Synonym of ungainly

Alternative for ungainly


Clumsy or awkward in movement
awkward clumsy gawky inelegant graceless uncoordinated lumbering ungraceful gauche blundering bumbling bungling inept maladroit bovine butterfingered gawkish inexpert klutzy lubberly oafish stiff unhandy unskilful unwieldy hulking loutish unco uncouth wooden slouching all thumbs cack-handed ham-fisted ham-handed like a bull in a china shop heavy-handed unskillful incompetent clodhopping gangling stumbling clownish ponderous lumpish cloddish all fingers and thumbs shambling unpolished coarse amateurish crude heavy stilted cumbersome botched undexterous unadept clunky inexperienced rough-hewn handless unskilled heavy-footed unsophisticated rustic unrefined elephantine green stolid spastic blunderous flat-footed with two left feet two left feet unnatural rude artless unsteady bulky uncultured uncomfortable rustical uneasy butterfingers fumbling floundering unfit fumbled splay untoward untalented weedy unable untactful doltish rough crass having two left feet having two left hands lumpen churlish not agile left-handed all thumbs ill-bred careless shuffling lurching laboured inefficient ugly accident-prone unfortunate foolish useless muddled inapt untrained inadept unproficient raw fumbly laborious clunking coltish ill-shaped helpless boorish brutish unworkmanlike indelicate lethargic obtuse rusty labored uncourtly vulgar skill-less out of your depth unmannerly stupid puddingy dull gross unworldly uncultivated nervous yobbish dorky bearish Neanderthal blockish bashful nervy gangly shy dozy swinish socially awkward socially unsure badly behaved ape-like lifeless leaden flat rigid passionless dry stodgy unimpassioned spiritless soulless inexpressive weighty obstinate inflexible deadpan unyielding unbending lacking vitality amateur unprofessional nonprofessional dilettante dilettantish jackleg shoddy incapable unfitted slapdash slipshod sloppy substandard cowboy unpractised unqualified ineffectual bodged botching tactless lumpy insufficient mutton-fisted unaccomplished incapacitated lay hack unfacile bush-league insipid unproductive unsuccessful hopeless injudicious unpracticed second-rate ignorant inadequate immoral unfitting dishonourable dishonorable nonexpert slack wrong unsuitable


