrambled defogged disentangled communicated clued in exhibited painted a picture expressed in words reported run over explained in simple terms laid out spelled it out guided made intelligible laid bare filled someone in exposed enunciated spelt it out educated uncovered fleshed out shown ran down given a commentary on gave a commentary on given an explanation of gave an explanation of gave the big picture given the big picture ran over given the details of gave the details of lay out threw light upon drawn a map of thrown light upon drew a map of developt cut down cut the frills put in a nutshell analyzed analysed abridged reduced made easy cleared the air boiled down made straightforward cleaned up made easier let sunlight in reduced to the bare bones broke it down put one straight let daylight in hit the high spots settled formulated explicitized summarized explicitised highlighted emphasized facilitated ordered chastened shortened disinvolved accounted for emphasised allegorized proclaimed marked summarised summed up brought home cleared the air about got something straight got over drawn a picture of cleaned it up drew a picture of gotten to the meat got to the meat made simple pointed up gotten down to basics got down to basics gotten over


Past tense for to express a thought, action or feeling, especially under rare circumstances
displayed manifested revealed showed shown demonstrated divulged broadcast broadcasted evinced published aired unveiled exhibited released bared exposed uncovered disclosed unearthed unmasked uncloaked brought to light let drop came out with come out with showed evidence of shown evidence of took the lid off taken the lid off let slip let on told imparted let out let on about reported made known passed on leaked confessed betrayed communicated proclaimed announced admitted spilled spilt discovered blabbed vouchsafed made public blurted out let the cat out of the bag about let fall declared publicized publicised spread disseminated related babbled unbosomed circulated uttered laid bare given away gave away coughed informed avowed acknowledged let the cat out of the bag spilled the beans about put out put cards on table brought out into the open squealed about let cat out of the bag let in on set forth suggested blown the lid off blew the gaff blown the gaff blew the lid off transmitted conveyed intimated relayed recounted relaid blurted presented promulgated mentioned whispered outed breathed handed on explained conceded posted affirmed unfurled hinted insinuated spilled the beans advertized gone public with stated shared laid the gaff come out of the closet unloaded on squealed dished the dirt buzzed advertised snitched opened your heart confided come clean about went public with unburdened blown wide open spilled to shared a confidence signified got off your chest got across opened cracked to brought to public notice mouthed opened up brought out into open talked about overshared notified gotten off your chest laid it on raised brought to public attention advised spilt the beans owned spilled your guts about blew wide open bent an ear came out of the closet own broke gotten across gotten through broken got through rung up written wrote brake rang up broken the news gave the low-down gave the game away got out of your system given out given the game away given the low-down taken the wraps off gave out gone public on took the wraps off went public on gotten out of your system came clean about given the show away broke the news gave the show away


Past tense for to explain or resolve that which is unknown
untangled unraveled unravelled solved deciphered resolved cracked clarified explained elucidated answered expounded illuminated fathomed simplified understood puzzled out worked out figured out sorted out cleared up found an answer to sussed out found a solution to straightened out found the answer to pieced together got to the bottom of gotten to the bottom of found the key to found the solution to made plainer made simpler made easier to understand made more comprehensible made more intelligible removed the complexities from made head or tail of read interpreted disentangled decoded unriddled construed translated doped out decrypted deduced unscrambled worked wrought riddled out made out made sense of comprehended apprehended discerned grasped broke broken brake fazed raveled disengaged ravelled unwound extricated unlaced riddled separated revealed sussed reconciled analyzed analysed put two and two together unciphered demystified assimilated settled penetrated registered followed discovered cognized got reasoned identified absorbed absorpt disclosed dissected did done made intelligible enlightened undone undid twigged figured clinched anatomized got something straight got the answer to brought out found the key broke down patched up rendered licked ciphered got your head round discovered meaning thrown light on enciphered threw light on spelled got the drift of caught on to picked up made clear cottoned on to made heads or tails of designed gotten seen saw got answer gotten answer sewed up sewn up broken down dealt with mastered realized divined realised thought through put right set right put to rights overcome tumbled to surmounted thought out circumvented perceived caught dug savvied coped with latched on to descrambled calculated computed rectified fixed reasoned out prevailed over triumphed over unlocked got over appreciated sensed recognized ironed out seized noted got round intuited recognised digested distinguished pierced found out compassed beheld overcame hit upon envisaged got one's head around conceived of found the solution kept up with cottoned to got it set to rights cottoned on caught on had knowledge of known knew took in taken in taken care of got the better of gotten the better of took care of got the message got the picture gotten the message gotten the picture got to the bottom gotten to the bottom reckoned ordered brainstormed remedied assessed fathomed out conquered affected puzzled searched out ferreted out gotten over worked something out sorted conceived figured something out gotten around got around had measured gauged pinpointed gaged decided on thrashed out hammered out took on board taken on board beholden envisioned grokked worked on latched on tapped into smoothed over got the idea of gotten the drift were aware of clicked with caught the drift of become clear to gotten a fix on soaked in acquired been aware of learnt gotten the hang of kenned learned had a handle on wrapped one's mind around got the point of come to a conclusion about was aware of picked up what someone is putting down panned out determined a solution to got the drift inferred gotten it cracked the code found the answer made a dent got a fix on got the hang of made sense came to a conclusion about got right gotten right saw through became clear to seen through saw the light seen the light taken meaning got a grip taken on took meaning saw into saw daylight seen daylight gotten the idea took on gotten a grip got the idea seen the light about gotten the point got the point gotten to know got to know saw the light about seen into