Awkward because of size or shape
unwieldy clunky cumbersome cumbrous awkward bunglesome ponderous unhandy unmanageable bulky inconvenient clumsy cranky heavy hefty massive weighty hulking burdensome elephantine large lumbering substantial gross huge unmanoeuvrable solid incommodious slow big great considerable sizeable oversized sizable grand overgrown voluminous gigantic husky enormous immense colossal difficult vast oversize handsome mammoth monumental goodly tremendous clodhopping impractical largish gargantuan titanic tidy outsize biggish outsized boxcar unco lumbersome chunky onerous oppressive troublesome clumpy ill-shaped hampering brawny burly uncontrollable encumbering ill-contrived ill-arranged sturdy beefy strapping oafish lumpish mesomorphic heavily built solidly built well built hunky loutish powerfully built thewy stark extensive towering imposing graceless fiddly tricky slow-moving heavy-footed leaden clunking galumphing tiresome clunker embarrassing wearisome a devil laborious blundering uncoordinated maladroit lubberly hard to use lumpy nubby nubbly like a bull in a china shop curdy inelegant unwieldly giant prodigious monstrous humongous mountainous jumbo whopping monster mighty stupendous astronomical mega ginormous epic thumping Brobdingnagian whacking major inordinate unlimited high long girthy king-size king-sized king size very large thumping great whopping great whacking great man-size of considerable size man-sized giant-sized giant-size dirty great herculean astronomic bumper humungous gigantesque cyclopean Herculean leviathan cosmic heroic super-duper walloping galactic pharaonic vasty cosmical super supersized supersize Himalayan oceanic heroical planetary muscular strong ample stout very big thickset powerful brobdingnagian robust stellar stalwart buff significant ripped muscly Bunyanesque immeasurable shredded generous stocky expansive rugged blimp behemoth well-built abundant broad tall mastodonic wide almighty grandiose healthy full jacked broad-shouldered pythonic substantive capacious lusty boundless spacious plentiful respectable lavish excessive massy whale of a fat vigorous heavyweight magnificent athletic princely extreme good comprehensive hulky whaling mondo plenteous infinite appreciable roomy limitless portly formidable thick able-bodied meaty commodious extraordinary fleshy large-scale profuse lofty muscle-bound well muscled sinewy tough impressive behemothic serious extravagant marked exorbitant flabby hardy staggering sturdily built roly-poly cavernous liberal hearty incalculable not to be sneezed at monolithic big and strong extremely large measureless very great prosperous profitable full-size thundering barn door noticeable sufficient advantageous super-colossal lucrative entire superabundant copious overweight whole heavyset paunchy whopper obese great big super colossal a whale of a complete corpulent statuesque rotund bruising plump chubby hunk beefcake well upholstered broad in the beam reasonable elevated fubsy Falstaffian tubby striking pudgy blubbery porky dense majestic podgy decent notable not inconsiderable superior porcine pursy global hale eminent adipose iron forceful firm august sweeping endless sublime cracking extra-large eternal titan mahoosive imperial awful extremely big terrific far-reaching kingly bountiful prolific stiff durable overwhelming mastodontic illustrious magnific Cyclopean jumbo-sized powerhouse bonny interminable fantastic bounteous illimitable numerous megalithic weighing a ton as strong as an ox socking great heavy-duty hale and hearty terrible unbounded good-size good-sized bull pronounced detailed much worthwhile adequate gorillalike rewarding paying material maxi daunting OS remunerative gainful extra large muscled bullish larger buxom greater zaftig Moby elephantic decent-sized Brobdignagian steady corn-fed well fed astounding bloated lardy replete round obdurate pumped up unfathomable fathomless well-knit well knit moving intense renowned irresistible dynamic abdominous resounding deafening roaring ear-splitting thunderous ear-piercing booming widespread measurable vital unsparing fairly large billowing glorious appalling dreadful splendid stately protracted lengthy decided extended prolonged wide-ranging awesome expanded crashing sensible manly swelled deep fair-sized family-sized family-size fair-size economy-size life-size economy-sized frightful fearful as strong as a horse as strong as a lion baggy noble superb chiseled far-flung spread-out mundo never-ending Gargantuan all-inclusive stretched-out wholesale interplanetary catholic cosmopolitan cosmogonic empyrean interstellar cosmogonal chiselled space intergalactic ecumenical very loud lard-arsed palatial well made sound spacey loose-fitting fine regal larger-than-life desperate severe loud wide-reaching exhaustive mass featureless impenetrable intractable faceless characterless immovable fit resplendent gorgeous lordly proud strong-featured royal ambitious gallant baronial dignified staunch secure legion sundry several convoluted many multifarious swelling simple multitudinous covering various universal nationwide soaring splendiferous exalted haughty well-made consistent permanent rich unreal leading packed across-the-board international chock-full stuffed intercontinental awash all-encompassing worldwide important brimming crowded steep sound in body and limb fit as a fiddle stouthearted built to last decisive energetic strong-arm strenuous enthusiastic flourishing in good health in good shape in good condition awe-inspiring something else Homeric cast-iron hardened hard toughened hard-bitten inured multistorey sky-high supreme sky-scraping hard-wearing sluggish plodding outstanding immoderate paramount unconscionable overextravagant overmuch undue overdue insane overweening intolerable plethoric baroque surpassing fancy unmerciful devilish altitudinous strongly made invincible stable tenacious indomitable bovine transcendent shambling airy preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery unmeasurable skyscraping lead-footed ox hulk of ample build well padded well set-up poddy potbellied well-padded overfed whalelike overstuffed morbidly obese overnourished overheavy clinically obese


Lacking good manners, refinement, or grace
uncouth coarse crude gross rough uncultivated unrefined boorish rude loutish rustic uncivilised uncivilized unpolished barbaric common low uncultured vulgar oafish plebeian unsophisticated churlish crass hooligan philistine provincial uncivil bearish discourteous impolite primitive savage awkward clownish clumsy disgracious disrespectful impertinent indecorous ungallant ungenteel ungentlemanly unmannerly unseemly backwoods barbarian barbarous classless cloddish gawky graceless hick hillbilly illiberal incult indelicate insensible lowbred lowbrow offensive raffish roughneck rugged tasteless unladylike yobbish clodhopping improper slobbish inelegant loud Neanderthal raunchy raw bad-mannered ill-mannered foul-mouthed ill-bred rough-hewn loud-mouthed heavy-handed uncalled-for ingenuous guileless naive ungraceful maladroit gauche lumpen stilted stiff lumpish stupid ignorant uneducated foolish dull insolent impudent ungracious cheeky fresh inconsiderate unmannered thoughtless unhandsome insulting brash audacious lippy contumelious mannerless flip malapert presumptuous derogatory pert brassy abusive brazen bold sassy saucy sullen tactless underbred disparaging undiplomatic nervy cocky insubordinate disdainful arrogant smart-alecky out-of-line smart alecky intrusive irritable moody contemptuous forward irreverent shameless bold-faced cocksure brass-necked personal unsubtle arch wise brazen-faced brassbound flippant scornful derisive sacrilegious aweless snippy profane unfilial misbehaved blasphemous impious profanatory incongruous meddling meddlesome procacious smart prying out of line unsuitable inquisitive off base interfering nosy curt disagreeable brusque blunt unpleasant unchivalrous uncharitable offhand uncomplimentary surly mouthy gruff abrupt overbearing inaffable sharp short peremptory crabbed yokelish bounderish


Having a bad or ugly form
misshapen deformed distorted crooked malformed twisted contorted grotesque warped ugly wry crippled ill-proportioned monstrous abnormal asymmetrical bandy bent disfigured hunchbacked ill-made ill-shaped irregular misproportioned shapeless unshapely unsightly askew awry blemished bowed buckled curved damaged disjointed disproportionate mangled marred thrawn out of shape gnarled humped skewed unbalanced lopsided stooped angled unequal unsymmetrical hunched off-balance gibbous pretzeled changed confused hooked recurved not uniform wrenched humpbacked mutilated misbegotten knotted misrepresented deviating kyphotic freakish bow-legged crumpled crushed bandy-legged amorphous unaligned cockeyed non-uniform off-center out of proportion concave outward-curving curvy altered mutant modified transmuted transformed perplexing unsound puzzling perverse bent out of shape arched off-centre squint skew uneven tilted aslant slanted sloping tilting misaligned formless odd agley out of true kinky stooping tortuous kinked skew-whiff disproportional asymmetric to one side wonky cock-eyed squiffy curvilinear arciform twined rounded turned sinuous drooping slouchy droopy inclined limp looped slumped wilted round arced out of line doubled over not parallel lacking correspondence not proportionate curving twisting bending winding curled serpentine windy coiled curling aquiline meandering devious twisty crazy vaulted undulating falcate falciform embowed beaked arcuate convex pigeon-toed hook-shaped convoluted wavy snaky hook-like bowlegged snaking rambling angular bulging domed curviform curly arching labyrinthine arcuated wound involute elliptical zigzag indirect rolled flexuous anfractuous meandrous tangled crinkled lowered procumbent prominent beaklike Roman-nosed eaglelike pointed sharp crookbacked recurvate folded curvilineal furled spiraled hemispherical semicircular high voluted hamate uncinate beaky protuberant outcurved zigzagging frizzy zigzagged weaving knurly complicated involved braided tortile intricate unciform knotty hooklike leaning circuitous wiggly tacking squiggly crimped looping coiling mazy spiralled sinuate ogee spiralling wandering elliptic cambered swelling serpentiform frizzed ringletted ringletty spiraling vermiculate oscillating transverse fluctuating erratic waggling serrated oblique jagged full of twists and turns diagonal gibbose biconvex bulgy U-shaped raised bulged frizzled curved outwards matted matty crescent sweeping swirly circular loopy curvaceous arrondi enbowed biflected sigmoid declinate S-shaped flexural wreathed incurved compass incurvate circumflex