Past tense for to declare loudly, openly or publicly
publicised publicized broadcast broadcasted published announced reported blazoned disclosed leaked proclaimed revealed divulged made known promulgated aired circulated communicated heralded imparted spread advertised advertized annunciated blared blazed declared disseminated distributed enunciated flashed issued made public placarded posted released sounded transmitted trumpeted advanced billed billboarded brought to public attention brought to public notice cried drummed exposed extolled gave out given out headlined immortalised immortalized propagandised propagandized put out skywrote skywritten soft-sold splashed spotted spotlighted spotlit played up wrote up written up made a pitch for put on the map celebrated flourished splattered described depicted boasted inscribed spread around promoted touted spread abroad plugged hyped pushed puffed marketed boosted pitched sold beat the drum for soft sold banged the drum for hyped up flogged flaunted ballyhooed peddled displayed spruiked endorsed trailed showed presented praised trailered notified advised unmasked circularized exhibited acquainted huckstered informed sponsored flacked apprised blurbed alerted uncovered merchandised circularised called attention to beat the drum built up made a pitch shouted from the rooftops shouted out run with cracked up put across beaten the drum for shown packaged given notice of gave notice of beaten the drum advocated ran with gotten on soapbox for given a puff to given a plug to gave publicity to gave a puff to got on soapbox for given publicity to gave a plug to furthered encouraged aggrandized proselytized espoused recommended spieled persuaded sweet talked puffed up won approval for talked up brought someone round to soft-soaped convinced someone of the merits of won someone over to proselytised hustled got across persuaded someone to accept talked into got acceptance for gained acceptance for got support for gotten across spoken for spoke for


Past tense for to make (a complex story or pattern) from a number of interconnected elements


Fully extended or expanded
outspread outstretched expanded open extended flared unfurled fanlike wide-open fully extended opened up splayed out spread out spread-out stretched stretched out fanned out opened out open wide wide open widely spread spread unrolled sprawled ringent straightened out long long-drawn-out prolonged protracted lengthy elongated lengthened long-lasting long-drawn far long-lived king-size marathon elongate king-sized increased enlarged great extensive oversized long-term widened drawn-out proffered conferred strung out drawn out spun out dragged out continued king size very long interminable overlong enduring dragging sustained lingering prolix long-winded lasting verbose tedious time-consuming slow wordy rambling delayed boring wearisome dragged-out seemingly endless of considerable length long-standing faraway distant spun-out diffuse persistent far-reaching longish durable abiding continuing permanent considerable convoluted discursive ponderous garrulous digressive dull made longer never-ending epic padded tiresome windy gruelling grueling broad endless diffusive overextended boundless tardy unending dilatory late limitless remote stretching rangy far-off lofty stringy towering high tall deep running stretch lanky gangling for ages without end long-running secure steady stable forever and a day firm solid established sound fixed longevous persisting perennial perdurable advancing pursuing chronic maintaining persevering sustaining progressing old as Methuselah full of years carrying on

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