Uptight or unfriendly in nature
stiff reserved unfriendly cold uptight constrained standoffish aloof pompous chilly stand-offish cool distant frosty formal frigid remote unresponsive withdrawn indifferent detached unemotional unsociable unapproachable unsympathetic uncommunicative unwelcoming forbidding offish cold-eyed cold-blooded antisocial icy unfeeling unbending austere impersonal wooden glacial passionless restrained undemonstrative emotionless haughty uncordial dispassionate gelid unforthcoming hostile asocial chill clammy antiseptic brittle hard-eyed unclubbable inhospitable standoff dry disdainful wintry wintery coldish frozen arctic reticent buttoned-up impassive stony stuffy phlegmatic supercilious unsocial rigid uncongenial guarded stern starchy unloving lukewarm unenthusiastic taciturn apathetic affectless stilted unaffable unamicable unconcerned unneighbourly severe cold-hearted unneighborly stolid conventional uninterested stoical impassible stoic numb incurious steely solitary inhibited strait-laced proper bureaucratic ceremonious passive unpleasant uncompanionable repellent ungracious unkind clinical uppity proud neutral uncivil cold-shoulder official uncharitable hateful discourteous uninvolved cold as ice laid back impartial thick-skinned keeping people at arm's length unmoved unaffectionate contained self-contained ungenial sober close secretive ungregarious off unexcitable hard fierce unhappy depressing insolent annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious offhand hesitant spiritless hardhearted callous stony-hearted uncaring calm insociable arrogant insensitive ardorless impervious impotent unromantic loveless ceremonial ritualistic solemn stuck-up mean-looking put on airs prescribed prim exact precise staid correct businesslike unnatural forced stuffed-shirt inflexible unsentimental flinty starched affected seemly serious matter-of-fact self-controlled unsmiling mannered contrived laboured artificial polite antagonistic disagreeable lifeless inhuman surly sour inimical tongue-tied strained self-conscious awkward embarrassed repressed uneasy misanthropic featureless depersonalized uncolored gray colourless straight depersonalised faceless candid grey equal measured nondiscriminatory unpassioned colorless abstract anonymous poker-faced careful soulless monolithic aggressive ill-natured straight arrow stiff-necked by the numbers quarrelsome controlled subdued nasty strictly business cold turkey rude antipathetic menacing jaundiced negative mortal obnoxious adversary impolite adversarial unmannerly Olympian ill-disposed cross opposite competitive estranged censorious grouchy unpromising combative grudging gruff malicious contrary disaffected against warlike malignant vengeful conflicting acrimonious spiteful opposed labored not on speaking terms snooty lofty hard-hearted hard-boiled on ice stuck up cold fish lone wolf putting on airs reclusive opposing introverted averse anti retiring silent shy quiet private down on unamiable unfavourable unfavorable introvert diffident eremitic unreceptive agin laconic snobbish media-shy closemouthed close-mouthed tight-lipped at odds retired set against malevolent dead set against off-putting cynical uncooperative abstracted suspicious preoccupied inapproachable confrontational distrustful inaccessible disobliging incompatible short demure self-restrained allergic cautious resistant backward dumb muted reluctant eremetic at variance oppugnant at odds with dissenting from in disagreement with at variance with on the warpath unsavoury harsh objectionable unattractive malign avoidant ungenerous unlikeable tough grim half-hearted tepid introspective discouraging xenophobic contemptuous withering seclusive iced abhorrent mean heartless bad-tempered mopey mopish unenthused brusque cheerless superior nongregarious brooding scowling ill-tempered unsavory casual removed disinterested alienated belligerent discreet adverse laid-back contentious ascetic hermitlike oppositional independent adversative accusatorial argumentative isolated insular hermitic hermit-like hermitical acting in opposition unrevealing unwilling to mix with other people sceptical unaccommodating non-communicative self-sufficient all alone mute unhelpful untalkative unconversational secret mum loath unwilling disinclined inhumane pessimistic uncompromising unamenable obstructive speechless tight-mouthed wordless curt dark clamlike mumchance unreasonable difficult unobliging selfish hating egoistic sarcastic sardonic egotistical narrow-minded misanthropical evasive mom hush-hush modest indisposed at a loss for words skeptical timid shrinking self-effacing on the QT dried up buttoned up clammed up unyielding uneager perverse fromward afraid disliking mild soft-spoken peaceful sedate composed placid bashful gentle serene noncommittal collected hostile to antagonistic to resistant to antipathetic to ill-disposed to opposed to cussed incongruous clashing having no use for unfavourably disposed to bloody-minded discordant antithetical different dissimilar disparate variant polar inconsistent inharmonious contradictory dissonant irreconcilable discrepant mutually exclusive irresoluble poles apart diametrically opposed

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